Mount Etna Erupts

This prediction has happened, please stay safe.

World Predictions 12-28-18  I had a visual I was standing on the street of a town, in the background was a large smoke stack rising into the air. 

I had a visual of one massive eruption, fire, lava, and smoke raging all at once. “Etna.. Etna will erupt violently.. very soon”

23 thoughts on “Mount Etna Erupts

    1. I am not resetting but I am making some changes on the look, but the one main complaint from new readers is ‘its confusing’ so I am working to correct a few things. Not sure if I can pull that off or not.

      1. Eric,
        One little suggestion is the search bar… “Search”be darker in color…
        As it blends in to much…( hard to find😀)

  1. Small seismic activity is normal in that area but a few days ago Calabria (very close to Etna) has a number of very frequent small seismic shocks.
    Certainly it is necessary to keep high attention in that part of southern Italy

  2. Eric, Oh good on search bar.👍🏻 I was researching the 6-15-15 big scandal and Vermont old prediction and then I was like…now what, where’d it go?😆🤣😂

  3. Eric
    This reset really is quite different ..congratulations on moving forward.
    is there any way to access really old predictions ..

  4. star 48
    lol absolutey cracking myself up i just found it 😁😁😂😂😂😂
    oh i just got up and still wiping sleep from eyes..
    Thanks for being there so quick .❤

  5. I have been coming to view for a couple of years now and the changes are making it much easier to view. Thanks

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