World Predictions 1-12-21

The Red Coats: like those of the past.. A new militia will rise in Ameria, set to slaughter it’s brother and sister for the name of dominance and power. In DC.. violence, the second wave.. 13.. lost.

Later.. I had a vision of two men with a bomb in the back of their vehicle.

In other news:

I had a vision of several FBI agents move swiftly, then the word “Foiled”

The helicopter will fall. The moon empty.

The impression was an asian location perhaps Japan. The moon would imply something very soon.

Spirit has marked the 19th and 27th. They also showed a vision of FRAN then shifted to say it was coming around the corner.

We only ever want unity and peace for all of you, it is our daily way here. Know that unity means all.

We are expecting multiple old predictions to unfold.

World Prediction: Airplane Crash /

What We Predicted in 2020 (lady)

71 thoughts on “World Predictions 1-12-21

  1. This is terrible! More violence in America. Some politicians thought they could spread lies about election fraud to earn more donations from gullible supporters. However under threat of perjury in court, their lawyers always admit there is no evidence.

    We have forgotten intellectual integrity in America. We have forgotten how to detect lies. Yes, both sides are guilty: many Democrats falsely believed Russia changed votes in 2016 (they didn’t; they only spread misinformation online); many Republicans falsely believe in voter fraud today. The difference is Hillary Clinton conceded the election and called Trump to congratulate him. If only Donald Trump can have the maturity to do the same, then the hatchet will be buried and peace will return.

    1. The cheating is not a lie! I seen the evidence and it in fact did happen. Can deny all you like but it is fact and there is plenty of evidence to back it up. Security video footage in itself shows two incidents. When we have seen the evidence and then watch judges not even look at it then of course we get angry. Erick I’d like to know if you have asked spirit’s did they cheat? I’m curious to know what they have to say. We are now being silenced left and right and our accounts taken down left and right while everyone who hates Trump seems to think this is all ok. They literally took away our 1st amendment rights and you all are ok with it since its just merley Trump supporters. How do you not see Dictators are now taking over is beyond me.

      1. Imagine someone accuses me of a crime. We go to court. The judge finds that the accuser has no evidence and I am innocent. Imagine this happens not just once but 60 times with different judges at different courts in different states (this describes the situation with the election fraud accusations). What is the more likely conclusion? That I am innocent and the evidence is flawed? Or that every single one of the judges is together in some grand conspiracy? The judges don’t even know each other! It beggars belief!

        1. This is so true Stephen.
          I’m in AU & conspiracy nuts down here swallow all that stuff because it “feels good” or it it just “feels right”.

          There are those that believe every single judge all over the US who is tabled with these claims, receives a phone calls from “the theys”, whoever “they” are; & consequently, cold hard evidence is just “dropped” or “lost” or disallowed.

          This is the other pandemic; the virus of fake news where people run with a narrative because it vicariously gratifies their own egos, making them feel special by being privy to the “real facts” & therefore one up on everybody else.

          Its also a simplistic cop-out that can magically explain & indemnify them of any personal responsibility for their own lack of achievement & short-comings.

          My heart goes out to everyone in America because I know so many Americans DO NOT feel this way & CAN sort the wheat from the chaff.

          I hope insight prevails.

      2. Michelle,
        If those security videos were real, the judges would not have closed the cases. Even Republican judges, who likely wanted Trump to win and looked for a good reason to support the allegations, couldn’t do it because even they saw the ‘evidence’ was faked. It’s easy to fake videos and photos in the digital age. People post “photos” of Santa Claus, but that doesn’t make them true.

        Please keep in mind, accusations don’t always mean there’s truth in them. Think about the Salem Witch Trials and the hundreds of people who testified against neighbors they believed were witches–in the end, none of it was true, none of the accused were witches, but everyone assumed there must be some truth to those allegations because so many people said so.

        We’d scoff at anyone calling their neighbors “witches” nowadays, yet there are now people who believe in a cannibalistic cabal, or a “deep state” of communists or whatever, just because people on the internet told them it was so.

