Whistle Blower Complaint

Is this the prediction about a whistle blower? Unfortunately without all the details it is unclear if the prediction is related.

PREDICTIONS 5-23-18 JAPAN EARTHQUAKE/TSUNAMI “The white house whistleblower.. all these lies, so many lies.. he has conspired with Russia on multiple fronts..  I am being told to throw it away.” Then Spirit wrote 157 which implies the 15th.

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  1. cat Avatar

    Hello Eric and SWC!
    Maybe Ukraine is just one part of the complaint/subject matter.
    If there is a series of events” Perhaps one of those other events involve Russia.
    as Eric/Spirits prediction said,
    “he has conspired on multiple fronts” –
    apparently there is a series of ‘events’ and actions by trump- it is not just one singular event.

  2. Susan Steffen Avatar
    Susan Steffen

    I am glad a pro Trump prediction has come out. Clearly it says that the whistleblower is a liar, and involved with Russia, and to throw the allegation away. I read in Newser today that the “whistleblower” objected to Guliani asking the Ukraine to investigate Biden when he demanded the removal of the investigator looking into improprieties of Hunter Biden in Ukraine, when Biden threatened publicly to withhold aid until they fired the guy. They did fire the investigator, and Guliani and Trump want answers as to why the vice president was wielding political power to shield his son from prosecution in Ukraine. The Obama administration was obviously meddling in Russian politics. This is why they did not want Trump talking to Putin.
    Guliani’s request was obviously in the pursuit of truth and justice, and part of Trump’s takedown of the corruption in Washington. I dearly hope that people will look deeper into the corrupt politics that led the US to help gift the Ukraine to Russia and here spirit is saying clearly that the whistleblower scandal is a garbage issue.

    1. Sara Avatar

      Unfortunately, Trump is just as corrupt as any politician. He’s been accused of using “hush money” to pay off women he’s had affairs with, he has a history of cheating people out of their money, accusations of sexual assault (which have gone on long before he ever ran for president), and to this day, he ignores laws and does whatever he wants. (Refusing to give up his tax returns).

      Even though his advisors advised him against pulling out of Afghanistan and Iraq prematurely due to the fact ISIS could re-surge there, he’s still pushing for a return. He regularly fires qualified people who disagree with him, which is extremely dangerous, because a president needs to hear all sides in an argument, especially on anything related to national security. If he’s pushing out anyone telling him something he doesn’t want to hear, he could be missing critical information to national security.

      I’m not trying to rant here, you’re entitled to your own opinion. I’m just really worried that many Trump supporters seem to ignore so many red flags. You’re right that politicians are corrupt, that’s absolutely right, and clearly something needs to change to get them out of office….but Trump isn’t the solution. He’s just as corrupt; he’s part of the problem. I just worry that people are so desperate for change, they’re looking to the wrong guy for help.

      As for the prediction, maybe I read it wrong, but it sounded to me like the parts that said “so many lies…he conspired with Russia” were things the whistle-blower was saying, not being said about the whistle-blower.

    2. Sara Avatar

      Susan Steffen — Not sure if you’re new here but the “he has conspired with Russia on multiple fronts” is about Trump because Spirit has already made several “conspiring with Russia” predictions that specifly said Trump conspired with Russia.

      1. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
        T W Longtime Lurker

        +1 Sara

        I wonder if Bolton will blow a whistle too.

