Knowledge is Power: Past Life Regression

You want to remember your past lives but how?
First understand that your mind is another organ and is limited to this individual living now. We have to go around that and convince your soul and caretakers that you want to know who you are. Who am I? So step one, is to connect to the heavens in your own way. Find a space that you and your Creator can share. Step two, remove all the thoughts from your mind. All the lies, all the falsehoods we teach each other. Start with a completely blank canvas and let your soul draw a portrait of you that is unknown. This is my way. The details are below, but I would encourage all of you to follow a path that works for you.
I begin the night as I sleep with a message. “Remember” or “who am I”. I say it again and again as I slip away into sleep. My focus is that and that alone. One solid message for the day.
If all you did was engage in the splendor of dreams, lucid dreams, and a fluid messaging between you and your soul, you can gain memories of your previous lives.
Then at 3 am I wake up for my prayer time. It’s not any normal prayer. I sit in a chair. The same chair specifically set aside for this and this alone. The 3 am time is specific for isolation. Then I begin to link myself with the Spiritual realm. All of this light and energy pour down on me. I am literally connecting to the spiritual side. This is me stepping halfway here and halfway there. More than that this is my connection to God. The Creator is filling me with his life force. I can feel it moving thru me like waves of fire pulsing warmly through my body while I feel this stream of glowing water pour warmly down me. There is a jolting rush of emotions as I connect. I have a sudden visual of anchors falling. There are waves of energy hitting me again and again, it literally feels like I am bobbing in the ocean. Then the link completes itself, swirls of light come down through me faster and faster and from all angles. I have come to believe these are your messages coming from the heavens. Like Christmas has arrived and these are all your gifts. Then I see what I could only describe as a tether that attaches us. I feel it’s strength or perhaps it’s a bit loose, right now it’s a healing green Light working on my health.
The tether seems to be a symbolic relationship we have, an understanding of where I stand perhaps, or maybe it’s us standing together. Then it ends with this beautiful white blanket wrapping me up warmly. There are times of darkness where I look forward to the Creators warm blanket. Then the window closes, like a whole opened up right above my head and now it was closing. But I always make a point to stare at the window real quick, I see space, behind the other side, and this beautiful white light beaming down on me with just a tint of blue.
Then I go back to sleep (I take a lot of daily naps) . Still singularly focused on “Remember”

I wake up at 5am: Normally it’s time to do World Predictions, but today is “Remember”. Sometimes my work is done. I remembered through my dreams, so I go back to sleep. Today I move to what makes all of my work come together. Meditation and the removal of thought.

I now sit in a second chair, that chair sits polar opposite of the first. Like yin and yang. In the room where all my spiritual growth and experiences unfold. It’s just the garage. There I sit comfortably for several hours. I close my eyes and focus on breathing, my goal is to extinguish thought. To empty my mind of all thought. Ironically thought is what speeds up while you sit eyes closed. Not to worry that’s normal. Just focus on slowing it down. Worry about your store purchases and laundry later. Down, down, down. Eventually you get to a place where there is less and less thought. Then oddly you know your close when time seems to be lost. Has it been 5 minutes or an hour? But move forward, let nothing distract you. Think of the blackness behind your eyes and only that. Think of your breathing and only that. Then just as you achieve removing thought, boom.. Nirvana.
Let me say that it took a good month when I began meditation before I saw any results. Now it flows at will but this process is like learning anything in life. It’s not going to come quickly.
Each experience is unique. The first lives you remember are ones linked with todays issues. The karma you hold of unfinished business. Very much like .the story THE KARMA I KNOW Then only after that you see your Spice, your overarching story and purpose. TRUTH: SPICE Who you are is so much more than you could possibly imagine. I hope you find your way to the vast abyss that is you.

A few thoughts. It was the practice of meditation that gave me the knowledge of my ‘link’ to the heavens. Meditation opens up the door to endless knowledge, untainted and raw. Your eyes open and see things as they really are.

Consistency is essential for success. It’s something you learn. Find a space that is yours. Keep that space divine. I burn a lot of sage. My work has a lot of steps but honestly it started very basic and evolved. The basic way works.
Clearing your mind of thought has so many benefits. It gives a calm to your emotional state. It gives a focus and determination that did not exist prior. But most of all it shatters the lies, especially the ones you tell yourself and replaces that with ‘your’ spirituality. That includes memory. How could anyone say no to that.
What was the first lie that shattered when I began? This lie that our Creator isn’t readily available to us. That we can’t have our own personal relationship with God. That his presence is beyond us.
Why Not!? We can and it is available when ever you decide to walk up that hill. You are the Creators child why wouldn’t there be a personal relationship? Your waiting for the Creator to show? The Creator is waiting for you.

