World Predictions 3-16-20

I had a visual of New Jersey. Then it shifted to show one huge fire or explosion.

Oh Philip.. we welcome you.

8..7 later they would write 4.

I had a visual of a ship that looked like the Titanic, it was sinking into the ocean from the top down.

The numbers could be April 8th, or a countdown. If it’s a countdown it’s coming very soon, because the message was a few days ago.
To welcome someone implies they will pass away, since Spirit is saying it.

46 thoughts on “World Predictions 3-16-20

      1. If they said Philip, I’m going with Prince Philip. If it is a Phil for short I can think of 2 others offhand that come in strongly. As to the Titanic-things are going topsy-turvy that affects us all world wide in some way or another be it health or money/economy wise.

  1. With everything going on this it it? So disappointed… it feels like the end of times but this premonition is no where near that.

      1. Eric,
        Can you please share with us their vision of a rapture.
        I would like to read it again.
        Thank you.

  2. Maybe an 8.7 quake in 4- I just woke up to a mild one here in Chile. He said West coast US was due for one, also a Mega Chile awhile back. 8.7 would qualify.

  3. Eric,
    Any idea what the countdown in referring to?

    Also, what are spirits saying about the coronavirus pandemic?

    1. spirits did say that it would peter out “in 90 days” and that was several weeks back. Hoping this is only a short-sharp-shock but im fearing more the economic consequences.

  4. Spirit seems to be shutting down or short sighted, when we are in a time of turmoil and need long future direction. The messages recently feel weak, not strong and decisive like previously. Quake timings always off. What’s happening?

    1. Ouch. We did predict this virus back in October. We predicted the fall of stocks (recently), the closing of borders, I think they are doing well at their work. There will be more updates.

      1. Eric and Spirit- great appreciation a million times over for all you have predicted and given, instructed, and continue to give us.

        It is all coming true, just maybe not in the exact time frame as some would like- but if one looks back in review, what Eric and Spirit have said has been unfolding and continuing to develop as Eric predicted.
        When I look back, as I do often now, and I re-read Eric/Spirits’ guidance, warnings, and predictions, they are continuing to happen.
        Some of the timings are extremely accurate., for me personally. I have had many personal readings with Eric over the years, and his/Spirit’s accuracy has been outstanding. Predictions continue to unfold, some have not happened yet, but so many have happened for me I am so thankful for Eric.
        Much gratitude to you Eric/Spirit for your generosity of heart, time, caring and love for us all, most especially with your own health issues that you have had to constantly deal with. It cannot be easy to give as you do when you are not feeling 100%.

  5. Thank you Eric and Spirit. I had the same vision about Titanic a couple of days ago. I feel it’s symbolic for our way of life and reality and how it has changed due to these new circumstances that nobody knows how long they will last.
    I really hope Eric and Spirit will keep us updated on this virus and the fall out, as I can’t seem to make this eary feeling in my stomach go away when I think about it…..

  6. 7-8 4 Eathquake in April would be a guess.
    Titanic going down could represent the Federal reserve and it’s demise.

  7. Would it be possible that New Jersey would explode with the virus. The ship sinking to me is the end of the cruise business.

  8. Eric, my first thought was that the cruise ship with so infected with the corona virus that they sink it.

  9. Could the Titanic going down represent a downturn in the cruise industry? Who wants to go on a cruise these days?

  10. “Sinks from the top down”? Sounds to me like C-virus going through the passengers.

  11. Hi Eric. Concerning the Royal Family, for my next blog this coming weekend I have been given this: From my Spirit Friends: (Pete) the vision We gave you some time back concerning the Royal Family will come to fruition from late August, early September, and onwards. In that time frame the Queen will have reason to abdicate.”

      1. Joseph tittle in his 2020 predictions said after prince philips death the u.k. would have major issues and chaotic government. That may be the ship sinking I think.

      2. Yes, could well be. I keep feeling there is turmoil going on behind the scene with the Royals, but it’s being abated while the Queen and Prince Philip hold the reigns.

    1. no, After her husband passes, she will also pass away……So sad, she gave her entire life, for her nation, and sacrificed, a lot of her life, for it. we are in a major death cycle, as they happen, every decade or so. we must remember, to Rejoice, when we go home……..that is our true home, than here………….

  12. Before now, this was the last time Titanic was used in a prediction:

    “Trump is going to be hitting an iceberg scenario.. the Titanic.”

    “In a previous message they showed Trump boarding the Titanic with his staff, a symbolic message that this unsinkable ship will plummet. This message seems to be referencing that the timeframe is drawing near. They marked 12 as the timeframe. Perhaps December.”

  13. Eric,tempestmm326,

    Naval ship and passenger cruise liner rammed..liner sinks

    (CNN)A Venezuelan naval boat picked and lost a fight with a passenger cruise liner off the country’s northern coast this week, ramming it several times before accidentally taking on water and sinking.

    The proprietors of the German-owned RCGS Resolute cruise ship said its vessel had been receiving maintenance in international waters on Tuesday morning when the armed navy boat approached it and ordered it to change direction.
    The encounter escalated when, according to the company, “gun shots were fired and, shortly thereafter, the navy vessel approached the starboard side at speed with an angle of 135 degrees and purposely collided with the RCGS Resolute.”

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