Florida Sets Record in Covid19

This prediction is starting. Unfortunately only the first of two brushes. Please stay safe if your in Florida.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 5-15-20 I had a second visual of southern Florida, they painted it black twice. 

CORONAVIRUS: THE WORLD PREDICTIONS UNFOLDING ..In previous messages they paint places black that are hot spots for Coronavirus. The original prediction showed eastern China, then multiple spots in Europe. Recently they marked Turkey, Southern Africa, Florida, and now “the northern region by the lakes” implying a location like Michigan. With Florida they implied an ‘unraveling’…

WORLD PREDICTIONS 4-23-20 I had a visual of the US Map then spirit painted southern Florida black, and then painted it again. The visual shifted. I was on the ground of what looked like Miami looking out at the ocean to see one epic storm coming. Black, huge, the wind rushing against my posture. 
The question is the storm a hurricane? Or symbolic to troubling times.

39 thoughts on “Florida Sets Record in Covid19

  1. Eric,
    More info..

    Officials said Miami-Dade had a staggering positivity rate on Monday of 25.9%. That means one out of four tested are positive for the coronavirus, which is why enforcement is essential.

    “Enforcement is going to be difficult. We are going to warn people and we are going to cite them,” Suarez said.

    Hialeah Mayor Carlos Hernandez told CBS4 that violators could face a $100 fine in his city for not wearing a mask.


    1. Very sad.

      Meanwhile, New York State’s positivity rate is now 1.0 percent.
      Even NYC’s is down to 1.1 percent.

    1. Forgot to mention that we broke the single day record before the day has even ended.

      1. I can’t find the date n the article so well spotted star48. I saw it and was relieved it wasn’t on land so sadly the big one is yet to come.

  2. It’s going to be a double jeopardy when the hurricane hits Florida. Like cases will cause a shutdown then a hurricane comes in and people can’t evacuate in time. Plus I feel DeSantis is going to end up as a one term governor. He had bungled the coronavirus response so sloppy, can imagine him dealing both a hurricane and a pandemic at the same time. It’s going to be rough for Florida thia year.

  3. Hello Eric
    Do you see England having a massive spike in the virus?
    News and pics of people flocking to beaches went worldwide.
    I am English and I was appalled and upset to think that I have spent all this time worried to go out even to get food shopping, staying in and not seeing another person for ages and then pictures like these emerge.
    What is happening?

  4. I don’t doubt MI becoming a hot spot again, too many rural country ignorance floating around only about 40percent of people in these areas taking it seriously! There’s an article in my local paper about low turn out to a planned testing site. And their FB post about it showed the ignorance! Trump cuts funding for covid, try’s still to repeal ACA, and uses the first amendment as a good reason to further the spread of the virus and hold campaign rallies. I’m not feeling good about where we are at that’s for sure!

  5. is there anything you’re hearing about arizona? we have one of the highest rates in the US and i’m a bit scared on how it’s going to end — especially as someone high risk.

    1. Tested negative!!! I wear a mask everywhere….does not mean I am out of harms way…most people I see do not wear a mask!!! Oh man, this is Florida!!! Makes me sick!!!sage….agree!!! I am in Florida! Understand completely

  6. Yesterday on June 27th, Mars moved into Aries. Also in Retrograde. Retrogade means basically walking backwards. In the next 6 months there will be more unrest, strikes, egotistical, and doubling in deaths due to covid19, local fights like “demonstrations”, and the weather.

    I think this is what the spirits showed Erik through the spikes and black spots in his visions.

    Stay calm, focused and safe everybody.

      1. That what’s happens when we have a Trump stooge as a governor. It’s a good thing a got a stockpile of washable masks to last me for a loooong time. But I really hope people in the state that have disregarded the rules are looking like clowns now.

        1. Tested negative!!! I wear a mask everywhere….does not mean I am out of harms way…most people I see do not wear a mask!!! Oh man, this is Florida!!! Makes me sick!!!

  7. Tested negative!!! I wear a mask everywhere….does not mean I am out of harms way…most people I see do not wear a mask!!! Oh man, this is Florida!!! Makes me sick!!!

    1. I wouldn’t say we’re screwed. The ones that are screwed the most are the ones who didn’t wear their masks.

      Already their freedom not to wear mask had made the state go dry (no liquor at bars) and major Florida citites are enforcing mandatory masks rules. So just picture them with clown getup and kicking and screaming “MUH FREEDUM!! MURICA!!!”

      Just as a long as we don’t go out much, use hand sanitizer (put some on first before touching your face), wear masks, and stay focused we’ll get through. Also it helps to take immune boosting vitamins until a vaccine is finalized.

      Hopefully in the end, Florida will finally had enough of Republicans (since their clown followers won’t be around to keep voting those idots in) and DeSantis will end up being the last Republican governor of the state.

      Things suck for Florida right now, but us Floridians are able to adapt quickly and recover.

    1. Dear God, that’s awful! I hope all the attackers were arrested. There’s no excuse for what they did; their attack robbed a man of his life.

      What is it with the people who refuse to wear masks? They act like being told to so is trampling “their personal liberty”, but that makes about as much sense as refusing to go to a basement during a tornado warning, or refusing to evacuate during a wildfire.
      Would they really risk their lives and say, “Oh, I don’t care if the National Weather Service is telling me what to do, I won’t take shelter from this twister!” This isn’t about liberty, it’s about surviving an emergency.

      This pandemic is just as dangerous as any tornado or wildfire, but because we can’t see it physically, too many people assume it’s far away and happening to ‘other people’, and that they’re safe. There should be no hesitation for wearing masks–people should care about their lives and the lives of others enough to do so. Yes, it’s inconvenient and annoying, but it makes a huge difference as to the number of lives saved.

  8. For the first time since March 11, New York City officials reported zero coronavirus deaths today.

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