President Joe Biden


Congratulations, Joe Biden, stepping away from politics and speaking directly to you, I would say your lifetime of service, your children’s service to country, you have earned your place at the head of our table and I pray all Americans are welcomed at your table including us Reds

The November 3rd prediction has happened. Biden has 50% of the popular vote. We all witnessed 50/50 divide again and again, cementing the number 50. Pennsylvania, which is “20” delegates, has officially ended this protracted fiasco (AKA “0”). Has doubt, in the election, been sown? Take a big whiff! Then Eta is headed towards Florida. Wow. Which leaves the only question at hand; Who is the military figure?

I apologize for some of the confusion. Spirit predicts moments in time. This specific prediction was to describe November 3rd. Notice they added the Hurricane message because it’s happening in this timeline of November 3rd. Most predictions are on a loop of what is coming immediately next. Imagine walking on a path at night and having to point the flashlight to the ground. I can show you what is directly coming, but the distant eludes me. Sometimes we might ask a question, Who is going to be president? But that’s a question outside the loop. Outside of our normal standards of next.

Here are other parts of the prediction: WORLD PREDICTIONS: NOVEMBER 3RD

Something odd is coming around the corner. It sounds like Biden gets the votes. Spirit implied one of the US leaders falls ill. They implied one of the leaders fights the law and loses. They are consistently showing the military one as the eventual president? When, seems to be the larger question. 
The number 20-0 might be symbolic. When I was in college the game would end if the score reached 20-0, implying a landslide. Or are these numbers specific to the moment. (Nope)
I had a visual of the year 2022, there were new voting booths, new machines, new procedures. All reflecting an issue unfolding in now. Then I had a visual of doubt in specific locations about the elections authenticity. The doubt leads to loud voices on both sides questioning what to do.

Personal Reading Forum November 30th: We are planning to discuss “Personal Readings.” I hope to show all of you behind the scenes that come with speaking to Spirits. Let’s pull back the curtain and reveal all. The post will be presented on the 30th—every detail of how readings functions from beginning to end. I hope that if you are a spiritualist and provide readings, please forward me an email titled “11-30-20” explain in great detail your process. If you would like to include your email or name, please do so. Then once I have all the different techniques. I will post all of them as one post. Then our discussion begins. 

The Spirits have consistently felt that collaboration is the way forward. Imagine what can be gained through shared knowledge and working together. The change we could facilitate could be massive. I am just now starting to move in that direction. Others collaborate far better than I do. Here are one of many sites I am fans of ‘Be Love Collective Community’ on Facebook

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    1. Biden is very rooted in his belief system and faith. The second you mentioned the military figure I thought instantly of Beau Biden, who Joe has called an extension of his soul and part of the reason he felt called to run for this Presidency. He feels his presence with him always and he thinks of him daily.

      1. This very thing has crossed my mind. It could be that. I look at Biden and immediately think of my sweet absent minded uncle. This was a military man. Assertive, he didn’t carry a big stick he was the stick. We can expect a navy seal or general background. But i just don’t see Joe like that. I don’t know beau, so is it possible, perhaps.

        1. Hello Eric, Spirit SWC!
          Quick Question on this prediction-
          Eric, Is it possible that the ’50’ in this prediction could indicate what will happen in the Senate? Do the Dems and Repubs each get 50 seats? Did Spirit indicate to you how the Senate will wind up?
          Thank you so much for everything you do day and night, in spite of your own health and the situations you are dealing with personally.
          You have been selfless and caring, and a life-raft for many of us over this past year and many years before.
          I always stand with you and Spirit even if I do not understand all the details at the time.
          So Grateful for you and Spirit. and standing with you always.

      2. I had the similar thoughts. I always think his late son’s soul is helping him in all positive way. I am sure that nothing can stop him from becoming the president. I also believe military or some forcible intervention will happen due to Trump and his supporters arrogance. History is building. It’s our choice where we stand. Either we accept it wholeheartedly or give the arrogance a name like birthism, not a right kind of woman or socialism etc. etc.

  1. Thank you to all the polling place workers who risked their health to make this a free and fair election. Many election workers will have to go into mandatory 2-week quarantine. My hat is off to them.

  2. Finally! Hope I can sleep better! Joe biden, a good person, a hero in my mind has won! Just get TRUMP out of the white house! Finish it off!

  3. I’m watching NBC News now.

    People of all colors cheering & dancing together. We have hope for the future.


  4. I’m still watching.

    I got a very good feeling when I got the news.

    I think people will come together & be more loving.

    I thank God for this!

  5. Very happy!!! We have a new president God bless all!!
    President Joe Biden!!! 🥳🇺🇸💙🥳🇺🇸💙🥳🇺🇸💙

    Dc NY looks phenomenal at this time, everyone at the White House cheering!!!!

  6. I worked as an election judge at a general election in a blue state after 2016. Everyone was very careful, detailed, and integrity was held by all . I can’t speak for all states….I question red states because they seem so desperate to hold to an unethical president.

    1. Overwhelming joy today. I can’t think of a better and more inclusive human to begin healing our nation. Biden has a very long history of working across the aisle and working for all people. You can see that respect from accross the aisle from the huge coalition of Republicans who supported him. (Cindy McCain was even on the campaign trail for him). That Uniter in him is not going to change. America got this one very right. 💙💙💙💙💙

    2. I hope so too. All these years Trump’s been disrespecting our allies, while fawning over Putin and Kim Jong Un, it’s been crazy. A lot of us have felt so helpless as Trump worsened the world we live in, I just hope unity and peace can come again.

  7. I’m guessing for the military figure to become president, Biden would need to be the one who falls ill, yet that still leaves Kamala Harris. Wonder what happens to her?

    Based on Trump’s post election Twitter feed rants, it looks like the next 70+ days before he’s out are going to get crazier and more deranged.

    1. I think Trump falls ill. It becomes evident red is involved in A much bigger scam that unravels dating back to the 2016 election…. I also believe during this time maybe possible a natural disaster takes place. The shift from one presidency to the next isn’t going to happen possibly , because of these events. It maybe during this period, this military one appears and appeals to many not just one party or the other, he come in at a critical point where we question the validity of electoral process and when the country is in turmoil, because we were taken advantage of and for most of us we believed it. Maybe Biden opts out of presidency , after many events allow this individual to shine , and gains the people’s favor . He may feel its right to let people ultimately chose and that he’s not in the best health to continue. Possibly lol I doubt my theories but I’m thinking through Eric’s prediction . I personally am ok with Pelosi if an event we’re to take place…but I’m not sure that’s possible.

  8. FACTS about voting:

    1. No “illegal” votes have been counted

    2. Ballots are counted after Election Day in every state

    3. Legal poll watchers have observed process in every state

    4. Trump campaign presented zero credible evidence of fraud in court

  9. Thank you so much for sharing Be Love Collective Eric!

    We hope to be a hub for all like minded people once we really get rolling, and support one another in the one goal of spreading love on the planet. We are a young group, but I believe it’s going to be something special.

  10. hey eric. your message was not clear cut, from spirit. Does your message mean, that the election was tampered with? will the outcome, of this election change? is Biden a honorable man, who got caught up in the drama? I think december 24, will be a bad day for president Trump, i dont know why. will you go more in detail ,with info, should you receive it, with this continuing drama?