Share your knowledge of this topic. Help us all achieve this goal.

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  1. Cassandra Apollo Avatar
    Cassandra Apollo

    Reading this brought a smile to my Spirit. Thank you!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  2. Pamela Avatar

    Hi Eric – hopefully I understand your request — My experiences in short description – A few years ago I went to a Past Life Regression session – with hypnosis. That process must have triggered something in me – because in the next few years, I started to have ‘past life flashback’ while just being relaxed walking, or even waking up. These were more like snippets of traumatic past events where part of me knew what it was all about. Twice I felt like I knew their names. One thing to note – if you have had trauma in this life, you may suddenly flashback to those times and you will need to process through them. My experiences were very emotionally intense. I am still working through them. I believe for me these traumas need to be ‘integrated’ back in….. I send a lot of love to those memories – but it is intense.

  3. Donna B Avatar
    Donna B

    Hi Eric, this was great!

    When I was regressed, I was male in a lot of my lives. My last life I caused pain, I was a young male in his 20s, just an ordinary guy, what people used to call “greasers” I was very unruly to say the least. I saw I died in a bad car accident. This always affected me in this life, was afraid to drive overly careful etc. I was this way before regression. I lived in the Late 40’s early 50’s. I felt so much pain I had to watch my mom (I assume) crying over my grave It was intense I was her only son. I also was a horrible womanizer. I mean I was a total disrespectful ass. I was not a nice guy, but I was a young guy. I felt like I broke my mother’s heart/ That was the one before this one as a woman. So I guess I had to come back as a super feminine woman who was stunning in her 20’s, long blonde hair, blue eyes and feel the pain for dealing with men who were like my former self apparently!

    I also retained the ability to read, I could always read before people knew I could! Like one year old. . And I remember my mom had a big powder puff, I was about one, and the puff exploded, powder all over everything and I looked at my arm covered in powder and screaming because I saw a baby’s arm and thinking what the hell am I doing in this babies body??? I remember this to this day. People were always saying to my parents, how does she know how to do that. Nobody taught me to read and by the time it was really noticed (it was the 60s) I was reading high school books in kindergarten. But I was always reading them. I was quite the curious kid to say the least especially back then.

    Of course now in my 60s the looks part, that’s all over, but I learned the pain womanizing costs.

    I took a break before the life of a greaser boy but I was a healer an alchemist who was very respected in my community, this had to be early 1800s, I did herbal healing and tried to use modalities beyond my scope. I apparently fell from grace because one of my cures apparently made someone worse. I was a male, respected but cocky. Those were two of my notable lives anyway and were male lives. No queen of England stuff, no nobility just some guys! LOL

    My question to Eric and the group, can you retain knowledge from past lives? An ability etc? Thanks group, thanks Erica

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes but not complex knowledge. For instance I was an astrologer in a previous life and I remember the study but absolutely no details. However all of the small stuff comes through and was quickly integrated into my work.
      The burning of multiple plants, like sage. Sitting in a corner, sitting in the same exact spot, having nature revive you, all of those pieces that I learned in previous lives were added to my readings and work.

      1. Donna B Avatar
        Donna B

        Eric, thank you, do you think the ability to read would come through?