        The videos you saw–how do you really know where they were actually filmed? When they were filmed? Who posted them in the first place? How many times the video has been copied onto other sites without being vetted? Has it been edited in any way? Could someone have spliced it together? Could someone be taking it out of context? Those questions are crucial right now to avoid believing everything online.

      3. Michelle, you are correct. It’s a shame how history is repeating itself.

      4. Michelle Record on,
        That’s a great question to ask Eric.
        I will have to state that your amendment rights were not taken away from President Trump. Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, and such took him off because President Trump violated their terms of agreement.
        These actions my dear are the consequences to his Behavior.

    2. There is plenty of evidence for election fraud. EVERY election cycle, they laugh at Chicago and the Democratic political machine. They always make fun of the fact that ‘dead people’ vote in Chicago.
      And there were numerous examples of some districts having more people vote than the number of registered voters that existed.

      I think it was Maryland or New Jersey, where the governor required ballots be mailed to all voters regardless of whether or not they were requested. That is illegal. Your ballot is your private property and no one has the right to request it for you. How many of the people double voted and how many ballots were stolen and used by others?

      When the Supreme Court was making its decision as to whether or not to hear the evidence of voter fraud, Justice John Roberts was heard through the conference doors yelling at the top of his lungs that he would not vote for a hearing because it might create violence in the streets and he did not want to be responsible. I wonder how many people lose their rights because a Judge thinks it might hurt someone’s feelings? It is because they failed to hear the arguments in court, that lead to the riots at the Capital. I wonder how he feels about it now?

      Four years ago, the governor of Virginia pardoned 60,000 felons ( I think that was the number ) several weeks before the election. And he won by a margin of 80,000 or so.. It is illegal to pardon criminals like that enmasse. It has to be considered individually. Do you think the pardoned criminals, to include their family and friends, voted for the Democratic party as a result of his pardons?

      Last week, Biden was in Georgia campaigning for the Democratic Senators for a re-vote and he told the masses that if you vote for them, then I will give you $2,000 in stimulus money. It sounds like vote buying to me.

      Then there is evidence of mail in ballots being trucked in during the middle of the night, and mail carriers being paid to deliver ballots to Democratic hench men for a fee.

      And then there is the connection between the headquarters of Dominion voting in Canada occupying the same building as an office for George Soros.

      And the ultimate act of deception is the fact Biden is medically unfit to hold the office of president. But he was their best candidate for president and the Democrats propped him up like a lawn ornament and hid his infirmities and moral shortcomings ( touching pre-teen children, inappropriate remarks and his son Hunter). I will be surprised it he is president at the end of 2021. It has always been the plan for him to run for president, resign, and Kamala Harris become president. She is the one that bragged about sleeping her way to the top when she was having an affair with the Mayor of San Francisco.

      There is plenty of evidence for voter fraud. All you have to do is stop watching CNN and MSNBC.

      1. Hello Raymond,
        I think that you should stop watching right winged media pushing wrong information to the fringes of people who are gullible enough to believe it.
        Post those videos links.
        Your view is very scweud as I am sure you will argue with mine.

    1. QAnon as been pushing this blackout happening for MONTHS! It has not happened. Oh, and Hunter Biden is STILL ALIVE for all of you who are convinced he is dead. Yes, this is what they believe on the radical right. I’m still waiting for my news notification to let me know it happened. Oh that’s right. It didn’t. Just like this blackout isn’t happening either. I’m not willing to lose everyone I love over conspiracy theories. That’s what is happening to thousands of families because of these conspiracy theories. It has changed people’s thinking to the point that they alienate themselves from anyone who doesn’t believe the democrats are lizard creatures sucking blood from white babies. I’d rather live in my real world where I don’t lose my family and friends because I’ve become so arrogant that I can’t see past my own ego and can’t see that suddenly

      1. Lizards sucking blood from babies? People actually believe that? Yikes, we humans need to pay a lot more attention to history and all our mistakes, because those lies sound eerily similar to the rumors about Jews that mobs would spread before a pogrom. That stuff wasn’t true then, and it isn’t now, yet innocent people keep dying because of such rumors.

