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President Joe Biden


Congratulations, Joe Biden, stepping away from politics and speaking directly to you, I would say your lifetime of service, your children’s service to country, you have earned your place at the head of our table and I pray all Americans are welcomed at your table including us Reds

The November 3rd prediction has happened. Biden has 50% of the popular vote. We all witnessed 50/50 divide again and again, cementing the number 50. Pennsylvania, which is “20” delegates, has officially ended this protracted fiasco (AKA “0”). Has doubt, in the election, been sown? Take a big whiff! Then Eta is headed towards Florida. Wow. Which leaves the only question at hand; Who is the military figure?

I apologize for some of the confusion. Spirit predicts moments in time. This specific prediction was to describe November 3rd. Notice they added the Hurricane message because it’s happening in this timeline of November 3rd. Most predictions are on a loop of what is coming immediately next. Imagine walking on a path at night and having to point the flashlight to the ground. I can show you what is directly coming, but the distant eludes me. Sometimes we might ask a question, Who is going to be president? But that’s a question outside the loop. Outside of our normal standards of next.

Here are other parts of the prediction: WORLD PREDICTIONS: NOVEMBER 3RD

Something odd is coming around the corner. It sounds like Biden gets the votes. Spirit implied one of the US leaders falls ill. They implied one of the leaders fights the law and loses. They are consistently showing the military one as the eventual president? When, seems to be the larger question. 
The number 20-0 might be symbolic. When I was in college the game would end if the score reached 20-0, implying a landslide. Or are these numbers specific to the moment. (Nope)
I had a visual of the year 2022, there were new voting booths, new machines, new procedures. All reflecting an issue unfolding in now. Then I had a visual of doubt in specific locations about the elections authenticity. The doubt leads to loud voices on both sides questioning what to do.

Personal Reading Forum November 30th: We are planning to discuss “Personal Readings.” I hope to show all of you behind the scenes that come with speaking to Spirits. Let’s pull back the curtain and reveal all. The post will be presented on the 30th—every detail of how readings functions from beginning to end. I hope that if you are a spiritualist and provide readings, please forward me an email titled “11-30-20” explain in great detail your process. If you would like to include your email or name, please do so. Then once I have all the different techniques. I will post all of them as one post. Then our discussion begins. 

The Spirits have consistently felt that collaboration is the way forward. Imagine what can be gained through shared knowledge and working together. The change we could facilitate could be massive. I am just now starting to move in that direction. Others collaborate far better than I do. Here are one of many sites I am fans of ‘Be Love Collective Community’ on Facebook 


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