California School Shooting

This prediction has happened. Please pray for all those children affected by this nightmare.

Unfortunately the prediction was never completed. On the second set were they connecting the fires and shooting together as California events? The predictions:

World Predictions 10-16-19 As I meditated I heard gunfire and people screaming, then it shifted to show multiple police vehicles racing down the road.

I need to gather the details on this last message.

World Predictions 9-7-19 I had a visual I was walking up a set of short stone stairs outside to see an entire community of homes burned down, everything brought to ash. The trees in the background seemed like black thin sticks of the trees they use to be. Then I heard a voice say “Again!”

I had a visual of the hands of a man planning a shooting spree. The visual shifted to show young adults outside, its uncertain if their presence was related to the message or not.

Are these predictions related?

World Predictions 4-5-19 I had a visual of a calendar with the 6th blackened out.

Massacre.. all out massacre.. at or around the school.

10 thoughts on “California School Shooting

  1. Seems like it since the shooting happened at the school but not in the school, which explains the “young adults outside” and the “at or around the school” predictions.

  2. Eric,SWC,
    A 16-year-old student dressed in black opened fire at Saugus High School in Los Angeles County Thursday, killing two students and injuring three others before turning the gun on himself.

    Officials identified the slain students as a 14-year-old boy and 16-year-old girl and said the shooter was in “grave condition” after he was identified as the sixth student found wounded in the quad.

  3. It’s awful that this keeps happening in schools, a place where kids should be safe to learn and study. Unfortunately, in today’s world, we have to be vigilant. If anyone sees a threat online, or overhears one, it’s important to notify the police.

    I hope all the injured people recover. And that the students who died rest in peace.

  4. Eric,SWC,
    Update #2
    Third death…
    🔹Nathaniel Berhow, 16, is suspected of gunning down classmates at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, California, on Thursday morning
    🔹Two 14-year-old boys and a 16-year-old have died, while two girls, aged 14 and 15, were injured and remain in hospital following the shooting
    🔹Surveillance captured the attacker pulling pistol from his backpack, firing at his five classmates and then shooting himself with the final bullet
    🔹Berhow, who was initially mistaken for a victim, is in hospital in a grave condition
    🔹The school was locked down and witness descriptions and surveillance footage identified the suspect within an hour of the shooting
    🔹Officers went to his home and his mother and girlfriend are assisting detectives with their investigation
    🔹A childhood friend of Berhow’s described him as being quiet and introverted
    🔹He said the suspect’s father had died in the last few years and speculated that it could have been a trigger
    🔹The friend claimed that Berhow’s late father drank heavily and also made bullets

  5. Do you think we should expecting an earthquake this Sunday the 17th? With the pressure from this full moon, I’m wondering where we will see a response from the earth.

  6. Eric,
    When will these school shootings end?? Can spirit tell you anything on when this will stop? I pray for the safety of my grandchildren, as well as all children, everyday to protect them. I have grandchildren in elementary, middle school, high school and college. I worry about this all the time. All those Senators that vote against better gun reform need to be forced to retire or get voted out. They are heartless! Owned by the NRA and or Russia!
    Sorry for the rant. It’s so heartbreaking seeing this happen over and over.

      1. I mean no disrespect to older generations when I say this, but many of the older members of Congress just don’t understand what it’s truly like to have to go to school in an era of mass-shootings. Many don’t understand how scary even a drill can be, or if a classmate acts angry, you half wonder whether they’re about to pull out a firearm. Or you wonder if you’ll make it home alive that day.

        If they understood better how terrifying it is for kids and teens, maybe they’d have more empathy. More needs to be done to prevent violent, threatening people from owning guns. That’s just common sense. Terrorist sympathizers, anyone who’s abusive, or someone who’d made violent threats should not be allowed to own guns.

        After all civilians aren’t allowed to own chemical weapons or nuclear material, right? It’s common sense to contain those destructive weapons as much as possible; we need to do something similar with guns. (I’m not advocating taking guns from all citizens, I understand the need for decent people to have them for self-defense.) Still, something more obviously needs to be done, our system now is not even close to working, and innocent kids are dying.

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