Kakhovka dam

“Russia Collapse.” I had a vision of a Russian brick wall, the wall was old, and fortifying, then a part of the wall just fell over, as it did I could see it shatter into small pieces.

I had a visual of a large whole in the ground of Russia and it was a vacuum consuming everything around it, the weight of its power so heavy that it reached across the world and affected all the other places sinking not just Russia but other places as well. Like a black hole in the center of
Russia. “Vladimir Putin, in the end you will only be remembered as another Rasputin. That which brought it all down”

This is a very bad message. When the Tsunami hit Japan, I had a vision of a plate shattering. When the hurricane hit Puerto Rico they showed a brick break into pieces. Any message of shattering reflects devastation.

World Predictions 10-18-22

It hasn’t happened yet but, there is the wall that will come crashing down, a dam. Its Russia bring it down.

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  1. petemedium Avatar

    My Blog This Week: Year’s Predictions Reviewed.

  2. waterlily222 Avatar

    Is the collapse meant for Russia or Ukrainian dam? I also read the previous post “Putin wants to take action against Ukraine” and there is a ship added to the prediction – no nukes anymore. I am praying constantly for Zelensky, for God’s mercy changing the hearts of Russian people and leadership and for God and Heaven to have mercy and spare us from any further wars and especially WW3. I believe God will help us, especially because we cannot sort of Russia and other belligerent states ourselves, but our bare hands and not being inside there.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Spirit implied an error, “Russian Collapse” is what it should say. That N is important. In the vision it looked very real. So the minute I saw a wall will fall, thats it! It was obvious. Totally explains why they compared it to Japan tsunami and Puerto Rico, its a flood. Recognize how quick they come now. Those are days not weeks. But your right, we are coming at this flawed in words.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The ship already happened. The Moskva, the flagship of Russia sank. That made the prediction fairly solid. Some of the predictions have multiple parts that happen at different times. The mini nukes, are still expected. One nuke from what I have seen. WW3 seems to come later when the food supply is strangled. All of this sounds horrible, but we have been in all of these places before, from Hiroshima, to famine, to evil putz leaders, we will get through it, and in the end the Good guys actually do win.

  3. Itk Avatar

    What just happened at the party congress in China is puzzling the viewers of this video worldwide: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-63355950
    Xi Jinping apparently wanted to get rid of his predecessor in a very public manner. There may be some kind of infighting going on.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      They need someone to blaime. Other than themselves. Covid was far more ruthless to China then they will ever admit. The numbers staggering, and the economy has hidden problems. But in that meeting all seemed well.

  4. Richard Williams Avatar
    Richard Williams

    I don’t really consider myself clairvoyant, but for much of my life there have been times when I have sensed things before they happen, often, but not always, in connection with other events that have happened or are in the process of happening. I can’t foretell the events I sense. When certain events happen, however, I do feel that they are what I had the earlier foreboding about.

    I just read an update about Ukrain that discussed the immediate evacuation of Kerson just issued today but that also discussed a heavily rumored Russian evacuation in Belograd Oblast in Russia, across the border from Karkhiv. If the rumors are true, I fear the Russians are going to blow the damn in the south and use a low-yeild nuke around Karkhiv in the north. What’s worse, given the news about how Hu Jintao was treated at the conference, I fear China is also about to invade Taiwan.

    I hope I am wrong.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you. The last part I haven’t seen yet.

  5. Ed Avatar

    I trust your heartedness but w/o more specifity I can’t hold your predictions.

    1. waterlily222 Avatar

      Yes, I agree – the main goal of predictions (in my mind) should be saving people… if the prediction is not quite specific no one can be saved… and the prediction is just a heartbreak, because you get to know beforehand that somebody will die, but cannot help

      1. petemedium Avatar

        Well you make an excellent point and one I could actually write a Blog based on, but in respect to Eric, I’ll try and keep it brief.