  4. Blue Sky Avatar
    Blue Sky

    Eric, thank you.
    My first question to you is: why do you do that?
    Second question: why do you do it the way you do it?
    Of my own experiences:
    Honesty is key to me. I have never done regression but did take part in certain exercises. Later when I wished to remember I could easily do that without such elaborate ways you do it. Perhaps it is deeper the way you do it. I usually connect to my past lives when I want to understand myself and my actions and consequences. I do hold some fear from it because the most of what I remembered at first was how I died. Mostly unnaturally.
    Once I recalled myself to my very first life on earth and it was very interesting to reflect. I have been told I am not from Earth anyway and it is true that I do not understand people at all often. Including you Eric. I promised to tell you about saving – I wanted to save a friend in one lifetime who was in a burning building and instead of saving him a burning beam fell on me and I died. It was my arrogance and pride of being good and wanting to save and be brave also. Now I still want to save but I try to stop myself from that because I know that no one can save people from themselves.
    That is a short version here. I would be glad to talk more (I have lived through many civiilisations of the past) but also others have their experiences I am looking forward to read anout. I had memories erased as a child after an abuse and yet when it comes to past lives – I can easily connect the dots when I start with a particular situation in this life any time of day or night. For some reason I only tend to remember lives when I was a male. If I focus on lives as a female I feel I am not ready to remember and I do not force it.
    I know that all my past lives have shaped me the way I am today. If I suffer now, I know that it is to learn what I did wrong before. I try not to put myself in the position of victim but be constructive instead. I have achieved a lot through past life experiences but I have not been kind in love and family matters. It is painful to be compassionate and loving sometimes. It runs deep but in this life I have taken on it seems the karma of my ancestry to purify them too and show them my life through pain because of their actions. When people die, their souls watch how everything unfolds afterwards and they then live up there and suffer for those who they loved. Souls are immortal. In fact we live one eternal life without often realizing it.
    It is not easy to talk about past lives in human language and with limited expressions. I could write a book perhaps but it is dangerous if this knowledge gets in wrong hands. That is why I invite everyone to be careful and think of what to write here openly and make a sort of a prayer for protection before posting. It is important to use words wisely and lovingly while not allowing anyone to use this information to harm others. Bless you all underneath the Great Blue Sky,

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      You should consider a book. To answer is to say I have learned so much over time it just became apart of the process. It has evolved. In hindsight it is a bit overly complicated. To me it comes down to a need to disconnect from who you are now. Whether that’s emptying your mind or connecting to your Creator.

      1. Blue Sky Avatar
        Blue Sky

        For me it is quite different. I feel very strong connection to ‘I’ in all the lifetimes. If I were to disconnect from who I am now I would lose all connection to past lives whatsoever. I would be everything and nothing at the same time and anybody or everybody. There would be no God, no Universe and no me. I cannot imagine that either me or God would not exist – we both exist. It is when I am I here and now that my connection to soul and its lifetimes is the strongest.
        I had a friend, an artist who unknowingly painted herself as if over many lives – it consisted of images of herself in a circle with very similar features to all faces.
        There are many books already and I am aware that we live through Modern Dark Ages. First Evil needs to destroy itself before Light will come. Therefore I would not write a book right now because this knowledge could be used to harm and I believe I would be destroyed physically and mentally. I also believe that Prometheus’ suffering after giving humans fire is his own realization of unnecessary ‘saving’. I also wonder if Jesus Christ’s suffering is when he sees the futility of his sacrifices, thereafter seeing his own name being used to perpetrate evil. No matter love, no matter intention with which he came to this world.
        As for you Eric, I humbly would ask you to reevaluate, reflect of your life and other lives. What is your intention on a deeper level? Perhaps you would discover that not everything you understand of yourself fully. I question and challenge you only for your own sake. I do not have any personal gain by you understanding yourself and your deeper motives better. It is a sort of my way of saving. I do notice that you lightly pass over the reflection of why you do what you do. For me the parameter of truth is human emotion – often what we think and what we feel differs. Over the years from my experience I have met many people whose power is such that they tend to suppress human emotion and thus alienate themselves from their own humanity and soul while at the same time being guided by supposedly thought out values. Human thinking is distorted without emotions because then the soul is no longer light as a feather but kind of locked up through the mind. A sort of basics always to check and always to return to – no matter who you are and what you do. This is what I think of ‘overly complicated’.
        I also caution everyone who thinks that everything is permitted. Past lives has a lock on them for a purpose. It could endanger just as it can enhance one’s current life purpose. It is not the same for everyone and should not be done out of curiosity. For me i.e. it is difficult to detach myself from time because I would lose the linearity of my experiences and would get lost in the logical sequence of lives.
        One important aspect for everyone with experience of past lives is that there will be unpleasant things and you may judge yourself negatively. It is also likely that one often goes for extremes in choices through lives – like me going from having a harem in one lifetime to being a monk in another lifetime. Ultimately, I believe that we are all the same but in different lifetimes, so let us all be guided by Love not what we think it is but how we feel it. Love for me is like the fragrance of roses that fills all the space throughout and in between lifetimes. Depending on how strongly you feel it in the air right now, it manifests in your journey through the stars (and liberates you from your well established thoughts that may not find roots in reality). So let us all travel through our lifetimes with Love.

  5. Sara Avatar

    I can’t claim to remember a past life, but I do have some tiny, vague memories–more like impressions–that I can’t place. They feel even further back somehow than my memories of being a toddler. I don’t know if those vague impressions are from a previous life, or if they’re from this life and I just got them mixed up, but I’ve wondered about it from time to time.