  11. 0Eric, I’ve never seen Joe at the end and you may have shed light on why now..

    Thank you so much for all you do. You are the most accurate!

    Janis Christiansen
    Sent from my Galaxy Tab® E

  12. I saw a clip of harris calling biden, she felt very superficial/shallow to me.
    Something is off with her.

    And for Biden, good on him that he won, but i am sorry to say it is only temporarily.
    as i said before.

    Also mr Trump trumpets around he will again go to court on monday. but nobody cares or believes in him anymore.

    I noticed that even Mr Pence has unusually gone silent and out of the picture.
    Something is off there too.

    So, 2 presidents bitching over the next term, while both pretending to be in excellent health.
    and 2 vice presidents who feels really off to me.

    and 2 party leaders (pelosi and mcconnell) who are grasping everthing to keep their power and status. but i feel they are both losing it and slipping away from them.

    the word that i heard when i was picturing DC in my head, was MUD

    as for the Military one, He is there but not there yet.
    Like i can feel/sense him, but can not make anything of him yet.

    Does this make sense to anyone?

    it is gonna be a long slow winter to the next presidency…

    Somehow despite not being an American, i felt really worried when i was typing about this long slow winter .. sorry

  13. Trump’s never going to concede and admit defeat. Trump would rather continue to sow doubt, falsely claim himself the victor and be forced to resign from office than admit that he lost re-election and leave willingly because leaving willingly would be admitting that he lost to Biden.

  14. i feel, there will be alot of deaths ,ahead in goverment, or sickness, with the virus, Scientists, are still finding out, how, everyone who has had the virus, their organs are damaged, and as a result, this one factor, will take years, off there lives. . this is not talked about too much, in public, but with the scientists now, Eventually, it will be released to the public. also, storms, of water, will be the new norm, much will be changing in the next six months, that will have everyones head spinning, so much changes, are increasing, and so very hard for ALL of us, to keep up…….

    1. Friday November 6th Mark Meadows tested positive for coronavirus. According to Associated Press: “Meadows traveled with Trump in the run-up to Election Day and last appeared in public early Wednesday morning without a mask as Trump falsely declared victory in the vote count.” Meadows doesn’t wear a mask because it bothers Trump to wear one around him as he doesn’t want to wear one either as if it is a SHOW OF WEAKNESS TO WEAR A MASK. In the same article it reports, “One administration official said several other staffers had tested positive as well.” Who really knows how many people in the White House are Covid Pos? We will probably never know.

      1. I should have said Friday November 6th was when it was first conveyed to reporters that Mark Meadows had tested positive for covid. I am not sure if they know when he was tested as positive. It was probably earlier in the week…

  15. How many smudge sticks will it take to clear the energy of the white house? : )

  16. Considering all of the Trump predictions that haven’t happened yet, the last 70+ days of his term are going to be crazy.

  17. “As Joe Biden is elected President today, there is not a single pending case, in any court in the country, that could result in changing this outcome.

    “Several Trump election lawsuits have already been dismissed; the other pending cases would not put the margin the Electoral College in doubt, regardless of how they are resolved.

    “So it’s a side note, but after months of Trump’s many legal threats, he came up legally *empty handed*

    “There’s no big case

    “There’s no coordinated national strategy

    “There aren’t even prominent lawyers offering an *argument* for Trump today

    “In the end, there were just tweets.”

  18. After working the polls 3 times in different places, I’ve got to say those folks deserve a lot of credit for all that EXTRA hard work on top of what was routine in dotting their i’s and crossing their t’s to make sure this was all done exactly the correct ways. Another form of front-line workers that we take for granted. Kudos, poll workers!

  19. I had a dream recently that Trump, looking sort of washed up was hosting a television show. On the show was two very attractive women wearing bikinis and telling him how they had started their own business together and were successful. I felt in the dream that Trump liked to show these women in this manner on his show for ratings and that he liked to appear to sympathize with small business owners. The show felt very banal to me and I wondered how an ex-President could stand doing something so meaningless after being President of the US. I woke up and thought well, he really has run his whole presidency like a show in which he wanted to increase ratings from the beginning. Now to end this reality TV Presidency what will he do? How can he end it for good ratings?? Oh my goodness I don’t really want to know…

  20. The military figure could be retired Navy Captain and Astronaut Mark Kelly who just won an important senatorial race in Arizona and marks the beginning of his political career. Perhaps spirit is pointing out that the military person who becomes a future president is someone who is a winner in this election.

    1. Humour me and type into your browser.

      Can we all agree that Joe Biden’s text campaign number was 30330?

      Divide 2020 by 666 what do you get?

      There are Nefarious forces at play.

      “The thief will try and take the election and make it theirs, The light on them is to bright, their actions become overly obvious”.

      There has been no suggestion of Russian collusion or any impropriety n Trumps campaign, so could it be the Democrats are the election thief?

      Biden either ran the best campaign in history and resonated with a record amount of voters or the election was swung banana republic style while the world watched on.

      I don’t think there is any victory for either side until legal processes are exhausted and the next president is inaugarated who ever that may be.

      1. I suspect the “thief” described in the prediction refers to Trump. He’s filed lawsuits against states that didn’t go his way, as well as urged people to “stop counting the votes” while he was still ahead. Not wanting to count all votes because he wanted to win isn’t the behavior of a leader of the free world, it’s more like a dictator. it sounds like something Putin would do.

        1. Sara


          If Trump believes Biden cheated then he would have filed a court order to have voter counts in EVERY state be stopped.

          Funny how he only wanted vote counting to stop only in the states where he was losing.

      2. I’m not typing Antifa into my browser because I don’t want to go onto a government watch list.

        I already know about the 666. I saw a youtube video on that several days ago.

        1. WT I’m not American can you explain why would typing Antifa into your browser get you put on a government watch list please?

          1. Lol with love, your own words answered that. Our government has a history of spying on us. It is a lengthy one. Not saying their doing it in a toggle but no one here believes they aren’t still doing it in one way or another.

            1. the word is, after ww2 the nazi scientists where taken/hired by usa intelligence.
              especially the scientists who were working on a project called mk ultra .
              this project is apparently these days a project of the c i a. called operation paperclip.
              it is about mindcontrol, via mostly media, hollywood, propaganda etc.

              there is a clip i think on yt, where bush sr is saying as much as: these practices is illegal unless the people (unwittingly) volunteerirly participate.

              big form of spying i would say.

          2. @mariakaos

            Are you for real?

            Any government would put a person on surveillance if the person spent time on the website of a terrorist organization.

      3. mk,
        The text being 30330 is likely random. Think about it, why would anyone with nefarious plans choose a number that would signify they were up to something bad? Wouldn’t that be like a criminal deliberately leaving their address at a crime-scene, then wondering how they got caught? It doesn’t make sense.

        Dividing 2020 by 666 to get 3.0330 is kind of grasping at straws, anyway. It’s easy for people to find coincidences in the world because we subconsciously look for patterns, that’s part of our nature. It’s part of how we try to find meaning in random stuff….but sometimes it backfires because we put in a meaning that’s not there.

