The Karma I know

There is a misconception about Karma, I have heard it again and again,you did something wrong so now you will pay for it. But that’s not the Karma I know. The Karma I know is based on cycles and a completeness of ones journey within multiple lives.

About a decade or so ago my life in Chicago had fallen to pieces. My entire life was in shambles. I had just moved back to San Diego, no money, no job, just the clothes on my back and now at 35 years old I found myself living with my parents and the countless foster children that they were taking care of at that time. My mother loves children. Toys layed out over the floor, and children clothes scattered in odd places. As I now slept on my mothers sofa I presented my angry frustrations with Spirit. To which they said.

“Ain’t it just grand!” They said with such glee.

“No! No its not grand at all, its actually horrible!” I yelled back.

“You are exactly where you should be. you are where our father (God) wants you to be.”

“Are you guys talking about me.. Eric Leigh-Pink… Did you get the memo on my life right now?”

“Sleep and Remember Eric.”

“Remember.. Remember ” a second and third Spirit said.

I knew another life was about to be revealed.

It was the early 1820s, my name was Connor and at this time I was 17, living in a massive mansion with my mother, father and younger brother. We had servants and grounds keepers. A daily chef who cooked our dinners. The clothes and shoes I wore was tailored made. The carriages outside had a gold trim. My father insisted that I dress for success daily. My hair was perfectly combed, my physical shape was a product of rigorous exercise my parents insisted on. My father lived by a class system. When we walked into a room the servants were expected to look down. We did not converse with them unless it was related to their work. My mother was a beautiful woman, she had the perfect shape, the most unique clothes from different parts of the world. She never smiled though, her face was always stoic.. Part of me believed her lack of happiness was for show, to remind others of her status. Or was it the forceful role my father had her play in this elite society? My younger brother believed that it had to do with their marriage which was based on unifying two massive mogul companies into one under the legal document of marriage.

We had it all, but as I stared into the mirror every morning I couldn’t help but feel I did not belong. I felt like a stranger to my surroundings, empty inside. I felt trapped, lost, and disconnected. I lived in a cold beautiful place, stony and glamorous. The only joy in my life was my secret boyfriend Zachary. Anytime I saw him my body would shutter, my stomach would lift up, and I couldn’t help but change my deminer to gleeful exuberance.

During the last days of summer my father threw a huge house party where all the elite and rich came. I was excited the whole day because I knew Zach would be there. Zachary and I escaped to the garden during the tail end of the party and started kissing, when suddenly we realized there was a large audience watching us, snickering at us. We quickly stopped and went separate ways.

The next day came. My actions became the gossip of the town. At dinner the tone of the room was a cold rage. I can clearly remember tasting one spoonful of potato soup that was somewhat cold. When my father took his soup and threw at me from across the table. The soup struck my face and in that brief moment I was relieved it was luke warm.

“Get out! Get out of my house, your nothing but filth!” he screamed. I had embarrassed him, we were the talk of the town. The great titan and his gay son.

“I am sorry. Sorry” I started to cry and mermered

“Get out!” he screamed again.

I looked over to my mom waiting for her to save me, waiting for her to say anything, anything at all.

“Mom?” I waited as tears streamed down my face.

She looked at me with a straight face and said “Leave”

I started to walk upstairs to get my stuff when my father raced towards me, grabbed me by my collar and pulled me towards the door.

“You will take nothing! I gave you that, and this filth in front of me will have none of my ownings.”

And like that it was all over. I tried several times to come back home but to no avail. I tried to find sanctuary at the church but was denied. I tried to talk with Zachary but he hid from my multiple approaches. I tried to live off the land but I was too incompetent for that. The irony is everyone knew, they knew who I was. To my parents it wasn’t about a Christian teaching but an embarrassment to their perfect powerful image, that I had shattered in one small blow. Our town was in the outskirts of Chicago, I decided to try my chances there. it would not last though. I would die from Consumption before I turned 19. No one would save me, no one cared.

