India China Border Clashes

This prediction has happened. Pray for peace and calm.
The prediction is flawed. We originally predicted a battle between India and Pakistan, then on 5-29 they reminded me of the prediction and pointed towards China.
I believe guns are not allowed in the region which might explain the archaic way of battle with the bow and arrow in the visual.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 5-29-20 I had a visual of a military boot dragging and stepping on a child’s toy bead necklace. The type of square beads that write you name. 
I had a visual of military jeeps coming over a hill or mountain. 
Rising India tensions, possible terrorist, but not Pakistan it’s actually China: WORLD PREDICTIONS 9-19-19

Then I had a visual of Archers dressed in ancient garb, they looked liked they were from India, the archers lined themselves up preparing for battle, pointed their bows to the sky ready to shoot.

Then the visual shifted to show chaos and violence on the streets of a town.

Then the visual shifted again to show a Pakistan leader at a table signing papers.

14 thoughts on “India China Border Clashes

  1. Eric,

    Another article
    Hand to hand,fists,iron bars.

    The hand-to-hand combat lasted hours, on steep, jagged terrain, with iron bars, rocks and fists. Neither side carried guns. Most of the soldiers killed in the worst fighting between India and China in 60 years lost their footing or were knocked from the narrow Himalayan ridge, plunging to their deaths.

  2. Yikes, I hope things calm down. Conflict is the last thing anyone needs right now. Best wishes to the people of India and China!

    1. Thanks Sara True we don’t want war. But looks bad at present. China on all its borders have become active. India , Japan, Taiwan etc … Looks like some vasted interest to go on war with someone. We Indians are struggling to cope with Covid we don’t need any war. Prayers.

      1. Neal
        Your all in our thoughts and prayers ..
        every day …peace love and light to you and yours …
        we hope this eases soon on all fronts ..

  3. There has been some rumblings going on due to a investigation of a bank relating to Trump by Geoffrey Berman; Bill Barr has been trying to stop him and has constantly lied to get Berman to stop.

    Also Berman has been investigating links with Epstein as well.

    Seems like something important may pretty soon.

    1. Kali X,

      Berman was handling Rudy Guiliani’s case too and also looking into possible campaign finance violations by the Trump campaign as it pertained to receiving questionable outside donations.

  4. Hello Eric,
    India and China are massing soldiers and heavy artillery, at border. Do you see this war coming. If yea will it be bad as it looks the world want to make India and China fight.
    Prayers needed to defuse the situation.

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