London Stabbing Attack

Please pray for all of those in the UK.
Is this prediction starting? That implies more coming as it reads on

”Your under attack!” 
I had a visual of a spider crawling, while hearing a clock tick in the background. 

WORLD PREDICTIONS 2-1-20 In 5 your under attack. 
This message was given on the 29th – 30th so if it is a countdown it could be a message for the 2nd-4th. 

4 thoughts on “London Stabbing Attack

  1. Does this have anything to do with the earlier prediction “when two helmets come together”? I just remembered that because today the Superbowl plays in Miami but not sure of what it was referring to.

    1. “Shooter in German Killings Had Racist Motive, Officials Say”

      “According to Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, far-right extremists committed 10,105 violent crimes in the last decade, as well as 83 murders since 1990. In comparison, Islamist terrorists killed 17 people in the same period.”

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