Truth 15 – Death P1


“It is unfortunate that the one flaw in life is you are all bound to each other. The choices you make are not yours.. but everyone else’s”

Only the absolute worst humans are unwelcome in heaven. That sliver of humanity that is truly evil. For them a different fate is in store.

Jesus once described hell as a place like the city of Gehenna. Nothing could describe it more accurate. Most people took that to mean a fire and brimstone. You see Gehenna was the dumping ground for Israel, it’s where all the trash was sent, all the discarded items thrown, and burned. But from what I have learned it’s that discarded part that resonates. The notion that you are unworthy of being a part of what everyone else is a part of. That separation from all others, that feeling of exile, excommunication, of abandonment.

Once a dark person has crossed they quickly become bound to the location of their crimes. Perhaps its their house, their business, and sometimes the specific place of their crimes. Once there, they are bound to it, unable to leave it, unable to go anywhere else, stuck in one single spot, for hundreds upon hundreds of years. For a select few they are given the opportunity to right their wrongs, but most are simply stuck for a very long time.

During that time history plays in a loop, showing the individual his or her crimes, over and over. The soul watches every moment, forced to witness every single detail of their wrongs. Once it completes itself the time returns to the now, back to being alone, cut off, stuck in the same place of their crimes. They are so alone, so isolated, so cut off from all life. Their only comfort is their sins. Then when the heaven choose it, they try again, a new life given.

Contrary to what you might believe our creator has no wish to torture. This system has two specific purposes:

To filter out the wicked, allowing heaven and the afterlife to be a wonderful awesome place, free from crime, free from violence, free from pain. The afterlife is home, the real home. It goes to the heart of one of our main reasons we exist. To be a testing place so that your real self is known. This temporary place you live in now will end, your money, your race, your ethic background, your class, all of it will not be following you in the afterlife, just you, and the decisions you made. Remember that.

The second reason goes to life itself. We are here to learn, and that includes that most horrific, perverse, cruel individuals. Our creator will always be our teacher. For the despicable its being stuck in one room, alone, for hundreds of years, forced to watch their crimes over and over again.

No lakes of fire, no torture cells, no devil with a pitch fork. All of it is controlled by the heavens, their sentence long but not permanent. I can only say God is love, his very blood is love itself, it’s not in his nature to torture. But it is in his nature to teach.

One last note, the hell described mirrors what many of us call haunted houses. It describes those supernatural residents a small handful of us have witnessed. But unlike those Spiritualist who ask the wandering Spirit to cross over into the light to find peace, I would argue it was the light that put them there, and they are going nowhere but in the hell of their own making.

Note: You might be wondering who falls under the banner of pure evil. What degree is that sliver of evil. I had a visual of a man reaching from a hole in the ground, the hole was deep but very narrow. There was very little light that reached the hole as he reached for help out of it. He just could not watch the crimes he committed anymore. His face was shallow and sickly. Who is it Spirit? Josef Mengele. For a soul to be separated from heaven, from everyone else, its important to understand the degree of their crimes. 

You might wonder what about those people that fall in the grey category. Those who have committed horrible crimes but aren’t that sliver of evil. I would remind you of   Truth 11



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  1. rmf Avatar

    Very interesting, I feel I’m a religious person in the traditional sense, but I have always wondered how could a loving, forgiving God could place anyone in Hell forever. The loving God I know is a teaching Gold like you describe. This is not far fetched at all, this goes right in line with a truly loving God. God wants to teach us all, not punish us, and what better way than to have us understand the impact our actions have on others. Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  2. Edward Avatar

    Excellent, my thoughts exactly. Thank you.

  3. mhb Avatar

    Thank you Eric and Spirits for sharing this. I had moved from Sunday School to this belief system awhile back (still believing in Christianity but also more universal religion). But I was really unclear about what happened to truly evil people that deliberately harmed thousands or millions. Thank you and Spirits for the clarification.