      2. Susan Steffen Avatar
        Susan Steffen

        (Sara, I am sorry but my 1st response to your response I accidentally deleted. )
        To clarify: in this case it clearly did not implicate the President. The subject was “White House Whistleblower”, not President Trump. With psychic predictions, you can never assume anything other than what is actually said. Period. It said you could throw away the issue. Clearly this means an unfounded accusation by the White House Whistleblower.
        I further read up on the actual conversation complained about, and it was Guliani saying to the leader of the Ukraine that he could go ahead and reopen the investigation on Hunter Biden that Joe Biden had quashed by insisting that they fire the investigator or lose all the financial aid we had promised them. Biden forced the investigator get fired, and the aid package went ahead, and Hunter Biden was not charged.
        I think Trump paying women with whom he has has sexual relations with hundreds of thousands of dollars shows great respect for the women, as opposed to Bill Clinton who raped and exposed himself to women and had his security detail clean up after him.
        Asking for his tax returns is illegal, as California has found out. States cannot impose further requirements to the presidency other than those cited in the Constitution.
        Remember when citizen Trump volunteered to take over the renovation of the ice skating rink at Central Park? He couldn’t stand seeing it not get done and cost taxpayers more and more. He stepped in and did it under time and under budget. He was the hero of New York at the time. Remember that? How soon we forget.
        I understand Trump to be a citizen who loves his country and who has stepped in only because we were on the brink of absolute destruction of our way of life, and subjugation of all of us to a corrupt Washington that were robbing us blind and taking away our freedoms.
        All the open borders, higher taxes, socialized medicine, and gun grabbing that he is opposed to would lead us along the path to Venezuela, where the President’s daughter is the richest person in the country, and everyone else has lost an average of 30 pounds. (And Ivanka Trump is nowhere near the richest person in the country.)
        As far as red flags, I do not see evil where goodness stands. I have not been brainwashed to only see only “bad” things, and I can still clearly think for myself. I do spend lots of time listening to all sides of an issue, and recently am coming out more vocally in favor of President Trump because I feel that his values are actually “good” values, despite all the desperate attempts to take down the sitting President of the United States. Mueller spent 40 million and 2 years and and zilch!
        God bless you.

        1. Sara Avatar

          I guess we disagree on many of the things we see in Trump…I feel that Trump’s paying women not to talk about their affairs with him is just as deceptive as anything Joe Biden does; I don’t see how it respects women in any way. Trump seems to think he can buy his way out of anything.

          Renovating the ice-rink was a nice thing to do, but like Bill Clinton (who I also dislike) he has been accused of rape and sexual assault over the years. He’s no better than Clinton. One act of charity can’t cancel out those kinds of crimes.

          In his lifetime, Trump has cheated people out of money, and as president, he encourages hatred of non-whites. He consistently acts in the interests of the rich and the corporations, not the poor. He even insulted his own supporters during the 2016 campaign, when he bragged that he could shoot someone in the middle of fifth avenue and “not lose a single voter.”

          What scares me most about Trump, though, is the way he puts things to his followers: he makes it sound like it’s either vote for him, or face a gun-less, oppressive society with open borders—-but most democrats are not pushing for those things.
          No one wants borders so open that no one gets checked when they come through. Democrats disagree with the border wall and Trump’s mistreatment of migrants, but please be assured, no one wants to risk security by ending background checks and letting anyone come in.

          And don’t worry, most Democrats aren’t talking about taking away all guns from people–they just don’t believe citizens should have access to automatic weapons, because auto and semi-automatic weapons are like biological weapons–they can kill dozens in seconds, and no one believes civilians should own biological weapons, right? It’s too dangerous and too easy for terrorists or insane people to get access to these mass-killing devices.
          Keep in mind, at the time the Founding Fathers made the second amendment, they weren’t facing outright massacres at schools with automatics the way we are today. If they had, I’m sure they’d have included something about that.

          Democrats aren’t trying to make socialism out of medicine–they just want to make sure all people in the US have access to it. Right now, it’s way too expensive, and a lot of people are hurting because of it. Prices for medications are way too high, and it prevents people from getting treatment.

          I don’t feel that Trump supporters are brainwashed, please don’t worry about that. I just worry that they’re not seeing all of Trump’s wrongs.They have every reason to feel that the government is corrupt, because it is. From both parties. But Trump is just as bad. In some ways, because he fires anyone who disagrees with him and discredits all media that speaks against him, he is acting exactly like Putin or Kim Jong Un.