        1. So true Sara! All this terrible division is so debilitating for our country and our citizens. I tend to be more conservative, yet we must be willing to listen to one another too! The election is over and done with for months, no obvious inordinate fraud was found, let it rest. There have been rumors of election fraud for years and years, who knows anything for sure, but is it worth tearing the country apart over something that is not provable, I think not. My feeling is let’s come together with our Higher Power and our fellow Americans and let love for one another prevail. This, I believe, will help heal our deeply divided nation. Peace!

      2. Pakistan, Italy and Germany had one at the weekend. Iran has had one with in the last hour.

        All easily checkable.

        Trump asked more than once where’s Hunter at the rally on the 6th. What do you know about Hunter, where is he, how can you confirm he is alive? If you know where he is as I’ve seen the videos and there are some serious criminal matters involving minors that need addressing. Please please inform the authorities if you know of his whereabouts.

    1. Donna B,
      There was an earlier prediction Eric made about a plane crash, posted December 11th 2020. Here, I’ll copy it from the post:

      “I had a visual I was looking down from the sky, a horrible plane crash happened.
      Then I saw the letters ‘F R A N ‘.
      I did not see the rest of the letters as it was cut off.
      Before one closes. (January?)
      “In this ancient country there is a spot where the spakle is still white and coat of paint just completed. This is the location.”

      France please share some ideas where this could be. Did you just build an airport? The timing needs focus but they implied a time around the new year. Could FRAN represent something other France?”

        1. What does “red” represent to you? I don’t know which group you think this represents? Is it one that already exists I assume? (The one I would associate red with is GOP since republicans are usually red and democrats blue. Other than that I don’t see colors fitting to specific groups?).

  2. Red Coats were a 1776 militia group.
    Just saw this on CNN;
    “ FBI intel 4000 armed patriots talking about 1776 and plotting to surround US capitol “

    1. I’m worried about that too. Violence is the last thing anyone needs; I just hope we’re all overreacting. But I don’t think all the threats of uprisings and vicious internet rumors are leading us in a good direction.

      In light of these threats, I encourage everyone to be careful, to always know where your nearest exit is when you’re in public, to plan what to do in case of an emergency. Learn what to do in the event of a mass-shooting….or avoid going to crowded public areas altogether.

  3. Eric,
    I admire what you do and watch regularly hoping to spread the message but the political commentary is just to unsettling. I’ll check back in a few months to see if it has settled down.

    1. I totally understand. I find it so dirty. Unfortunately I am not expecting to sway right now. Not with that future monster rising in a decade or so, We need to master political predictions if we are to stop the future Hitler, With that said wish I could join you.

  4. Antifa are folks that don’t believe in fascism, not militia. Red coats says it all and as Eric says, clarifies the who and it seems rather obvious. A lot of pretzel twisting going on here.

    1. This is the definition of “redcoat” in

      While the use of the term redcoat is commonly thought of as an American invention (at least by most Americans), it was actually coined before the 17th century English Civil War. The redcoats in that conflict were the soldiers who supported Oliver Cromwell. Until the late 19th century, most British soldiers wore a uniform that included some sort of red coat. During the American Revolution, George Washington himself referred in letters to British soldiers as redcoats.

      1. I understand the term redcoat and turncoat had similar origins. The British soldiers had fine blue coats with nice red lining. Civil war arrived, they changed sides, so they turned their coats inside out, so the red showed on the outside, to differentiate them. Hence turncoats were also the redcoats. Interestingly turncoat refers to people how change sides according to make the most of opportunity, to change opinions without conviction.

