Tessa’s Personal Reading: The Point of an Era

Personal readings: There is wisdom, enlightenment, and truth in Spirit’s daily readings. Sharing this is questionable. On one breath, it is not something we do. The idea of publicly sharing a reading with others seems to violate its core foundation. Readings are a conversation between the heavens and you. It is yours. No one else’s. On the other end, I would love to share that wisdom; it’s beyond awesome. So in place of that, we have asked you to share. Some of you have resoundingly said YES. So here is a story that goes to the heart of why you exist.
Tessa’s Reading: Here are the notes of her reading. This specific part was what I would like to share. Here is Tessa’s notes sent to me.
Spirit said, “the main reason for existence is one of the building foundations” It is necessary to strengthen relationships as that is the foundation. One of the structures isn’t solid. Building a relationship is to amplify me – I exist to build bricks. It is necessary to mend the fence and paint it white. Spirit said she (mother) received very little mercy and needs to be shown this by me. Spirit then said, “All we have here are relationships; everything else will end at some point”

“Forget what she did and fix it – It’s the right and noble thing to mend the fence, but doesn’t expect her to change. “

Now let me share what I remember about the reading.

The reading started off a bit bumpy. Between every reading, the process is reset. So right before calling Tessa, I am preparing and meditating and gathering bits of information prior to the reading. Like a detective walking into a scene, we need to start looking at details before we ever call you. So at this moment, I am lighting the disk coal to burn the Lavender and Myrrh.
“You should probably put on your Santa goggles” (It was a gift during Christmas.) Marcus said.
But I didn’t. I was in a huge hurry, so when I lit the disk, it popped, and the sulfur hit my eyes. That hurt! I quickly poured Refresh into my eyes.
I looked up to see the Spirits circling me. Diana, Marcus, Levi are all moving above me. I looked up to Marcus,
“You couldn’t lead with.. that’s going to hurt my eye, “I said jokingly.
“Are you whining?” Diana said.
It’s important to understand this is sibling bantering. We have a lot of downtime in between readings, and we spend it poking fun at each other. Our work is too serious not to have that soldier-like fun bantering. Diana actually refers to Me, Marcus, and Micah as the M&M cartoon figures in the commercials. I am the short one. The commercial will be on TV, and she will say” “Cameo moment.” I just grin and move on.
Most of Tessa’s reading was endless predictions. The spirits can talk your ear off, predicting endless messages. They range from vitally important to “The light in your refrigerator is going to break,” To which you might say, who cares. But it’s setting a stage because it’s the silly predictions that will happen to solidify all the other messages. Then we got to her mother.
I had a vision. A young daughter and mother standing in front of a mirror. The vision was in black and white. Then it shifted to show the mirror; the two had altered roles; the child was an adult and the woman became the child. The mirror image reflected a view out of the 1800s, and their clothes specifically seemed from another era. Then it panned out to show a girl. She was a brat, stony, unwavering, and mean. Spirit was quick to point out her life was rough. They showed a garden lacking water on all fronts. They showed a history that was rough and mean. But the girl was Mother. They presented her as a child because that was the way she was acting.
Then it shifted to show a house on a small hill. The sky was dusk, the place felt like a tundra, and it looked unwelcoming. Tessa was painting this old wooden fence white. The paint was bright and lit up the place a bit like a glow.
Tessa needed to paint that fence even though it would produce very little. This is why she exists, to build a foundation with this individual, and it wasn’t going well at the moment.
Bricks, in this moment and this era, all of us are laying bricks. Heavy, gritty, rough bricks. We are putting a massive structure together we haven’t seen yet. One set for the stars. All we see are the heavy bricks we hold in our daily lives. We are forming relationships, creating foundations with each other; the greatest structures being built are the ones with completely opposing forces. Unfortunately, your starting point with these individuals is rough and difficult. But we must come together. It’s a part of their design, and our plates are never entirely satisfied. We never seem to get what we need. That’s because it was always supposed to be shared. It is not your plate your filling but everyone else’s. So understand the core purpose of this era is building relationships with each other, getting over our differences, and allowing love to dominate all decisions.
Some of you might be saying nope, not forgiving, not saying sorry, not working towards a positive relationship with others around me. That’s ok because no matter what, you will eventually learn. If you don’t want to forgive family, you will just repeat the lesson in the next life. If you still hold your unwavering position, not to worry; we have eternity to figure it out. So let me warn you now. Just do it. Our Father upstairs has a tendency to get his way and has no problem waiting forever to achieve his goal. This is our mission in life, to build our relationships with each other. The best way to achieve that is with our endless, painful obstacles that shift our relationship to an unwavering bond. Take care of each other, forgive, love, and be compassionate because it really is the point of our era.

