Truth: Spice Stacked

Please read the previous post first otherwise this will make no sense: TRUTH: SPICE

We discussed the nature of Spice. Let me describe it differently. Think Beyoncé, John Roberts, Gandhi, John Mcain, John Lewis, Prince. Their careers bended to them not the other way around. Simply because their uniqueness did not allow a mold. Starkly different from the rest of us. They create while others destroy. That’s Spice.
So when I say spice is stacked what does that mean? I only have myself as an example. Here it is:

When I began this journey it was a low level assistant to the pharaoh spiritual advisors. I could remember those odd mirrors we used. I remember being very fit. There was also that moment where my name came to be. A prophecy was made back then that I son of Ka would be a swarm of locust every half century unleashed on the world. I thought the message was silly in the moment. Seriously what does that mean? One thing did stick with me to this day, my new name or title, that is so odd, it’s right up there with my brother Harry calling me Ray from Ghostbusters. That name given to me back then. Locustska
In hindsight it was clear that these very worn, tired, spiritual advisors with a hand in the ruling Egyptian empire was passing a baton. Also interesting is there was three of us. I can see what they mean however. The size of reach grows. Stacked. Think of what I am trying to accomplish now, what the Tennessee prophet accomplished, it does oddly sound like I unleashed a swarm poking at the system. This blog itself is a sort of beehive. Keep in mind your someone looking 7000 years ago predicting this future.
After my life’s studying my craft I moved on to service to community. A slave on a ship providing a safe path for my community at the expense of my own life. As a slave I remembered the oddest things. I remember being shackled while dealing with sea sickness, it was a constant obstacle without a solution. The constant smell of wet wood and the salty ocean. I have had multiple lives as a tribesmen or cleric all with streams of this gift fueling my every move. Like passing out beautiful blessings of hope, healing and joy. I became very good at helping those in my community with this gift of precognition. I really have the most fondest memories helping my neighbors while using the spiritual powers of our Creator. It was good. A cemented gratitude.
Now another stack. From low level assistant to local sage, now it’s an audience much larger, global. This phase in my journey is just beginning and wow has it been fumble upon fumble for the three times we have tried this. One clear difference is tone from passing out blessings of joy, to the now constant flow of doom, doom, doom and in 2020 more doom. But it’s never the message that’s the problem but me. As the Tennessee prophet I tried so hard to speak loudly their word. We were talking about the atomic bomb. But it never came together. Eventually as historical reality set in then and only then would the world recognize their message. Over time I will master this space as I have did before.

I have seen where this eventually goes. A towering epic structure embedded in a large mountain. It was beyond beautiful as it was a structure with shades of architecture from different times and places, In a place that was not here. In this structure leaders from all over the universe come seeking advise from those few who have mastered this spiritual craft. I was one of multiple seats. I could not help but notice the parallels to the Oracle of Delphi advising Kings. This was oddly the same but on a much more epic scale. In this timeframe it was all about collaboration. More than that “precognition” had finally found its suitable home, the power was optimized and for the universe. We finally found a fitting space..we found home.
Each of us have our own gifts that will one day serve a much much larger community. It is said that the mother who feeds her children while sleeping on an empty stomach.. the father who sits everyday with his dying son will inherit the vast empires of tomorrow because no one is more qualified. I will be working for them in that timeframe where so much is corrected. That sounds good to me. The future is a sound one.
We are all learning for a future that does not exist yet. Do it well.

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  1. Tareq Khan Avatar
    Tareq Khan

    Hi Eric. This is Dr Khan from Houston. You had done a reading for me long time back. I am interested in known about my previous lives. You were starting a way for people to learn. How can I join that? Thanks.

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    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I am still working with Spirit on the best course of collaboration with information on our ‘how too’ work. Perhaps I jumped to quick initially. so give me a bit more time. Or we could do a single reading and just ask your best course of action. Nothing pleases them more than showing you the truth instead of hearing it.

  2. Donna B Avatar
    Donna B

    Wow, what a post, it blew me away! Spice, I like it! Thank you!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  3. Blue Sky Avatar
    Blue Sky

    Eric, two different directions:

    Firstly, I wonder why you put these individuals all together – Beyoncé, John Roberts, Gandhi, John Mcain, John Lewis, Prince. The only one I would consider as spice (to use your words so you understand me) is Gandhi. The rest of them are not on the same level. Some of them even are average while some others are quite lowly and useless (you can guess who I mean). Nothing particular about some of them. There is a difference between those protected by Good and those possessed by Evil.