        1. Orv perhaps Red was on the outside and Blue on the inside and they turned them inside out.

  5. Hi Eric. Was just in the early phase of going to sleep last night 10 hours ago when I had a disturbing and sombre voice say “It is with sadness that we must tell you a tragedy with serious implications for the US will occur soon, possibly in the next few days.”
    I asked if dignitaries were involved and I felt Kamala Harris could be seriously injured, but it was very vague.
    Also it was like an explosion. And there would be more than just one or two injured/killed.
    I haven’t read this Blog of yours yet …. just glanced through it … and haven’t time to put up anything at my site.
    So sorry for America. Will this chaos never end? Pete

  6. Eric I just want to add that I recently have seen a vision of an explosion also. The same vision also showed an image that to me just means really bad energy…I will try to explain it…my guides like to show me future energy forecasts as things blocking the sky…an image of green leafy trees against the sky is fairly good energy … A vision of rocky cliffs blocking most of the sky isn’t so good it means difficulties and problems ahead. After the explosion blast I was shown jagged and dark lines coming out of the ground and pointing up into the sky and they were fairly close together, but not touching. Most of the sky was covered with lines, except the very top of the vision of sky was not covered. I am not sure yet but I think that the more the sky is blocked the stronger effect the energy has…it is blocking the view….like an iron fence which you can only see between the iron rods. The lines were all different heights and it just looked to me like it could be different people’s energy as they try to block what they don’t want in this situation…like their energies form an ugly fence…

    1. I woke up this morning and understood the second part of my vision better. It is a reference to the graphs they show of daily deaths from coronavirus. The US vaccine rollout was too slow and we have more spread every week of the virus. The faster the spread of the virus the more deaths we will see. If they somehow figure out how to speed up the vaccination process we would be doing better. Many people still don’t want to wear masks…for example the congress Republicans who refused to wear masks when they were hiding in the same room with many other congress members during the Capitol Hill attack may have spread coronavirus. The fact that many protestors won’t wear masks and then fly or drive back to their homes in different parts of the country will cause the superspreading of coronavirus…our country is failing to slow the spread of the virus so more deaths will come.

      COVID fears grow in Capitol as three lawmakers test positive:

  7. Tonight is a new moon so you can’t really see it. There was a plane crash the othe day in Indonesia. They energy is chaotic

  8. Politicians need to learn that you can’t just push people around and not except anything to happen! Both the GOP and the Democrats gotta go!

  9. Re the Lady in the Dec 2020 prediction, Lady Gaga is going to be performing at Joe Biden’s inauguration.

    She needs to be careful. Fortunately she is a megastar and likely has excellent security.

  10. Just digressing a bit here , but what happened to the virus disappearing as quick as it arrived?

    I remember you saying those words around 5 months ago , it’s got 10x worst if anything?

    1. 13 months, a fat year, and an end in Novermber. The prediction is there, they said the opposite, that the skeleton man would walk over a bridge and burn life.

      1. Sorry so you expect the virus to be gone by November this year?
        What does the skeleton man mean?
        I remember you said science would fight back etc which has happened thankfully

        1. I am sorry for the confusion. One of the original predictions talks about it lasting a ‘fat year” which is a reference to 13 months. So April May we should see this plummet. November was a time in which it has dropped. Which seems like a long time to squash? Skeleton was represents death. That part unfortunately is happening now.

  11. Both political parties may need to gracefully retire because at this point their reputation is too tarnished, and they must give new parties a chance that would better for the current era that is more compatible. Being this the Age of Aquarius which implies big change that even Congress has to change.

    The old ways is dying away, and has to make way for the new.

  12. Tonight Terminal 1 and the trainstation at Frankfurt Airport was evacuated, due to a possible bomb.
    further news is pending. investigation ongoing.

  13. I was watching the news about how mad Canada is about the cancelation of the Keystone pipeline. They have red coats for the military. I wonder if that is what the prediction is about.

  14. I haven’t read the other replies, but I was just reading a Rolling Stone article that says continuing far right Trump’ers are looking at an obscure law from the late 1800’s that would make Trump the 19th president of the USA on March 4th. Perhaps that is what the 19th is referring to?

  15. “US report warns of threats from white supremacists, militias

    “The agencies said that recent political and social developments – such as claims by Republican former president Donald Trump and his supporters about fraud in November 2020’s US presidential election, restrictions related to COVID-19, fallout from the January 6 US Capitol riot, and conspiracy theories – ‘will almost certainly spur’ some domestic extremists ‘to try to engage in violence this year.’ Other domestic extremist categories which concern government investigators include animal rights and environmental activists, anti-abortion protesters and anarchists.”

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