It takes a bit of time to remember who you really are after you die. To remember all those lives. As I passed I could only remember my life as Connor. The minister at the church made my fate clear. My afterlife had only one fate and I believed it. After dying I found myself oddly standing on a new bridge on the outskirts of Chicago waiting nervously for the devil to show up. Instead I was greeted by a group of Spirits. who introduced themselves at the other end of of the Bridge walking towards me. Macabe, Marcus, Deedra, Darcy, Micah, and Michael.

“Are you demons.. are you the Devil?” I pointed to Macabe who I noticed was clearly their leader.

“He’s calling you Loull” Marcus chuckled before getting a scowl from Macabe.

Macabe extended his hand out and said “Remember me… take it.. so you can remember”

I reluctantly took his hand. Thinking it was a trick. Suddenly a tsunami of memories came through, I remembered the thousands upon thousands of years Macabe spent at my side as my teacher, my protector, my guide, and most of all my true father. I remembered him saving me from prudetion. I remembered him toasting the marriage to my spiritual wife. But most of all I remembered the countless lives that he helped guide.

“Macabe… father?..” I immediately begin to wail and scream.

“They left me. They just discarded me like I was nothing”

Macabe quickly wrapped his hands around me.

“Your safe now. Your with your family and we will never let you go.”

Immediately the rest of them circled me, hugging me and brushing my head. “We are here brother. We are here with you brother. Always”

I fell to my knees and just cried and wailed so loud. But now I was relieved, I poured out my pain, I felt safe, love was back in my existence.

Which brings me back to Eric Leigh-Pink, here and now. I am now licensed to take care of foster children. I live a simple life, of taking care of so many children that have been discarded, abandoned, and abused.. Our small condo is a happy place decorated with Mickey Mouse décor. Our family brings in these small strangers who start off so scared, and we start our introduction by telling them, here you are safe, here you are loved, and as long as you are under our roof, life will be happy. All of this while the toys continue to litter our house. All while I gleefully converse with the local gardeners daily. We might be scrapping by at times but life is good. Now I find myself planning to adopt two wonderful brothers, who are seven and eight.

Our multiple previous lives cross each other to finish an incomplete story. I truly believe that the Universe, God, and Karma itself tapped me, set a stage, and offered me an opportunity to bring purpose to a situation that had none. In that moment where my Chicago life magically fell apart for a second time, two completely different eras. I was given an unforeseen opportunity to represent the sanctuary I never had. There are so many truths here, but if I leave you with one message here it is; So many horrors happen in our lives that have no meaning or rhyme. So you give it meaning. You give it purpose and mold it yours. You bless the world with your actions while sending a clear message to the darkness, a warning of redemption that you will not be crossed without the shadows in the dark seeing the full weight of ones wrath. Let that wrath be a thousand times greater than the the cold cruel darkness.

The next time life whisks away all that you know, consider the possibility that it is a blessing from the heavens. That a stage is being set for you to give meaning to that which had none. God is tapping you on the shoulder, and with his stage in hand asking you softly “What are you going to do with this?” My advice! Go all the way with playing on his stage. Let them see the full weight of your convictions. That is the Karma I know.

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  1. Why such a birth is given in first place which one destined to remain a failure rather than why dont a soul gets a perfect birth what he desires at first place why so many useless trials ?

    1. There is actually a part 2 to this story. A second and more long term purpose is shifting those with “weak” souls back into the fold. Bringing them back to the light. Specifically in this story is my previous Mother.

      1. so if their is a evil soul why at first place he wont a birth in which he himself suffering. Why that soul would take a birth at first place only for suffering ?

        1. Evil? Ignorant, weak, greedy and exceedingly judgmental. I wasn’t a fan. Even now I look back and think wow did they suck. But I don’t think they were evil.

      2. if souls are perfect creation what is point of taking so many birth and learning thinghs.

        1. It’s a good question. I don’t know exactly what determines salvation. I know we are judged by how much (or little) we do for each other and our surroundings. I do know at some point you have two options after achieving it. One is to become a guide, Marcus use to live on earth but doesn’t anymore, the second is freedom to participate beyond earth, to explore other places in the stars as a soul. Both provide a freedom like no other.

