Trumps Coronavirus Briefings

Has this prediction happened? The first part of the prediction has happened. The back and forth with reporters is extremely volatile. However taking a short reprieve from news briefings and tweeting they are “not worth the time and effort” … does that represent ‘throwing in a towel’??

The Predictions:

WORLD PREDICTIONS 3-29-20 I had a visual of the president talking with reporters. Over a short time he became angrier and angrier, then the visual shifted and you see the president throw in the towel. 

PREDICTIONS 8-8-17 I had a visual of Spirit marking multiple locations all across Europe. “An Epidemic unfolds in Europe.. one of the worst in decades..”

WORLD PREDICTIONS 10-6-19 I had a visual of China, in the eastern coastal region semi close to Taiwan, that was marked. On the map was the number 2

“An epidemic is coming that will move with such fury.” Then it shifted to show people in tents coughing.

I had a visual of a map showing an area between France and Spain in the more northern region. Then the area turned red, the red are grew outward, getting larger and larger.

Notes on 5-18-13
It’s starting.. Vietnam is closed.. walls and barriers..
I had a visual of a small bathroom with two doors next to each other on the right. The doors closed. Right of Vietnam is China, my guess is that Vietnam closes its borders to China. The bathroom could be a symbolic message of the reason, perhaps an epidemic.

72 thoughts on “Trumps Coronavirus Briefings

  1. Yep, he definitely threw in the towel. They are so rude and accusatory towards him. If you haven’t noticed, everything he says is skewered and most of the press question him in hostile tones. It is about time.

    1. But his words aren’t being skewered by the press, he’s truly saying dangerous things and rambling on about topics he has no idea about…..look at his disinfectant comment, he wasn’t being sarcastic like he claims, he was rambling about a theory he’d heard somewhere without checking with experts before he said it. And then there was a spike in poison calls to hotlines because people heard his speech and didn’t know it was nonsense.

      He’s putting his own followers at risk by making them think the media critical of him is ‘fake news’, and he’s convincing them to only follow news sites that support him. And when he makes rambling comments about treatments he has no clue about, he’s putting people at risk because they’ll take his advice over everyone else’s–even doctors.

      1. Thank you Sara, desperately trying to find compassion for a person with the power to destroy our government and harm people through dereliction of duty. You clearly stated this.

  2. Trump is getting mentally weaker. He is close to some sort of psychological crisis in my humble opinion. All the little reality TV tricks and slight of hand he has used before to get away with all of his shenanigans is not working so good anymore and he knows it. He is mentally and emotionally exhausted from all the pressure to perform and appear sane and intelligent. He is probably abusing some prescription or other medications to keep his energy up. He is showing signs of mental deterioration. He will sink lower and lower as the crisis keeps on. This is just my opinion. I think the bully feels bullied but who will feel sorry for him? Not I.

  3. I realize Trump left the briefing one day – but to me that doesn’t indicate “throwing in the towel”.

  4. I realize that Trump left one briefing before answering questions – but to me that does not indicate “throwing in the towel” nor important enough for spirits to bring it up.

    1. It’s that last part I agree with, why bring up throwing in the towel if it lasted one day? If he canceled his attendance completely that would have a negative impact worth attention.

      1. Yes I think this next two months will show us more on this. And I think we’re in for a period of ‘shock and awe’, without the aircraft carrier *Chuckle*.

  5. To be honest, as a long time follower, I am incredibly disappointed in the political babble that I’ve encountered on this page in the recent months. This page is made for spirit talk, not our feelings and political views. It’s distasteful to show obvious biases and I’m afraid that these personal feelings of negativity for President Trump may end up skewing the accuracy of predictions. Plus, as someone who has witnessed Erics accuracy for years now, I think in order to gain the biggest following possible going forward, it would be in the pages best interest to maintain a neutral ground when it comes to these “hot topics.” Just my opinion, and you can take it for what it’s worth. Have a blessed evening all.