          1. I saw the video, and by “building a voter fraud organization”, I’m pretty sure Biden meant he’s building an organization to combat voter fraud, he’s not saying he’s running an actual voter fraud. It’s like saying “building a coronavirus task force”, which doesn’t mean literally building something with the coronavirus in it, it means building a group to combat the coronavirus.

            On the other hand, Trump did say he wanted people to stop counting the votes, which is something a dictator would do. He also went on live TV months ago and talked about injecting disinfectant. And told four women to go back “to where they came from.” And called other countries “sh*thole countries”. And once said soldiers in the American Revolution took control “of the airports”, even though airplanes weren’t even close to being invented then. Trump’s also repeatedly lied to America and said Covid-19 wasn’t a big deal, despite hundreds of thousands of deaths. With all due respect, the things Trump’s said are downright insane.

            I don’t say all this to be mean; I just worry that right-wing propaganda has caused a lot of Trump supporters to ignore glaringly insane behavior from Trump. They talk about Biden being senile, and completely ignore all the examples above, which, had they been done by Obama, would have gotten a very different reaction.

          2. This is a “deceptively edited video” according to the NY TImes and many other news organizations. It was a short video clip taken out of context…Biden was actually talking about fighting the Trump campaign’s efforts to disenfranchise and discourage people of color from voting by claiming “voter fraud” as a way to try and make people of color scared that they will be intimidated or pressured in some way not to vote…I can’t explain it as well as I would like to but use your common sense, why would any candidate actually say they are encouraging voter fraud in front of a camera knowing it could be used against them by the other campaign? The world is full of people willing to believe these sorts of things without researching them or even using their common sense…

            Read this article if you really are interested:


      4. “Divide 2020 by 666 what do you ge?”

        This strikes me as silly, not “psychic.”

  21. Sarah I don’t think you are rude at all. it would be boring if we were all peas in a pod.

    Star I did read through the article and I quote from the article ”

    “President Obama’s administration before this – we have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

    Can we agree it gives rise to ambiguity?

    I agree the media is most powerful and a good film editor could edit this to suit any agenda. Propaganda techniques are highly honed and we are all subjected to information warfare.

    Eric’s prediction stating we would be told the truth to do with as we wish no stone left unturned excites me so much. The truth will be the unifier.

    1. Maria, you distrust everyone but those who say what you want to hear. Good luck with that attitude…
      I am an intuitive person and I realize some people aren’t really wanting the truth, they want what feels good to them and helps them hang on to their beliefs.
      Yes in reality we are united in the Spiritual Realms despite what we believe here in physical reality…
      I am sure you are a good person in general, peace be with you and stay safe in this time of Covid…

      1. Star , sorry if it gets to personal.

        but im interested in your story and view of being an intuitive person.

        1. Thanks Justin. I have been empathic since childhood and can trace that to having been raised in a unhealthy family situation where I didn’t feel safe, so being able to “tap into” my parents state of mind helped me survive. Now as an adult it has grown somewhat more to where sometimes I do pick up on violent or angry situations before they happen. I seem to pick up on negative emotions in others easily since it relates to my feelings of self-preservation. I also had a strong connection since childhood to Spirit through my dreams. I get a lot of information about my own personal future through my dreams–I dream about the future of the US sometimes also. It can be hard to interpret dream messages, however.
          Since I started to get readings from Eric around 3 years ago I started to get psychic messages in songs that pop into my head most mornings. It was something that kept progressing to where now I get visions also fairly regularly. Something seemed to happen to me the more and more I looked into psychic and metaphysical subjects which seemed to open up my psychic abilities. I’ve since learned that studying metaphysical subjects and books–and also meditating–can open up a person’s consciousness and their crown chakra so that they become more psychic.
          Spirit wants humans to set aside their ego and work and live with universal truths and not harmful human beliefs. I see myself as a student to Spirit’s teaching of universal truths. It isn’t an easy path and sometimes I stumble around a lot and then other times I seem to take off racing forward–that is my story in a nutshell.
          Justin do you relate to any of that?

          1. Justin do you relate to any of that?

            Yes! some similarities indeed, however a lot inconsistencies in my abilities..
            Not as in often wrong, but as in it pops up and fucks off whenever it pleases.
            I think i can say that 80% of the stuff i get are correct “predicted”.
            Directly or indirectly, wanted or not wanted. somehow, someway and somewhere.
            Yesterday, Today or in the Future.

            (wanted to say 90% but that doesnt feel right for me to say. too arrogant and high number.)

            The different abilities that i have experienced so far are:
            Seeing, Hearing, Sensing, Feeling, just simply Knowing ,(random) stuff from and of people, objects, situations etc. in past present and future.

            Could be right standing in front of me or living on the other side of the planet.
            Could be right happening in the moment or 50 years ago or into future… or more
            it is very random with my antenna.

            Can be through, visions, fragments, flashes, sounds, words, emotions, a song that miracle miracle pops up, angel numbers, something on the internet or even someone just talking (lying). etc

            Dreams with info has happened but not prominent.
            I even had experiences once with taste and smell food that where with somebody far away from me.

            My abilities can be partly traced back to my childhood, both at home and school. I had to take care and mentally defend myself from a young age.
            But i also likely inherited something from both my grandmothers and from past lives.
            I am also sensitive (no HSP) and autistic. and other medical stuff.

            So origins of my abilties are like my abilities.. random and everywhere a bit.
            Rarely i get blocked/blacked out/blank when getting or wanting information. except on me.
            I basically almost never get information about myself or my life.
            Only sometimes (vague) hints and tips of near future things that comes on my path.
            Others have to channel and get that kind of information for me.. which can sometimes be frustrating.

            Might have missed something in my story but i think you get a picture.
            Or just ask

            Star: Any path in life is not easy, it is designed that way. so we can learn and elevate.
            On life i always say:

            Shit is Life, Life is Shit, Shit Happens.

            1. Hey Justin great to read your story…made me smile quite a bit. Yes it comes and goes for me a lot also, some times I am inundated with it and other times I don’t get so much.

    1. We would have another set of elections. This sounds good until we understand people are statistically less likely to vote in run-off elections.

      In my state, Presidential candidates are listed on the same ballot as all the other races.

      So, if the Presidential race was rigged, who’s to say the other races were not?

      How do we know who did what?

      Let’s say hypothetically the election was rigged to favor Biden. For all we know, Trump or one of his supporters rigged it this way so Trump could stay in office.

      1. My point was that if the election was proven to be stolen on this occasion then it would be natural to look at previously close run elections both in the states and else where in the “free” world.

        Have cheated elections altered the course of history?

        If elections have no legitimacy where would this leave democracy?

        “For this election DHS printed with embedded radioactive isotopes and watermarks onto the legal ballots.”

        Radioactive isotopes are effective tracers because their radioactivity is easy to detect.

        If true the military will have been able to monitor where legal ballots are or are missing as the case may be. A recount will soon sort out and throw out fake ones leaving no doubt as to which are genuine ballots for each candidate.

        1. @mariakaos

          The radioactive isotopes theory is both illogical & false.

          1) It is illegal to mail radioactive material.

