World Predictions: Attack Coming 8-12-20

Ireland I need your help.

I had a visual of a spider. The spider had this hard shell around it. Then Spirit drew a large box in mid air as if drawing a plan up. Off to the side of the large square was the spider. In the center top was an event.
The event seemed to be ceremonial in nature. Two different groups coming to a compromise or understanding.
Then just as hands shakes the deal done, attacks followed.

Taliban? Israel? A peaceful transition followed by an immediate attack? Why?? It seems done? There is one glaring possible location, Ireland. I say Ireland simply because of previous messages that sounds familiar, I will let you decide: WORLD PREDICTIONS 6-20-20 World Predictions 12-6-18

Ireland, fans of Ireland. Please forward all the deals your new government plans to make, any ceremonial events. Plans. Talk of attacks. Please forward all related news links. Who would you call if there was an attack? It seems like there is a ceremonial event and we need its date and time because it’s going to be attacked. This can be altered, and I have every intention of striking this beast. Or giving it my best shot. The days of Eric on the sidelines just reporting are closing. Life is to short. The Spirits and I have added swords to our waist and we every intention of striking.

I tried to alter the conversation mid stream but Spirit would have it. They just continued the conversation unabated, is that apart of the new process? Or the magnitude of this situation.

I had a visual of “1”

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  1. I’m not in Ireland. I did just now pray for this and heard the word “masterful”. Have no idea what it means. For the past few days I have the feeling of a mass event of people dying. At first, thought it was Beirut, but the feeling started after the Beirut explosion. Now this must be it that you are speaking of. Usually the event happens within 5 days of when the feeling starts & it started 3 days ago. Will continuing praying.

  2. Eric,
    Are the spirits talking about Northern Ireland, or the Republic of Ireland? Northern Ireland used to have a lot of violence between Catholics and Protestants, a 30-year conflict called the Troubles. But as far as I know, the Troubles mostly ended in the 1990s, though there were flare ups from time to time.

    Maybe the upcoming attack has to do with that, a ceremony involving the peace process perhaps?

    Your prediction sounds eerily like something that happened in Northern Ireland on August 15th 1998, (just a few days after the Good Friday cease-fire was reached), when terrorists who’d rejected the ceasefire set off a bomb in Omagh, killing 29 people. I don’t know if the upcoming attacks could be related to that, but I wanted to run it by you.

    1. Correction: That should read “just a few months after the Good Friday cease-fire was reached.”

  3. Eric, I live in England but am Irish. This could be somehow linked to Brexit which happens on 31st December. This is a very big event for Ireland and there will have to be talks/agreements re travel, transporting goods etc

      1. Hi Eric, it is Brexit where England leaves the European Union. Southern Ireland will remain part of the EU but Northern Ireland will be leaving with England on the 31st December 2020, (sorry I’m no good at posting links but if u google Ireland and Brexit there are loads of articles. Everyone is hoping we can leave on a deal but so far there has being no progress so we could be leaving on no deal which will mean there will have to be a lot of negotiations/agreements this is a big deal for a lot of people at the moment and outside of Covid is the biggest worry for people’s jobs, etc in Ireland, plus everybody hopes it doesn’t interfere with the peace process hope this helps x

        1. Sharon, the UK has already left the EU.It is no longer a member, though the Republic of Ireland still is one.
          We are now in the Transition period that PM May negotiiated. It ends on 31 December 2020 and if there is no EU-UK deal there will be chaos. Ireland and the Netherlands are the two worst affected EU countries by Brexit (the UK leaving the EU).
          Given the COvid-19 pandemic, AFAIK, few (if any ) ceremonies/commemorations/festivals/matches are being held in Ireland, north or south, at the moment. Any that were planned are postponed or being held online.

          1. Ben I agree with you but at the moment there is no real impact from Brexit that will occur after the 31st Dec, I cannot see any Middle Eastern Organizations having any Agro with Ireland as they are and always have been known as a neutral country and also a very tolerant country. What Eric is seeing seems very bad for Ireland, the only things that came to my mind was dissent over Brexit, Trumps connection to Ireland through his golf course outside of that I cannot see what reason Ireland has found itself in this position

          2. Can I have news links saying all that. I don’t question your integrity. I need homework on all things Ireland. Even if this prediction is about Israel the other prediction still holds to Ireland.

    1. There are two messages. One is an attack following a deal, an agreement, shaking hands in one. Then there is another prediction that points to Ireland saying there is a monster on your streets, they even point to Dublin, someone pure evil. The question remains are they related or separate messages.