          I believe we desperately need new leaders on all sides of the aisle, and I hope all this division and hate goes away. Even though we disagree, I think it’s good that you and me are doing so civilly, neither of us has resorted to name-calling or anything, and that’s something we can be hopeful about.

          1. Susan Steffen Avatar
            Susan Steffen

            Sara, Trump was NEVER accused of rape nor assault; saying that women ALLOW him to grab their lady parts actually implies consent. Rather than correct every defect in your argument I will focus on the macro issues.
            The Democrat leadership has gotten so far to the left of the average voter, that Beto can come right out and say, “Hell yes, we are coming for your guns!” and no one says boo. All the candidates want socialized medicine with plans that would bankrupt America, and all the stuff you say Democrats don’t want.
            The schism is that Trump represents capitalism, and the Democrats are now representing socialism, which is what comes before communism- you know, where they take your guns and property, then kill everyone who complains.
            Capitalism is a much better system.

            PS: Funny to see how much hate is directed at me for not hating on Trump.

            1. Lovewarrior Avatar

              Okay Susan, fair enough. You get to have your views, which you are clearly going to share with us here. Many do not see what you see in Trump. We do not see a good human with good intentions for America and the world. But if that is honestly what you see, then by all means fight for what you believe in. But we will be fighting for love and decency right beside you.

              1. Susan Steffen Avatar
                Susan Steffen

                Thank you. I have heard credible psychics say that he is sent by God to save the world! (Samantha Jane Jones). I think people see what they want to see, so it is nice to see you be more accepting of others.

                1. Lovewarrior Avatar

                  Sent to save the world? Yikes. You do realize these are the kinds of things people said about hitler. Absolutely no one is sent to save the world. That kind of thinking is extremely dangerous and disturbing. What I will say is that Trump brings forth some serious darkness and festering wounds that need to be healed. He motivates people to make change happen in the world. He’s an antagonist. I’m happy yo see this ride out and looking forward to what is born over the next decade. Trumps importance will fade quickly. But certainly we will be left with the outcome of upheaval. History shows that’s a good thing.

                  1. Susan Steffen Avatar
                    Susan Steffen

                    Actually Hitler was a National Socialist (like AOC and Beto, and Bernie), and the first thing he did was confiscate all the guns from the Jews, so they couldn’t defend themselves when they were rounded up. Hitler was a vegetarian, and promoted the first Green movement and substituted athleticism for religion. The Antifa flag is virtually identical to that of the Nazi Antifa.
                    Trump promotes American values, and you saw the Hong Kong protesters waving American flags because they truly believe in freedom since having a taste of it, and they cannot go back to the Communist rule of their country, China. They pleaded for Trump to intervene on their behalf, and he did.
                    It is extremely important to fight the National Socialists of the Democrat party! Sadly, one of their tactics is to say that Trump is the Nazi! Trump supports the right to bear arms. Trump supports free speech(twitter!). Trump supports religion. He is absolutely opposed to an unelected bureaucracy running Europe and depriving independent nations of their sovereignty- in no way is that Nazi like! See how they call black white, and white black?
                    Lovewarrior- Jesus was sent to save the world. There is a God and there are Angels that often are sent to save us. Trump may have chosen to take on the role of leader of the greatest nation on earth for the express purpose of ridding it of those who would destroy it. I do not believe that Trump will soon be forgotten. Some say he may go down as the greatest president in history- it is entirely possible.
                    I hope those that hate him realize that the hate they create stays in their aura- if they could conjure up love for him, they would have that love in their aura instead. It is a personal choice for all of you.
                    Sounds about right to me. God bless you all!

                    1. Sara Avatar

                      Democrats aren’t trying to confiscate all guns the way Hitler did, just the automatics. Comparing Democrats to Hitler isn’t really accurate.

                      It is Trump is demonizing immigrants, non-whites, and anyone who disagrees with him, the same way Hitler said Jewish people, foreigners, and Gypsies were “invading” Germany. In both cases, nationalist groups took their words as encouragement to victimize them.