    It’s too bad we don’t know this is a classroom when we first arrive, so we wouldn’t get so angry at the unfair things that happen to us all, but would understand this is Karma and lessons. When I think about how we teach kids here, we let them know the lesson and what’s required to complete the lesson and move to the next grade. I feel like that’s what’s missing here — that preexisting knowledge of the lesson and what we’re supposed to learn (since it’s different for everyone based on past lives). I suppose on a subconscious level we know it, but it would be easier to accept the hard times if you knew it was just Karma.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  4. Gabe Avatar

    This aligns with what I’ve believed for a long time. As someone who’s fairly religious, I’ve been pretty hurt before by some people exclaiming I’m going to eternal hell fire for being lgbt. But I’m comforted now. I knew before g-d loved me but now I’m sure of it. Thank you.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I wouldn’t listen to those who judge. Normally people like that are very narrow minded to begin with.

    2. Sara Avatar

      You won’t go to hell for being lgbt. Consensual, loving relationships between two adults is a good thing, regardless of gender.

    3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      On another note, if what you have in your relationships is love in any form, then you are apart of God, love is Gods gift.

  5. anthony Avatar

    Message from god el your father. Read the book of enoch. All men create evil spirits. It takes two to reproduce. Understand what type of person you are marrying. Dont produce evil. God said be fruitful an multiply . Any priest who refers to this in the bible is stuck in the past. That world was destroyed because it became evil. Thou shall not kill is the rule. No arranged marriages. Most of the earth are children of el. As jesus said you are neither jew or gentile. God el has a father-shaddai. Who created with the mother-father who is not the sun. You have father-son universes plus know were adding shekinah which to my understanding is geb and nut.

  6. Sara Avatar

    Interesting take on things. Sometimes, when I hear about horrible crimes like those done by Nazis and ISIS, I think they should suffer for what they did.

    But at the same time, many of these people had family members who loved them before they turned bad, and it wouldn’t seem fair to them to never see their loved one–this time as a good person.

    The idea of the really bad people forced to watch their atrocities until they learn their lesson seems fair to me. That way they don’t get away with it, but also there’s some hope for repentance and change later on.

    I read about a mother whose son joined ISIS, and later died. I do feel he should see what his crimes did to other people and be made to understand what he did, but for the mother’s sake, I hope she eventually sees the son she knew, the good part of him before he got warped.

  7. Cody Avatar

    Good to know that hell isn’t a biblical hell and that good people like myself and many others are not going to hell if we don’t convert and conform to anyone’s religion/group.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Very True

  8. allen Avatar

    hi eric, I was just wondering, couldn’t the bad spirit, when he is in that dark place, cry out to GOD, for mercy? that he doesn’t have to be in the place, of his crimes,for long, if he asks GOD to intervene, and is sorry for his crimes? also, what can the average good person do, to help the evil soul? doesn’t praying for the evil soul, help the dark soul, or is the grey soul ,more able to be helped? the power of love, is not really understood by us, soo very powerful, and the building blocks of everyone, and everything, thank you and the group,for bringing more light to us all………………..

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes there are exceptions to the rules. Yes I believe one of the main reasons we are surrounded by evil is so the rest of us can teach them there is alternative paths for them to take.

  9. aleafinthewind77 Avatar

    Exactly what I would have expected or thought. Deep, good stuff

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  10. jules104 Avatar

    Thanks Eric. I found this truth very interesting and always appreciate every truth You and Spirits have to give to us. What I find hard to understand though is why the little children have to suffer under the hands of the evil or less evil? I’ve heard others speak of things such as “soul contracts” with these other people/person when they come into their new life, as if they’d agreed to having their life cut short. Is that how it works? If you reincarnate around your loved ones each life then isn’t it also just torturing those people again and again until that evil or less evil individual finally learns their lesson? For children that are so innocent, it’s really hard either way to understand that one. Are you able to say why children aren’t protected more in this world? Does that have to do with humans free will and choice and God has no say in it? That we just have to evolve and raise our consciousness over time and wait? Sorry for all the questions but always frustrated with what I see and hear happen to the innocent children every day.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      i believe we as a society have a responsibility to all our children. To create a safer, happier, more fullfilling world something our society is failing to do. Yes ther is the exception, and to that we are unfortunately bound to each other. Including those evil individuals. But take for instance starvation. If the world and society really wanted to we could end it. We have the land, the means, the ability to grow enough to feed everyone, we just choose not to.