    2. We haven’t discussed it yet but you can sum it up by saying why are we cursed with the devil. But what if we all looked at it differently by saying the devil is blessed with us. It is an over arching mission to bring the darkness into the light. But this mission extends over thousands upon thousands of years.

          1. I love it. It made me feel good hearing your stories. My spirit is calm and happy knowing that I’m not alone with trails and frustrations. Now it makes sense….deaf people look up to me because they too desired to be loved. Thanks for sharing.

            Now I have the mission and I cant do it alone. The horses cried for mercies from slaughtered house. I’m working on the petition to ban the horses transporting to Mexico and Canada. The horses visited me in my dreams. There were millions looking at me as they wanted justice just the same as human beings. Wow.

            Again thanks for sharing beautiful testimonies. I wanted to help you make the book and many will be in awe of your stories. Love and hug. Feel like I’ve know you maybe in past. It’s possible.

            1. I truly hope someone can help organize your book. Right now I have deaf people and horses to focus as my missions.

    3. This was a very interesting read Eric. Thank you so much. The story broke my heart. I’m so happy you are fixing your karma in this life. Is that the right way for me to phrase it. I am terrified of Karma. I live in fear. I don’t want to suffer. I feel like I deserve it though. I am so overwhelmed by all that is going on in the world right now. Can an entire generation be suffering collectively for what’s going on with our earth? Society? There are so many conspiracy theories out there my head is spinning.

  2. What a wonderful account and personal story! So happy for the boys you are adopting. I am so glad they have love. Maybe I should consider fostering or adopting. The Mickey mouse decor sounds wonderful. Lol I always allowed my kids to have thier toys in any area. Reminds me of my house when my kids were little. Toys noise and kids everywhere! We had alot of kids around and I loved them dearly. Friends of my kids forgotten ones who needed love. Thank you for your wonderful story. Blessings to you and your family

  3. I was just thinking this morning about my past life. My husband murdered me in 1910. My son is suicidal right now and I don’t know where he is. I have always thought he was my husband in that life. He is the same age now that I was when I died.

      1. Eric, When is Part 2 to the story coming? Is there anyone in that life in your current life?

        Hope all is good with you and family!

    1. Praying for your son not to harm himself. Keep praying for saint Michael to protect your son urgently. It made me sad then a young person take over his or her life. I have tried few times without successes. Good thing it didn’t happened. It was mentally that was so powerful controlling thoughts. Best to redirect and meet someone to revert that moment.

  4. Wow what a powerful story! Those kids are blessed to have you in their lives! Stay safe!! Xo

  5. Thanks Eric for this story and your message. I will look forward to Part 2 of the story…

  6. This one brought me to tears. Sometimes I read about the past and it feels so familiar as if I were there. If I am having a bad time or poor me day in life it seems as though in another (life) time I had it so much worse with no control what was happening.

  7. thank you for sharing, a part of your past lifetime, with all of us. in the future, you can share, another lifetime, where the roles where reverse, we, as souls, experience all areas, for good and bad, for that experience gives us the wisdom, for the soul, from lifetime to lifetime, EVERYONE has lifetimes,, that they where horrible in, BUT, their is no judgement, only LOVE and Learning………..

  8. Beautiful Eric, thank you so much for sharing. Your truths always feel so familiar to me……
    And congratulations on becoming a dad!!!

  9. Beautiful Eric, thank you so much for sharing. Your truths always feel so familiar to me……
    And congratulations on becoming a dad!!!

  10. Beautiful story Eric, thank you for sharing. And bless you for helping children who need love, structure and stability. Best wishes for your impending adoption.

  11. Very touching story, thanks for sharing that with all of us. Wishing you and all the beautiful children many many blessings.🙏🏼❤️

  12. I don’t remember much, but when I was I think 3 or 4 I had a dream where I was walking down a cobblestone street in a rather large town and out in the distance were these large ships out in the ocean (so it had to been a coastal town), I think I saw horse carriages too, but I’m not sure. I remember I kept hobbling like I was injured and the next thing I knew I felt this pain and I fell down onto the street and that ended the dream.

