Truth 21


It is the boundless path of lifetimes that have engrained you with compassion, tolerance, kindness, generosity, and wisdom. It is through all of your past life experiences that have seasoned you in such a way that has made you who you are today. So when you cross paths with those who lack empathy, the cruel, self centered, greedy, the ignorant .. understand they are simply behind you in the path of life. They just haven’t learned yet, but they will. In time whether it be in the next life time or 100s down the line of life, they will learn as you have learned. So be patient, tolerant, and compassionate to the younger souls around you.

It is important to understand that Spirit acknowledges evil. But to Spirit true evil is only a sliver of humanity. It’s a sliver that consumes a great deal of attention. This message goes to our flaws as human beings, our youth as souls.


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  1. So the number of past lives one has doesn’t necessarily determine whether that person is compassionate, tolerant, kind, generous, wise or lacks empathy, is cruel, self centered, greedy, and ignorant?

      1. So someone with far more experiences could still lack empathy, be cruel, self centered, greedy, and ignorant? Sort of like quality over quantity of experiences?

        1. I don’t think I would put it that way, each of our experiences in life teach us different things. I can honestly say that in my youth I had an arrogance about me, after remembering so many of my lives during my path to finding myself that arrogance disintegrated, my goals went from being about me to doing for others.

  2. Thank You Eric! It’s hard not to become really angry when you see so much greed, self centeredness, and hate spread by so many.
    But I do believe that love and compassion, kindness and understanding of different races and cultures, for the whole of humanity will prevail.
    This has to be one of my favorite truths so far. ❤️

  3. Love this truth Eric, I remind my daughters when they face challenges that this is part of their spiritual journey and to progress they need to face and overcome these within this current lifetime.

  4. Once again, I ask with no real answer: I do not want to come back to another lifetime. Do I have the free option not to return to this earth and life again? I am overwhelmed by life. Even though this truth says that evil is only a silver of humanity, it is something that hurts and takes away hope. I do not want to return,

    1. you CHOOSE, if you want to come back to Earth, or other planets, to learn and grow. But, it will take longer to learn, on the other side! Primitive Earth, is still the planet of Emotions, and a Quickier way to learn lessons………..But, it is up to You, Weather you learn the lessons or not, in Each lifetime! GOD, thru is Love, does not require you to learn or not, That is up to YOU.

    2. What would you do? Yes not moving forward, staying stagnant is an option. But something tells me that if your here living you most likely don’t want to be stagnant.

      1. Thank you for your response to my oft asked question. You made me think! Thanks.

    3. I’m a soul who has had many many lives here on earth. I’m really tired. It’s hard for me to have patience with other souls sometimes. Especially with the internet and all our access to the purely stupid and horrifying. But mostly I get annoyed with those I love who are slow to grow, slow to open their eyes. And yet I also see how they too must be patient with me. I’ve been able to conquer some of this by doing work that helps people. I put good out and then I feel good. It’s a simple transaction that often keeps me from throwing up my hands and rolling my eyes at everyone.

  5. Wow, this is timely for me. I was just expressing frustration at work today about a coworker who lacks empathy. A big issue when you work in a social service setting. This brought me a bit of peace, I might have to print it out and keep it at work 🙂

  6. This is an interesting post; the overall message actually reminds me of that story from the Bible, how Jesus said of his killers, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” It’s a similar way of looking at evil-doers.

    That would pretty hard for me to put into practice. Some people have cruelly hurt so many innocent lives–the people who started the Holocaust or ISIS, for instance–it’s hard to feel anything for them except disgust or anger. But it’s a thought-provoking idea.

    1. Yes and to add to the thought it is that same fool, young, human soul that would follow isis while Bagdadi the leader of isis is that true sliver of pure evil.

  7. This better explains some of my family members, just have to let them be and go on their way. It is unfortunate but necessary.

  8. I read your post after I made a post on my social media about the WWII holocaust remembrance day in Israel. My Spirit gets all upset thinking about the evil in this world. When I read what you wrote “It is important to understand that Spirit acknowledges evil. But to Spirit true evil is only a sliver of humanity”, it was exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you so much Eric for the work you do!

  9. Recently in the news there is a 4 year old boy named Billy, who remembers his past life as Princess Diana. Here is one link about it.
    Most of us do not remember past lives. Maybe that is a good thing. How would a past life alter this life if we have the clear memory of it? Sure, our learning of love, tolerance and forgiveness, etc, is carried forward to our next life. But would a clear memory of a past life alter how we live this life? It gets confusing.
    All the best to Billy, living with the recall of being Princess Diana.

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