                      Trump doesn’t support free-speech, he’s constantly attacking people who disagree with him, saying if they don’t like it, they can leave, which is probably what people said to Martin Luther King, and is the opposite of the way a democracy works. He silences anyone who comes forward with information about him, as he’s done with every whistle-blower.

                      Trump may support the right to bear arms, but he hasn’t at all cared about the mass shootings, hasn’t shown the slightest resolve to try to find ways to stop it. The NRA has a hold over him, as do other rich corporations. They helped fund his campaign, so he’s not only indebted to them, he’ll push whatever policies they want.

                      The fact that Hitler was a vegetarian doesn’t in any way represent the environmental movement today. Hitler had a dog, but that doesn’t mean all dog lovers are crazed dictators.

                      I see what you’re saying about love, but I can’t love a man who’s a sexual abuser, who’s cheated people out of money, or who encourages racism and hate. He’s a man who laughed when a supporter joked about shooting immigrants. He’s joked that he can kill someone “and note lose a single voter”. He brags about groping women, then denies it when someone talks about how he assaulted them.

                      The problem isn’t that anti-Trump people have an unloving attitude, it’s that Trump has done so many bad things. If it had been Obama ignoring gun violence despite massacres and bragging about groping women and laughing about shooting immigrants, people would’ve been up in arms. But somehow, Trump is being given a free-pass for these things.

                      He’s just as corrupt as any politician; I truly don’t believe he’s any better. It’s not a question of us loving him, it’s a question of whether we can trust him. And everything about him, the way he talks, the way he runs his business, the way he gets his followers to believe he’s their only chance, the way he tries to stifle dissent…..I just cannot trust a man like that. Republican, Democrat, politician, newcomer-to-politics….I won’t support any man who does the things Trump’s done.

                      You have every right to believe in Trump. But please, keep in mind, the way he insists he’s right and anything else is a conspiracy, that’s identical to what Hitler said in the 1930s. That’s how Hitler prevented people from believing the warnings that he was dangerous.

                      People have asked how could the Germans fall for Hitler, and this is why: they were in dire straits and overlooked the red-flags of a man they wanted to believe was different, someone they wanted to believe would flush out old corruption and start something new.

                      I don’t believe Trump truly respects our constitution, and if he could ban all people from disagreeing with him, I’ve no doubt he would do so.

                      Sorry about the long post, I don’t mean to talk your ears off, I just wanted to explain my position a little more in-depth, and show that people aren’t scared of Trump for no good reason.

                    2. Susan Steffen Avatar
                      Susan Steffen

                      Sorry, if you feel the need to demonize President Trump, go ahead. I can’t take all the hate you are giving off. I have heard all the lies about how bad and evil and mean (Orange man Bad!)but I didn’t fall for them. Enjoy your judgement of him! Have a good life!

                    3. Sara Avatar

                      I’m not trying to be hateful, I just wanted to list the reasons why Trump’s presidency scares me. If I’m coming across as hateful, that’s not my intention. These are things I’m really concerned about, so I’m passionate about them, but I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I’m angry at Trump, but I don’t hate you at all.

                      I’m not enjoying my judgment at all–as I said, I wish I could believe in someone. But from what I know of Trump, I just can’t trust him. Politics needs to improve on all sides for me to trust anyone.

            2. Sara Avatar

              I keep trying to post links to articles about Trump’s sexual abuses, but they haven’t appeared on this site yet. Hopefully they will soon. In the meantime, I respect what you’re trying to say. But he does have a history of sexual assault. You can look it up; the best articles were from PBS and NPR, but there’s information on other sites. Just type in ‘trump sexual abuse list of accusations’ and you’ll find articles that detail them all. (Some go back into the 70s or 80s).
              Again, I hope my earlier post with the links shows up.