          2) Absentee ballots arrive to voters in the mail. Absentee voters have the option of hand delivering their absentee ballot in person at an early voting polling site.

          3) Millions of absentee ballots are mailed out. They are sent through bulk mail. If they were radioactive the total amount of radiation would harm postal workers, poll workers, voters, & others who came into contact with the ballots.

        2. MariaKaos,
          Sounds like you truly like to create Chaos.
          Your thought form sounds like you would like to discredit democracy.
          I don’t know where you are from, but here in the United States of America, we don’t use the military to monitor systems.
          You sound like you are from Russia or North Korea.
          I don’t mind reading ideas and I am glad that we all differ in a way. Maybe you are from another country. Your interaction here sounds like you have a background agenda.
          We here in America are free my dear.
          Please don’t come in and try to discredit or destroy our democracy.
          It is not welcomed.

    2. “… what does it mean for the world …”
      I believe this will be the hardest challenge for Biden/Harris.
      For the past four years America under Trump has shunned the world and world trade generally.
      The general assumption in the US has been that this is good for their local manufacturing, jobs etc, but the reality is the world has expanded it’s trading with original partnerships, or created new ones, such as China, India and some African nations. Most of these contracts and legal conditions will be binding for many years to come.
      For example, trying to get Australia to allow GM and Ford back into our country to manufacture right hand drives motor vehicles, trucks, heavy lifting/farm machinery etc when South Korea, Taiwan, China and Japan have filled the gap America had left. Same story with Europe, the Middle East and the general area of South East Asia.
      Kubota is now the fastest growing farm machine over John Deere.

      1. I believe part of a prediction by eric and other psychics out there is that a lot of countries, are getting more and more independent and self reliable.
        and only trade what is really needed.

        but i believe in erics prediction this is result of not wanting to be dependent on China anymore.

        maybe in the proces that might include cutting ties with America too.

    1. @Cody


      But remember this:

      Hillary did win the popular vote.

      She made the mistake of conceding the race so the electoral college gave their votes to Trump.

  22. “They expect you to believe Democrats ran a massive urban voter fraud ring that IMPROVED Trump’s urban vote performance.

    “Trump went from 15% of the vote in Philadelphia in 2016 to 18% in 2020.

    “That’s dead-on with his 3% improvement in all urban areas nationwide.

    “While the rest of America saw record-shattering turnout, the “massive Democrat voter fraud ring” in Philadelphia produced a turnout that’s at 62% right now.

    “It was 64% in 2016, 66% in 2012 and 68% in 2008.”

  23. Alex Trebek!!!! RIP [Jeopardy host]
    Didnt Eric predict? “Alex will pass” Gotta find that prediction. Maybe clues of anything upcoming that dated prediction.
    Seriously? Can it get any worse?!!!! I thought he was doing fantastic after chemo! Darn-it.

      1. I was hopeful he had more time. It wasn’t that long ago stage 4 pancreatic cancer would have you dead in essentially 3 mos on avg after diagnosis. Grandfather died back in 2003 of it. He tanked fast. 🙁 I have a friend stage 2 pancreatic still alive after 5 years! Hes in late 50’s not late 70s like Alex. New therapies extending lives. Praise God! Another prediction from Eric….changes in treatments creating life instead of destroying life. Let’s rejoice.
        Think Alex prediction from 8/31/2015 btw.

  24. “So far, Trump and his allies are now 0-10 in post-election court cases. These are frivolous lawsuits, designed to create an impression of impropriety. Nothing else.

    “Just to remind everyone–this is what the GOP produced to the federal court last week to support their losing case (yep, this is all, just these two affidavits).

    “This is one of the TEN loses the other side has had in court since E-Day (0-10 overall).”

    1. There’s a special level of monstrousness in presiding over the deaths of 240,000 people, then lying about obituaries to hold on to power:

      “President Trump plans to brandish obituaries of people who supposedly voted but are dead — plus hold campaign-style rallies — in an effort to prolong his fight against apparent insurmountable election results, four Trump advisers tell me”

      1. Secretary of state? why?
        His job is representing the president and state, outside the USA.

        Isnt there a secretary for affairs at home? Weird.

        the more i learn about us politics the more i understand why america is so conflicted with itself , and getting outdated at warp speed. (pun intended)

  25. The whole world can see that Trump´s behaviour is not ( ja has not been) healthy… extreme narsism, megalomania, arrogant, unscrupulous.. ( like Emperor Nero and others like him) i can only wonder his lackeys!We must not use to think that is normal. Our unhappy planet and suffered nature needs totally opposite.

  26. WASHINGTON (AP) — Barr authorizes DOJ to probe ‘substantial allegations’ of voting irregularities despite little evidence of fraud.

  27. As someone who has not only followed Eric for six years now, but helped spread his message, I feel I have to speak up. All of these comments on here are truly disheartening. This was the one place I could go, not only to escape peoples judgement and negativity, but also to help learn the spirits message and hopefully help others. You all should be ashamed of yourselves for shaming one another. We all have a right to our own individual beliefs and opinions. We all have a right to vote for whomever we choose to. All this bashing on conservatives is just shameful.

    I’m in the middle (I’m both a conservative and a democrat), but I voted for Trump this time. I thought and prayed long and hard and went back and forth. I despise who Trump is as a person and I disagree with a lot of what he has to say and most of his actions. I too dislike how he’s handled the coronavirus amongst other things. However, the conservative side of myself couldn’t consciously vote for a man who clearly has beginning stages of dementia. I like Biden. I really do. If I truly felt that he would be president and finish out his term, and not Kamala whom I don’t trust, it would have been him all the way. I have family and good friends that voted for Biden. I’m okay with Biden being President. The people have spoken. Yet, all I’m seeing is the left completely bash the right and gloat. The very same behavior they accused Trump of.

    We need to stop insulting people for their core beliefs and their choices. We are all learning as we go. This has divided us into two hateful groups filled with rage. I’ve watched the left riot in the streets. I’ve watched the right intimidate the left. This singling each other out and belittling each other isn’t any way to overcome our differences. It only makes the two sides more divisive. This isn’t God’s way or the message that the spirits want us to convey. If we are going to survive we have to start coming together and not gloating in each other’s faces and attacking one another. When spirit said a while back that God was coming I cried with relief. My younger self would have been scared and unprepared, but the hate in the world is ruining and crushing my spirit. I’m a true empath and it truly depresses me. I cry for both sides. Now I pray for Gods return because we truly do need a reset. We need him more than ever!

    I hope you all look long and hard in the mirror and realize at the end of the day we all just want the same thing. Peace, Love, Understanding and Compassion.
    The hate in this thread is too loud to even understand spirits message. As someone who literally feels every emotion around me, I am honestly pained by this. I see everyone’s point of view. I’m as neutral as they come. Please, let’s get back to the basics and love our neighbors once again unconditionally. Or let us at least try. If you want to bash each other, go somewhere else please! This isn’t the place. It’s time to move forward together and not apart. Thanks for listening and mostly, thank you Eric for working so hard to make this world a better place! You truly are a gift to mankind and I appreciate you so much! Take care brothers and sisters.

