Trump was Positive with Covid Before the Debate

Am I hearing this correctly, he met with Gold Star Mothers, those children who sacrificed their lives for this nation, knowing he had Covid? This world prediction has happened on the 1st. One day off.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 6-20-20 The president falls ill.

WORLD PREDICTIONS: CORONAVIRUS UPDATE 3 The spirits recently said “Coronavirus.. leaks in.. White House “ I assume that means the president and those around him might catch the virus. They have also made mention of “your under attack” which I am assuming is unrelated to Coronavirus . Also Florida is expected to be hit with disarray in regards to the Coronavirus. 

WORLD PREDICTIONS: 9-18-20 I had a visual that I was circling the Washington Monument from above. It was at night. Then I had a visual of the number 2 on a calendar. “Something is wrong.” 

Coronavirus prediction:
PREDICTIONS 8-8-17 I had a visual of Spirit marking multiple locations all across Europe. “An Epidemic unfolds in Europe.. one of the worst in decades..”

WORLD PREDICTIONS 10-6-19 I had a visual of China, in the eastern coastal region semi close to Taiwan, that was marked. On the map was the number 2

A previous prediction about Trump: PREDICTIONS 4-11-18 “Huge scandal coming.. White house.. tit for tat.. what’s in it for me.. I did you a favor now you owe me a favor.. flush for cash.. this is the scandal that will eventually be his undoing.. impeachment tried twice.. mockery..”. Spirit implied that the house of cards would fall apart in July for Trump. Spirit showed a picture of Trump and then tore it. Could the message mean something else? They also showed 12 as when all things would come to a head.

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  1. It seems to me none of these people in charge are trustworthy sadly 😞 Boris was partying in no 10 last Christmas when the rest of us were having a lonely time we need a total overhaul of all government’s, the worlds in a mess 😞

  2. Am I hearing this correctly, Biden has let thousands of illegals into our country, knowing they have Covid?

    1. Uh, no. Biden’s been trying to fight Covid and he listens to the doctors and medical experts. Trump, on the other hand, downplayed the virus as long as possible, causing many of his supporters to think it was nothing (or a hoax) and not take proper precautions. The death toll may not have been so high if he’d been straight with Americans from the start, if he’d gotten them to realize how serious this is.

      Trump also once went on live TV and talked about how Americans should “inject disinfectant” to help cure Covid, which infuriated a lot of doctors becAuse doing so could actually kill someone. So it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he knew he was sick, and met with other people anyway. The man fundamentally doesn’t care about anybody. He pretends to, but he doesn’t.

      He even insults his own supporters–bragging once that, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters, OK? It’s, like, incredible.”

      I don’t mean to get into a lengthy debate here, but when it comes to Covid and so many innocent people dying because of it–and because they trusted the wrong man–it upsets me a lot.

      1. “when it comes to Covid and so many innocent people dying because of it–and because they trusted the wrong man”
        This concerns me as well, since associates of mine died and friends (including medical professionals) were stricken w/Covid — leading to “long-haul” cases and/or irreparably damaged lives.

    2. These are children your talking about. Maybe let’s concern ourselves with them since we are the ones claiming to represent the sanctity of life. Hard sell if your throwing kids in prison cells. You honestly believe your politics trump the lives of children?

  3. Am I hearing this right? Biden left those who sacrificed there lives to help us Americans stranded in Afghanistan? Or does the spirits only see Trumps wrong doing and nothing on Biden? No sons with cocaine habits making BACK DOOR deals in the Ukraine in front of Biden? Profiting. Yea this Trump bashing has got to end. Please people stay present in the moment. Or is it more fun to stay negative blaming past presidents and lacking present REALISTIC solutions? Sick of the smoke and mirrors. Guess we dont need to focus on shrinkflation, high gas prices, COVID-19 all time high cases DESPITE the vaccine, border issues, burning cities down, tent cities, suicide rates, shootings….naw nothing to see here people keeeep moving. Just keep Building Back Better🤮🤮🤮

    1. I don’t mean to blame past presidents….but it’s looking likely he’ll run again in 2024, and if so, I wanted to comment on why he’s such a serious threat. I don’t agree with all Biden’s done, though, don’t get me wrong.

      As for realistic solutions, the Covid-19 situation can be solved through a mix of vaccines, face-masks, social distancing, and washing hands–but only if enough people do it. The cases are so high right now because too many people refuse to take precautions, and then they wonder why they get sick.

