Freedom for Trevor Reed

“Peace be upon you Reed family” Is this the prediction? I will leave it for you to judge, it’s unfortunately vague. However on the eve of us preparing ”Large” weapons in a German meeting, This happens:

World Predictions 3-29-20 I had a visual of military men getting dressed, preparing large weapons, packing bags and heading out. “Bring um home”

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  1. I am glad he is coming home & I pray more prisoners who should not be incarcerated become free.

  2. Eric,

    I suspect everyone who reads your website would be cheering for the departure of Putin from this world. Of course, some of your latest predictions suggest that with Putin’s removal we end up with someone far worse.

    Western society seems intent on “Regime Change”, removing someone that the world has a beef with, Saddam and I’m sure a whole lot of cronies from the past. We have this dream reality that with their removal will come a new sense of reality, new freedoms, a glimmering of democracy. But what then happens is another episode of the Twilight Zone. We get worse. Peace makers and Pacifists do not topple thugs. Worse thugs topple thugs. Power, Control and Corruption money are such strong drivers in these societies, not sunny days and fields of blossoms. Western society deals with power succession through elections. Non Western societies use Novichok. You can’t easily unwind politics and culture, which, by and large, has been the heart of a society since the 1930’s, but just with different dictators running the show.

    Relatively insular societies generally don’t have open minded inspirational and aspiring leaders. Gorbachev went on a short holiday, came back to find a coup in place. The old guard schemed behind his back, and took the opportunity to remove him as soon as he was out of town. He was greatly admired by the Russian people and people all around the world. But with non-Western countries, it isn’t the people who decide who the new Leaders are, its the new cronies in waiting.

    This article is a very interesting read:

    1. It’s important to understand I speak from their position. Above. They see things very differently then those of us on the ground floor. That includes both the West and East. Lets not assume they have a side on this political mess. They do not acknowledge the fake canyons lines all the humans made on their planet.

      1. Eric,

        This was not a criticism of yourself.

        I just find that some of what they say seems to be so detached from reality. Perhaps as their time perspective is so extended and distorted that the pain and suffering that we see doesn’t have the same impact on them. Perhaps they just sigh and say “Oh well, here we go again”. Its always easier to manage and advise when you are distanced from afar. Perhaps the best advice from these heavenly parents is always to let the worldly kids squabble and sort out their differences amongst themselves, otherwise they will never learn?

          1. Very detached. It is extremely painful to read your predictions sometimes, especially about future WW3, because it makes me feel extremely helpless. View from above can never be the same as view below. I want to save my child and I am not interested in violence, but I cannot “get off” to safety with my family. I am grateful for your predictions anyways, at least we know the trend.

            1. Let take a step back a bit. Let recognize we are doing this out of the kindness of our heart. I am not paid for this service, just us helping. I am looking at these horrible moments just so I can help you. So you can change them. Detached? Humanity did this, humanity is detached. Did we do this? We are just trying to help.

              1. Yes, we are thankful for information. I think many people do not feel a part of humanity that wages wars, but we are all put toghether on one planet for some reason and without much power to influence each other. Hopefully later the meaning of all this will become clear.

                1. Eric,

                  Its not that you that is detached. Its not what you are writing. We are not suggesting to shoot the messenger. Its your Guides from above, they just have different perspectives. We fear the immediate threats, we cry over the War, the killings, the madness, how will families survive the impending famine, another round of a more virulent Covid strain?

                  We know they those up above are seeing the longer game, and it is this longer game that gives the different perspective. We know that in the long term, humanity will prevail, with much reduced numbers. But how does that console those who will be in the immediate line of fire? The knowledge that you provide helps, but some things can appear to be too insurmountable to be protected against.

                  It is true, in the end it doesn’t matter too much. We die, we are reunited with our family, but for people who have a more immediate responsibility to their children and families, sometimes it is difficult to put all the immediate needs and concerns aside.

                  But, to be frank, this isn’t something new.

                  Its the cry of the ages, people praying for God to come down and save them from sinking ships, from impending massacres, you name it. I’m sure they were saying this when they saw Noah sail off as well.

                  Justice and peace may eventually come, but perhaps just not in the current lifetime when people hope the most.

                  1. Well said. I desperately need to find a way to bridge the gap of understanding. It should not be this way. However, in this moment the focus of the site is to shift from the spray of messages that we have given for a decade to one force going one direction, like the arrow of Apollo. Its time to show the lions teeth. Their teeth. I promise to revisit and construct messages that explain things better after we are up and running.

                  2. Macabe is a Cifer. Thats what Spirit call it. Just as you have Mortuary’s and Funeral Services as you morn, he will be the one greeting the departed as they just died. They are guards that hold the doors to heaven. They help heal those of such epic trauma. Now these Spirits are lions. They are warriors protecting the well that takes you back home, to heaven. They have seen ALL of the suffering. All of the horror. This is their moment. It can’t just be me, there must be others rising. But they have grown absolutely tired of all the cruelty. They have stepped away from their role to act. To respond. This site is that.

                2. I think you summed it up. There is one Vladimir Putin. One. There are 7.8 billion people. That force can’t fix this? Power is in the hands of the people. We need to really wake up to that power. We yield the power, their just waiting for us to use it, and them guide us.

        1. Perhaps this could have been written as “Our actions are so detached from Reality” as well? What is Reality anyway?

          1. I am still not entirely understanding and I am not picking a fight, I really want to understand where you see the problem. Maybe it can be corrected.

          2. Detached, as in not really concerned about what is happening here on this world. Yes, they warn about upcoming bad events, but just like reading a newspaper to see what’s going on, its up to the reader to do their own interpretations and determine whether anything is of concern to themselves, family or their worldly neighbours.

            1. Oh wow Steven your breaking my heart. That is not them at all. I am so sorry if I gave you that impression in any of my work. I am profoundly sorry. I would be honored if I could have a moment of your time to clear this up because wow is the Spiritual realm all LOVE. Literally. Shoot me an email if your interested in the conversation. As for everyone else. I do plan to share some of the most profound information about the Spiritual realm, I did try. I tried to but it is so sacred to me that we need to wait until I can really deliver the message equal to its profoundness. The spirits also want to wait because they want to show their teeth first.

  3. It’s a relief to see some good news! Hopefully Reed will be back with his family soon.

  4. My take: When I see ‘they’, ‘others’, as more predominant in posts, both here and at other places, as opposed to ‘I”,’mine’, ‘me’, is when I know Creation is more inclined to listen to us as a world’s people.
    Or put another way, we as individuals simply scatter resources, while as a collective …. in the same boat … makes it much easier for ‘Rescuers’.
    We must become at One with the Will of Creation, I believe.

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