Predictions 8-23-18

I had a visual of a set of crackers circling a mountain or volcano. A set of crackers would imply a large earthquake.

I had a visual of a land mass that was either an island or peninsula. The land slightly pointed down. Then you could see a red dot blinking on it. Pointing to the location of the earthquake

I spent a good time trying to find the location that fits this message. I would continue to ask Spirit into the night and they said:


Italy: Pompei does not fit the rest of the message, could they mean Palermo which does look like the area I saw?

I had a visual of the number 6 then 8 written in big bold numbers, the numbers had a metal bronze to it.

I had a visual of an India flag and Rainbow flag crossing each other. Then the message shifted to show a bowl of Cantaloupes.

Could be a pun of words “Can’t elope”. The supreme court of India is going to make decisions on the rights of gay individuals. They are not deciding marriage but individual rights, so the message does not entirely fit. It sounds like the end result will be disappointing with the word ‘Can’t’?



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  1. Eric, SWC
    Vesuvio, Salerno,Sorrento,Positano, lots of cities and places around Pompeii with O’s
    Could spirit be references to the surrounding to be affected areas?

  2. The media’s spoken to a lot of experts, who are concerned because of the large number of strong quakes lately. They think the ‘ring of fire’ is acting up, and there could be more strong quakes.

      1. Eric another psychic I watch has also been shown that he resigns. She is being shown around the end of August for multiple indictments/arrests coming and September for when he resigns.

      2. Hope — To be fair, every prediction about Trump since Trump won has come true. So we’ll see.

      3. If he resigns or is impeached soon that could be the trigger for your earlier prediction of the markets and us economy crashing. From a fundamental point of view I think we are a good year from that happening, the markets going down that is. Much of the markets movements are driven on emotions. Trumps leaving office would be a big deal to the markets. Something to watch as things unfold.

      4. Rmf — Trump leaving office wouldn’t have a great effect on the markets –Trump’s just being his egotistical self. Why do I know this? Because history proves me right. During the Watergate scandal, when President Richard Nixon resigned rather than face impeachment, stocks fell sharply. But stocks were falling well before the drama over Watergate. More important, stocks came roaring back after Nixon’s exit. After President Clinton was impeached in 1998 on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice, stocks actually rose sharply.

        Although investors famously hate the kind of uncertainty that can come with a major presidential crisis, analysts say Wall Street remains focused on more tangible concerns, such as how Mr. Trump’s protectionist trade agenda could affect U.S. economic growth. The president’s exit from the political stage could even benefit stocks given the widespread opposition in the financial and corporate world to Mr. Trump’s trade policies, which have led to tensions with China, Europe and other major economies around the world. Mr. Trump’s Twitter habits also wouldn’t be missed.

        Meanwhile, a post-impeachment slide in stocks — while that could affect investor and business sentiment — likely wouldn’t inflict a a serious financial toll on most Americans given that most shares are held by a small fraction of wealthy Americans — that is, many middle-class and lower-income households would feel little impact from a market downdraft simply because they don’t own stocks. If anything will crash the conomy and stocks it will be Trump’s tariffs, his widespread deregulation of the big banks, tax cuts for corporations whose CEOs are inflating the markets with stock buy-backs, and the fact that he is making some the same mistakes in the years leading up to the Great Recession of 2008/2009.

    1. Hope- I was a Hillary supporter but always picked up Trump would win, but not finish his term (even pre-election). I have consistently gotten that he will not finish his term (but struggle on how it happens because I think sometimes it comes through symbolic and sometimes literal and I don’t know which is which anymore). I definitely feel like Eric is right he won’t finish his term.

      1. Also- the day before the Cohen / Manafort stuff I was meditating and got “Comey is vindicated. Mueller now has all the evidence he needs.”
        Then saw an image of the Oval. Image of handcuffs. Image of them removing a chair from a board table and replacing it with another (in my head I thought it was Trump’s chair). Image of the White House in Flames (knew that was definitely symbolic not literal on that part).

        It could have been the next day- or there could be a lot more! I’m not sure that Manafort and Cohen “vindicated” Comey stuff…

  3. I’ve observed rhe live earthquake map and it’s very active all across the US. :/ even all around the earth.

    1. I do not other than it being marked dates, I even question whether or not it has anything to do with the earthquakes. The Spirits are about to merge the old and new group of Spirits to work as one unit which they say will dramatically change our work here. I assumed that happened, but they explained it had not. Part of me feels that these dates might be marking that merger. Which would explain the bronze, as saying a new level of making predictions, one that is far stronger than our current one.

  4. Hi Eric, yes the ring of fire is very active and New Zealand has been a bit quiet. You mentioned a peninsula. Banks Peninsula is on the East Coast of the South Island. There is a place there called Pompeys Pillar which is at the entrance to Otanerito Bay. Just a thought.

    1. Jude, thanks for making all those connections – Pompey Pillar, Otanerito Bay. That is roughly in the general vicinity of ChristChurch, so it would match the post from July 16. Hmm.. In that post it includes the number 17. If that is a countdown from July 16, that would be about today. The 17 could be something else, of course.