      Politics aside, five million people worldwide have died of Covid in 2 years, and I don’t want people to keep losing their lives like this. Especially now that we’re coming up on Christmas, it’s supposed to be a happy time, and losing a loved one around the holidays can be especially bitter. Unfortunately, I know that firsthand.

      Obviously we disagree on different subjects, but for whatever it’s worth, I hope your Christmas is a happy one. The whole world needs a happy Christmas, too, come to think of it.

      1. Sara, the whole world has needed a happy Diwali and Hannukah, and needs a happy Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year’s, and more.

      2. Sara- More moderate believe it or not. Sorry bout your losses. Truly. I want NEITHER to run. If you look back at my past posts I’m eagerly awaiting the “military man”. Don’t fret, Trump is not going to be reelected. Where are the term limits?!!!! Ahhh. These old goats running are country on old values, behind times, and greedy. Think of the vaccine profits!!! Wonder which Congressmen made out like bandits with inside information. Sickening.
        Merry Christmas love!

        1. Hi,
          Thank you for your condolences, I appreciate it. The losses don’t exactly ruin the holidays, but there is definitely a bittersweet feeling that remains, even if just under the surface.

          For the record, I hope you’re right about him not being reelected….and I agree, the military man Eric’s talked about sounds like a much-needed change for the country.

          Merry Christmas to you, too….and to everyone who reads these posts.

    2. These are children you have decided to use as a political football. Are you really saying they don’t matter. Put your political bs aside and consider a more human response.

      1. Should tell the bidens, they seems to think children are just for their sexual pleasure, even with joe having inappropriate showers with his daughter, strange the pedophiles people support

        1. And yet you are focused on politics. Not these children lives. You see that’s wrong right? Putting politics in front of a child’s life. These are humans.

  4. A Nigerian man, who tested positive while in hotel quarantine in Cairns a few days ago, has been confirmed as a positive case of the new Omicron variant.
    Another man who arrived from South Africa, has also been confirmed to have Omicron, but tests revealed it was slightly different genetically.
    An international committee has now reclassified Omicron into two lineages and Australia has both of them in Queensland.

  5. Omicron seems to be non-threatening.
    I repeat from before:
    The question now is when the restrictions, mass vaccines, certificates, passports, masks and so on are to be lifted…

      1. The predictions are there for everyone to read. As the one who predicted the virus before it’s time, predicted the vaccine, predicted the bs from politics, this is ending. So please catch up on the reading. 🧐

      2. Wow, how weird. I posted this to Blue Sky yesterday under my name, and it’s come out as anonymous. My meaning and intention was to say to Blue Sky what is your spiritual practice? Do you even believe in psychics?

    1. This is a world prediction site. There are 100s of people just in South Africa reading what your saying right now thinking is she serious? Let remember it’s a global site and perhaps you are offending decent people across the world suffering in the most horrible way. “Your yacht is not theirs.”

  6. Eric- Is your prediction about a terrible earthquake in 2021possibly coming true (current swarming off NW coast)? In that prediction you said it is what 2021 will be remembered for. The reference to 1949 in the prediction could be the Olympia earthquake in April of that year? “World Predictions 1-4-21 I had a visual I was floating through a hall towards, a large Philco wooden radio. Then suddenly it turned on, A DJ started talking over the radio as commercials ended. “ Welcome back everyone, welcome back to the year 1949.”

    1. We are expecting two to three major quakes One already happened exactly where they said, the Caribbean, the second is expected in Asia, either Japan area or Indonesia. Finally there is a moderate to large on the west coast, but technically that might fall on January. 1949 references is a broad reference to a large increase in natural disasters.

      1. The have been a few rumbles here in New Zealand just recently, the Pacific Ring is definitely waking up.

      2. Eric! Thank you for keeping us up to date on the west coast situation i feel pretty apprehensive about the Jan month as of late …might I ask? would you know what part of the month the unrest would begin to manifest? and i feel like there would be. a sign in advance to be mindful of! the middle to the last part of the month was a time that keeps coming up for me whenever i ponder on it! happy holidays to you and your family!

        1. Out of the gate as we stumble in getting back to work the focal point seems to be earthquakes. So I am expecting an immediate update thankfully. However we keep trying to get back on the horse and we keep stumbling off, I will get there. Note to self never just stop the engine and try and start it up again.

