World Predictions 4-27-19

Spirit pointed to Washington and said “A shooting spree is about to arrive”

Spirit implied a smaller shooting spree, that is expected next, very soon.

I am starting to believe that perhaps Washington DC along with Washington state might also be a target for attacks, that perhaps the multitude of predictions about Washington are a mixture of two different events.

The peaceful protest meant to bring positive change turns horribly violent.

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  1. Eric the Eugene, Oregon Marathon is today and I was thinking about how they have a festival afterwards. Could this be related to a race or marathon? Or are we talking about a shooting at protests now? Here are some marathons coming up around the Seattle area. The first is in Snohomish and an all women’s race on May 5th. Then there’s the St Jude Rock n Roll Marathon in June.

  2. “UAF” was written big and bold — *There’s a European protest group called “United Against Fascism”*

    “I had a visual of one massive explosion taking place. “The bombing will be so massive in size.. so huge.”

    “I had a visual of women marching as if protesting., then there was an explosion, the visual shifted to show blood on the streets.”

  3. “I had a visual of multiple pictures all women; “9” Spirit said. “All killed”

    “Then it shifted to show a march or protest, maybe a gathering. The impression was there was an explosion that took place. This is very similar to an old prediction.

    “Then it shifted to show a map, the map was split into 4 sections, they showed the South east region of the map.”

      1. He was identified as John T. Earnest, a Rancho Penasquitos resident. Earnest appears to have written a letter posted on the Internet filled with anti-Semitic screeds. In the letter, he also talked about planning the attack.

        Earnest, who is white, wrote that he was willing to sacrifice his future “for the sake of my people.” In the manifesto, he took credit for an arson fire that blackened the walls of the Islamic Center in Escondido on March 24. The arsonist left a note referring to the Christchurch shooting rampage at two New Zealand mosques.

        The suspect also championed Robert Bowers — who killed 11 people and wounded six others in the Tree of Life synagogue shootings in Pittsburgh six months ago — and Adolf Hitler.

    1. This must be the smaller shooting spree. So maybe just Washington shooting next and not D.C. too?

    2. Another member of 8chan shot up a place of worship…

      “Ignore The Poway Synagogue Shooter’s Manifesto: Pay Attention To 8chan’s /pol/ Board”

      “Although both of these attacks (Christchurch and Poway) may seem different, since they targeted worshippers of different faiths, both shooters were united by the same fascist ideology. They were also both radicalized in the same place: 8chan’s /pol/ board.”

  4. There sure seem to be a lot of hate-crimes/attacks lately….a shooting at a mosque in New Zealand, bombings at churches in Sri Lanka, and now a shooting at a synagogue in California. (All within the past month, too.)

    People need to learn to be tolerant of other faiths. The way someone chooses to worship is their own business, it’s between them and God.

    Prayers for Muslims, Christians, and Jews alike. May all their places of worship stay safe and secure.

    1. Why cant people allow others to worship and do whatever they want? Why must others be filled with so much hate? Why is the need to control others so pronounced in some people? Your relationship with God..your business, what you do in the privacy of your home..your business, there is so much intolerance of people and situations and so much judging..if you dont agree with something, why judge, let people do what they want and be free to be who and where they want! Worship who they please and what happened to live and let live?? People dont know anymore that acceptance is the sweetest peace of all!

  5. Eric,
    Ref:::The peaceful protest meant to bring positive change turns horribly violent.

    Paris, France 🇫🇷
    Protests hijacked by extremists..

    ‘Armageddon’ rioting breaks out in Paris as extremist demonstrators hijack May Day protests
    The so-called Black Bloc anti-capitalist movement were involved in clashes with police this afternoon
    By 2pm there had been a total of 165 arrests in the French capital with huge parts of the city on lockdown
    Some 7400 police were on the streets for May Day, when workers traditionally protest against the ruling elite

  6. Eric,SWC,
    Ref::::The peaceful protest meant to bring positive change turns horribly violent.

    Hong Kong 🇭🇰
    Peaceful march turns violent
    July 14 (UPI) — Tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets of Hong Kong’s northern town of Sha Tin for a peaceful march that turned violent Sunday after police attempted to disperse demonstrators from a nearby mall

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