    1. Thank you. The golden rule. It matters. Decency matters, Grace and empathy matter. We have lost all of that recently in America, It’s high time we take it back!

    2. @ Sonoran…..BAM! Way to hit a home run!!! Agree 100% I may not follow this blog much longer if the hatred continues….follower since 2014 here. Hope God parts the clouds and shows his hand quite frankly.

    3. @Sonoran

      I couldn’t vote for a person who did the following:

      1) Dodged the draft

      2) Put children in cages

      3) Had ICE round up legal aliens

      4) Gassed a church full of people and then stood in front of that church holding up a Bible after he gassed it for a photo op

      5) Publicly stayed it’s okay to grab women by their private parts & refuses to apologize for that belief

      6) Is on record stating his daughter is sexy & he would marry her if she weren’t his daughter. Please note the comments begin while Ivanka was still a minor and the proof is all over the internet.

      7) Filed bankruptcy multiple times yet claims to know how to run a business & stimulate the economy

      8) Promised to build the border wall using his private money but awarded government contracts to builders so they could build the wall

      9) Is showing clear signs of mental illness.

      10) As for Joe Biden being senile, a vote for Biden is really a vote for Kamala Harris as president. Biden stayed on live television that his running mate should have the ability to act as president beginning on Day One.

    4. Thank you for that Sonoran!

      I was waiting for someone to explain to me why all my comments Pro Trump / Republican are not posting. You’re 100% accurate. EVERY comment on this thread is all about the left bashing the right and gloating.

      We have a voice too and we haven’t burned any cities down to prove our point.

      Eric? What’s going on?

  28. I did not write the article. I just enjoy that person’s blog & I believe all sides of an argument deserve to be presented. That being said, I did not vote for Trump:

    Joe Biden Is A Power Hungry Criminal From The Obama Administration Following A Movie Script

    The Idea To Run For President And Associated Campaign Items Came From An Illegally Accessed Copyrighted Script That Is 20-Years Old

    Obama Is Looking For His Third Term In Office Through Joe Biden

    November 9. 2020

    UPDATE: I forgot to mention the character in the 2000 copyrighted script “Presidential Dreams” who becomes the first black vice president and first woman vice president under a white male president is from California, just like Kamala Harris 20-years later.

    1. Re: Presidential dreams’ Predictive programming is fascinating.

      Twitter@KamalaHarris 10/11/2020
      As @JoeBiden said yesterday, we are facing a ‘dark winter’ if we don’t get coronavirus under control. Please wear a mask to reduce the spread and save lives.

      Communism has no voice it has NO religion NO god.

      We are here on earth to represent gods voice.

      How can we do this if we are silenced?

      We consent if we wear their mask, we are partaking in a ritual few understand.

      “Dark Winter” was focused on evaluating the inadequacies of a national emergency response during the use of a biological weapon against the American populace. The exercise was solely intended to establish preventive measures and response strategies”

      Corona = 6 letters.
      C =3
      o = 15
      r = 18
      o = 15
      n = 14
      a = 1
      Total 66 the sum of corona 666

      It is irrelevant WHO the Politian is they are an ancient cult who are interfering with our experience.

      1. People are wearing masks to help prevent the spread of Covid-19, because doing so saves lives, especially for people who are elderly or have serious health issues. None of it has anything to do with cults or rituals, that kind of conspiracy theory is literally is hurting Americans.

        Please keep in mind, extremists promote these kinds of conspiracy theories all the time to sow fear. In WWII, Hitler convinced Germans that Jews and communists were part of a conspiracy, that they were trying to destroy Germany. But it was a lie, it was a ploy to scare them and rile them up against people Nazis didn’t like, to the point where they thought killing and concentration camps were okay.

        I say this as someone worried about all the extremism coursing through America right now–please don’t make the same mistake the German people made back then. And at the very least, refusing to wear a mask is endangering the elderly and the ill.

      2. Did I read this correctly? Are you saying that if we wear a mask we are taking part in some kind of a wishy washy ritual? I am sorry to say but this is the dumbest of conspiracy theories that I have ever read. Please you need to stop reading all this conspiracy stuff you are reading. Its causing you nothing but fear.
        Masks are there to save you and the lives of people around you nothing more, nothing less.

  29. Perhaps the military figure is someone who has to literally drag Trump out of the White House. says:

    Perhaps the military figure is someone who has to literally drag Trump out of the White House.

    1. Hi ! I agree with your post.
      The military figure may turn out to be the person who literally has to go into the white house and drag trump out.
      Unfortunately, I think this will come about because trump will call out his militia groups to cause chaos and violence, and at that point, the military will have to get involved to maintain peace and order. I am wondering if we will have martial law imposted? If so, hopefully it will only be temporary.

  30. Here in the UK we were asked to stay at home for 3 weeks. That was 8 months ago. We are still locked up in our homes.

    Since then our elderly are in prisoned in care homes, families are forbidden to see them, very few can get into the homes. In reality this is distressing for those dealing with it.

    Family members are not allowed to be with the dying.

    If your sick family members go into hospital you cannot go with them or visit.

    We have had NO dental care for 8 months.

    We have had little to no cancer treatment for 8 months.

    The backlog of urgent medical appointments for runs into millions.

    We have security on all our hospital doors.

    The hospitals are empty.

    The people who are not sick and are going to get tests are now finding they can’t get mortgages if they have had a positive result.

    The average age of death in the UK is 82 the average of a ‘Covid’ is 84.

    We have been told to walk out of our jobs and businesses and now live isolated, in poverty and despair. We have never had such a high rate of unemployment and looming bankruptcies /home fore closures.

    Our churches are closed.

    All shops deemed non essential are closed.

    We’ve been encouraged to do all of this for the good of society.

    We are in the dark part of winter here. Do you think it’s normal to go out and see people moving around with base ball caps pulled down and masks covering their faces?

    If you are harmed in any way you will never be able to get a conviction if you can’t give a description.

    Have you at any time been directed to eat well, top up vitamins, exercise in your battle against this deadly disease or have you heard vaccine, vaccine, vaccine?

    They have tried to remove cash as Corona lives on it but it doesn’t live on postal ballots.

    1. I have a loved on in a nursing home, so I know exactly how hard it is not to be able to visit her, to want to hold her hand and not be able to. I know exactly how wrenching it is. But if they didn’t close to visitors, it’s likely Covid-19 would infect the nursing home, and it’s equally likely scores of residents would be dead by now.

      My mother’s nursing home has–so far, thank God–not had any cases because they’ve been so cautious and restrictive, so don’t tell me these restrictions aren’t saving lives. If Covid-19 got to her, she would most likely die because she has serious health issues.

      Is it ideal to have closed nursing homes or closed businesses? Ids it ideal for loved ones not to visit dying family members? Of course not. But is it okay to let everyone run wild and keep spreading the virus so things get even worse? No. People who aren’t wearing masks aren’t helping, they’re just dragging this pandemic out even longer. If people had taken the necessary precautions from the start, we’d probably be a lot closer to getting back to normal life by now.

      I don’t mean to be sharp, but my mother is still alive because of the restrictions, because the nurses are so careful about masks and who gets in. All it would take is one visitor without a mask coming in and infecting someone, and then all that hard work would be for nothing and a lot of people in that nursing home would die. That’s the reality. Someone else’s carelessness could literally kill my mother.