  6. Rita Avatar

    Hi Eric, I’ve sometimes dreamt I’m a male and accepted that it’s a past life.My question is (a hint of blue).Is that connecting with your sou?l.I read a book that said when meditating blue means you see your soul

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Blue could mean so many things. Being blue or upset for instance. Honestly it depends on what you think Blue is.


    Excellent! Do you do past life readings?

    Sent from my Galaxy Tab® E

  8. Steve Avatar

    Three times I have tried to go through the light hypnotic regression thing through guided imagery, where you seem to still remain still awake… dream you are flying up to the clouds, flying far away, far away, far far away what do you see kinda thing. After 5 minutes they ask me where I am, what do I see? I’ve got not much to say apart from I’m lying on a bed staring at the ceiling with someone next to me taking about clouds. Obviously it works differently for different people.
    I’ve got more information from personal readings, mostly aligned to the same idea.

  9. Magneto Avatar

    Does we have to maintain celibacy forever if we want to do meditation everyday and know about our past life

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I don’t

  10. Samanthas Avatar

    It’s funny I see this post today, just last night I watched a video about children who very young remember their past lives. So I ended up looking further and stumbled across a video of this man who had an interesting interpretation of it. The short version of his theory is thinking of reality of a video game, our body’s Are avatars within the game and our minds jump from avatar to avatar in An attempt To evolve our minds to the next level. Our minds have the Infinite knowledge that we absorb through these lives but yet our avatar bodies don’t have the capacity two begin And survive with all that knowledge.

    I just thought it was a interesting take on it all.

  11. Liliane Avatar

    I am really wondering… most of the people can’t deal with their lives here and now… how easy can be for them if they start mixing past lives? isn’t it a great danger for them? Having possibly a lot of hard memories from those lifes, or reliving a trauma how can this help them cope with their lives? Isn’t there a reason that we are born with this kind of “erased memories”? All the people aren’t able to filter bad memories or deal with them! I do think is a risk that nobody should take if he or she are psychologically fragile… Please everyone don’t try things that could bring problems that you can’t handle

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It’s not just the lives it’s the spiritual realm you remember. It puts everything topsy turvy. Materialism looses all luster. Priorities dramatically shift to people and helping others and away from our own self interest and material gains, You come to understand..why your life is what it is. But most of all you become a more vivid you. Stacked. For example before my memory I had the talent of communication with Spirit, did tarot readings, but now stacked its like collecting all the tools from previous lives. Now it’s evolved into these world predictions.

      1. Blue Sky Avatar
        Blue Sky

        Eric, it is important that Liliane’s concerns are not brushed off so lightly. Everyone has different experiences, I think you have great ambitions but not sure if this is how it should be. Is it that perhaps via drifting off to other worlds (for whatever reasons you have) you neglect your life in its current physical form right here right now? Power is a test for everyone and all good intentions may lead to…

        1. Liliane Avatar

          thank you blue sky! it’s important to consider all the people’s well-being! I do believe the majority is not ready for this kind of glimpse in the past lives.. me either! We go through dark times and we need to be focused and present right here right now! that’s why we have chosen to be here now in this life! There is a purpose. Please Take care all of you💖

          1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

            I understand what your saying. But here is my counter. If you remember the past lives (all of these my true events) where you staved as a child, or where abused as a child, or wars, so many wars, this life becomes a cake walk. Your experiences make your will and tolerance 10 times it’s current size

        2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I can only speak to my experiences. This entire domain is literally my experiences.

    2. Pamela Avatar

      As an individual who had trauma in this life and recalled a lot of trauma in past lives, I understand where your concern lies. I have spent the last 5 years working through it all. I had to go looking for and accept support to help me. However I am now much better and much happier because of it. I personnally would not recommend Eric’s approach of hours of meditation. I would first start with allowing little bits of trauma memories to arise and accept and work through. There are a number of excellent resources available. I do think that it is important to work through the trauma and heal.