  7. I believe in God.
    I believe in the immortality of soul.
    Let’s move on from the physical limits and let’s go back to life without the nonsense. I feel bad for South Africa but it is the end and we need to move on. 100 people to die in 60 million nation that is South Africa is a drop of rain into the ocean. Probably 100 people die every day there also from other diseases including common flu. If Covid ends with mild omiicrom version but restrictions remain does it not make you wonder of the agenda behind this?
    In my past life (maybe more than one) I tried to save people. From that experience I learned. Saving is impossible.
    Nobody can be saved from themselves. Even you Eric. Even you Pete. Even myself.

    1. And which God it that? The Jewish/Bible God? The Great Spirit of Native Americans? The Biami of the Original Australians? Or the many other Deities that existed before Judeo/Christianity wiped them out?
      I believe in a Universal Creator/Creation, of which all things are a part of, that loves all that It Is. It is pure Love manifest. It is not a limited and selective Being, It Loves Unconditionally. And It asks us to do the same.

  8. I also believe in Love.
    Yet, there is a difference between believing and actually loving.
    Once I already quoted Umberto Eco here:
    “The Antichrist can be born from piety itself, from excessive love of God or of the truth, as the heretic is born from the saint and the possessed from the seer.”
    So I repeat: If Covid ends with mild omiicrom version but restrictions remain does it not make you wonder of the agenda behind this?

  9. Ah yes love. I love ice cream. I love sunny days. I love crisp winter mornings. But none of that kind of love means a mountain of beans to the ones that are denied such things. What love do they believe in?
    So far you haven’t defined your understanding of God, and you haven’t defined what kind of love you believe in.
    Shouldn’t self defining must be the first step when determining our soul’s status?

  10. Yes, of course, it would be very good for you to define yourself, I agree.

    1. I have offered 105 Blogs of self definition so far. Other than criticism of others from your personal likes and dislikes, what have you offered?

  11. This is neither a competition, nor a justification exercise. Self definition does not only come in the form of blogs, nor is valued by their quantity.
    I cannot help if you do not like what I have to say because it does not correspond to what you believe in although you intuitively feel, maybe subconsciously, that what I say is valid.
    Each person has a right to judge what is best for them and believe in what they believe in.
    Everyone here has their own truth and together we create what is called ‘reality’.

    I think it is very reasonable to ask when the restrictions, mass vaccines, certificates, passports, masks and so on are to be lifted… now that omicron is not really life threatening from what I read. World is full of viruses is that we do not hear about them before they escape from a lab and wreck havoc in our lives.

  12. And I’ll repeat my first reply/question to you, that appeared as Anonymous for some reason: What does your spiritual belief, your God, your Love tell you in relation to your original question: “….. when the restrictions, mass vaccines, certificates, passports, masks and so on are to be lifted”

  13. God and Love exist beyond time and do not give me a timeline:
    It will end when people will not want to suffer anymore and when they will want themselves to lift these shackles (masks, tests, vaccines, certificates etc) that they have put on themselves or allowed others to put them on…
    It is very sad that most of this world is abandoned by God and Love, and thus are suffering from all of this…

  14. I’m assuming, in your first line, that you’re referring to yourself. Not everyone necessarily believe that.
    Eric’s reply said it best when he indicated the suffering of other nations, and inferred we must unite for the common good of all world’s peoples, not just for those of us in the first, and wealthy, world. Some would give all they have just to have masks and vaccines for themselves and their families. And until can eradicate this pandemic in all nations of the world, we are all still vulnerable to it, one way or another.
    No, ‘God’ and ‘Love’ dwells in us all. Suffering is a reflection of human conditioning. Until we unite as a world’s people, not as American, Australian, British etc, but see ALL as a part of the Creator, we will never see reductions in suffering, killing, starvation, billionaires complaining about shower water flow while nations can’t ever get water.
    Remember? “We are the world. We are the people.”

