RAF Intercepts Russian Jet

This prediction has happened. Its unrelated to the US.

Perhaps the folded flag is a tribute and acknowledgment to Senator John McCain who today ended his brain cancer treatment. On a personal note I was a huge fan of McCain, back in 2000 our family had the signs, bumper stickers, we went to several of the ‘Straight Talk Express’ rallies in the hopes he would become the US President. My heart pours out to McCain and his family, he is a true patriot. 

Predictions: Major Events Coming  I had a visual of jets flying one way, then another set of jets flying the other way.

Then the visual shifted to show the US flag being folded.

12 thoughts on “RAF Intercepts Russian Jet

  1. I too am a huge fan of Senator John McCain even though I live in New Zealand I have followed his journey. He is a true patriot. A good man indeed and the USA need a lot more like him in Government.

    Planet Earth need a lot more like him.

    Bless him and his family.


  2. I agree. The smear campaign against him by the Bush campaign was pretty bad in ’99/’00, especially when they ran racist ads in South Carolina about him fathering a black love child. It’s also worth mentioning how in 2008 he defended Obama against Islamophobic conspiracy theories concerning him being a Muslim.

      1. Absolutely agree with you on that one Eric. And he put his country first. Something other politicians and leaders would do well to learn.

  3. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2018/08/24/politics/john-mccain-cancer-treatment/index.html&ved=2ahUKEwiPrIew4ofdAhUHcq0KHUWGALoQiJQBMAB6BAgGEAQ&usg=AOvVaw18JcvcMY5Z_S8baOMYQ5no&ampcf=1

    Sen. John McCain is my inspirational model for our American legendary. Admired his great courage and strength he endured against all odds and tough challenges. He is our truest hero in our history time. Salute to him. Can’t believe he didn’t make it to be the president. It’s our loss. He’d have made many progressive to make America better as well as for the world. He is in our prayers.

  4. News media is reporting Senator John McCain passed away.
    May he rest in peace. Prayers for his family in their grief.
    I hope more good people like him step forward. He led by example and was a voice of reason

  5. Weird. John McCain spends the last few months bashing the current president right before announcing he’s ending some form of cancer treatment that, once ended, results in his passing less than 24 hours later? Which brings up two questions: 1) what form of treatment allows a man to function in a public position all the way up until the treatment is ended and, 2) the ending of that treatment results in almost immediate death?

    This happened with Barbara bush as well so there seems to be a pattern.

    What type of medical treatments are these political leaders getting?

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