World Prediction: The Flashlight

Finally we begin. Testing has ended. Now its time.

Wow it’s been over a year since I have promised this great change, I raised money to rebuild the site for this specific plan. Thank you so much! But wow was there set backs. Big whopper ones; From WordPress dumping us at the last second, glitches to the site, to my horrible heart attack, followed by Covid nightmare, we had delay, after delay. My small little plane took off so high in the sky then just crashed into oblivion. But HA! I survived. So what do I mean when I talk about this Flashlight?

Go outside in the dead of night. Walk a path with plenty of thick brush and heavy trees, to struggle in. This is life. In your hand is a very powerful flashlight, looking for the next obstacle, the next puddle, the next wild animal, the next way out, but most importantly it is the tool to take you home. This is us. We hold in our hand a tool that allows us to see in the dead of night, the future. For the last 10 years we have pointed this flashlight in all different directions, each time you ask a question the light has shifted to another direction. So for 10 years we looked far ahead, we looked behind us, we looked left, right, up, and down. Then that became a part of the problem. It became a confusing read? It turned into a puzzle that had to be put together. Then an idea formed.

Point the flashlight down and leave it there. Go outside and try it, I did. Now you lose all sight in the background but the light is much brighter on the ground directly in front of you. So moving forward we will only predict what is immediately in front of us. Because that is what pointing the flashlight down would produce, World predictions that would happen immediately. We honestly did not know if the idea would work? So unbeknownst to you we have been testing to see if it does.

The first test was a moment. All the Spirits were invited. I baked cookies because it was moment, I ate them all on the Spirits behalf. All the Spirits came to see if this produced something more than our current work. Was this going to work? We never did anything like this before. I had serious doubts? The first test goes all the way back to October 2019 The question “What major event is next?” “Next” “Next” “Next” We pointed the Flashlight down.

I had a visual of China, in the eastern coastal region semi close to Taiwan, that was marked. On the map was the number 2. “An epidemic is coming that will move with such fury.” Then it shifted to show people in tents coughing. I had a visual of a map showing an area between France and Spain in the more northern region. Then the area turned red, the red are grew outward, getting larger and larger.

World Predictions 10-6-19

Out of the gate and we predict Covid19. Initially on that day in October I was a bit disappointed with the first message. We already predicted this in 2017? Why are we talking about an old prediction? It did have more detail. Then it hit me. Its coming. Its coming now. Panic set in soon afterwards. I went way, way overboard. Before any of you did, I bought the toilet paper in bulk. Even took a loan out to do it. Sorry that was me.

Test one worked. It delivered its horror in the next month or two. We could in fact point our massive flashlight at the ‘now’ or near future. So if the light is brighter when we point it down, couldn’t we see an actual date? I mean could we look at a specific date that was right in front of us? To do this requires us to hold the light in place for a good while, losing so many other possible predictions. So we waited for the right date and found one: November 3rd The United States Elections:

Nov 3rd Biden “50′ 20-0
With doubt you ensure chaos
The thief will try and take the election and make it theirs. The light on them is to
bright, their actions become overly obvious.

World Predictions: November 3rd

Something odd is coming around the corner. It sounds like Biden gets the votes. Spirit implied one of the US leaders falls ill. They implied one of the leaders fights the law and loses. They are consistently showing the military one as the eventual president. When seems to be the larger question.

Is it accurate? I think it is. Biden won the election and the voting was fairly split down the middle 50/50. However it completely failed the test. We wanted to look at November 3rd. Biden got Covid, that illness was very accurate, but not on the 3rd. Trump is fighting the federal law right now, but also not on November 3rd. What is this? Not what we asked for? From what we could tell, if you make the light too bright, if you point it to close to the ground, to close to the now, it creates a lightning cascade effect, instead of getting one date, you get the date and a litter of attached moments that come down the line. So back to the drawing board of looking through time. On a separate note, where is the Military figure?

We tested again and again. Then we wanted to flip the test. Use “Diana” as the guide. The moon. Could we look through a date from their side? The cycles of planets and moons, and the gravity and space is their clock. So this would be like pointing the flashlight directly down. What would happen? It would require the “moon cycle”. So we tested that:

I asked Spirit what will come during the ”New Moon” (April 29th)

They responded with ”Wait.. wait.” Then minutes later I heard ”Tomorrow” then a flood of visions opened up.

I had a visual of a missile shooting from the land to the night sky, fire from its back as it jolted across the sky. Then in one large city It slammed in the ground. The visual showed a night sky lighting up from a great distance, in the most horrific way. The blast would shatter the Metropolis. Everything pointed to a pivotable moment again stolen by the Russians. Then I had a vision of Zelensky being thown back, as if an explosion. “The center, hub, the jewel will be struck.”

World Predictions 4-18-22

It worked. The UN secretary-general visited Kyiv and met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy around the 29th. Then Russia launched a missile. I saw everything so absolutely clearly. I felt like I was there. I felt the large explosion. But thats where the test turns on me. This prediction wounded me in the most horrible way. I will explain later but it was just too real. This one forced us to step back with a heavy heart.

The next test puts us back in control of the flashlight, we wanted to see how soon in the future we could see. Days instead of weeks? The final test.

I had a vision I was staring at a field, a sports game was playing in the background. Then suddenly an explosion.

World Prediction: 9-28-22

The stampede in Indonesia happened 5 days later. The prediction however stood vague. But 5 days is a far different prediction than the old ones that happen years later.

So, we feel we have something, we feel this could make reading our work far more simple, it would eliminate any questions of timing because it would always be next. But we also feel we can now navigate in a way we never did before. Its hard to navigate when the flashlight is swinging its light in all directions. But keep it down and we can find the guidance needed to alter the moment. This is what we are gambling on.

Now the bad news:

Sacrifice is required. We are going to test this for one full year, October to October. But it requires power. So we have to sacrifice. All email readings will cease for 1 year. All case work will cease for 1 year. We will continue our much loved phone and in person readings. Your questions about the world predictions would become horribly limited because we could only see what’s “next”. But I hold we have something special here. There planing to guide us out of these nightmares now. Thats different. Thats new. I am both excited and nervous as we head in uncharted waters.

Personal Readings With Eric Leigh-Pink

Consider donating to our cause. Now we plan to swing our light, again and again, and when the moment is right, strike with everything we have. So that we can alter these nightmares. Your funds will go to PR, and computer gurus trying to get our word out there loudly so we can alter the tragedies of tomorrow.

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  1. Eric, do I understand I get no more emails from you for a year ?
    I am going to miss you.
    I also wanted to tell you, I don ‘t like to listen to you predictions, I want to read them,

    Can I still read you on face book?, sorry for these questions.
    But I wish you the best in that quiet year from Okt to Okt.
    I can’t wait, till a hear from you again. please save my email address.

    1. Oh no, You will still get them. Sorry for the confusion. ‘Personal readings’ are done over the phone, in person and “email”. Normally email readings is used for people who want me to predict for them but don’t speak English. So writing the personal reading allows for translation.

  2. Eric, this is a fascinating experiment. I’m really looking forward to see how this continues.

    The flashlight analogy is a really clear way to visualize. You truly have a gift, thank you.

  3. Hope things will work out, I almost get the feeling you’re working on a smaller concept based on the speed of light x Time

    Least that is how I’m looking at.

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