      1. I am sorry to hear that you are separated from a loved one by these horrible circumstances. I wish you and your mother the very best of everything the universe can put your way.

        1. mk,
          Thank you, I appreciate that. I didn’t mean to come off as sharp in my earlier comment, it just upsets me when people push against wearing masks, when the risks are so high for so many people. As I said, all it takes is one person going into that nursing home who doesn’t wear a mask, and doesn’t realize they’re infected…’s a terrifying scenario for anyone with loved ones in nursing homes.

    2. It was summer here in Australia when the virus broke and it was when we had the raging bush fires that wiped out many of our southern towns and villages. We had large numbers of visitors from the northern hemisphere arriving in ocean liners and by air. When it was realised how serious this virus was, how it was getting into the country and how stressed we already were with the fires, a Coalition of all State’s Premiers and our Prime Minister was immediately formed to battle both onslaughts.
      The battle was always those leaders pro money and those leaders pro health.
      We are now pretty close to eradicating the infections, and are tentatively opening our external borders to such nations as New Zealand.
      It was how the leaders of different nations treated the virus in the first place that determined how quickly it could be stopped. Britain, like the US put commerce ahead of health, and are now suffering for it sadly.

  31. That is mindless! Already Clinton got 3 million votes more than Trump!Trump loves Putin and other dictators.. No freedom of press and opposite voices in Russia: Trump wants to be same kind of leader.
    For ever as a president. Laws of the jungle, strongest win..

  32. Hi Eric, Any thoughts on the firings at the Pentagon over the last two days? Is Trump trying to put his loyalists in position to use the military to try to stay in office? Could that be how the military one comes into view?

  33. In fact, Trump plans fraud! I find very many articles by psychiatrists about Trump, warnings!
    It seems he is planning a coup…

  34. Pres. Trump’s legal team has challenged a grand total of 180 rejected ballots in Maricopa County. Biden leads in AZ by 14,746 votes

    Thomas Liddy, representing Maricopa County, said the plaintiffs had offered “very little evidence” to support the idea of a systematic problem. Noting the lawsuit’s claim that thousands of Trump votes could go uncounted, he countered: “Under that theory, you’d also see thousands of votes for the Democratic candidate” going uncounted.

  35. “This is an illustration of how small the fights are the Trump campaign is picking. They are losing in court everywhere, but even if they win their cases, it’s not enough votes to change the results.

    “As someone who litigates a lot of post-election cases, I find it all quite odd.

    “Just in: Pennsylvania Secretary of State reports just 10k ballots came in between Nov. 3 and Nov. 6. Biden wins Pennsylvania without those votes.”

    1. Hi Cody! Thank you for the updates.
      I think we will see the law firms representing trump withdrawing more and more often, just because the firm’s own credibility will get damaged if they are seen taking and litigating these ridiculous fraud claims, and thus keep losing in court. Judges can’t be too happy about it either. Total waste of court time and taxpayer money spent going into court with no evidence to show.

  36. Eric thank you for allowing my posts and not censoring me.

    I think you are wonderful and your predictions fascinating.

    I am sure in time you will see how you have been correct in your political predictions for both Trump and for America.

    I’m not here to upset people but it would seem that’s what I have done reading through the replies.

    I won’t put anything else up that is not in line with the ethos of your supporters.

    I wish you all the very best in the coming weeks, months and years.

    May god be with you all.

  37. Kory Langhofer, a lawyer for the Trump campaign, just said: “This is not a fraud case. We are not alleging fraud. We are not saying anyone is trying to steal the election.”

    Rather, he’s saying there were “good faith errors” in the count.

    A lawyer for Maricopa is now saying that 99.998% of the total ballots cast for president in the county were accurately recorded.
    “The allegation of systematic error cannot possibly be proven,” he said

  38. Trump’s campaign promised “shocking” proof of fraud in Michigan.

    Instead, they provided a list of small-bore complaints from GOP poll-watchers about the ballot-counting room in Detroit, including:
    –Loud noises
    –Mean stares
    –A big man

    In poll watcher affidavits, Trump campaign offers no evidence of fraud in Detroit ballot-counting

  39. Trump Campaign Lawyer Admits to Judge: Our Search for Evidence of Fraud Produced Obvious Lies and ‘Spam’

    A Trump campaign attorney conceded in court on Thursday morning that he tried to enter hundreds of dodgy form-filed affidavits into evidence, even though their own investigation found that a subset of the sworn statements were filled with lies and “spam.”

  40. How do they get Trump out from White house!!? By force?Or not at all?
    When looking from Europe, republicans act shamefully!How they can support a lieing dictator!

  41. Mass media, *ie Fox News to name one, is notorious for reporting false information even going as far as terminating reporters that challenge the head honchos ideas. It’s called Propaganda which we all learned about in school at a very young age if you were paying attention! People believe what they want to believe and will only listen to news that confirms their own beliefs even when it is false.
    News media have no authority to determine who the new president is.

    Trump has every right to request recounts and pursue legal challenges. It’s how our system works and those laws are there for a reason.

    FACT: Only Congress has the power to announce the new president and this will not happen until January.

    Doesn’t anyone remember the Bush / Gore election of 2000? Just when everyone thought Gore had won the recounts flipped it at the last minute. There’s no reason why that can’t happen again.

    Prepare yourselves. It IS 2020 after all.

  42. Obama on Trump’s fake fraud claims: “They appear to be motivated, in part, because the president doesn’t like to lose and never admits loss. I’m more troubled by the fact that other Republican officials who clearly know better are going along with this.”

    Obama: “It is one more step in delegitimizing not just the incoming Biden administration, but democracy generally. And that’s a dangerous path.”

    Obama says Trump’s baseless election fraud claims put democracy on a “dangerous path”

    1. Obama to CBS: “When Donald Trump won, I stayed up until 2:30 in the morning and I then called Donald Trump to congratulate him. His margin of victory over Hillary Clinton wasn’t greater than Joe Biden’s margin over him.”

      Obama to CBS: “They obviously didn’t think there was any fraud going on because they didn’t say anything about it for the first two days. But there’s damage to this … We’re not above the rules. We’re not above the law. That’s the essence of our democracy.”

  43. Trump is mentally sick and very dangerous, even planning the war with Iran, only because of his own ego!!
    He should be forced out from power very soon! Who ever to his place for two months!

  44. “Trump just fired Chris Krebs, the top cybersecurity official in the U.S., who has systematically shot down Trump’s false claims about fraud as part of DHS’s initiative to keep Americans from doubting the integrity of the election system.

    “Remember: Chris Krebs EXPECTED to be fired after he pushed back against false claims that Democrats “rigged” the election, false claims that Trump has heavily promoted.

    “Twitter has flagged Trump’s tweets firing Chris Krebs, who debunked false election claims, because Trump’s tweets contain disputed election claims.”

  45. “The thief will try and take the election and make it theirs”:

    Inside Donald Trump’s Dangerous Legal Strategy

    The President’s lawyers are publicly embracing an effort that would require state legislators to undermine voters’ will

    Rudy Giuliani, to the chagrin of many, is candidly telling associates the goal of the campaign’s lawsuits is sow enough doubt among GOP that legislatures in swing states punt and appoint their own electors.

