Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock

This old prediction has happened. A bit over the top for Spirit, however they don’t like violence. Sunday not Tuesday??

Predictions 7-18-16 / Predictions 12-30-15  “Tuesday.. Hollywood”    “In Hollywood, at the Shindig,  the mad one reacts insanely, seeking revenge.”   

22 thoughts on “Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock

  1. He defended himself by saying his wife has alapesha. My sister has alapesha and has patches of hair totally missing. His wife has short hair all over her head. Could he be using that as an excuse for his over reacting ?

    1. There is no reason to slap somebody on national TV that way with the exception of slapping say Putin. I would actually be for that. But this is toddlerville. I get it though, I have gotten so angry with my critics, especially if they attack my family. But I never slapped them Will Smith!

    2. She has alopecia, but has shaved all of her hair off to make it look even and not patchy. Love to your sister, it’s a difficult thing to deal with.

  2. I saw the slap & then saw it in slow motion. Chris Rock turned his head before Will Smith made contact. Then they both laughed afterwards. Blind Gossip claims there are rumors Smith planned to go to rehab for alcoholism but his film do well & got Oscar buzz, so he has to be available. This could explain Smith’s behavior.

  3. Eric,

    I have been thinking of opening an Animal Farm in the third world to provide affordable meat for the people as most people don’t get enough protein in their diet and are underdeveloped there. I am struggling to understand if this is evil or not as animals have to be slaughtered. I certainly don’t want to do evil. Could you help me to come to clarity on how the spirits see farming and eating animals?

    1. This world has a system where all animals including us consume the plants and animals around us. All animals on this planet consume their neighbor, from the fish to the hawk. It is our way. That said Spiritual speaking, honor the animal. Like the native Americans or those in Tibet, honor the animal and the sacrifice it has provided for you. The evil is the blatant disrespect for life.Climate change for instance. We are destroying life on this planet at an alarming scale and for what so we can continue to pollute. Its all so self involved. What gives us the right to destroy so much. Sounds like thats not a problem for you.

  4. Eric do you mind doing live Q&A on youtube?

    I think that would be a great way of connecting with followers, increasing your presence online, and increasing your YouTuber subscribers. There seem to be a lot of people that do Tarot Reading or Q&A live with over 100k followers.

    1. We did that once! It went horribly bad. Let me cement a few solid World Predictions on YouTube as I have already here, and I think we can give your idea another try.

  5. In Will Smith’s memoir he talks about how much shame he has carried since his early childhood around for not protecting his mother from abuse and how it has always haunted him. Perhaps there is severe trauma under the surface that was triggered in that moment, and we should extend him some grace. Even movie stars have problems they deal with.

    1. Another reason he might have snapped is because of the joke Mr. Rock made. He basically made fun of Smith’s wife, who has a health issue that makes her bald. To be fair, Rock probably didn’t mean to be hurtful, and I don’t condone Smith’s actions, but it’s somewhat understandable…I know how angry and hurt I’d feel if someone made fun of a loved one struggling with health issues.

    2. Nicole, many — even most — humans carry some kinds of trauma but don’t harm or humiliate others because of it.
      It’s not my or your business to extend him “grace,” because we’re not the person he harmed.

  6. Jada Pinkett Smith and Chris Rock were co-stars in the Madagascar franchise.

  7. It’s easy to spot and condemn violence when it’s physical but we seem to have trouble spotting it when it comes in the form of humour at someone else’s expense. That’s no ok either

    1. Your right. No one knows how Will feels better than me. I had a comment here once that I shouldn’t adopt my children because they were a different race. I went into a rage. But I didn’t slap anyone. Will? He ruined everyone’s great moment. Will made this special day all about him. What ego.

      1. Eric. I admire that you have selected a different race to adopt. Really shows what kind of a human being you are. I think we have to learn to see other human beings just like dogs, if it comes and eats all the food off your plate after finishing its own food, you just gotta laugh and find it cute rather than thinking its selfish because it knows no better.

        I personally find the Will Smith video to be set up between the organisation, Will and Chris. I am not sure if the crowd was in on it but they are definitely milking the situation for publicity. If you observe carefully the slap barely connects, Chris moves his head with the slap like its a movie. It it was a real slap his head would of snapped right back to looking forward and not an exaggerated look to the floor. Also your fight or flight would be activated where he would back up quick and raise his hand to create space and defend himself. Right after the slap as he is walking back he is trying to conceal his smiling/laughing but he doesn’t do a good job. It just all looks too obvious to me.

  8. Could this be a marker for predictions to come? in the original prediction 12/30/15: it said 3 predictions to come, like it marked the Hollywood event then Tuesday and 31st or 1st.

    1. Back then it was more of a jumble of world predictions, it did not have the more refined work. So it is riddled with errors. I honestly think its just an error.

  9. 1. Will Smith has a criminal record. He got into an argument with a record producer & ordered his bodyguard to attack the man. The man was almost left blind. What does that have to do with defending anyone?

    2. Will Smith made a conscious choice to never use profanity in his rap songs. But he told Chris Rock, “Leave my wife’s f*****g name out if your mouth.” At that point Chris Rock knew he crossed a line. More than enough time passed for Smith to cool down, but he choose to walk into the stage & slap Chris Rock.

    3. Later that night, Will accepted his Oscar & cried as he made his speech. He said he is all about live & “we must learn to take pain.” Okay then. Why slap Chris Rock & not apologize during your speech since you are all about love? Why not sit & take the pain of embarrassment if you believe “we” must take pain?

    4. Will Smith played a stupid game and he’s about to get a stupid prize.

    5. Meanwhile Chris Rock has been silent, he has sold more tickets for his comedy show, and he is looking better than Will.

  10. I have done further research and I now believe the slap is real. Two body language experts posted YouTube videos & I am convinced. I also want to point out the fact Chris Rock was a victim of bullying when he was a child.

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