14 thoughts on “Tessa’s Personal Reading: The Point of an Era

  1. Hi Eric: “It’s important to understand this is sibling bantering. We have a lot of downtime in between readings, and we spend it poking fun at each other. Our work is too serious not to have that soldier-like fun bantering.”

    This to me is such an important point that I can’t let it slip through to the keeper.

    What you are saying, in so many words, is you ‘talk to your self.’

    And yes, so do I.

    But many still believe that such a practice is a sign of madness or mental illness.

    So I’d like to say this: If a person ‘talks’ to themselves in a negative, worrying, hurtful, painful and even dangerous form, then I believe, that is a negative possession, especially if the person cannot stop such thoughts …. and that in itself is a subject for much discussion, I’m sure.

    However Eric, what you, and I and I’m assuming many good mediums know, is we NEVER have serious negativity, even delivering the worst of messages, because the Source is beyond Ultimate Peace, from the Highest of Source.

    Worry, concern or apprehension of any sort would NEVER be on our minds when we open up in our meditations/interactions with our respective Spirit Friends.

    Oh and for what it’s worth: I laugh at my own jokes ….. but they are not my Jokes …. they just pop out, and I’m hearing them for the first time. Yes, my Spirit Friends, like yours, can be hilarious.

    Hope you don’t mind this comment mate. Pete

  2. I didn’t used to be how I’am today, there been times I would have gone down a much more rougher path, but someone close to me who worked on a spiritual level managed to intervene and turn my life around for the better back in 2016 due to a triggering incident I needed to wake up from. I think back to that time occasionally, and realized how lucky I was. My relationships with others was improved, I got along with my family better (and mostly try to accept things for what it is on various nitpicking issues though I wish they wouldn’t drown themselves political hero worship, paranoia, but at this point I don’t want to deal with that stubbornness anymore, etc), became more spiritual gradually and still growing, I ended up meeting a Energy Channeler in a very unlikely place and now is one of my best friends; I told her once about you and she always told me that you should always be wary about predicting because things always shift because actions can always change (she looks at the present and past, but not the future based on energy), but in your case she felt a little differently how your predictions worked, I forgot what was said honestly, but she found you to be a interesting case based on her opinions alone.

    One lesson I also had to learn I had to stop comparing myself to others because I was drowning in that toxic energy for a very long time, and I believe Facebook was 50% of that problem for various reasons. I had to accept that even though I may not be where I should be right now in life compared to most people I knew, but appreciate for what I currently have. The Universe is helping me right now on a couple things, but I have to be patient as it will come in time; its very easy for doubt to set in, so I have to be careful about that so I don’t block my blessings.

    I was never expecting my path to be set more on the spiritual level ever, I thought someone like me was too low vibrational but I ended thinking wrong, I’m not perfect (no one is), but I’m happy to be on this path now.

  3. Eric, spirit, I’m very sorry. I tried to build a relationship with my elder brother for 62 years and failed. It is as poor today as it was when I was 10 and he was 15 years old, when he was beating me down to the floor with agonizing martial arts punches and forcing me to be his foot stool while he watched TV. I was terrified of him. he had complete power and control over me. He used to do things like throw darts into my feet from 20 feet away and kill wasps with his bare fingers by snapping them in half. I was convinced he had powers way beyond my grasp. Which he did.

    When my Mother was ill I was the only one looking after her but I was 500 miles away. I needed money for gasoline and asked my brother who was in charge of her bank account. He screamed and shouted at me over the phone and made me feel like a grasping, sniveling child. When my Mother died, he took the things she allocated to me in her Will. Just to get a reaction.