    “Rudy told people he was trying to get the legislatures to flip,” one source familiar says. “Rudy’s view of the world is if he does a good enough job inflaming the results, Pennsylvania won’t certify, Wisconsin won’t certify”

    This is viewed as “ludicrous” among dems, gop, and election law experts. But that seems to be besides the point. If Rudy/Trump’s goal is to wreak havoc, its working.

  46. “Trump’s election power play: Persuade Republican legislators to do what U.S. voters did not

    “President Donald Trump’s strategy for retaining power despite losing the U.S. election is focused increasingly on persuading Republican legislators to intervene on his behalf in battleground states Democrat Joe Biden won, three people familiar with the effort said.

    “Having so far faced a string of losses in legal cases challenging the Nov. 3 results, Trump’s lawyers are seeking to enlist fellow Republicans who control legislatures in Michigan and Pennsylvania, which went for Trump in 2016 and for Biden in 2020, the sources said.”

  47. Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan on CNN: “We’re almost a month into this and we have yet to see any sort of systemic fraud, any sort of organized effort around fraud.”

  48. “The outgoing president has failed to halt the certification of the vote in all six states in which he tried to challenge the results.

    “Here’s when Biden’s win becomes official — and how Trump has been trying to prevent that

    “Vote counts in Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada and Pennsylvania are still under scrutiny as the Trump campaign has mounted legal challenges to election results in these states.”

  49. “Trump aide banned from Justice after trying to get case info

    “The official serving as Trump’s eyes and ears at the Justice Dept. has been banned from the building after trying to pressure staffers to give up sensitive information about election fraud and other matters she could relay to the White House.

    “The Trump official extended job offers to political allies for positions high levels of the DOJ without consulting department officials or the White House counsel’s office and attempted to interfere in the hiring process for career staffers, a violation of government HR policies.”

    1. Cody don’t you think your post about this prediction are a little overkill now? Please find another obsession I’m bored out of my mind now!

    2. Cody please don’t stop adding to Eric’s predictions. I love your news article links and information you add and find it very refreshing because it’s based on truth and reality.
      I feel if others don’t want to read them then they can just skip over it.
      I actually see that it’s You, “Cody”, who has added and want to read your links because I feel I can trust what you have added. It’s not just propaganda. Now is the time when the truth will begin to come out and I want to hear it.
      Sorry if others don’t feel the same way and feel the need to be rude.

  50. Ps. Normally a person is taken by police and to mental hospital if he speaks and acts like Trump. Taken by force, becauce he is disturbed and dangerous! In my country the person like Trump were not allowed to be in any important position.

  51. Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan to CNN on calls to appoint new electors:

    “To think I would wake up one day and decide that 2.5 million people’s vote didn’t count just because it wasn’t the way I wanted the election to turn out, that’s certainly not democracy.”

  52. ‘The people have spoken’: Michigan judge rejects lawsuit from disavowed Trump attorney

    A Michigan federal judge has ruled against Sidney Powell, saying her lawsuit was riddled with “theories, conjecture and speculation.”

    “This lawsuit seems to be … more about the impact of their allegations on People’s faith in the democratic process.”

  53. “Last night: Armed group outside the MI Sec. of State’s house threatening violence.

    “Today: Black Michigan lawmaker posts voicemails saying she should be lynched

    “Weeks ago: Plot to kidnap and possibly execute Gov Whitmer thwarted.”

    Black Michigan lawmaker posts voicemails saying she should be lynched

  54. Hey Eric a clue on “the military man” who will be the next president

    Retired General Lloyd Austin whom president-elect Biden appointed defence secretary do you think Gen Austin is the main contender or someone currently unknown?

  55. GOP superlawyer predicts Texas election suit will fail, says party “corroded” under Trump

    GOP superlawyer Ben Ginsburg: “I don’t think the Supreme Court, for an instant, will consider taking up this case. What it shows you, I think… is that how far the Republican party has sort of corroded in basic beliefs under Donald Trump in this area.”


    Supreme Court order: “Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections. All other pending motions are dismissed as moot.”

    None of Trump’s SCOTUS appointees indicated support for the Texas lawsuit that sought to overturn the will of the people.

  57. Had a long comment, but it doesn’t seem to have posted. Anyway, there was an error in it (I typed the wrong name) but Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff fits your description. Highly feasible, considering Trump may have no choice but to invoke the Insurrection Act.

    1. Did it have a link? It would only be blocked if the link was corrupted by a virus. It’s set in a way to protect the site. So it blocks the comment. I have not erased any comments. I do that sometimes with those who are just mean. I will look from an operations standpoint. Was the comment under the same name.

      1. No link. No worries about it, the one above is shorter and to the point. I think this may be your guy. He’s older than I expected based on your description but in a position where it can happen.

  58. Despite Trump’s intense hunt for voter fraud, officials in key states have so far identified just a small number of even possible voter fraud cases.

    The handful of criminal cases that have been filed include some against Republican voters who sought to boost the president, officials said.

    “It perfectly illustrates how rare and difficult it is to commit voter fraud.” — Penn. Lt. Gov. Fetterman

    1. Honestly Cody! We’ve all had enough of your over posting in comments and you haven’t added a single thing that isn’t available to the general public. Move on!

  59. Trump’s Fraud Claims Died in Court, But the Myth of Stolen Elections Lives On

    After bringing some 60 lawsuits, and even offering financial incentive for information about fraud, Trump and his allies have failed to prove definitively any case of illegal voting on behalf of their opponent in court — not a single case.

    The crucial story behind the story of Trump’s false voter fraud campaign: “A thorough debunking of the sorts of voter fraud claims that Republicans have used to roll back voting rights for the better part of the young century.”


  60. Pennsylvania Attorney General Cites Scalia Quote on ‘Insanity’ When Asking SCOTUS to Shut Down Trump Campaign’s ‘Profoundly Incoherent’ Petition

    In closing, the Commonwealth hit the Trump campaign and Republican lawmakers who are hyping Jan. 6 as a day of reckoning by wildly asserting that Vice President Mike Pence has “exclusive authority and sole discretion in determining which electoral votes to count for a given state.” Pennsylvania noted that there are no “alternative electors,” a possible reference to “alternative facts.”

  61. Lol. If there was enough fraud to affect the general election, then why don’t these same 140+ House Republicans contest their own elections too? Oh right! That’s because they’re hypocritical cowards who know there’s no mass fraud and are just appeasing sore loser Trump:

    “At least 140 House Republicans to vote against counting electoral votes, two GOP lawmakers say”

  62. Sen. Angus King: “Josh Hawley’s comments are manifest nonsense. He said nobody has disputed this? Well, for one: Bill Barr, the Attorney General. Also the Infrastructure Security Agency that’s in charge of security for the election. 50 secretaries of state. 50 governors.

    “To bring this challenge at this date is— it’s Democracy versus Trump at this point. I mean, that’s really what we’re talking about. This is a direct attempt to overturn a democratic election, which is the beating heart of our entire democratic system.”

