Boris Johnson Asked To Resign

This prediction is starting to unfold, the writing is looking to be on the wall. The turtle represent the truth as it reads here: World Prediction Covid Update
World Prediction: The King Will Fall ”The liars now exposed, the weight of his power now diminished to a stump. The power faulters and quickly.”

”Another chess piece will fall soon as all the closet doors of what was hidden are now opening.” The short era of closet doors and what was buried now opening X3. So many lies, the turtle approaches.

Another historical World Prediction Made in November 2018, happened May of 2019

Prediction: New Zealand Earthquake around the 12th   Spirit wrote; MHEY and then said (May).. There going to ask her to step aside, step aside. I believe they are talking about Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

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  1. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
    T W Longtime Lurker

    I love the new pic at the very top!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      My soon to be son made that for me.

      1. LM Avatar

        What talent, it’s gorgeous! Love the colors too.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


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