    I can’t say for sure whether I saw a movie earlier that time that influenced a dream or this could’ve been a past life.

    IMO I would think such a dream would be too complicated for someone as young as I was back then, so it does make me wonder. I’m not sure why that dream I remember so vividly.

  13. Thank you so much for that lovely story. You are a good man Eric. God bless you.

  14. The mainstream view of karma has never made sense to me because bad things happen to all of us throughout whether we did something wrong or not.

    1. Trevor. even though, a lot of other spiritual subjects are not discussed here, WE choose our experiences, in Each lifetime, we choose, our parents, friends, teachers, and even bad experiences, in order for EACH soul, to learn and grow. this is called, a chart, that we make with our soiritual guides and highier beings. a lot of times, we have the same groups of people, in each lifetimes, they just play different roles, in each lifetime. It is very hard for a lot of people, to understand this comcept, but people will, as they grow more spiritual, over lifetimes. the only thing, that is different, are the dark souls, who don’t have charts, and keep coming back, with a chart or guidance, GOD does allow this to happen, as EACH soul, is important to him! in time, eons, if these souls, do not change, he alone, will deal with them. However, even, those dark souls, are teachers, and play a part, on each soul development. hopefully, this helps, in time, as souls, grow more spiritual, understanding this important concept, will make sense to a a lot of souls.

  15. question……
    between lives are we somewhere else and do we actually meet up with loved ones before coming back to another life. or do we just go straight to another life.
    like is there a life beyond life for a period and we have friends there also. ie like moving beteeen two worlds. and we cross over each other. so my 8yr old son if i died would i get to hang out together in other world when he arrives or am i alreadg ready for next life and he misses out seeing me in the other world?
    or do i get to wait and spend a short time with him in the spirit world before heading off for another life. hows that work.
    does god spirit allow this to occur.

    or do we only meet again in another life hence a knowing of knowing that person but just cant remember why….

    i just so hope i get to spend time with my son in the othe world before im dispatched to another life. imagine he get there and spiirt said oh sorry hes already been sent off to earth for another life. sorry u missed out seeing him.

    please just wanted your view….

    1. They say 90% of our time is spent in the spiritual realm, a place that is not bound by our timeframes. So yes there is plenty of time to spend with loved ones, and an entire eternal span to live with them again and again.

      1. also would it then be possible we are actually in two places at the same time. we are still present in the spiritual, although at times our consciousness is for a period in the physical. could this explain why when you daydream or zone out for a period of time (like your minds not here) its like your actually back in the spiritual for a period. but when snap back out of the experience u actually forget whats happened because u are confined back to your physical again.
        so i guess outside of the physical theres a lot more actually going on i guess than we realise.

        1. Kind of. They seem separate systems of time. Ours is more fluid, change is constant and speedy, theirs is very centered and does not change much.

      1. so this would explain a comment made to me once by a guru who said i was actually more powerful that i even realised. so its like my spiritual self (true self if youd say) could be something else far greater and better than the physical self? like u said theres a diff for her we are in the spiritual and the physical. and im guessing we figure out who we really are once we are back on the other side.

        1. Yes we remember who we are on the other side. I will say that as I started to really remember and I haven’t remembered everything, it changed me, I became exceedingly humble, no longer interested in material gains. It changed me dramatically.

  16. Wow Eric looking forward to part 2.I would like to know who your father was ? Curiosity.
    How quickly our lives can change in seconds.
    Congratulations on the two young lads entering your life ,they are lucky. Keep up the good work

  17. Thanks for sharing your interesting story Eric. I’m reading a book called “Destiny of Souls” by Michael Newton at the moment. In Destiny of Souls 67 people recall their life between lives through Dr Newton’s personal work in spiritual hypnotherapy. Based on his groundbreaking research into the afterlife this book is fascinating. Cheers from Rose in Willunga South Australia. It’s a cool beautiful Thursday morning of about 12 degrees with sun peeping through the clouds every now and again with the magpies singing.

  18. I pray you are able to adopt the children. I also thank you for sharing your story with us. I think you are not meant to be anywhere near or in Chicago in any life.