    1. I am so happy, that people are getting involved and voicing what they feel and comments, this website, is not only about predictions, but changing the bad into good. PLUS, we ALL learn from everyone else, so when we have many commenting and discussing, we are learning from each other, sharing, what we feel, the main goal IS NOT getting the biggest followers, BUT, Helping and Serving, others, and making tomorrow better, Plus, letting others know, the bad stuff ahead of time, so All of us can change it! THANK YOU, everyone, for your comments, and caring, let us not lose site of the bigger picture……….

    2. The world is falling apart. We are ushering in a new world, one hopefully filled with love and compassion. Are we to ignore what is happening? Eric, thank you for all that you do in exposing truth even if it is unpleasant.

    3. Its a case of ‘The Times, They Are A Changing’. Never before, in the past six to eight thousand years have we had such a dramatic swing of the pendulum to the left as we are currently beginning to experience now. The Age we are moving from is Pisces and it has been primarily conservative, as were the two previous Ages; Taurus and Aries. We are moving into Aquarius, an age so foreign to any of us, it’s going to shake even the most left of lefties. Currently all Governments in the world are varying degrees of conservatism and that’s no accident. The Old Age doesn’t want to let go, but the New Age can’t be stopped. This is far bigger than a few radicals opposing Trump and the current US Senate. And yes, there will be wars unless we accept that these changes are NOT human made, but a far bigger picture unfolding for the next two or so thousand years. Pete

      1. With equal respect and humility. If you know in a few decades their will be a leader so horrible, so evil that his death toll expands beyond WW 1 and 2 combined, how do you stop him? How do you prevent that from happening. All roads here lead to this event. I hope I can make impacts in between. That holds as my ultimate goal. But in this future l will be as they say “dealt with like Lincoln”. Knowing this, what do you do? Their answer, practice on political predictions while making our other predictions more accurate. Trump is just a means to an end, so too will be the next president. Master it, and make it so accurate that when this evil does arrive and I say this noble loved man is a facade and he is the devil incarnate maybe, just maybe, they will listen. Because by then I should have made so many accurate predictions, and predicted the politics of the day. But with respect this future is bigger than our current president and everyone’s divisive opinion of him.

        As for the comments I am not one for stopping people from their opinions. But I agree it reflects division. I open this up for debate, if anyone has a better way of changing this future please I am open to discussion and continue the debate. Laura and Anon I hope you understand this is our reason behind adding politics, the practice of political predictions, to stop the worst leader this world has ever seen.

        1. Thank you Eric, Please continue, to do as you are! just let the predictions flow, and continue to allow, people to express their oponions, and share there psychic predictions. There are many voices, and all of us do learn from other peoples voice and difference of oponions.! just as long as everyone is respectful of others, and not voicing hate or fear, to others. I have a feeling, that very bad leader, is coming MUCH sooner, than people realize! Time, is excellerating, and bring, things to fruitation, much quickier, than so many pyschics have seen or rotold! besides, weather changes are starting to rage, THIS will be the number ! topic, besides food shortages to come, a lot of souls, will be leaving planet Earth, within the next 10 years, much more, than we see now. HOWEVER, thru that, climate change, and the war, IN the long run, Earth will be much more peaceful and different, BUT, I think, there are still TWO paths, for America, and America, and its citizens, still have a LITTLE time, to choose, what path, they want for its future. GOD, gives ALL humans, free will, this is a learning tool, HOWEVER, he will never allow humans to destroy Earth, with nukes, and other things, because, besides humans, other species, also reside on earth, that most humans, do not have a clue, and they have been here WAY before humans, ever populated planet Earth! People, continue to use your voices, and continue to care! thank you Eric, for what you do,!

