Seattle Shooting Spree

This prediction has happened. Please pray for all those affected in Washington.

The open question remains, what about the stage, the concert? Is that the Texas prediction? I need to ask for clarity. With the numbers, 2 people were shot, its unclear what 17 means. I would hate to think that another shooting is coming in Washington.

World Predictions 2-15-19 Washington.. around Seattle.. then oddly they added Pleasantville or Pleasant place.

I had a visual of a man with glasses and strange clothing, a miss match of clothing, someone screamed out “Why?” and the man pointed to his head implying a mental condition.

2.. 17

World Predictions 3-25-19 I had a visual of a young man in what looked like a college dormitory. He seemed on edge. Then it shifted to show a darkness rapidly growing from inside out turning him into a monster.

These messages might be two separate unrelated predictions. However if the two messages are related it sounds like the Washington state shooting spree we predicted. Unfortunately there are three different shooting sprees predicted by Spirit. One in Washington, Ohio, and Texas. Now there is a new one in Brazil. I am so unnerved over the massive increase in homegrown violence they are predicting. On another note if it is Washington then our original timetable is incorre

11 thoughts on “Seattle Shooting Spree

  1. Eric,

    There is a police officer funeral today at Central Washington University,east of Seattle.

    Didn’t one of your predictions say people were already mourning when the shooting happened?

  2. It happened on the 27th. I’m guessing there’s no chance of a mistake in terms of the dates – for example, the 27th and not the 17th?

  3. Are there updates on any of those other shootings? The concert part sounds like it hasn’t happened yet.

  4. I saw this on the news and thought about this website but I don’t think this is the shooting. One of your predictions said it’d be one of the worst shootings. I believe that means a big one is coming.

  5. Eric,

    Brett Young one of the biggest Country singers is performing in Seattle on Sunday…and Spokane on Tuesday,

    You said small venue right?

    1. In the visual it looked condensed. As if people were being squeezed in. So that’s more of a guess but your message does fit. Let me try and ask.

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