              Trump wants people to believe he’s incorruptible, but he isn’t. A man who pays hush money, and fight tooth and nail to hide his tax returns, and repeatedly makes false statements to the media isn’t worthy of anyone’s trust.

              For whatever it’s worth, most Democrats don’t want communism. You’re right, that system doesn’t work. No one’s pushing for that.

              As for Beto’s comments about guns, he said, “Hell yes, we’ll take your AR 15, your AK 47, we’re not going to allow it to be used against your fellow Americans anymore….” He didn’t mean all guns, just the automatics that cause so much damage. Keep in mind, his town, El Paso, had that big shooting a few weeks ago. If you listen to a video of it, you’ll hear for yourself that he said “AR 15 and AK 47”, nothing else. I think he came on a bit strong, but he’s not advocating taking all guns from all Americans.
              Personally, I see automatic weapons as similar to biological or chemical weapons–in the wrong hands, they can kill dozens in seconds. Civilians aren’t allowed to own chemical weapons; automatics are just as dangerous.

              For a man to insist he’s right, and everyone else is out to get him the way Trump does, well, is similar to the way Hitler spoke in Germany, and Putin and Kim Jong Un to their people….in each case, they tried to pass themselves off as saviors, eager to help their people. In each case, they were/are dangerous men who only care about power and wealth.

              I wish there was a candidate I could trust wholeheartedly, but too many seem corrupt, including Trump.

              1. allen Avatar

                Sara. thank you for your wonderful posts! But, you aren’t going to convince certain people, no matter, what you and everyone, may say ,and providing proof, they will believe what they want, all the damage done by this President,, will take, so many years to undo, some can not be undone. Please, try not to get stressed out, what I do know, is all this garage, and SO many horrible people, will some day, gets washed clean. the poisons, have to come to the surface, in order for healing to take place, America, will suffer, the next seven years, regardless, on who gets in on 2020. the house of cards, is collpesing, what we ALL can do in pray for healing, for America, and its people, and pray, that we will build a stronger America, from the ruins, with compassion and humality for ALL people. a lot of us, having been praying, to GOD, the father, to step in, and change, what MUST be changed, and what must be done, his will, will be done. thank you, Sara, for your posts, and for caring, a lot of people, have dark hearts, and all of us can hope, that people, with light hearts, will gather as one, and repair and replace, that darkness, that has entered, peoples hearts, government, and other areas………….

                1. Sara Avatar

                  I think we can all agree on what you said here: “what we ALL can do in pray for healing, for America, and its people, and pray, that we will build a stronger America, from the ruins, with compassion and humanity for ALL people.”

                  That’s a good way to sum up the feelings of ordinary people on all sides of the political aisle….we all just want things to get better.

              2. Lovewarrior Avatar

                Thank you for being patient and taking the time to express yourself clearly. But Susan cannot be rationalized with. She is clearly off in a fantasy world of her own making. My original comment about these comments being taken over was because this has happened to this comment section a few times now. Some strange types pop in and start proselytizing here and they TAKE OVER. Eventually they get banned or they move on with their crazy. I have little patience for this and feel it has no place in this world of doing good work. But alas, Eric is a lot more patient and graceful than I am about this. I see people like this as crazy makers who get off on chaos. If it were my page I wouldn’t stand for it. But it’s not! Soooo….

      3. cat Avatar

        +100 Sara
        Thank you, Sara, for your beautiful, well-explained and clear post. You read it correctly (as I read it the same way as you) – that it was the whistleblower speaking in the prediction. ( I wanted to respond to the poster but the only response I could think of was ‘LOL”. ). Your words are greatly appreciated 🙂

      4. Lovewarrior Avatar

        where do these commenters come from?! They show up and write novels in the comment section. It really throws off the integrity of the discussions we have here. It’s like having a crazy person come up to you at lunch and starting yelling about how they’re right and everyone else is wrong.

    3. Trevor Avatar

      Susan Steffan — Lol, that’s clearly you saying that and not the prediction.

