World Predictions 9-15-22

I had a vision of a rat. The rat was crawling on a large metal structure. Then the vision pan outward, and the rat was crawling on the Statue of Liberty. Then the image zoomed back in, and you saw the rat craw all over the statue going up and down. Finally the rat buried himself in a box like tunnel perfectly carved in the middle of the statue. But the walls around him begin to sink ever so slightly.

Walls closing in on someone. Its just my opinion but this prediction could go two different ways. Either someone is ratting on a government leader and it is epic. Or far more darker is a spy, a traitor has planted himself in the heartland and the walls are closing in on him. The Spirits made it sound like the timeline of this event should be rapid.

15 thoughts on “World Predictions 9-15-22

  1. Possibly the Russia prediction in early October? Maybe October surprise right before midterms? Whistleblower Dan? I think Dan might be Trump’s former intel chief Dan Coats, who worried Russia had compromising material on Trump – which he’s right because we still have the prediction of Russia releasing stuff about Trump in order to humiliate the US.

  2. Eric,
    Could the rat represent a specific person? Putin comes to mind, with the war going badly and in a sense, walls are “closing in” on him as more Russians push back against his policies. (Some even recently called for him to resign.)

    But since the Statue of Liberty was in the vision, it sounds more likely to be connected with America. In that case, Trump also comes to mind, as the Mar-a-lago and insurrection investigations are “closing in”. Or maybe it could be some other kind of wrongdoer–like R. Kelly, who’s been convicted of serious crimes, or some type of corrupted religious or cult leader. Just some guesses, though.

  3. Washington is infested with rats, all kinds and sizes. Maybe lady liberty is a touch bearing female rat?

  4. If there is a traitor, and their arrest brings national attention, I hope they are caught regardless of who it is.
    Perhaps it is a woman after all.

  5. It’s Trump that is trapped. Who else could it be ? He lived in New York for decades.

      1. Maybe the rat crawling on the statue is symbolic, like someone bad or corrupt tainting liberty?

  6. Just a far thought but the statue was given to us by France so it could also be possible it’s something in regards to them.

  7. I took this prediction literally (literal). A rat infestation in NYC. New York is closing in on how to tackle the rodent problem. 🤷‍♀️

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