  63. GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski: “I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and that is what I will do January 6—just as I strive to do every day as I serve the people of Alaska. I will vote to affirm the 2020 presidential election.

    “The courts and state legislatures have all honored their duty to hear legal allegations & have found nothing to warrant overturning the results. I urge my colleagues from both parties to recognize this & to join me in maintaining confidence in the Electoral College.”

  64. GOP Sen. Pat Toomey: “A fundamental, defining feature of a democratic republic is the right of the people to elect their own leaders. The effort by Senators Hawley, Cruz, and others to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election … directly undermines this right.

    “The senators justify their intent by observing that there have been many allegations of fraud. But allegations of fraud by a losing campaign cannot justify overturning an election. They fail to acknowledge that these allegations have been adjudicated in courtrooms.”

  65. Now more than obvious that Trump is the one sowing doubt and the thief:

    Tape shows Trump begged and threatened Georgia’s secretary of state yesterday to “find” enough votes to reverse Biden’s win. In hour-long call, Trump said “There’s nothing wrong with saying, you know, um, that you’ve recalculated.

    Trump demands Georgia elections official overturn his defeat in hourlong call

  66. Former GOP Speaker Paul Ryan: “Efforts to reject the votes of the Electoral College and sow doubt about Joe Biden’s victory strike at the foundation of our republic. It is difficult to conceive of a more anti-democratic and anti-conservative act.

    “It is difficult to conceive of a more anti-democratic and anti-conservative act than a federal intervention to overturn the results of state-certified elections and disenfranchise millions of Americans.”

  67. Liz Cheney to GOP conference: “Such objections set an exceptionally dangerous precedent, threatening to steal states’ explicit constitutional responsibility for choosing the President and bestowing it … on Congress. This is directly at odds with the Constitution’s clear text.”

  68. Sen. Dick Durbin: “Trump’s urging of an elected official to deliberately change and misrepresent the legally confirmed vote totals in his state merits nothing less than a criminal investigation.”

  69. Bipartisan group of 10 senators: “The voters have spoken, and Congress must now fulfill its responsibility to certify the election results.”

  70. What Trump attempted on that tape, and what the GOP Senators objecting to certifying electoral votes are trying to do, would have been 100% successful if the GOP had control of both the House and Senate.

  71. Romney up: “We gather due to a selfish man’s wounded pride.” Those who support this “dangerous gambit….will forever be seen as being complicit in an unprecedented attack on democracy….Best way to respect voters who are upset is by telling them the truth.

    “No congressional audit is ever going to convince these voters, particularly when the president will continue to say the election was stolen. The best way we can show respect for the voters who were upset is by telling them the truth!”

    Applause breaks out.

  72. 121 Un-American seditionists.

    121 House Republicans — including Leader McCarthy — voted to toss out Arizona’s electoral ballots.


  73. “Rudy Giuliani admits Biden is president hours after being sued for $1.3 billion by voting-machine company

    “Giuliani’s statement came hours after Dominion Voting Systems sued him for $1.3 billion and accused him of defamation. The former New York City mayor spent months peddling bogus conspiracy theories alleging that the voting company engaged in widespread election fraud to deliver Biden the White House and “steal” the 2020 race from President Donald Trump.”

    1. Dozens of states see new GOP voter suppression proposals after baseless fraud claims by Trump — Civil rights leaders hoped COVID would permanently expand voting options, but new state proposals would do the opposite.

      “There are at least 165 proposals under consideration in 33 states so far this year to restrict future voting access by limiting mail-in ballots, implementing new voter ID requirements and slashing registration options.”

    1. Georgia House Republicans just introduced a bill to ban early voting on Sundays prior to election, when Black churches do Souls to the Polls get out the vote drives

      A 48-page voter suppression bill was released by GA House Republicans at 1:53 PM today before 3 pm hearing. Democracy dying in the dark

      New voter suppression law introduced by GOP lawmaker who represented white election board members in majority-Black town of Sparta GA that tried to purge 20% of Black voters from rolls & sent police to serve them summons

      The bill allows early voting on only 1 weekend day, second Saturday before election. This has nothing to do with stopping voter fraud, it’s pure voter suppression. People waited 11 hours during early voting in Georgia in 2020 & this will make it worse

      “This bill is Jim Crow with a suit and tie” says @CommonCauseGA

  74. If AZ GOP gets its way, some mail-in ballots won’t count even if they’re received before polls close on election day. Yes, received. Only point is to make voting harder. Even crazier, this one’s driven by lies about fraud, and a false perception that mail-ins inherently help Dems:

    “GOP proposal in Arizona would reject ballots that are postmarked after the Thursday before an election, even if the ballot arrives at the election office before the close of the polls”

  75. “The Trump campaign reportedly cheated donors who thought they were making a one-time contribution, collecting recurring donations

    “In what seemed to be an effort to bolster political contributions in the heat of the 2020 election against now President Joe Biden, the Trump 2020 campaign reportedly duped supporters into making recurring donations without their explicit or known consent.

    “An investigation of Federal Election Commission records done by the New York Times found that the Trump campaign, in the last two months of 2020, was forced to give hundreds of thousands of refunds in the amount of about $64 million. In total the campaign refunded $122 million, the newspaper said.”

  76. “New voter restrictions are based on a lie told to appease Trump voters.

    “A new Reuters/Ipsos poll finds that 55% of Republicans falsely believe Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential election was the result of illegal voting or rigging. Additionally, 60% of Republicans incorrectly agree that the election was stolen from Republican Donald Trump”

  77. “69% of Americans voted in November using methods Republican-led state legislatures are now trying to restrict.

    “Over 2 In 3 Americans Voted Using Methods GOP Are Now Trying To Restrict, Census Data Shows
    “A record number of Americans voted early or by mail in the November election.”

  78. A grave and growing threat. This cannot be treated as politics as usual:

    “At least four Republicans who sought to undercut or overturn the 2020 presidential election are launching campaigns to become the top election official in key states that could decide control of Congress in 2022 — & who wins the White House in 2024.”

    They tried to overturn the 2020 election. Now they want to run the next one — Trump supporters who back his claim that the 2020 vote was rigged are running to become the top election officials in key states.

    1. This is very slanted. Has 61% believe the election was stolen. Only after a massive heard left the Republicans and joined the independents. All that’s left in the party are those standing by the ex president.

  79. “Trump Campaign Knew Lawyers’ Voting Machine Claims Were Baseless, Memo Shows

    “Days before lawyers allied with Donald Trump gave a news conference promoting election conspiracy theories, his campaign had determined that many of those claims were false, court filings reveal.

    “Court documents suggest that the Trump campaign sat on its findings that cleared Dominion of wrongdoing, even as Sidney Powell and other lawyers attacked the company in the conservative media and filed four federal lawsuits.”


  80. Sowing doubt before midterms to carry out another massive financial grift. Guess the $250M he raised from his 2020 election lies wasn’t enough to satisfy his greed or exploitation of his supporters:

    Trump Plans to Challenge the 2022 Elections — Starting in Philly
    – Donald Trump is fixated on challenging the results of Pennsylvania’s Senate race, which he views — as
    one source puts it — as a “dress rehearsal for Trump 2024”

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