    3. Matt Avatar

      Actually, whether it’s ‘real’ or not, and I myself have a mother who frowns on the idea maybe even being removed from a particular religious text; it is something that yes….isn’t for everyone. Yet I would argue those who can’t handle their current life may find reasons and solutions to this with such regression.
      I have a strange particular set of memories. Most of them give me the impression of being someone who would be considered a loner. This life, I’m an only child, but no loner feeling. Perhaps those other life’s were punishment, or vice versa…but I am content with my container and the thoughts that pass through it.
      I’d say one thing I’ve picked up is mirror gazing. I always had a feeling it [a mirror] was a piece of technology, not what you have it in your house for. I think this has something to do with me in the 1500s…a comment I made to my dad when I was a teen.,,‘I want to be a warlock’ prompted an odd discussion about alchemy with my father he seldom will say he had with me.

      My favorite ‘regression’ though is in the hot tub If I pull my left arm behind my back I have a flashback of a fight in a saloon and odd thoughts that it is a brother of mine, who is a sheriff. Same flash every time.

      Oddly, I discovered this years after a blind date where when the door opened to the car, the car turned into a stagecoach and everyone inside was wearing western wear,,,,truly fascinating in my opinion.

  12. EL Avatar

    In my past life I was a bitter oriental man with a huge business. It was a vivid memory, I felt all the feelings that occurred in that life. I was mean, and lonely. That’s probably why I’m so nice and kind in this life 🙂

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That’s awesome.

  13. Pamela Avatar

    Eric – I would appreciate it if you asked your Spirit friends about the impact of trauma on individuals. People can be less materialistic without spending hours in meditation. People can become less materialistic by learning to appreciate the little joys that exist in the world around them. They can become less materialistic by learning to love and appreciate themselves for who they are. They can become happier joyful people by learning to focus on the joy that exist in the world. Just my personal experience.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I am only expressing my view. My experience.

  14. Christine Avatar

    Whenever past lives are talked about, the word puritan always pops into my head.
    i don’t know why and cannot explain further.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      So you lived in that era.

  15. Danilo Adomaitis Avatar
    Danilo Adomaitis

    Eric, I’m a hypnotist and have been doing research and writings about it. That includes the possibility of past life regression. Since one of the methods for being open to this experience is through hypnosis, I must speak my mind and help alleviate that unnecessary discomfort some people have stated in your previous post.

    It’s part of our everyday hypnosis job, before hypnotising anyone, a whole conversation intended on removing fears and misconceptions about hypnosis and regression, since the media has engendered this idea of hypnosis as something Invasive, occult, and forbidden, something that could potentially cause harm. Except it really isn’t any of that. Hypnosis isn’t a medical procedure that could have dangerous outcomes, it’s the opposite. It brings a new process of meaning making that could either be a simple distraction or something with profound meaning that could bring freedom from suffering.

    Hypnosis doesn’t work if you don’t allow it to. The part of us that protects our survival is and will always remain there doing its job. It just never goes away. A regression works because the person decided to open the possibility of remembering something deeply forgotten. It’s about consent.

    Hypnosis is a natural learning process and it happens on a daily basis to us all. It’s part of the way we as humans make sense of reality, by interweaving our beliefs, feelings and thoughts whilst creating a language of the world, rich with personal and shared meanings.

    It’s important to state no one has ever been hurt because of hypnosis. One of the arguments against a past life exercise stated about a person’s traumas being too much to handle, but see, the whole purpose of there being trauma in the first place is a calling for inner healing. To postpone this call is to decide to live in the dark, oblivious to our own opportunities to grow and overcome struggles. Trauma doesn’t appear because of a regression. It is there in the first place.
    The fact that one decides to avoid the conversation implies an ignorance and fear of the process.

    So the exercise should really be only for those willing to uncover possible memories of previous lives, be them real or made up by our minds, it doesn’t matter because on both ways we’ve got an opportunity to face ourselves and grow in our current lifetime. To the ones against it, it isn’t to be taken as medical advice. No, past life regression does no harm, especially if you have a simple conviction that, as you said through spirit, we take the lessons and bring only learning from what we lived in a previous life. We bring no pain, no sorrow, we bring the gifts you mentioned, we evolve. That is the standpoint to face anything knowing we’re here with the best we brought from any experience that’s ever happened to us. Be it in a past or present life.

    I am thrilled to see how this website brought that dearest topic of interest to me, and would simply live to keep the conversation going, as I believe that’s what must be done, stating our opinions, and paving ways for a new understanding of the world.

    1. Blue Sky Avatar
      Blue Sky

      Like everything else hypnosis can be used both for good and bad.

      You can choose to live in the dark but yet opening up gradually, not being blinded by light either or falling down in the abyss of the darkness.

      It is not about avoiding the conversation but setting the parameters and establishing a safe space (on physical, emotional, mental, astral etc) which this is not.

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