Knowledge is Power: Past Life Regression

You want to remember your past lives but how?
First understand that your mind is another organ and is limited to this individual living now. We have to go around that and convince your soul and caretakers that you want to know who you are. Who am I? So step one, is to connect to the heavens in your own way. Find a space that you and your Creator can share. Step two, remove all the thoughts from your mind. All the lies, all the falsehoods we teach each other. Start with a completely blank canvas and let your soul draw a portrait of you that is unknown. This is my way. The details are below, but I would encourage all of you to follow a path that works for you.
I begin the night as I sleep with a message. “Remember” or “who am I”. I say it again and again as I slip away into sleep. My focus is that and that alone. One solid message for the day.
If all you did was engage in the splendor of dreams, lucid dreams, and a fluid messaging between you and your soul, you can gain memories of your previous lives.
Then at 3 am I wake up for my prayer time. It’s not any normal prayer. I sit in a chair. The same chair specifically set aside for this and this alone. The 3 am time is specific for isolation. Then I begin to link myself with the Spiritual realm. All of this light and energy pour down on me. I am literally connecting to the spiritual side. This is me stepping halfway here and halfway there. More than that this is my connection to God. The Creator is filling me with his life force. I can feel it moving thru me like waves of fire pulsing warmly through my body while I feel this stream of glowing water pour warmly down me. There is a jolting rush of emotions as I connect. I have a sudden visual of anchors falling. There are waves of energy hitting me again and again, it literally feels like I am bobbing in the ocean. Then the link completes itself, swirls of light come down through me faster and faster and from all angles. I have come to believe these are your messages coming from the heavens. Like Christmas has arrived and these are all your gifts. Then I see what I could only describe as a tether that attaches us. I feel it’s strength or perhaps it’s a bit loose, right now it’s a healing green Light working on my health.
The tether seems to be a symbolic relationship we have, an understanding of where I stand perhaps, or maybe it’s us standing together. Then it ends with this beautiful white blanket wrapping me up warmly. There are times of darkness where I look forward to the Creators warm blanket. Then the window closes, like a whole opened up right above my head and now it was closing. But I always make a point to stare at the window real quick, I see space, behind the other side, and this beautiful white light beaming down on me with just a tint of blue.
Then I go back to sleep (I take a lot of daily naps) . Still singularly focused on “Remember”

I wake up at 5am: Normally it’s time to do World Predictions, but today is “Remember”. Sometimes my work is done. I remembered through my dreams, so I go back to sleep. Today I move to what makes all of my work come together. Meditation and the removal of thought.

I now sit in a second chair, that chair sits polar opposite of the first. Like yin and yang. In the room where all my spiritual growth and experiences unfold. It’s just the garage. There I sit comfortably for several hours. I close my eyes and focus on breathing, my goal is to extinguish thought. To empty my mind of all thought. Ironically thought is what speeds up while you sit eyes closed. Not to worry that’s normal. Just focus on slowing it down. Worry about your store purchases and laundry later. Down, down, down. Eventually you get to a place where there is less and less thought. Then oddly you know your close when time seems to be lost. Has it been 5 minutes or an hour? But move forward, let nothing distract you. Think of the blackness behind your eyes and only that. Think of your breathing and only that. Then just as you achieve removing thought, boom.. Nirvana.
Let me say that it took a good month when I began meditation before I saw any results. Now it flows at will but this process is like learning anything in life. It’s not going to come quickly.
Each experience is unique. The first lives you remember are ones linked with todays issues. The karma you hold of unfinished business. Very much like .the story THE KARMA I KNOW Then only after that you see your Spice, your overarching story and purpose. TRUTH: SPICE Who you are is so much more than you could possibly imagine. I hope you find your way to the vast abyss that is you.

A few thoughts. It was the practice of meditation that gave me the knowledge of my ‘link’ to the heavens. Meditation opens up the door to endless knowledge, untainted and raw. Your eyes open and see things as they really are.

Consistency is essential for success. It’s something you learn. Find a space that is yours. Keep that space divine. I burn a lot of sage. My work has a lot of steps but honestly it started very basic and evolved. The basic way works.
Clearing your mind of thought has so many benefits. It gives a calm to your emotional state. It gives a focus and determination that did not exist prior. But most of all it shatters the lies, especially the ones you tell yourself and replaces that with ‘your’ spirituality. That includes memory. How could anyone say no to that.
What was the first lie that shattered when I began? This lie that our Creator isn’t readily available to us. That we can’t have our own personal relationship with God. That his presence is beyond us.
Why Not!? We can and it is available when ever you decide to walk up that hill. You are the Creators child why wouldn’t there be a personal relationship? Your waiting for the Creator to show? The Creator is waiting for you.

Share your knowledge of this topic. Help us all achieve this goal.