Covid Numbers Fall

Covid has been ”Cut Down” and even though this is just the US the trend seems consistent. This nightmare is ending. Good bye Covid seriously I am totally for the door slamming your a$$ on the way out. From the man that warned you this virus would ravage the world months before it happened. I gleefully predict its ending. The Predictions:
World Prediction Covid Update I had a vision Micah (The spirit who oversees World Predictions) holding a green old melon in his hand. There was a sticker on the melon of a Star Wars Destroyer. Micah who in the visual always looks like a large very fit man, dressed in plaid red and white shirt, put the melon on the the stump of a tree. Then with enormous force he swung the ax. The melon split in two pieces. The juices of the melon shot out in all directions. The ax stood in the middle of stump shinny new and made of pure silver. Then we walked away with one word ”November”

Back in November I had this strange symbolic message. In the visual multiple destroyers (from Star Wars) had arrived on the outskirts of planet earth. Their weapons were being loaded and I heard Spirit say “December” 

I never posted the message because part of me questioned whether it was a message for me? Was I becoming sick again? The message was clear “The destroyer arrives in December” it made no sense? A destroyer for the whole planet? Yet here we are. This oddly symbolic message did not happen in December but it is happening now. 

Yesterday’s visual: I had this vision that the destroyers were hovering in earths atmosphere. Then suddenly they were attacked by a massive offensive all at once. Spaceships including X wing fighters quickly flew up from the ground. The ships begin shooting at the destroyers on all fronts. There was this beautiful part where the sun gleamed on the X wing fighters going to battle. The unified front was an awesome visual of unity. At first they missed their specific target but they continued to try. Even though the ships attacking were very small when compared to the destroyer it was the huge swarm and this united front begin to turn the tide. The vision ended in the middle of battle. 

My interpretation: It sounds like science pushes back, makes head way, comes up with a specific strategy against Coronavirus that shifts the tide of this nightmare. A medical insurgence is coming and going to battle. This might explain their sudden shift towards the positive in June. The sunny days are starting to return. 

The warning of a virus before it ravaged the world:

WORLD PREDICTIONS 10-6-19 I had a visual of China, in the eastern coastal region semi close to Taiwan, that was marked. On the map was the number 2. 
“An epidemic is coming that will move with such fury.” Then it shifted to show people in tents coughing.  
I had a visual of a map showing an area between France and Spain in the more northern region. Then the area turned red, the red are grew outward, getting larger and larger.  

WORLD PREDICTIONS 11-19-19 “The two walls.” I had a visual of these massive metal doors/gates shutting.

PREDICTIONS 8-8-17 “An Epidemic unfolds in Europe.. one of the worst in decades..”

Notes on 5-18-13
It’s starting.. Vietnam is closed.. walls and barriers..
I had a visual of a small bathroom with two doors next to each other on the right. The doors closed. Right of Vietnam is China, my guess is that Vietnam closes its borders to China. The bathroom could be a symbolic message of the reason.

22 thoughts on “Covid Numbers Fall

  1. Covid was there before and will be after. One of many viruses was picked up and ‘improved’ by Chinese. They will probably not do that again.
    The main issue now is about restrictions, vaccines, masks, certificates and you name it that were introduced under the pretext of Covid. When will all that end? Will they fall away together with all the ‘kings’?

      1. Sorry, I know you don’t agree but are you not concerned about restrictions that harm everyone and pollution that is generated by all the attributes – masks, vaccines, certificates, tests and other useless gadgets produced? You like the energy of all these things I listed?

        The main issue has never been Covid. It existed before this virus that we started paying attention to.and will exist after we stop focusing on that. You communicate with spirits and you have the ability to understand why this cleansing had to take place… It is Nature.

        1. “The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting limitations on travel and other economic sectors by countries around the globe drastically decreased air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions within just a few weeks. That sudden change gave scientists an unprecedented view of results that would take regulations years to achieve.”
          “Participants from about 20 U.S. and international universities, federal and state agencies, and laboratories pinpointed four atmospheric components for in-depth study: the two most important greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide and methane; and two air pollutants, nitrogen oxides and microscopic nitrate particles.”

          1. That is one thing we agree. However, air pollution goes away once you take away travel. What to do with piles of garbage from tests, masks, certificates, gadgets to read them, syringes and vaccines (bottles and the liquid unused)? What is then bigger pollution?
            Restrictions must go.

  2. I am cautiously optimistic about this news and I do hope this pandemic will be over soon. It all depends on us because this is the only world we have and in this lifetime we must learn and appreciate life. This outbreak made me realize that we should all enjoy our lives while we draw breath because it can all end in a flash.
    Also, this outbreak is NOT A POLITICAL ISSUE! IT’S A GLOBAL DISASTER THAT HAS THREATENED ALL HUMAN LIFE! Enough pointing fingers at each other and look within ourselves! Had we really came together and looked at the bigger picture, this outbreak would have been squashed already. We have nothing to gain if we’re all dead. So be thankful for the life you have now!
    Sorry for ranting, but I am so over this pandemic.