  19. You have the amazing ability to leave me speechless and in wonder. Wow! This will be my meditation for a long time. So much to digest and incorporate. Thank you so much.

  20. I’m amazed that you can remember everything in so much detail – even your name! Have you thought about researching the Census data to see if you could find out who you were in that life? What was the outskirts of Chicago in 1820’s is probably now smack in the middle of it now. The area wasn’t heavily populated yet – mostly native Americans and fur traders – and even fewer “mansions” around that time.
    I drowned in 2 past lives, the first I was a little Amish girl and drowned trying to retrieve my doll that had fallen in a creek. My parents who are my current life brother and sister carted me away in the back of their wagon. The second was at Pearl Harbor my ship was sunk and I remember being in the water surrounded bu diesel fuel. To this day I get sick when I smell diesel and although I don’t have any real fear or water, I won’t put my head under water even in the shower.
    I can’t figure out how those 2 lives would have anything to do with this life’s Karma.

    1. In my youth it was actually the well known seers and psychics that I looked up. Those specific lives. Only to see their lives were identical. It was my authentic resolve. Up until that point everyone thought I was nuts.

  21. Basically your saying we dont really have free will? Our life is already designed before birth? We dont create the life we want? The lessons were meant to learn are set before we are born then we come here to face the circumstances to learn those lessons? We cant create a happy life every life and the perfect heaven on earth life even if we want?

    1. I am not sure how you see that. My mother now has been in multiple lives before. She is one of the many loved ones I have on the other side, I insisted on her being my mother in this lifetime. I guess I would answer that by saying it a mixture.

      1. Eric,
        I so easily get confused by the prospect of free will vs. a higher plan, and how much of our lives fall into which category. I can’t figure out which events in my life could be planned by angels/God/spirits, and which are just totally random, and which I can change.

        Another thing that confuses me is that God/Spirit seems to be able to intervene sometimes, such as with these predictions and the various stories we’ve all heard of angels saving lives….but that makes me wonder why they didn’t intervene for other people in other situations.

        I don’t ask this to be confrontational in any way, I’m genuinely trying to figure it out…the past life you were describing, how Connor went through all that and died so young….I ‘m confused about why didn’t the spirits/God help him in his lifetime? Don’t get me wrong, it was good that they were there to comfort him when he passed away, but I’m still unsure why they didn’t intervene to save him.

        Again, I mean no disrespect by these questions; it really boils down to me being unsure how to have faith that someone on the other side would help me…I want to believe in them, but these hard questions trip me up every time I try.

        1. We are unfortunately bound to each other. That includes those who are ignorant, cruel and selfish.
          It’s a mixed bag of past life influence, their hands and our choices. Honestly though focus on making the right choices and have faith that God is good.

          1. I’ll try to focus on that….but it sure is hard to break out of my doubts and confusion. I’ve seen a lot of bad things happen in my life, and I guess I just worry about whether a higher power would help me, and when I see other people suffering, it adds to those fears.

            1. To answer the question more specifically, it depends on the person. Someone who has done major things wrong in the previous life will have the past shadow their moves, the spirits will have a much larger grip. Verses others who want to be in control themselves.

  22. Eric,

    Have you lived any lives that were not human or that were on another planet?

  23. dear eric,
    i follow your predictions for some time. many times i wanted to intervene but did not due to respect for you and your beliefs. what fascinates me the most is that while often right about global events you claim to be right on personal level too. however, we are all human and i appreciate you sharing your personal experiences. yet, sometimes i wonder where the objective truth lies and what you exactly are meant to learn like all of us do. you start by saying ‘my mother loves children’. then you tell a story where your mother in that lifetime does not love children at all. to me that is what the story is all about and not at all what you pick up from that. as a result i also do not believe that you love children, nor that you love yourself (in a deeper sense), and wonder why you need to adopt children… there are many more things in many of your stories that are supposedly representations of truths – but only of your own personal truth that from my perspective seem distorted. it is like when a child is taught that something is bad or something is good and the child then does not know any other way. one has to be very attentive also to spirits – there is God above them too….