    Secondly, it is interesting to read about your journey but ‘why?’ still pops up immediately. Is it not so that we all need to accept the course of divine providence instead of futile attempts to alter what we do not like without understanding its purpose? To alter 2020 because it does not suit us or some of us? To me 2020 seems to be the year of truth, a very good year of cleansing – when everything falls into its rightful place, and when there is so much awakening all around. 2020 is like spring… And when you talk about the Power again of advising kings and whatnot, it seems so funny, such an illusion… which leads us back to the question ‘why?’…


    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Why? To help people. I do hope you join us in that mission. To help one another.

      1. lossie2020 Avatar

        I concur. Help people is our mission.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The list isn’t spiritual. Spice is a reflection of oneself. It is a gift from our creator to the world. We need leaders, musicians, just like we need spiritual leaders.

  4. Anna Avatar

    Hi Eric, I love your site and have been quietly following your posts for some time. The idea that each of us has a ‘spice’ is a fascinating concept that feels authentic. While Blue Sky has questioned your choice of examples, is it not the case that all of us have our own spice no matter how good, bad, complex we are as individuals? While on one hand you *could* criticise elements of say Beyoncé’s character, but is she not immensely talented, an expert in her field, someone who pushes boundaries and changes the narrative? We are here to learn, and like children we all make mistakes and struggle with undesirable character traits. Do these imperfection make our ‘spice’ any less important? To say only Ghandi is worthy of representing spice is surely missing the point on what spice is. I don’t mean to be disrespectful Blue Sky, this is just my personal take on a fascinating topic.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I think it’s a bit more than that. It seems obvious to me that earth is ground zero from every possible reflection of my work, from being a slave to being wealthy, every part of the world, all different scene and circumstances, all set to prepare us for a universe experience where having that wide range is necessary. Did I make sense there? Sometimes I need to explain better. It’s like we are gathering tools for another moment.

      1. Anna Avatar

        Yes it does, thank you for taking the time to reply. If I have misunderstood please correct me, but I’ll stick with the musician as an example. Are you saying that over countless lifetimes one could have transitioned from a homeless street performer, to wealthy international superstar and all the different shades and varients of ability, success and ethnicity imaginable. Each experience as important as the last. Over time, growing, stretching, challenging. Pushing barriers and building on prior subconscious learning. Developing a sense of depth and wholeness to your given spice.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I think you might be looking at it from a different angle. What your reading now. Has it bended you. Their spice. My spice. Has it influenced you because they are at their core advisers. This gift I have adjusts to the circumstances given. But in your word from homeless street performer to wealthy success. As if wealth was the mission? No. My life as a slave did far more good than this life has produced. Really consider that weight. Each circumstance each century is different. Think of actors and doctors. How their place in society has drastically altered through time.Now at a much later time you are going to use those experiences like a set of tools. But that for the universe. Not earth. You are sharpening the tools here and now. I hope that makes sense. Want to make sure we have it. Also this is three parts. I still have more explaining to do, there is a whole other side to this conversation.

          1. Donna B Avatar
            Donna B

            I really like this, I really never thought about it this way. And wealth wouldnt be the goal, as they say “You cant take it with you”

          2. Anna Avatar

            Thank you Eric, I assure you that I am trying to fully understand ‘spice’ as a concept, and I really do appreciate you taking the time to explain this. I fully take your comments on board, I actually didn’t mean that wealth and fortune are the end goal or ‘mission’, but that’s my fault for not being clearer! I would actually imagine that we tend to become more humble as we progress spiritually (unless wealth & status is a prerequisite to a specific learning experience). I am very much looking forward to the next installment. I hope you don’t mind if I question you further when the time arises 🙂

            1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

              The spirits actually stepped in to show a mini visual. It’s like moving and turning on a light in totally different circumstances to prepare you for the ultimate circumstance the universe. Being that wealthy success might be great but the responsibility is heavy. Being a slave is horrible but the divine difference you make is magnified. Your right though little by little that light gets brighter and sharper. But the beauty is our talents aren’t for now. How does empathy for a dying child have meaning. I am saying it is ALL meaning.

              1. Anna Avatar

                Thanks to you and spirit for this message Eric. I can see that we are all developing a tool box for an as yet unknown future. It’s an exciting prospect, and helps to put the darkness of current times into a more hopeful and progressive context. Your messages in general have helped to take away a lot of fear for me personally. It’s amazing what the knowledge of a happy ending can do (even if it is in a distant future time frame). Hopefully at some point I’ll be able to connect the dots with regard to how this concept relates to my own journey, or purpose for this lifetime.