  15. Pete, you can muzzle yourself all you want and have shots in both your arms regularly every 6 months just to keep yourself alive – because you believe so, because you fear this virus, because you fear death. It is a choice you make and I respect that. That is your understanding of love. Your ideas of grandeur is based on your place of origin and way of thinking. I respect that too. However, not everyone thinks like that. Globalisation is one of the reasons for this virus. You want to unite the world based on YOUR ideas of the world and you do not give a damn about what others think. This has come up in your blog and your expressions before. Leave the world alone. It does not want to unite under YOUR guidance..We are the world, we are the people but we are all different and we will always be different from what YOU think, so respect us, respect yourself. If everyone would think the way you do, it would be very boring. We are all thinking and sentient beings and we come from different places in the Universe. Happiness (as opposed to suffering) has nothing to do with unification proposed by you (like grand scheme of ‘saviour’ coming). It is found in little things – for me right now when I can go where I want to go without a mask and without tests and certificates. That is the way I choose to live. It is to me how God intended. It was not intended that people live where there is no water, that billionaires (including big pharma) profit from others etc. but everyone has a choice where to live and what to do and how to build their loves. If there is no choice, then it is karma because perhaps of what they did in past lives. Earth will always be diverse and polar regions will never be the same like equator. That is why for me the real answer is to be kind to people who are around you and not in far away places that I have never met. My kindness here is to reply to you, so that those who read can make their own judgement.

  16. If that is what your guidance, your god or spiritual belief is telling you, then you need to go to my last Blog and follow the instructions concerning releasing guidance, because you are totally wrong in everything you have written here concerning me.
    You can’t mould me, or Eric, or anyone into the imagery your closed mind has created: None of us are even close to that which you have created.
    You are a rock, an island of your own creation.
    And the sounds of silence that you live in is so, so sad that I’d give my life willingly to have you freed from that prison. I can only wish you well, but that is as useless as wishing you thoughts and prayers.
    Your prison is of your own making. Pete

  17. I can easily say the same thing about you Pete. Let God and everyone else be the judge. Do not try to force your ideas on anyone, it will not work and you will face a backclash. Everyone has an opinion and a right to have an opinion.
    If you were so guided as you say, you would have said at least something that is true about me. I do not claim that kind of guidance. I only go by your own words.

    1. 1) Judge not lest ye be judged.
      2) My entire conversation with you in this line of discussion has been to ask clarity of what you have been saying. Forcing ideas seems to be more your forte.
      3) Exactly. So why are you questioning my right to have said opinion, via my Blog?
      4) A) I have repeatedly said I no longer do personal readings, and, as many will attest, recommend Eric instead.
      B) A true psychic will NEVER give a person a reading unless given permission first …. Why not ask Eric for a session?
      5) IMHO, whoever is guiding you, is confusing …. “Let God and everyone else be (my) judge” here.

      1. To Pete:
        Even we communicate in English, we speak a different language.
        I am sorry you do not understand.

        Repeating the quote by Umberto Eco:
        “The Antichrist can be born from piety itself, from excessive love of God or of the truth, as the heretic is born from the saint and the possessed from the seer.”

        My question still stands – on “when the restrictions, mass vaccines, certificates, passports, masks and so on are to be lifted…”

        And to add – how long will the people be forced to be vaxed like that with how many boosters while being manipulated that this is supposedly done for common good even if it is already clear that one can carry the virus no matter what your vaccination status is (which renders all the certificates and tests useless) and that instead of masks indoors, good ventilation is needed…

        1. To your Umberto Eco quote, Jesus said:”You’ll know them by their fruit.”

          As to your question, Eric answered: “When everyone gets on board to help each other and stop focusing on themselves ”
          My Spirit Friends answered similarly to the world health authorities in their statement that vaccines, boosters, isolation, masks and sanitation are our only way till this pandemic is defeated.
          I’m sure that if there were others, psychics or not, who had messages that would directly answer your question, they’d be all over the search engines.

  18. I am not a medium but I do have a strong belief in the spiritual and God, I cannot define what God is but I feel what God represents as the creator is unconditional love. I know that we come into the physical world as say a School for which we must learn lessons each time we come here. As far as Covid goes, I had it and am very lucky that I am still here in the physical world, with that said I do not fear the virus but will take precautions to hopefully not get a gain. I do not consider masking or getting vaxxed a loss of freedom I believe by doing that you are helping your fellow man and your world. God bless us all.

    1. Fully agree with you. And it is that Love of God, as we personally understand it, that has us thinking of others first. The ‘I, Me, Mine’ selfish attitude currently gaining ground is destroying us as a ‘world family’ and it needs to be stopped.
      I sure am pleased that you got through your Covid ideal. Pete

      1. I agree with what you’ve said pete, we live in a selfish world I hope one day things will be different but right now the worlds in a mess. Positivity is a good attitude to have, I tried to do this when times are rough like now 😊

        1. Thank you. …….. Birds ….. that’s the answer *Chuckle*. When I’m down I go out and look at the antics of the birds. But I have to look hard, because my own misery can be acting as dark glasses.

