World Predictions 1-12-21

The Red Coats: like those of the past.. A new militia will rise in Ameria, set to slaughter it’s brother and sister for the name of dominance and power. In DC.. violence, the second wave.. 13.. lost.

Later.. I had a vision of two men with a bomb in the back of their vehicle.

In other news:

I had a vision of several FBI agents move swiftly, then the word “Foiled”

The helicopter will fall. The moon empty.

The impression was an asian location perhaps Japan. The moon would imply something very soon.

Spirit has marked the 19th and 27th. They also showed a vision of FRAN then shifted to say it was coming around the corner.

We only ever want unity and peace for all of you, it is our daily way here. Know that unity means all.

We are expecting multiple old predictions to unfold.

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