                1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

                  I hope you find it.

              2. Blue Sky Avatar
                Blue Sky

                Empathy is a powerful emotion but should not be taken out of context. It is important to see through the superficiality of every supposedly tragic situation. Divine destiny requires that some of us live long and some die at birth.
                Dying child should have empathy, no doubt. Yet, children are not all the same
                Some examples from real life of how empathy can be misplaced – all meaning?:
                – There was an adopted dog who suffered a lot of abuse and torture. Slowly his nurturing adopted family regained his trust and love. The dog became very gentle and trusting. Then suddenly one evening the dog started barking and became aggressive when TV was showing a man whose house had burned down and who asked other people for help because he had nothing left. The family understood that this must have been the dog’s previous owner because the dog recognized him.
                – There was and still is a hill of crosses in a certain part of the world. People with their beliefs and prayers brought all kinds crosses leaving them there as a token. Times changed and attempts were made to clear the space of crosses. But then in the middle of attempting to do that there was a call that the house of the driver caught on fire and the destruction was avoided.
                – Tonight I mourn some wild apple trees that grew along the fence of my property on the other side – some inches from where the fence was going to be erected. I had asked the state representatives not to cut them and was promised that this would not happen. While I was gone, they cut it and put a pavement over it. Next to it again just inches from the planned fence there are huge lilac bushes and an apple tree of 70 years old. I now pray that they are safe. Do you then want to save people who do this? Empathy when karma returns to them and when their child gets sick? I have seen children tearing off completely the bark of a huge maple tree not far from where I live. Empathy for whom then?

                The same goes for past lives as in this life. If you Eric suffer from your health issues or that you had a difficult family situation in a past life, I sure feel empathy. Yet, there is a deeper reason why this happens so. There is also a reason why certain things happen to everyone. So empathy really for what? Perhaps empathy for what we do not understand, so we create our own suffering?

  5. Donna B Avatar
    Donna B

    I can see that in my present life being presented with rather unique opportunities or situations and that exposure seems useless until suddenly I need that information and then it becomes a aha moment if you know what I mean.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  6. petemedium Avatar

    Hi Eric and friends. It seems a glitch turned access off to my site if I wasn’t on air and therefore no one could contact me. Hopefully this has been rectified by Word Press. If you, or others, are still having access problems, please email me.
    Thanks again Eric for your help. Pete

  7. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
    T W Longtime Lurker

    Thank you for sharing.

  8. ShaKira Avatar

    When I reflect on “Spice” I wonder what it is we’re preparing for. I remember you telling me during my personal reading the mission I chose was to inspire and each lifetime I lived I’m reaching further down the rabbit hole for those who I’m assuming lost their own “spice” or simply have less based on where they are in their spiritual lesson/journey. So Beyoncé’s spice would inspire a soul in a different way than Gandhi because we all vibe different. What resonates with me may not resonate with you and vice versa doesn’t make me better, just different but I’m curious as to what comes next. By me choosing to live my life in my own unique way not only am I growing spiritually but I’m encouraging others to do the same. That’s wonderful but why is this important? What is the point or the over all goal? You said to help.. yes helping is good but help to accomplish what exactly?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It’s very hard to explain. Mars or the moon. What does it do? Imagine all the light of the universe being turned on. Not just one planet having life but almost all. The restrictions of life are diminishing so there is life in places we would never imagine. It’s a bit farther.down the road.

  9. Blue Sky Avatar
    Blue Sky

    To help people… Not questioning your good intent but.. is it always helping them? Or is it helping them to avoid what they have created themselves in the first place – for many reasons, starting with the ignorance of this planet, its pain and the suffering of all other beings? Then is it an attempt of saving ignorant people and altering their karma? Those who do not need saving are protected by God anyway. I know many examples.
    (I digress but in my humble opinion to help people would be saving bugs and plants because without them soon the world will soon become a maxi version of the Easter Island.)

    Musicians (and not only them). The music industry is pushing for those who have no soul anymore. Those who can make money for them. Is it not in many cases not selling one’s soul just to create ‘noise’ and make it appealing rather than music? (If you play a sticky song 100 times, it will stick to you in the end.-)) You can be a great musician and also a horrible human being, achieving fame at all cost, so to me there is no ‘spice’ of any kind if you end your life in addiction and overdose…

    I also wonder how in your thinking ‘spice’ is related to fame. There are many unsung heroes whose names are not known to the world. Does it not matter more what you do instead of who knows you?

