Peru 8.0 Earthquake

This prediction has happened please stay safe everyone in Peru. The predictions : World Predictions 5-16-19 Predictions 2-21-17

Multiple times I have picked up a feeling that a large quake is about to unfold. I feel an unease on the ground beneath me.

I had a visual I was floating in the clouds looking down at a land mass. The land mass was South America, the north western region, the part of the country that extends in a western direction. That implies Ecuador perhaps Peru. “Earthquake its a big one.”

We are expecting a prediction to unfold between the 22nd-24th

This earthquake implies the terror attack in France is coming very soon, it looks like Spirit mixed two messages merging them in one. The terror attack mentions 8 and that is about this earthquake. World Predictions: France Attack

6 responses to “Peru 8.0 Earthquake”

  1. twiceblessed9 Avatar

    Eric, the Asian knife attack has happened. 15 children attacked in a park near Tokyo by a train station.

    1. Nreekay Avatar

      And the Tokyo Tower looks very much like the Eiffel Tower.

      1. twiceblessed9 Avatar

        Now it is 16 stabbed and one child has died. The attacker has killed himself. The children were waiting for a school bus. So horrible and sad.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Very horrible, the spirits refused to show me the visual even after I asked, and I remember thinking that it must be very bad.

      2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Really? I need to check that out.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      So horrible who would want to hurt children?!

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