Treasury Secretary Lifts Russian Sanctions

This prediction is unfolding.

Predictions 3-20-17 “Russian sanctions will begin to be lifted.”

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  1. Margovich Avatar

    This MSNBC show is so horribly slanted against the Trump administration- I wonder why you use it? Doesn’t spirit show you Trump as the absolute last chance against communism here in the USA? I do believe that Trump has a thankless job in defending the constitution- showing all these low vibe paid off deep state actors slathering over the specter of taking down a duly elected President- doesn’t spirit ever communicate to you the importance of Trump for our country? I hate to bring up other channeling psychics, but one I do admire is quite clear that Trump is fending off the dark forces, and should be commended for his work.

    1. Dianne Avatar

      Margovich, Eric is far too kind a soul to push back on needless criticism so I will try to do so in a gentle fashion. Eric reports what Spirit shows him. If his message does not resonate with you, perhaps you should seek spiritual guidance from the psychic who you say you admire. Peace….

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Thanks Dianne

      2. Margovich Avatar

        I think it would help our understanding of the spirit world to know how each person’s spirit guides see the world differently and why. I have and do seek spiritual guidance elsewhere, through people whose spirit guides resonate completely with me, but I don’t feel I should have to hide my observation that Trump is not well represented here.

      3. lossie2020 Avatar

        Thanks Dianne!

        Margovich,, Please I’m asking you to back out. I’m through with people’s judgmental. Thank you and go in peace.

    2. Nickole Frank Avatar
      Nickole Frank

      I would agree that there are some who say things more in favor of Trump and his goal but I question authenticity. I would ask yourself whose statements have come to pass more? I find far more often Eric’s being correct with no bias and appreciate it.

      It is an amazing gift what you have Eric , I only wish I shared it.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
    3. Commonsensepeople! Avatar

      Watch your own channel Fox. Even some of the talking heads there are rebuking your great President and talking about his relationship with Russia. I really would like to go into trump supporters’ head (like yours) and find an ounce of common sense or perhaps , intelligence if there is any. You guys are so dense it’s not even funny.

      1. Sara Avatar

        I don’t mean to lecture here, but you can disagree with Margovich without insulting him. I disagree with him too, but he has a right to his opinions, just as you have a right to yours.

    4. jules104 Avatar

      Margovich, it’s strange because I’ve found quite the opposite. Almost all of the psychics I’ve watched over the last two years are along the same lines and in agreement with Eric and his Spirits messages.

      1. Amy Avatar

        Same here, jules104. I have a bookmarked list of over 20, including Eric, all pretty much saying the same things.

    5. anna karenina Avatar

      Putin has been the KGB-agent, the spy, in the real communist Russia..
      Trump and persons around him have worked for Russia. All that is under investigation just now( maybe that´s why Trump is so in panic – pseudohysteric with Mexico: hoping to get a reason to close media,everything!) Ps. In Europe and specially in scandinavian countries ( well educated countries)even right wing is more left than democrats are allowed to be in Usa!

      1.  Avatar

        Truth always win.

    6. Ann Avatar


      Spirit’s predictions about Trump only offend some people because they go against their own deeply embedded and obvious preconceived political biases. If you’re new to this channel, you should defitinitely be more open minded because Spirit has been 100% accurate thus far in its predictions about Trump.

      As for the MSNBC clip: If you knew anything about Eric or had actually been following this channel for more than a few days, weeks or months, you’d know that he posts news clips from all of the MSM news cites (Fox, MSNBC, CNN) and only does so because it relates to and/or validates the prediction that has finally transpired. The predictions are more important than the actual news clips anyway, which is why you shouldn’t be more preoccupied with a freaking news clip that offends you than the actual prediction.

      Eric could’ve also put up a clip from Fox News – which he does and has done before; if you’ve been following him you’d know this – and you never would’ve complained. But why? Because you’re okay with the fact that Fox News is horribly slanted in favor of the Trump administration due to the fact that they feed into your preconceived biases and tell you only what you want to hear.

      Same thing with those others “psychics” you admire. Why do you admire them? Because they tell you what you want to hear and never offend your preconceived political biases, which is why you never attack them like you’re attacking Eric and Spirit.