    1. The story is about a past life mother who was a horrible person. My current mother here and now has dedicated her life (27 years) taking care of abandoned children. To give you an example of the type of children. We had a child beaten so bad by his father that his skull was cracked and he had to wear a special helmet, we had to be with us all the time because falling was not an option. To say she or I don’t love children. What is wrong with you?

    2. re,
      You have a right to your opinion, but why would you say Eric doesn’t love children? His love and concern for them clearly comes across in his posts every time he mentions them….

      1. Dear Eric, thank you. After reading your reaction I thought of 100 or even 1000 ways to reply to you. Initially I was not going to reply but Sara’s gentle question made me feel the need to do that. I had also thought you would read my post but hold it up after review and not let it appear here. It was intended only for your own personal use therefore I appreciate your honesty and openness to let everyone read it.

        My first impulse was to say that love and care are not the same thing. The second most important thought for me is that any child needs both mother and father and for that single parent families may not be the right way for me (all of us come from different perspectives and experiences). I can only say that if I were you I would find a foster family with both parents for them and not adopt myself while contributing financially to the children’s well being.

        There are lots of things wrong with me, Eric. If there was nothing wrong with me I would not be on Earth. My experience tells me that often people overly caring about others are filling a void in themselves and although doing a lot of good may not necessarily be aware of transference and underlying currents which can also do some damage in addition to good. For me the story you told was also about lust – it is always easy to portray oneself as a victim and elicit sympathy. While the reaction and punishment was too harsh, it is important to remember that also times impact the attitudes. Yet, lust is lust… Furthermore, there is probably a reason why you received this karmic lesson in that life – who knows how cold-hearted you could have been in some previous lives and what you could have done to others. I have a dear friend of mine who is nearly blind and yet we both have come to a conclusion that she destroyed an eyesight of another woman in another lifetime in a fit of jealousy which lead to her current pain and suffering (as she was blind on another level in that life).

        However, my main reason why I wrote to you was because of you trying to save humankind. You were in Delphi – you know that one cannot change God’s will. Therefore, no need to seek former fame and power that you had then for which you had been declared insane later and for which you may be killed in this lifetime along with already existing health concerns. In fact, I believe that those who need your advice will find your site (and I also strongly wish to save you from being killed and through this there is so much more of what is wrong with me). Many may disagree with me but this virus does not need to be prevented, it teaches us so much about love and compassion. In this life I have realized that I had much more compassion for this Earth – animals, plants, water, air and soil (although I am painfully aware of my own shortcomings in this) – than for humankind because we have destroyed so much of the Earth. Then why would we need to be saved? This is one of the main reasons why your ‘Truths’ in general do not always correspond with mine.

        Sorry for this long response. Let me thank Sara once again for her kindness. There is no need to start a long discussion on this because we may be all entitled to our opinion and we do not know whether we are right or wrong. We neither need to agree or disagree – just wishing to give you my honest perspective which may help you to appreciate what you have here and now and have enough of everything. Through my own pain I strongly feel yours and I have accepted my karma that I often provoke initial negative reactions which may change then in a few years time.

        There is so much more but here I stop and wish you well. Thank you for everything you have done for people.

  24. Eric, do daemons influence us ? My son who is a hardworking sweet and sensitive man. When the quaranteen happened he quit his job and left his house with every thing he owned behind. Now he is somewhere posting an Face book that he is doing some kind of drugs and hallucinating and saying he is going to kill himself. Do you know of a way to get rid of atratchments ?

    1. I do hope your son finds the help he needs. In all of my time of doing readings over the last 20 years there have only been three examples of demons. 99% of the time the individual is sick or emotionally upset. Normally the attachment isn’t a demon but the past. Unfortunately I would not know for sure unless I was more connected.

  25. Sara,
    You have the same kind of questions that I ask myself. No mean to disrespect Eric or anyone else for that matter. Thank you for asking.
    Eric Congratulations on adopting and fostering. It is not easy, but worthwhile. You will make a great Dad!
    Can you please remind me how I can go about buying a reading from you?
    Thank you.

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