  19. I believe in god but like Scots says I cannot define him but believe he is love. I will say regarding covid nobody should be forced into any vaccination , it should be an individual choice, it makes me more against it when you are being bribed by all the world leaders, there are country’s in bad ways because they are being forced into something they believe isnt safe and is still in trials. I’m definitely not an anti vaxer and Iv had covid twice however I will wear my masks for others but I refuse to have the vaccine and because of this I lost my job. I just feel 2 vaccines and a booster in one year, where does it end, it’s not really changing anything, we are still in trials and although they say it’s stops you getting it more seriously,each and everyone of us, vaccine or not can still pass it on, to be forced to do this or lose your jobs or be refused entry into places is just so wrong and is more like a dictatorship or it’s heading that way anyway. All these big pharmaceutical company’s are making huge amounts of money through all this and yet hold no accountability for anything that goes wrong, this rings alarm bells to me. I know so many people who have and haven’t had the vaccine all believe forcing this and potentially shutting people of of life is dangerous, where does it stop, are our governments going to be held accountable so many things being hidden if people speak out something just doesn’t feel right. I respect anybody else’s opinion, absolutely 💯 but this is my feelings on it. Can I just say I use to work in a care home, when I had to go for refusing to have the vaccine, the one thing that got to me was that family and friends of the service users were allowed to come in to the home no matter what vaccination status they were, yet I worked the full length did everything I was asked and then chucked under a bus, yet family amd friends can go in and potentially pass it on and wipe the whole home out, I was happy to test every day like I had for the past 2 years but no it wasn’t good enough, what a sad world we live in when this is happing and more importantly people are turning on each other because they think they know best, so may people falling out it’s so sad and makes it ,at times unbearable that this is the kind of world we are living in 😞 Eric I think you do an amazing job and pete I enjoy your blogs to but I can say hand on heart for me some thing doesn’t sit right and hope that something goods coming ❤️

    1. “pete I enjoy your blogs to but I can say hand on heart for me some thing doesn’t sit right and hope that something goods coming.”
      Thank you.

    2. Yes I agree, one of the companies led us all over the cliff with pain killers and still has admitted no wrong. They are our salvation? Them?? 🤮 So I agree with hesitation on all these meds.

        1. It’s truth. It’s like the fat ugly smoking rich banker is only hope. The one that just led us over the cliff with his pain killers so he can make a buck. Him?? Someone else can’t be our hope. But Covid is still 10 times the beast. So I take the shot. That’s honestly how I feel about it too. 😀😳

  20. Really?? I trusted you as apsychic and when it comes to Trump you Sr. Always have something to say how about the horrible people in the white house. Does the spirits talked to you about it. Lord fauci Lord Biden promising to get rid of covid. Common!!!!

    1. It’s a screenshot of Mark Meadows and Donald Trump literally using a power point to cheat the election ! That’s why they predict Trump because he is a morally bankrupt leader, and people are following that? So yes they plan to point out the wicked act of our leaders. The predictions are about morality.

    2. Here is link to news today. A PowerPoint of how to cheat an election created by Trump and Meadows.. The predictions speak for themselves. 6th was marked. They tried to impeach him twice, his scandal with Ukraine. Again pointing to the excessive lack of any moral compass. All predicted fairly accurately.

    3. Mindy,
      “Lords Fauci”? Why the hate for Fauci? He’s done nothing but try to get this virus under control and warn people how dangerous it is….even if people don’t want to hear it, or would rather believe it’s a conspiracy.

      He doesn’t like the face mask restrictions any more than you do, no one does, but he pushes for it because we can’t go back to normal until the virus is under control. I feel bad for him, in fact, because so many people ignore his advice and then blame him for the rising cases.

      Anyone who think this virus is a hoax or not a big deal needs to talk to one of the people who’ve lost a loved one to Covid. They need to talk to the exhausted nurses in hospitals, who see young healthy people dying of Covid. They need to speak to the patients who will have to say goodbye to their loved ones via phone call.