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Thanks Eric. Yes besides every day people trying to give what they can and help out in some small way, I don’t understand why those who have so much and live in such luxury with their millions and billions aren’t using it to help those less fortunate in the world and trying to make the world a better place for everyone. Maybe some do but I’d say most do not that I know of. I can’t imagine having so much money and just letting it sit in a bank somewhere and not using it for good to make a difference somehow.

  11. twiceblessed9 Avatar

    Manafort found guilty on 8 counts.
    Cohen pleads guilty to 8 counts.
    Maybe this is also part of “8”.
    What a day!

    1. jules104 Avatar

      I agree twiceblessed9. And I heard a journalist make a reference to the rats jumping ship earlier this am. It was during a Microsoft hacking interview. I think Eric has a prediction on that somewhere.

    2. Sara Avatar

      He faces up to 6 or 7 years in prison. If they have a retrial on the other counts, that could add to it.

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Sara, I’ve heard it’s way more. Just two of those counts were 30 years each. Manafort faces a maximum of 80 years total on just those 8 counts. Though it could end up being less at sentencing. But he is 68 yrs old. I’d say a life sentence basically. And he’s not even gotten to the other trial yet. So… I’d not want to be in his shoes.

    3. lossie2020 Avatar

      Ouch….I haven’t followed up on both Manafort and Cohens. Is it bad?

  12. jules104 Avatar

    Eric, SWC…just now 7.3 EQ off shore Sucre, Venezuela. 80 km depth

    1. MK Avatar

      6.7 Vanuatu just now.

  13. Holaca Avatar

    Thanks Eric I like that spirit shows that redemption is possible even if it’s a longer journey for those that have committed evil acts. The law of attraction (karma) suggests the same so as you work through your history you will be able to move to the light.

  14. petemedium Avatar

    Hello Eric and SWC. This is excellent mate, and certainly fits in with the work I’ve been doing with ‘Sam’. Sam passed over the end of Feb this year from cancer. He returned to me and another friend who I called Danny. Over the past few months we’ve watched/chatted with Sam as he battled with his refusal to accept Life after ‘death’. Yes he was in a ‘room’ and was slowly receding into the darkness. He wasn’t a bad man, in fact in life he was a very caring and active person for the good of many people. It was his expectations, lack of belief in God or after life that held him back. Danny and I were privileged to have been able to interact with him ‘that he be loosed from his sins’, as the Catholic ideology states. Instead of ‘praying’, we became the ‘prayer’ through which ‘God’s Messenger’s’ worked.
    The extraordinary part of our story is that Sam called on Danny and I and we both live two hours from each other, so it wasn’t like Danny and I were in the same place.
    The latest Blog was where Danny and I, for the first time, chatted with Sam while I was at Danny’s place in Hervey Bay Qld.
    Obviously there is a whole lot to Sam’s story, which is best left to those interested to read at my Blog site. The beginning of the story, from when he first passed over and then his first visit to me, is here:

    1. lossie2020 Avatar

      Thanks Petemedium, I read your blog…very interesting story. Hopefully Sam is at peace on other side.

      1. petemedium Avatar

        Thanks Lossie. Am about to post the latest on Sam. Yes, he finally ‘sees the Light’.