    7. petemedium Avatar

      Yes it is extremely hard to find Truth, I will grant you that. As a trance medium, having worked for thirty years consciously, and possibly twenty more unknowingly, searching for Truth, the REAL Truth, I can tell you that the Higher the Realm we tune into, the less the material world matters. It is the Soul of the person, not the money they can make, that sets the Highest of Guidance. Purity of Heart is the goal. So all of the Guidance given to those that follow the Christian ethic, the teaching of Jesus, and particularly those the follow the 12 Commandments, follow a Path that put morals and conscience values above all else. They strive for the world AFTER the current physical one they are encountering presently.
      If you believe that is the Guidance Trump is honouring, that he is pure of heart, doesn’t lie, or cheat, or disrespect other people in the form of fornication. That he sees people’s spiritual needs above that of the material world, then that is the god you must follow.
      If however, you believe he is the Prince of this material side of life, who ignores and disbelieves in an after lice, that when we die, we die; ashes to ashes and nothing more, then I think Eric would agree that this is not the site for you. The dollar bill will never bring the Peace we believe in.

      1. petemedium Avatar

        Please excuse the spelling errors: I pray I don’t have any after lice …. after life was the intention.

      2. Amy Avatar

        Lol, Pete, on your comment about your typo!

      3. Amy Avatar

        But a great comment all the same!

      4. petemedium Avatar

        Thank you Amy.

  2. Yvette Avatar

    Margovich, your name sounds Russian so perhaps that’s the reason you favor the corrupt usurper of our presidency. He is a criminal and does not belong in our house. He deserves to be removed in chains and locked up for the rest of his miserable life. You don’t have to watch MSNBC you can watch Fox as they feed all you trumpturds the koolade you want to drink. My apologies to anyone that gets off need for what I’m writing, but this person asked for it.

    1. Anne Avatar

      That is just outright hateful and rude Yvette.

      1. petemedium Avatar

        I beg to differ. It is Yvette’s opinion, and a heartfelt one at that. It is true that Trump hasn’t been found, by a court of law, to be a criminal, but his actions certainly have him under investigation, and more possibly to come.
        As to her comments to Margovich, she does say “your name sounds Russian so perhaps that’s the reason.” So basically her comments are an opinion based on the possibility he is a Russian plant. After all, Mueller has already said, and found, that Russians has infiltrated chat sites. Why wouldn’t that option be possible here.
        Especially as his/her point of view seems totally out of place for comment here at Eric’s site and what he stands for.

  3. rhona2 Avatar

    Margovich on
    True an observation based on a bias ..
    ERIC and spirit don’t have such a bias .
    And we all have duality ..perhaps as an offer of explanation.. in no way obsolute.
    Readers and different spirits may tune into different aspects of the persons personality and their actions or decisions made some good some not so good ..we are all human ..
    Doing the best we can…criticism is deliberate judgement ..Eric presents what his spirits give him as potentials ..
    Sad you see it necessary to complain on his site about him and spirit ..
    Freedom of speach can sometimes be misplaced ..
    This is not a political platform’s a spiritual Worrier clan coming together in love and light .
    To the world platform to aid in areas that seem to need light .
    Blessings and Thank you for your opinion ..
    It’s cool ..right to response kicked in with no malace felt on my part .

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
    2. Fredda Avatar

      Very well put rhona2. I’ve been following this site for some time and don’t believe at all that Eric is biased by any particular news channel. He speaks for spirit. With a good heart to help all of us, even the ones who vehemently disagree with him. His intentions are always to help. If Margovich is so upset and, in my opinion it seems, biased, it would be in her best interest to not be on this site.
      I personally,along,with many others receive hope and love from Eric and his messages from spirit. Especially the Truths. Keep it up Eric, you are a light that we need in these troubling times.

      1. rhona2 Avatar

        Thanks Fredda
        Blessings to you and yours .

  4. petemedium Avatar

    Eric I hope you don’t mind me sharing this in view of Margovich’s comment:
    My best friend in my teen days was partially sited and we took him water skiing. He said the sensation when being towed wasn’t much different to when he let go of the tow rope: He was still moving.
    Spiritually, we can often think we are still being ‘towed’ in our spiritual journey, but in fact are a long way behind the tow rope/boat. If we don’t have checks and balances to affirm we are up close to the ‘boat’, constantly ‘tuning in’ to the one driving the boat, we will end up smashing against the wake that ‘boat’ leave behind. Hope that makes sense old friend. Pete

    1. Fredda Avatar

      Very good analogy Pete. Don’t you just hate those typos? Lol😂 We knew what you meant.

      1. petemedium Avatar

        Thank you Fredda.

  5.  Avatar

    The prediction did happen so how can you claim there is a bias?

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