Mount Etna Erupts

This prediction has happened, please stay safe.

World Predictions 12-28-18  I had a visual I was standing on the street of a town, in the background was a large smoke stack rising into the air. 

I had a visual of one massive eruption, fire, lava, and smoke raging all at once. “Etna.. Etna will erupt violently.. very soon”

32 thoughts on “Mount Etna Erupts

    1. I am not resetting but I am making some changes on the look, but the one main complaint from new readers is ‘its confusing’ so I am working to correct a few things. Not sure if I can pull that off or not.

      1. Eric,
        One little suggestion is the search bar… “Search”be darker in color…
        As it blends in to much…( hard to find😀)

  1. Small seismic activity is normal in that area but a few days ago Calabria (very close to Etna) has a number of very frequent small seismic shocks.
    Certainly it is necessary to keep high attention in that part of southern Italy

  2. Eric, Oh good on search bar.👍🏻 I was researching the 6-15-15 big scandal and Vermont old prediction and then I was like…now what, where’d it go?😆🤣😂

  3. Eric
    This reset really is quite different ..congratulations on moving forward.
    is there any way to access really old predictions ..

  4. star 48
    lol absolutey cracking myself up i just found it 😁😁😂😂😂😂
    oh i just got up and still wiping sleep from eyes..
    Thanks for being there so quick .❤

  5. I have been coming to view for a couple of years now and the changes are making it much easier to view. Thanks

  6. Eric,

    Another eruption in 36 hrs..

    Spectacular eruption at Etna volcano, Italy

    Another significant eruption started at Etna’s Southeast crater just before 22:30 UTC on February 17, 2021, just 32 hours after the spectacular eruptive episode on February 16.

  7. Eric,
    4th Paroxysm
    Incredibly powerful’ paroxysm at Etna, lava fountains exceeding 1 000 m (3 300 feet) in height

    The fourth paroxysmal eruptive episode in just 4 days started at Etna’s Southeast Crater on the evening of February 20, 2021, and continued into February 21. This was the strongest of the four episodes since February 16.

  8. Eric,
    Update ✔️
    Powerful eruption at Etna volcano, Italy

    Volcanic activity at Mount Etna, Italy intensified again at 21:10 UTC on February 22, 2021, and evolved into the 5th paroxysm since February 16 — truly spectacular and most powerful in recent years.

    The activity started gradually increasing at around 20:47 UTC, reaching high levels by 22:05 UTC, with lava jets up to 300 m (985 feet) above the Southeast Crater.

    “Did I call the February 20 – 21 paroxysm of Etna incredibly powerful? Well, its successor, on the night of February 22 – 23, was MUCH more powerful,” said INGV’s Boris Behncke.

    “Subplinian eruption column seen from home, Tremestieri Etneo, February 23, 2021, about 01:00 local time:”

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