  3. Pauline Holmes, I decided to stay unvaccinated and still waiting What Pm Jacinda Arden is going to decided what to do. I believe police will go door to door forcing vacspauline

    1. “Health and disability, education, Fire and Emergency, Police, defence, and correctional workforces are key public service sectors that each face particular and different challenges posed by COVID-19. This may be because they work with populations that either are unable to be vaccinated (education and health), are at increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19 (health and corrections), or where outbreaks have occurred overseas (correctional facilities).

      While each workforce has its own particular set of risk factors, vaccination is a vital measure in common for reducing infection and transmission.

      In education, for instance, although New Zealand and international experience indicates classroom teaching presents a low risk of spreading COVID-19, vaccination is a highly effective way of further reducing risk when used together with ventilation measures, staying home if sick (and getting tested), face coverings (where applicable) and physical distancing.

      Considering the important roles these workers undertake and the population groups they work with, as well as whānau and members of the wider community, it is therefore critical for staff working in these key sectors to be vaccinated. While most people in these sectors have already been vaccinated, and many having received booster doses, complete protection across these sectors is critical to the country’s successful management of COVID-19.”

      1. The best way is always for everyone to make their own choice.
        This I believe is the message of Age of Aquarius.
        Not manipulations with one’s body, mind and so called science.
        (If we were to compile statements by all governments, there will be quite a lot of discrepancies in ‘scientific’ information.)

        1. If you were genuine in your belief that everyone should make their own choice …. to suit themselves, then what’s to stop a Brit or an Aussie driving a tank down the centre of 34st on the wrong side of the road???
          Or building a fire in the middle of a Manhattan street to keep the homeless warm???
          Or a tanker empting refuse in the Hudson River???
          There are many choices we can’t make if it is for the benefit of the majority not to.
          Maybe you’d like to apply for a job in Walmart but refuse to wear clothes???

    2. Nonsense, that will never happen. Restrictions are loosening, borders are opening, and those protesting restrictions are wasting their, and everyone else’s, time because once Omicron is well and truly circulating, the mandates will be lifted. Please don’t spread conspiracy theories and fear, just be patient.

    3. You’re lucky your PM had the balls to act hard & fast in the initial phases of the pandemic.

      You are also lucky you don’t have effing state Governments in NZ like we do in AU.

      Our PM was asleep at the wheel, didn’t order enough vaccines quickly enough & then threw the responsibilties for any action on Covid, over to each state.

      Some did the right thing quickly & managed & quelled the pandemic, making their state effectively; Covid-zero.

      But the conservative NSW state Government, failed to consider transport workers “front line” & denied them initially, any priority in getting them the then limited vaccine, partly due to the FED Gov not ordering enough.

      Result? Taxi & Limo drivers unwittingly spread it thru Sydney.

      When this was happening, the NSW Premier, dithered, reluctant to lock down the state as other state premiers (aka Governors) had done. And as had the NZ PM.

      Result? the premier tried to “patchwork-quilt” a piecemeal lockdown, excizing certain suburbs in or out of lockdowns, as though the virus couldn’t cross the street, because magically; while viruses, bushfires, earthquakes & floods don’t recognize state or even international borders; apparently, Covid could be contained by local government & suburban lines on a map!

      By the time the state went into meltdown & the premier finally acted & ‘locked down the state’, it was too late.
      NSW was “Typhoid-Mary of the Antipodes”.

      I’m a nurse & I’ve seen young people in the prime of their life die because of the above.

      If you think NZ is too restrictive for you Pauline? Hop across the ditch!

      You’ll love the fragmentation, the disorganization & the realestate-fueled-lust-greed-O-sphere, on the Big Plunderable West Island (aka Australia)

      1. Russ mate, I couldn’t have said it better. And the fools in Canberra only sent out warnings in five or six languages outside of English. And they were the ones that got hit the hardest. Especially in Victoria.

  4. Nonsense, that will never happen. Restrictions are loosening, borders are opening, and those protesting restrictions are wasting their, and everyone else’s, time because once Omicron is well and truly circulating, the mandates will be lifted. Please don’t spread conspiracy theories and fear, just be patient.

  5. Covid indirectly was a God send:
    “The Covid pandemic sparked an unprecedented drive to control a lethal disease whose outbreak led to a near global shutdown to contain its spread. Billions in public and private money were pumped into research like never before in such a short space of time. It’s not something the medical world would have chosen, but the developments of the past two years could not have happened without Covid-19 – the pathogen has served as a giant catalyst ushering in different technologies, data and research that offer insights into other diseases.”

    “The world now sits on the verge of a number of potentially significant breakthroughs, mostly thanks to the growing research into hi-tech vaccines, which could benefit patients with cancer and a whole raft of infectious diseases.”

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