Russia Hacks United States

This prediction has happened. That video mirrors several parts of the prediction.

A massive breach.. huge hacking.. US taxes (IRS?).. creating a horrible jam.. they are lying.. Devils due, they are very wickedly clever. 

I had a visual of computers running wild, an office drawer opening up but nothing inside. In the distant background was a white, red, blue flag laying across the desk. Russia? Or perhaps they are just using the US colors?


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  1. R2D2 Avatar
    The UK could be those colors too. This article was back in June. Guess those in the US may have missed this story as our cities and American flags were being burnt down by rioters. Like we mention time and time again may not be referencing the US. I think your given references to what you know here in the states. I guess. 🤷‍♀️

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I am sorry for the confusion. You right the colors could fit a huge range of nations like France. But this ‘implication’ is a flavor or tone. It has no specifics it’s more about flavor. For instance I smell dead roses sometimes and that represents death is coming. In this prediction I felt the gritty cold cruel arrogant but patriotic sense to the country. That was the flavor of this prediction. Unfortunately that does not say France or the UK. France is more like a rebel sticking up their finger happily just because they can. The UK flavor is proper, graceful, yet strick like a Catholic nun. I know all of that is more opinion not fact, but those opinions, those flavors stem from my previous lives.

      1. R2D2 Avatar

        No worries Eric. No confusion. 🙂 interesting analogies. Thanks for sharing. 💖

  2. Trevor Avatar

    “A massive breach.. huge hacking” definitely seems to align with the consensus of US officials, with one official stating: “This is probably going to be one of the most consequential cyberattacks in U.S. history.”

    And one of the federal govt agencies breached was the Treasury Dep, which would align with the “US taxes (IRS?)” portion of the prediction.

    ‘Massively disruptive’ cyber crisis engulfs multiple agencies

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It was fairly accurate four years later.

  3. Sara Avatar

    Have you gotten any more information yet about the airplane prediction?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Unfortunately right now we are testing a brand new system. It’s actually very opposite of how we normally predict the future. So no everything is on hold temporarily. Just FYI there is a 50/50 chance the new system takes complete control so it’s a big deal with us. We wouldn’t normally neglect current coming events like that.

      1. Sara Avatar

        How does the new system work? Does it still involve meditation? I’ve read about different psychics, and it’s neat how there are so many different ways to contact/communicate with spirits.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          The idea: What if we did these predictions backwards. We always asking questions about where is this, what’s happening there. But what if did it totally different. What if we picked a timeline. Say Jan 1st. Then told you everything we see on that date. We actually did it before. I will add that prediction afterwards. Ask yourself is that the US right now. We also did it with the Biden win. We looked only at areas around November 3rd specific to US.
          We already have issues out of the gate. Packing it all together seems to make it read like it makes no sense. For instance Nov3 prediction. Who’s the thief, what’s that? But yet both sides feel a bit like the election is being “stolen”.
          But there is a glaring whole in this idea we are trying to correct. What about the times we aren’t looking at?
          But testing it, maybe we solve our obstacle.

          1. Sara Avatar

            Nov3 prediction seems dead on the money because Biden won while the losing side tries to overturn it by claiming mass fraud despite no court ever finding a single instance of election fraud, not to mention the president trying to get the Supreme Court to overturn the election while also trying to force state electors to undermine democracy by changing their vote and giving him the election he lost.

            Trump and his allies have lost nearly 60 election fights in court (and counting) in their fight to overturn the election they lost. In some of these cases Trump’s lawyer’s have literally argued for only throwing out black urban county votes – like in Michigan and Wisconsin. Pretty disgusting and blatantly racist, like several judges have already noted.

            1. Sara Avatar

              Trump knows the election wasn’t stolen, it’s one big grift for him. Hilarious:

              “Trump uses Georgia Senate race to raise money for his own PAC

              “Trump is sending out fundraising emails with urgent language about the Georgia runoffs, but the fine print shows 75% will go to his PAC (up to $5,000) then to the Trump campaign’s “Recount Account” (up to $2,800), then to the RNC’s legal fund.”


        2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


        3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Here is an example of one moment in time: WORLD PREDICTIONS 2-3-20. Protest.. civil disobedience.. civil war.. fever pitch words.. Trump.. hold onto power.. in 20.. A disastrous moment.. bloody.. short.. a nation torn.. the leadership begins to fall and fall quickly.
          From cruel words.. from cruel verbiage back and forth.. violence becomes the new way.

        4. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          See how it oddly reads like a ping pong, trying to impact every morsel of the moment. but not entirely making sense when you first read it. That’s our obstacle.

  4. Cody Avatar

    This prediction explains title below: “Truth exposed.. Trump has financial ties to Russia.. never spoke out.. never criticized now explained.”

    Trump downplays impact of hack, questions whether Russia involved

  5. Cody Avatar

    WASHINGTON (AP) — AG Barr, breaking with Trump, says hack of US govt agencies ‘certainly appears to be the Russians.’

  6. star48 Avatar

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