    1. The group is new. Called Northerners? But there is a completely different interpretation too. Just pure evil people. Like a spree killer. The Ireland message is consist. A spider or group walking Dublin streets. The big question is , is this attack related? Something different?

  4. Suddenly had the thought to pray again about this event. While praying, I saw a man that is a stranger to me, so thought I had better post. He looks to be in early 30’s, Caucasian, very short curly auburn/blonde hair, good build, not fat or thin.

  5. Eric
    bravo for your determination and Intention
    to change this event ….
    especially mid stream vision …
    i re run an event in my my mind with desired outcome it helps and it has been known to change outcomes …a visual prayer so to speak..
    along with verbal prayer …
    side note
    My guides said Incoming wounded …it came to me while doing house work ..
    now that has always meant for me world event somewhere not a personel one..reasonable wouded numbers is implied …
    Then my hubby started saying …To be sure To be sure …( very Irish phrase) …he didnt know of my guides words …
    He is not Irish or has no Irish decent …
    I believe I got this as a heads up for light and love to Ireland ..

  6. I don’t know if this is related but the spider plus box in the air reminded me of this premonition I had June 10:

    “This morning while waking up I saw a spider and got the sense of a spider bite. It felt very dangerous (deadly) like a black widow. The spider seemed to be floating in the air or suspended up high somehow when I saw it. I then saw a red dot / circle but not positive it was actually part of the spider or if it was the next part of the message.

    The visual shifted to what looked like solid black with a small circle of light looking into the world some how. (Like looking through the hole in a wall, or maybe like looking through the scope of a big gun).

    I think these two visuals were related. (spider meaning terrorist or violent actor who kills, and the second part explaining what happens?).”

  7. what if this is the israel/UAE peace deal they are talking about right now.

    1. Shaylee Greer,

      “QUICK THREAD on the Israel/UAE normalization of relations: 1) There is nothing “historic” or “groundbreaking” about this agreement: Israel & the UAE have been strong allies under the table for many years! This is merely making that friendship public (which is still interesting).

      “2) Israel didn’t “halt” the annexation for the West Bank (annexation is ALREADY a de facto reality on the ground). Israel merely “suspended” its announcement of a reality it has already illegally imposed on Palestinians. It is FALSE to say Israel suspended it at the UAE’s request


      1. Yes i follow the politics of Israel and the middle east pretty closely. I do know the west bank settlements are already a reality, and that “Annexation” would just be an official recognition of sorts. But that is where the conflicts generally arise.

          1. It hasn’t been announced exactly when but they will be meeting in the next few weeks to sign the deal according to what was said in the press conference.

        1. Could the prediction about Ireland be a separate incident from the prediction about the ceremony? Could there be two separate attacks?

          1. Yes I am actually leaning towards that exact situation because I had no idea there was a peace agreement today. That has to be what they are talking about. Ireland has to be separate?


    Northern Ireland was created in May 1921 following the partition of Ireland.

    A forum and historical advisory panel will work alongside the government to commemorate the anniversary.

    Northern Ireland Secretary of State Brandon Lewis said the centenary year would promote the region on a world stage.

    “I am delighted that the prime minister is in Northern Ireland today, and has announced the first stage of our plans to mark this centenary,”

  9. “Inside the Weird World of Pro-IRA TikTok
    “Why teens on both sides of the Atlantic are posting videos celebrating Irish Republican violence.

    “Some users are clearly hoping to go viral with incendiary content that’s also tagged as a #historymeme, a trend on TikTok that involves illustrating important flashpoints in international history with modern music, puns, or biting satire.

    “As for American TikTok-ers, some might be relishing the idea of extreme and direct political action after being disillusioned by the failure of America’s two-party system to lead and take care of its citizens throughout the pandemic

    “The trend’s popularity might also be an opportunity for white American teenagers to reclaim an ethnic tradition of radical resistance in the Black Lives Matter era. In fact, a handful of them tag their IRA-loving videos with #BLM and #ACAB (short for “All cops are bastards”).”

    1. “It’s also worth noting that the IRA’s image has been changing in the offline world as well. Sinn Féin, the party once known as the political wing of the IRA, won the popular vote in recent elections in the Republic of Ireland, largely thanks to young voters with little or no memory of the Troubles. The disruptions caused by Brexit have also led to an increase in support for a united Ireland among voters in the North.”

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