          1. To you Maria and to Laura and Anon, I am an Australian, living in Australia and with no political axe to grind concerning America’s politics. I am in my early seventies and watching a world that I thought I’d never see again after the pain of WWII. But what Eric has shared of his magnificent channelling is quite mild to what I’ve been shown. No, neither of us are wrong, just different perspectives of the bigger picture. I plead with you, and those that steadfastly hold onto un-researched beliefs, on all sides of the American political perspective, what is coming is unlike anything the human race has ever experienced before. My plea is start Spiritual Meditation. Start becoming at One with the Creator as you understand that Energy to be. Politics is just a distraction from the bigger picture, because politics and politicians won’t be able to help us. People will. Put people first. Pete

  6. Well, Eric, when Trump decided to not do public briefings for now, I certainly thought about the Spirits’ prediction about Trump throwing in the towel. I don’t see Trump ever resigning or leaving office over this. But in my opinion, the Spirits’ message is right on target in regards to Trump not dealing with the press.

  7. Finally stopped watching these press conferences after the “bleach injections” comment made by the president, which he then hilariously claimed was just sarcasm so he wouldn’t have to take responsibility for what he said.

    Prior to that these press conferences just turned into White House propaganda meant to rewrite the narrative about what they knew and when they knew it in order to avoid culpability for their slow response.

    The president is still lying about testing.

  8. Yes, “throwing in the towel” represents dealing with the reporters.

  9. Do you have any updates about North Korea their are rumors going on Kim Jong un is dead

  10. “Justice Dept. scrutinizes White House-connected doctor linked to disputed coronavirus treatment.

    “Federal prosecutors have requested communications between Vladimir Zelenko and commentator Jerome Corsi.

    “Jerome Corsi, the commentator who narrowly escaped charges in Mueller probe, meant to email Zev Zelenko, a White House-allied doctor, about a hydroxychloroquine project. He instead emailed Aaron Zelinsky, the Mueller prosecutor. A new probe has begun…”


  11. April 28: *On camera*, Trump says the US will complete 5 million coronavirus tests per day “very soon.”

    April 29: Trump denies he said what he said the day before – that the U.S. would “very soon” be completing 5 million coronavirus tests per day.

      1. It is a House committee that oversees funding for Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services and Education. The committee is controlled by the Democratic House members who wanted to ask Dr. Fauci questions about the federal government response to Covid-19. The White house doesn’t want him to appear before the House committee, but has given permission for him to appear at a Senate Health Committee hearing on May 12. So it appears the White House is ok with Dr. Fauci answering questions from the Republicans in the Senate but not the Democrats in the House.

  12. Eric, I hope you are not “dealt with like Lincoln” because you try to warn people in the future about the evil leader.
    I hope many psychics and other people will stand with you and are ready to speak out and stop him before he can start a war.

  13. hello Eric
    I am encouraged in a positive way by the thought that we are now slowly coming out of this dreadful time. Is this true, or are we being lied to by the media and government?

    1. The spirits point to two moments, May 15..22 as when lockdowns really loosen. Part of it is about location, Europe loosening now is ok, but Florida should not be allowing beach goers. Then in June the virus begins to fall flat but not end. Unfortunately I am learning now the virus will linger for an entire year. Just one year according to them. However to that there is the recent message that says coming soon the battle against the virus gains traction. So yes this raging fire come mid month becomes a smaller flame.

  14. “Trump Moves to Replace Watchdog Who Identified Critical Medical Shortages”

    Things Trump did prior to this:

    1. Blows up about Dr. Messonnier calling coronavirus spread “inevitable.”

    2. Tries to get CDC Director to walk back warning about second wave possibly being more difficult.

    3. Targets author of IG report who relayed what hospitals said about supply shortages.

    1. This has become the trash our President site!! I am done, have a nice life!!

      1. Maria….everything Cody mentioned in his post is true. Trump really has peddled misinformation and blown up at people who try to tell how bad things could get. Those are facts. He has downplayed the virus and rambled on about deadly solutions–such as the inject disinfectant comment.