  10. Donna B Avatar
    Donna B

    Trump went out of hospital and went for a “ride” with secret service and went back to hospital..all I could think is there is somebody who must really need love, like maybe it was lacking all of his life, he had money but maybe he didnt have much real love?? Im just making a guess here, but I think he acts like someone who didnt have much real attention EVER and now he feels like he could actually be “loved ” by his supporters. Its almost like he is discovering it for the first time? I dont want to make anybody mad, but its almost something I could see a child doing? Not trying to step on toes or insult anybody. It was almost kinda sad. He looked happy like oh someone cares for me.

    1. Sara Avatar

      Donna B,

      It’s ironic though since he loves nothing more than to demonize and spread hate towards refugees, migrants, immigrants and other marginalized groups within our society who also aren’t loved.

      1. Donna B Avatar
        Donna B

        I don’t think he knows how to love Sara, relationships are like transactions to him. He’s almost childlike. Uses double negatives like a child, such as very very bad. Just an observation. Not defending his treatment of others at all. He doesn’t know how to love, narcissistic and rather childlike to me

        1. Sara Avatar

          According to his niece, Trump never really got the love and support from his parents that he needed as a child….his father was emotionally abusive and his mother was apparently distant. That probably did have a negative effect on him. And in his family, success was all that mattered, people were considered failures if they didn’t do great (or at least media-worthy) things.

          I have mixed feelings about Trump. On one hand, I feel sorry for the little boy that he used to be, because every kid needs love, and I think Donna is right, he lacked it. But I dislike and am disgusted by the man he’s become, the lies he’s told, the people he’s hurt. After all, while he’s doing well, countless people died of the coronavirus partly because he convinced them there was nothing to be worried about. He knew how bad it was, yet lied to the American people and told them it was just a liberal hoax.

          I think the adult Trump belongs in jail, or at the very least, needs to be removed from office. But I wish there was a way to separate the adult Trump from the little boy he used to be and give that kid the love and nurturing he needed.

          1. Donna B Avatar
            Donna B

            Yeah I know I have a neighbor who is the same way. At times I feel sorry for him. We are laid back and we do not have the money he has, we have smaller acreage a house that is ok but we do not have 60k pick up trucks tractors toys etc. He’s the poster boy if “stuff” made you happy he’d be doing jumping jacks!!

            But we do have LOVE, we love our animals, we love each other, we love our kids, we try not to take inventories, you live your best life, Ill live mine. He has done nothing but attack us since we lived here, he has 160 acres and hes a football field away. Sometimes he will look over almost with a look on his face like ” Can I play??” just like a little kid. But hes made our lives miserable. Lawsuits etc etc..But still I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for him. If I can find this song “we got love” Ill try to figure out how to post it to the blog. Its very timely for the time we are living in. I heard his father was an SOB attorney too..yeah hes a lawyer, so able to make your life hell through the courts. But sometimes I almost feel the urge to give him a hug and go you know you can be different. You have a choice, so yeah Sara, I do know what you mean! Like the indians said, “You dont know a man unless you walk a mile in his mocassins” Stil and yet does not excuse vile behavior. Love the sinner, hate the sin..LOL

  11. Holaca Avatar

    The last line is what resonates for me – “We are all learning for a future that does not exist yet” – consider that we continually manifest what comes to us then we all have the opportunity to make the future a much more loving place.

    1. petemedium Avatar

      Totally agree with you Holaca. I can’t remember the exact section, but Eric’s wonderful Mob in Spirit explained that the past, added to the present, projects what tomorrow will be/bring …. unless I misunderstood.

      It is up to all of us, irrespective or where we live or what political ideals we follow, to honour what we know to be Right, Pure, True and the Creator’s Will. When we come to this Understanding; that our Spiritual MUST over rides the material/money/wealth world, is when the universe will be a peaceful place for all creation …. maybe even a Peaceful Place. It is up to each of us to attune to what is the Creator’s Will …. Did Jesus EVER encourage amassing wealth????

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Nicely put.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes eventually there will come a time when love sits at the center of our society.

  12. Luis Avatar

    Hi Eric,
    I hope you’re feeling well, and on the road to a speedy recovery. I wanted to comment there is a high likelihood of the “elephant raging towards the US” and the “She’s here!” messages regarding the Gulf might be materializing as I write this. There is Hurricane Delta, which has intensified out of nowhere from a tropical storm to a Cat 4 in 24 hours, and will impact Louisiana once it hits Yucatán, Mexico. It continues to grow, and grow, and grow. I think this is it.

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