      1. Totally agree with Gloria and Eric’s sentiments. I believe there are two major forces, in a generic sense, that have dominated the world. One is the ‘we/community/others before self’ collective, and the other is the ‘I/me/mine/selfish group, penned by George Harrison, and its that second collective which is growing with speed throughout the first world, and especially in the US.
        That second group are a destructive group who, history will show I believe, destroyed the America, and world, we once knew and loved. Pete

  21. In view of the current discussion here, I’ve added this from my today’s Blog:

    “Spirit Friends: Do you recall, back in 2000, We told you that a time is coming when first the US and then the world, will be shaken out of its complacency? That lies would become the truth, and the truth would be classed as lies? That liars would accuse other of lying, so that the truth would be impossible for the average person to discern?
    Even when later, after the event has become history and the truth is declared, will the records be corrected?”

    1. Omicron is the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet. The letters of the Greek alphabet are: alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon, zeta, eta, theta, iota, kappa, lambda, mu, nu1, xi, omicron, pi1, rho, sigma, tau, upsilon, phi, chi1, psi1, omega.

      1. Thanks Pete, that is fascinating, I do like facts.

        This one may interest you . B 11529 adds up to 18….. 6+6*6 devils work same code as covid 19.

          1. And just for the fun of it, no malice intended, the letter B is the second letter of the alphabet, so that makes the total number 20, not 18. In Numerology an 11 – 2 is a highly evolved and spiritual number. This 2 however, is still a high spiritual number.

  22. “Spirit Friends: Do you recall, back in 2000, We told you that a time is coming when first the US and then the world, will be shaken out of its complacency? That lies would become the truth, and the truth would be classed as lies? That liars would accuse other of lying, so that the truth would be impossible for the average person to discern?
    Even when later, after the event has become history and the truth is declared, will the records be corrected?”

    I love this bit. I feel this coming and its very close to happening.

    1. Thank you MK. And the question still remains, which one is it? 1 and 1 or 1 plus 1? As the heading of that Blog says: You Will Know Them By Their Fruit, a Jesus quote.

    2. Mk- I think we are right smack in the middle of it. Shaking our foundation….right to the core. Forcing the world…to say to an individual..what do you stand up for? What do you believe in?
      Big hugs and prayers to those impacted by that tragic tornado hitting 6 US states over the weekend. Just incredible how far it travelled…and the devastation.

      1. Absolutely agree with you. It is not a time for complacency or assuming the point of view of others is ‘good enough’. The truth isn’t someone’s opinion. We have to do our own discerning.
        And yes, that tornado was so unbelievably sad. And sadly, the weather, all over the world, will get worse before it even looks like getting better.

  23. While fighting misinformation, the Binjari Community Aboriginal Corporation was trying to coordinate the delivery of essential supplies and logistics into a community in the grips of what had become a deadly COVID-19 outbreak.
    Much of the abuse they received was from so-called “concerned citizens” from the USA
    “I was getting calls from Arizona, I think it was — or Nevada — telling me the army was forcing everyone out, like into quarantine, that we were holding down giving them needles.”
    The chief executive of the corporation said the contact continued after an elder in the community died of COVID

  24. BBC headlines today. 13/12/2021.

    Health Secretary Sajid Javid says the Omicron variant is spreading at a rate “that we’ve never seen before” with Covid.

    Fully vaccinated people who have been close contacts of Covid cases in England are asked to take daily lateral flow tests for seven days from Tuesday.

    Civil servants will carry out vaccinations as the Covid booster drive (vaccine3/4) is ramped up.

    42 teams from the military would be deployed across every region to help the effort

    Extra vaccine sites and mobile units would be set up across England

    Opening hours of clinics would be extended with more appointments.

    Thousands more volunteer vaccinators would be trained

    So long as you’re 18 or over you can have Moderna. It dosen’t matter which ones you have had before.

    Parliament will vote on locking down the country for Christmas New year on the17th December.

    1. There seems to be mixed messages concerning Omicron. While some world news articles are playing it down, here in Aus the concern is not so much that it is more/less serious than Delta but how it is hitting many more people and therefore the strain on the hospital/medical system.

      Today the WHO’s Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is saying “Omicron is not mild.”

      So please folks, for the sake of all humanity, especially the children who can’t be vaccinated, masks, distancing, isolation where necessary and believe this thing is dangerous. Pete

      1. How about Eric’s prediction then?

        To me it seems just a flu now but fear is now again being spread in Australia apparently.
        People die also from the flu by the way and other diseases too. It does not warrant to keep everyone jailed. The sooner the restrictions together with the nonsense end, the better for everyone.

        1. Covid-19 is much deadlier than the flu, and it causes serious long-term problems in survivors, which is why we shouldn’t be too quick to loosen restrictions. The restrictions, the mask wearing, the “nonsense” as you put it could have kept some of the world’s 5 million victims alive if more people had done what they were supposed to do.