        It’s your choice whether to support Trump; I just wish you would understand that we’re not trying to trash him….we’re scared and upset with what he does and says because he is so unstable.

        If it were Obama downplaying the virus the way he did, and then suggesting people inject disinfectant, Republicans would have been roaring for him to be ousted. But for some reason, instead of admitting Trump is losing it, the White House tries to cover up for him….they tried to pass off the disinfectant comment as ‘sarcasm’, which is a lie.

        Please, understand we’re not trying to make an innocent man look bad, Trump has really done the things that the media is calling him out on. They’re doing their job by pointing out when the president says something untrue, and they have to do it a lot because he just blurts things out without checking their accuracy.

        Look at it like this…if it were Obama insisting the virus wasn’t a big deal, if it were Obama rambling about injecting disinfectant, would you be okay with such unstable behavior? I don’t say this to be combative, but so you see we’re not tilting at windmills….all the things the media lay into him about are things he has actually done and said.

  15. There is a troubling trend of citizens taking up arms and protesting the shelter-in-place laws to the spread of the virus in a manner similar to a civilian militia. The protestors in Michigan that stormed the capital building in Lansing are an example of this. I am not sure how bad this will get but Trump has decided to support these people by saying “These are very good people, but they are angry. They want their lives back again, safely! See them, talk to them, make a deal.”
    Here is an article about it:

    I don’t know if eventually violence will break out at one of these type of protests, but it seems likely. Why does the President feel the need to encourage this? He wants to support them because they are the type of people who support him, who he counts on voting for him. One or more of Eric’s posts regarding the pandemic already mentions this issue (April 18, 2020–I think there are other posts also). Now to further inflame this situation Trump decides to give the protestors a verbal pat on the back to encourage them.

  16. Why has Michigan received far less from the national PPE stockpile than the state needs to combat the coronavirus, but Florida’s gotten everything it requested?

    “CREW Requests Records on Strategic National Stockpile Coronavirus Response – CREW

    “The Strategic National Stockpile could be prioritizing the distribution of materials to states supportive of Trump’s coronavirus response.”

    1. We have a higher number of total cases, too. This is something we’ll have to be careful of for a while yet. We all want things to go back to normal; we just have to be sure we don’t loosen restrictions too early.

  17. “White House to Bar Fauci, Task Force From Testifying in May

    “The White House last week blocked Dr. Anthony Fauci from testifying in the House this Wednesday. And now, according to an internal document obtained by RealClearPolitics and three senior administration officials, the administration will bar the coronavirus task force, which includes Fauci, from testifying in Congress for the next month.”

    1. “The Trump administration failed to prepare for the onslaught of the coronavirus, then sought a quick fix by trying to rush an unproven drug to patients, a senior government scientist alleged in a whistleblower complaint Tuesday.

      “‘I witnessed government leadership rushing blindly into a potentially dangerous situation by bringing in a non-FDA approved chloroquine from Pakistan and India, from facilities that had never been approved by the FDA,’ Bright said Tuesday on a call with reporters. ‘Their eagerness to push blindly forward without sufficient data to put this drug into the hands of Americans was alarming to me and my fellow scientists.'”

  18. This whole thing is appalling. If you want to know why we’re resigning ourselves to thousands of deaths per day indefinitely, while other countries are getting back to normal, read this maddening catalogue of incompetence & corrupion:

    “Kushner coronavirus effort said to be hampered by inexperienced volunteers

    “One volunteer filed a complaint with the House Oversight Committee outlining chronic problems, including inadequate PPE efforts and fast-tracking leads from pro-Trump allies.”

  19. “South Korea went from the largest ex-China COVID outbreak in the world to zero domestic cases in 60 days.

    “I spoke to Korean residents, politicians, and historians about how they did it—and what the world should learn from them

    “South Korea’s Secret
    “Seven weeks ago, South Korea and the U.S. had the same number of COVID-19 deaths. Today, South Korea has less than 300, and the U.S. has more than 70,000.”

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