Chinese Nuclear Power Leak

This prediction has happened. The second prediction is a reminder of what we expect very soon. Are they related?

World Predictions 3-8-21 Prediction: A President Assassinated

Nuclear disaster.. a horrible mistake.. those in the area will be hit hard with radiation.. Mao.. May. They implied Asia, it could be China. 

“China” I had a visual of a large flash of light, then one epic explosion that reached far and wide destroying everything in its path. 

5 responses to “Chinese Nuclear Power Leak”

  1. Linda McWilliams Avatar
    Linda McWilliams

    Guess we should be grateful we don’t live in China.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Especially in that province

  2. Steve Avatar

    Possibly related to the earthquakes? Nuclear reactors should shut down in earthquakes – what if this didn’t occur, cooling water failures, another Fukushima/Chernobyl, but this time we get full melt down? They are all on the coastline where a potential tsunami may hit.

  3.  Avatar

    that doesn’t seem like the prediction

    the incident is minor

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