          1. So very true Sara. Something I don’t understand. Why hasn’t someone sued the ringleaders of the misinformation that’s not just raging out of control in the US, but also in the whole world via American owned social media? Seems to me that’s the only way these lies and mistruths will ever be stopped. And because the conduit is American owned, it can only be done by Americans, I’m thinking.
            I linked to an Australian Aboriginal story above concerning this. Pete

        2. 1) You’d need to ask Eric. I got that this would be a worrying winter for the northern hemisphere, but not necessarily the US. Yes. Our Australian conservative Gov, so hell bent on money over people’s health, has started opening our international borders.

          2) Your opinion is not professional, or even close. Are you saying you know more than the World Health Organisation’s Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus team of scientists?

          3) And probably more so if you had your way. It is the process of ‘dying’ that is causing serious concern, unless you suggest they die at home, without proper medical attention.

          4) Define ‘jailed’? Do you mean ‘lockdown’?

          5) The sooner people stop playing Russian Roulette with this pandemic, in its now 11th variant, the sooner you’ll have your wish.

        3. Is this sarcasm? I don’t understand? There are 5 million dead from Covid. 272 million infected. What flu does that??
          Just my opinion but I don’t think there the same. According to the CDC about 1600 people died in “America” from the Flu.

  25. BBC news.

    Long queues forming for vaccine no 3 and 4 in the UK.

    Health secretary and chief medical officer have become psychics and warn that there will be large numbers of deaths in the coming days and weeks.

    Masks now compulsory in public spaces except bars and restaurants.

    Vaccines are a compulsory requirement from April for all front line health workers.

    The scrapping of self-isolation for fully vaccinated Covid contacts – in favour of daily lateral flow tests.

    Certificate of vaccination required to enter large venues. proof of double-vaccination, or a recent negative test.

    The Scottish Conservatives ( Scotland has its own rules) said the restrictions were a measured response to a “scary and bleak picture”.

    Just in time to ruin the Christian festival of Christmas. The devil is licking his lips.

    1. mk said “Just in time to ruin the Christian festival of Christmas. The devil is licking his lips.”

      Utter nonsense, mk.

  26. mk said “Just in time to ruin the Christian festival of Christmas. The devil is licking his lips.”

    Utter nonsense, mk.

    1. Ed Nothing bothered you apart from the one and only sentence I wrote of my own. Interesting.

      I quote only the BBC as it cannot be belittled as conspiracy…

      As the hospitality industry reels from the impact of new Covid curbs, we’ve been hearing from pubs and restaurants that have reported a wave of Christmas cancellations.

      The latest to report this happening is celebrity chef Tom Kerridge, who says one of his restaurants has had 654 cancellations in the last six days.

      Yep all those small business owners have just had Christmas cancelled.

      On the BBC website now so you can verify it:

      Prime Minister Boris Johnson will lead a Downing Street press conference at 17:00 GMT

      He will be accompanied by England’s chief medical officer Chris Whitty and NHS England’s Dr Nikki Kanani
      The Omicron variant is “probably the most significant threat” since the pandemic began, Dr Jenny Harries warns
      The head of the UK Health Security Agency says the doubling time of the variant is now under two days in most of the UK
      Covid cases are set to surge past the previous peak seen at the start of 2021, says an infectious diseases expert and government adviser

      This head line is live now.

      Covid: UK reports highest daily cases since the pandemic began.

      1. Everyone on this thread got the memo it’s Christmas holiday. I am reading multiple messages and wow, let’s all be a bit nicer to each other. Covid is the enemy.

    1. Merry Christmas Pete and Eric hope you have a lovely Christmas too and everyone one else on here! Hohoho! ❤️

    2. Very nice blog Pete, I also myself love animals especially my 3 dogs and 5 cats, most are rescues but i love them so much, I do have a question for you I do believe in the spiritual and that we exist beyond physical death, but then I also have doubts, how do I overcome the doubts. i want so much for what I feel to be true but skepticism comes into pay, thank you and have a Merry Christmas.

  27. Merry Christmas.
    Eric have you ever talked about Jesus and his life. Just curious if you had, would love to read it if you did.
    I hope you and your family have a blessed week.

  28. Hi Eric- Have the Spirits said anything about a new U.S. Lockdown coming, and if it would be worse than the first in terms of restrictions? Arrests? Anything?


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