    2. Really?! Now that’s interesting. I will look it up. You might have something there because my initial thoughts was this quake would be on the eastern part of the world, I was surprised when they said PompeiiO.

      1. :/

        Praying for NZ and around the world to be safe.

        Please everyone we need powers of prayers to calm the element nerves of mother earth.

      2. Eric Yes..many. Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe, Tongariro, Taranaki-Egmont in addition to many offshore volcanoes. Even the city of Auckland (2 million people) lies on several dormant volcanoes. Its a ticking time bomb.

    1. Lossie2020, I saw that also. A bit unnerving. Hopefully Eric can pick up on it beforehand if there is going to be one on our West Coast. 🙏🏻

      1. Me too, Jules. I keep watching for Eric following up from his Spirits. Very unnerving.

        I remember something about 2-2 christmas lights …500 loss and one more on wed…from the older prediction. When I saw this from Brian Ladd and it’s connection to December with Eric’s prediction about Christmas lights. My stomach flipped. Hopefully this is not gonna happen…:'(

    2. Brian is very accurate, but thankfully not all come true. This drawing from Aug 16 2018 said “North Korea reactor ‘accident’ will not be an accident”, and thought it might be related to Eric’s predictions here.

      Eric – Are crackers always representative of an earthquake, or could they represent a nuclear reactor explosion? Your recent predictions for explosions with rods and Pompei-O made me think of Mike Pompeo who has a 4th trip to North Korea planned. Yongbyon in west central NK with nuclear reactor facility is near mountains. It will be interesting to hear your predictions once your Spirit groups have merged.

      1. Usually, Eric said “crackers” relate to “earthquakes” but good question. I’m curious what he says about thr nuclear reactor explosion.

        Now, I am on mentally guard and will not panic as it won’t do any good to panic. This past week, I sensed something is off and negative vibes like “be aware” of something coming up. I am crossing my arms to be prepared and avoid if sensed any bad vibes…I would turn around to stay away. Usually it works and very rare prepared it already that second coming to you that either close call or luckily but minor damaged in accident. I even felt something was target me for purse snatched. I had to stay alert to look around so no one can mess around with me at the stores or in parking lots. It’s a 6th sense I’m grateful to have; otherwise, I’d be miserable when bad happen to me. So please everyone stand on guards and LOTS OF PRAYERS. The angels do their duties when you pray. It’s nice to have an angel watching over your shoulder. Sweet dreams! ♡

        Praying….I’m forever blessed to be one of SWC for Eric and his Spirits. Please protect our mother earth from all evils and bring bright lights and love upon all natures. Calm the vibes to reduce from mega quakes and tsunami. Protect all people, animals, green natures and water life to bring peace and love into our Creature’s eyes and pure heart. We all are co creatures and we are in His image of pure light. We are gods just the same as our Creature. Can’t wait to hear and learn more of the Truths from Eric relay messages from the Ancient Ones. We come and goes for million of years….always has and will be…eternal. Be happy and love one to others. We all are lights in our forms on this planet then depart to another side of the world which is our “home” to begin with then back to the planet and do our missions and learning experience again in different life forms. Forever blessed that we are eternal lights where ever we are and go. Light is our home to begin with. ♡♡♡

      2. It’s always been used for earthquakes, they did use it for a tsunami but technically that’s an earthquake. They do that to protect me from seeing something horrific. Like the rotten fruit for the Catholic Church sex scandal, the idea of actually witnessing some of these horrible acts would probably drive me insane

  5. My guess. Christchurch quake about 27th aug. then another for nz 3rd sep and 15th sep.
    I get these dates from spirit.
    Christchurch area comes first. It then moves north on other dates.

    1. Could be raptures 27th christchurch. 3rd wellington. 15th napier.
      the whole east of new zealand affected in 3.
      like a domino. The plates moving.

  6. Dutchsinse on his quake forecasts is expecting approx 6.8 high six quake for central new zealand. so could be size of quake.

    1. Eric,
      Just saw your new post…from spirit..please disregard this comment.

      Thank spirit for me for the clarification…😃

  7. Eric,SWC,
    Ref:::I had a visual of an India flag and Rainbow flag crossing each other. Then the message shifted to show a bowl of Cantaloupes.

    Could be a pun of words “Can’t elope”. The supreme court of India is going to make decisions on the rights of gay individuals. They are not deciding marriage but individual rights, so the message does not entirely fit. It sounds like the end result will be disappointing with the word ‘Can’t’?

    Taiwan 🇹🇼
    The majority of voters approved a measure Saturday stating “Civil Code regulations should restrict marriage to being between a man and a woman” and two other measures opposing same-sex marriage while rejecting measures to legalize same sex marriage and asking if civil code marriage regulations “should be used to guarantee the rights of same-sex couples to get married.”

    “This result is a bitter blow and a step backwards for human rights in Taiwan. However, despite this setback, we remain confident that love and equality will ultimately prevail,” Amnesty International Taiwan’s Acting Director Annie Huang said in a statement. “The result must not be used as an excuse to further undermine the rights of LGBTI people. The Taiwanese government needs to step up and take all necessary measures to deliver equality and dignity for all, regardless of who people love.”

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