      And if what you said about this high level whistleblower were true, why is this administration blocking his or her complaint from being turned over to Congress because if the complaint were a lie you’d want to expose it rather than withhold it?

      1. Susan Steffen Avatar
        Susan Steffen

        Hi Trevor. I am interpreting the words of the prediction as carefully as possible. Please see my explanation to Sara above. The prediction did not mention President Trump. It said, “White House Whistleblower”.
        But to repeat myself in order to address the second part, the message says you can throw away the whistleblower’s complaint. You cannot fault the President or his advisors on every little word made during official correspondence with other leaders!
        I understand that the American Public was promised for a long time that Trump was not going to be President. Then they were lied to for another 2 years when they were promised that Mueller’s team would dig up enough dirt to impeach him. 40 million dollars later, and zilch. It seems that people are still trying to make that narrative work, and it just doesn’t.
        I urge people to be less partial and to drop preconceived notions.
        Thank you and God bless.

  3. Lovewarrior Avatar

    I see the comments has been taken over once again. Sigh…

    1. Sara Avatar

      Sorry, I don’t mean to take over the comments section. I guess I have a tendency to go into really long explanations.

      1. Lovewarrior Avatar

        I know. You did a great job of explaining your position. It’s just not going to matter to a person like Susan. She’s not here for discussion but rather to tell everyone she’s right.

        1. Sara Avatar

          I don’t think Susan’s trying to take over the comments section either; she was saying what she believed the prediction was about. We interpreted it pretty differently, so maybe we need Eric to clarify whether the prediction was speaking about whether Trump or the whistle-blower was lying.

          1. Susan Steffen Avatar
            Susan Steffen

            For all you who interpret it as Trump, tell me why “I am being told to throw it away “. Does’t make sense. People need to understand that ALL the smack about Trump is a lie. The swamp is corrupt and has tried to take down the President. Watch him win in 2020. And watch someone who follows in his footsteps win in 2024.

            1. Sara Avatar

              I wish all the stuff about Trump was a lie, but it’s not. Some of these things, like the sexual assaults and being cheated by him, have been known long before he ever ran for president.

              That’s why so many of us are so scared of him….these aren’t stories being made up by Democrats, his predatory, greedy, deceptive behavior has been well-documented for a long time. He’s equally corrupt as anyone in the swamp….again, I wish this wasn’t true. I wish there was a candidate I could trust wholeheartedly.

              As for the “I’m being told to throw it all away” line, I interpreted it as a quote from someone in the white house who was told to destroy incriminating documents. That’s what it put me in mind of, anyway.

              1. Susan Steffen Avatar
                Susan Steffen

                You keep saying that Trump was sexually assaulting people, and that is a lie. That is the resistance trying to dirty him up. Some people said that he refused to pay for shoddy service, and more people said he was an extremely fair and kind person in real life. He does have Sottish blood, which makes him tight and demanding, but not a cheat. You do realize that 94%of the journalists out there supported Hillary, and THAT is why you only hear crap about him?
                Trump is not a politician. He is not getting paid to be President (he donates it), and he is not gaining from it illegally, like Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Obama. That is why he is unique. They can’t buy him off, they couldn’t entrap him, nothing.
                The “I am being told” seems to be referring to Eric. Eric is being told to throw it away. This is simple, folks.

                1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

                  I think we are all debating over specific predictions that haven’t finished yet, either side could be right, perhaps we should all wait and see how it plays out and learn the meaning of their message… everyone on this thread please also be respectful (language) thanks.

  4. Sara Avatar

    Here’s something to cheer people up, a link to a song called “Awakening” by Celtic Woman. It’s a lovely, uplifting, and catchy song. Listening to it gives me hope. Maybe it will do so for others who see it.

  5. Cody Avatar

    “More Potential Whistleblowers Are Contacting Congress”

    “The first two officials who came forward about the president’s pressure campaign on Ukraine seem to be just the beginning, according to Hill sources.”


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