    He’s been like that to me ALL my life ALL the time! When my Mother’s estate was cleared up and contact was no longer necessary, I blocked his phone calls. Since then my resilience and self confidence has grown enormously. I haven’t got that thought in the back of my mind that he’s going to phone up or visit and start jeering and sneering at me.

    I moved away before I had children because I didn’t want him to give out the same treatment to them. On the few occasions they have met, he’s been pretty nasty and sadistic. They don’t like him.

    The weird thing is, this guy was a Hindu monk for 11 years but for the wrong reasons -it gave him power and respectability.

    I’m sorry this post is so negative as I really respect and believe in your work and it’s all about positivity. If spirit could help me find a solution, it would change my life -past and present and I would be eternally grateful. Thanks, Hugo

      1. Thank you so much for that Eric. Your life in Chicago was really, really harsh! I think what you’re saying is that God has dealt me this challenge. It’s churlish of me to walk away from it and I must find the courage to get back into contact again and endure what he has in store for me, as the experience will be useful in future existences. I must admit, I don’t relish the thought but I’ve had 2 years blissful rest and it might be time to get back into the saddle again. Thanks again, Hugo

        1. Oh my Hugo, no I would never say that. There is no universe your creator would ever want that for you in any way. We are bound to each other and sometimes family is cruel. It has no purpose. So give it purpose. Give it meaning. Like ying and yang. Whatever pain your brother promotes, do it’s opposite. Then you give this moment PURPOSE. Because it has none right now. My father threw me out for being different. Where is the point of that. So I gave it meaning by taking care of several 100 children over decades of time giving one epic F U to the darkness that promotes cruelty.

  4. “Take care of each other, forgive, love, and be compassionate because it really is the point of our era.”

    I am not into human relationships but rather with nature and all living souls… Still I believe in love, so I quote the last words from this story.

    In my life I am rather selective with compassion, love, forgiveness and care… a lot of room to grow.

    Also here – so many people and spirits among them who think they have all that… and it is oh so difficult to love and forgive them. Like most of humankind and beyond.

    Thus my eyes just follow earthquakes, wars, floods and so on… created by Earth and Heaven precisely to make all of us aware of care, forgiveness, love and compassion.

    It is not the body but the soul one needs to save.

  5. So in other words, by the interpretation of your spirit guide…if your husband beats you til you are almost dead. Each time, return from the hospital and be nice to him, doing the opposite by not hitting him back or yelling. Make him a nice dinner and treat him with kindness and find common ground. Spirit thinks that will make the husband stop beating and be nice in return. (Stats say otherwise, as I volunteered for years at a battered women’s safe house)…I can say stats show he can do it all again until one day he murders you. Ying/yang. Sounds very Old Testament. Good luck with that ladies. For those abusers out there, I guess Spirit is telling you that’s okay, we victims must be nice to you and turn the other cheek til we are dead and you are in prison. How logical *sarcasm. “Hit me again daddy”? And again and again and again. Eric’s message is bound to get someone hurt or killed when the victim reads this personal Spirit account with Tessa. It just takes one of the thousands of subscribers to read this and go home to an abusive husband that will one day kill her. Scary. So women, from me, DO NOT GO HOME TO YOUR ABUSER OR REACH OUT TO YOUR ABUSER once you leave. It is very very dangerous! I’ve witnessed it time and time again and buried friends that did. Eric’s Spirit message may get him in trouble should a family discover that their daughter read this Spirit message and ended up dead. Accessory after the fact is what it is called in civil court.

    1. You really need a hug. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 All that pent up hate, let it go. Everyone please give this person a nice big hug. Love matters and should always be dominate in our world.

  6. To love and to forgive does not mean neither to be a victim, nor feel sorry, nor abuse yourself.

    If one allows oneself to be abused it is self abuse and is not love.

    The healing work has to start with ancestors – wihere did it begin? this child who was taught to be good to everyone against instincts, this child who was to please others and be a saviour…

    And just like with people, it also applies to nations and countries….

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