        1) The source of psychic messaging is what I see you questioning here. No psychic has the knowledge from their own knowing. Our source is a Highly evolved level of Spirit:Spirit Friends, Spirit Teams or the old term of Holy Spirit. Eric always makes reference that way to his Source.

        2) If there isn’t specific details coming from Eric or any particular psychic, then it must be assumed that the Source isn’t giving out those specifics yet.

        3) By all means we should try whatever outlet we can possibly find to spread Eric’s messages, such as Facebook, Twitter etc, and I have made a few comments to this over the past few months. However, if there is no outlets, or the Messages aren’t quite specific enough to be clear for that purpose, what is left? Prayer?

        4) Praying is a two way thing, I believe. If a person doesn’t have a clear understanding of the Source they are praying to, it’s a bit like broadcasting on a radio, but not selecting a specific channel. Sure we may claim we have an understanding of God, but like a radio, if our sender base (moral conscious state of mind) and understanding of the overall picure of Creation (we don’t live but one life/reincarnation), then our message may not be going to the Source we are hoping for.
        That is why I promote daily meditations, as Eric and I do regularly, as a means of opening the Channel to the Source that best suits us.
        And like never before, we need a clear conduit to that Source, so that we ALL become ‘Channels of that Peace.’ Pete

        1. waterlily222 Avatar

          Prayers definitely reach their destination, because we all still have the connection to our Creator, do not doubt it. I have miracles happened in my life, because of prayer. However, there are so many questions about all in-between. Our life/feelings/suffering on Earth is seen somehow less valuable/worthy of concern than our time in heaven by Spirit friends which, from the point of the human, is hard to understand. “Everything will heal in Father’s place” Eric said, but why to allow to be traumatised here to have something to heal in the first place? But there is no satisfactory answer (at least for me) to this that can come from people, because – we simply do not have the answer

          1. petemedium Avatar

            1) Trump prays to god and has had Evangelical Christians honour him as a ‘dedicated Christian’. Is that the same god you prayed to? Putin is also a supporter of, and supported by, the Russian Authordox Church. Is his god the same as yours. or mine? No.
            The Bible says there is only ONE true God, but it also indicates that there are false gods.
            My point is that it depends on the person and their belief as to who their prayers go to. I believe you are honouring the Righteous God, or Creator as I refer to It.
            Currently, our world collective are NOT offerning informed praying to the Creator/God, but to the god of mammon and wealth, the very opposite power Jesus referred to.
            2) To me, the ‘one life’ god is a cruel and evil god that the Churches have forced us to believe for this past Pisces Age. I believe in a Creator of Love, that we are ALL particles of, not separated from, continuously living in one form or another, expanding Creation in ways that are as easy for us to understand as it would be for an ant to understand quantum physics.
            There are clues all through the New Testament and writings of the Apostles and Paul that help to fill in some of these blanks.
            By meditating each day, slowly building a Oneness with Creation, we will be given the Grace to accept that which is way beyond our comprehension. Pete

  6. Danny Avatar

    Its going to be soon, this week (horribly). Russia will do something and blame Ukraine.

  7. Itk Avatar

    I wonder if this talk about a dirty bomb is a prelude to what has been expected to happen: https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2022/10/23/us-uk-france-jointly-reject-russia-dirty-bomb-claim-a79170 We have seen before that Russia accuses Ukraine of something they are exactly planning to do themselves.

  8. Itk Avatar

    Now even Lavrov is going to talk about this apparently fictitious dirty bomb thing at UN: https://tass.com/politics/1526717. Eric, how would you interpret all this?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      There preparing the Russian public. Thats really the only force they answer too.

      1. Itk Avatar

        Do you think the Russians could use a dirty bomb instead of a traditional nuke?

  9. Tirin Avatar


    Geomancer work makes a difference and has correlation, something to try if anyone wants to study this.

  10. Itk Avatar

    The aim of the bomb may be becoming clearer: the Russians seem to want to stage the Ukrainians in the (false) hope of having the Western military aid cut. See: https://tass.com/politics/1526903

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