  15. petemedium Avatar

    The ‘Light’ and ‘dark’ we often refer to is dependent of our open or closed mind. The more open we are to options, opinions, perspective relating to God/Creator Force/Higher Spiritual matters, the more That Power of Peace can enter our conscience to add input. Therefore the more close the mind, the less the light. Those who have passed over who were completely closed to any ‘Light’, as you have indicated Eric, can’t possibly receive ‘God’s help’, no matter how much they may call out for it. It isn’t that the Light isn’t there or that It doesn’t want to help, it is that the person has to experience discovering how to find that light. The key to Heaven is internal to the person, not external.
    From what my Guidance has told me, eventually all souls, even the most carnal and wicked, will find a way to open that ‘Portal’, but that could be hundreds of thousands of earth years. The haunted houses, and similar events, including aggressive Orbs, that some people experience around graves and cemetery’s, is actually those wretched souls demand a god or power of their making, of their ‘light’, but it won’t come.
    I hope I’m not over stepping the mark with this Eric. It is just so unique for me to have someone ‘Receiving’ almost identical info from on High as I’ve been receiving. And if you have no objection, I’d love to add more. But please, I have no intention of intruding.

  16. MTN Girl Avatar
    MTN Girl

    Is there a difference between those who are purposely stuck due to their evil actions, & those who are just too scared or confused to move on, would it be appropriate in that situation to encourage them to cross over?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I can’t speak to the scared or confused however there are Spirits that linger, waiting around, but in fairness to them we are talking about eternity, why do they need to hurry up?

  17. donna b Avatar
    donna b

    This is so interesting. Is this why people talk about “residual hauntings” where the ghosts seem to be unaware of the living but keep repeating the same actions over and over?

    I’ve lived in an old “haunted house” it wasn’t much fun. But I too wonder if some people get stuck because of earthly attachments or they get confused? And can these “stuck” people influence or possess the living to maybe make them do evil acts like they did in life which made them cut off from the light? Is that why some people do evil acts like the guy who murdered his wife and little children? Seems like only a person who was possessed would do those things. I have so many questions..

    But its comforting to know that God is a teaching God not a punishing God. And that there is redemption. It would be nice to see everyone have a full belly and its politics and evil people who keep it from happening be punished; like food aid rotting on docks because of the political climate in the Country. And why in this day and age can’t we solve this? Can it ever be solved? Does Spirit see a time when all of this is solved? When children wont go hungry or be hurt?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes very much solved, we will talk about it in the last post of this 4 part series, the new order

      1. donna b Avatar
        donna b

        Eric, that’s great! thank you!

  18. lossie2020 Avatar

    Interesting. …it’s good to know the truth from the Ancient Spirit. However, what about the witnesses that shared their dreams of heavens and hell. They expeirnced it was very real, and their responsibilities were to shared with the world to know what it is like after death. Why those people had those dreams and experienced after life death in hell then back to earth? They even heard voices, horrified screams and smelled death in hell.

    I am not doubting you, and believe every words you said. What I’m trying to say about the witnesses that experienced it in hell then back to Earth. What was that? Can the Ancient Spirit explains as why they experienced it? Wanted to hypothesis the people’s experiences in life after death.

    1. lossie2020 Avatar

      Have another question. Does the dog and animal has spirit like us?

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Not only do they but when I do readings and loved ones come through sometimes their animals.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I can only tell you what my guides tell me. I cannot speak on behalf of others. I would add when we wrote this truth about hell they checked it line by line, and made corrections accordingly, so I know this is what they see as truth.

    3. petemedium Avatar

      lossie, a near death experience isn’t technically death. The soul hasn’t left the physical form, for if it had, it couldn’t return. It’s umbilical chord is still attached, so to speak. And a person in a near death experience can often feel the effects of the attempts to re start a ‘life’ such as being hit with electric shocks. Or it could be a ‘shock’ from the other side, preventing a person from dying before their time that they are recalling.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Thanks for sharing that information

      2. lossie2020 Avatar

        Thank you Eric and Petemedium. Very fascinating and intriguing subject. 🙂

  19. Cassandra Apollo Avatar
    Cassandra Apollo

    Thank you for writing about this. Had a NDE years ago and learned the truth about death and Heaven, ect. Good to see it written here.

  20. donna b Avatar
    donna b

    Eric, that is interesting about animals, I’m surprised my beloved favorite cat in the whole world didn’t come through on a reading; of course I did not ask!! I will have to ask next time, I miss him so much. Of course I do love them all; but he is the one who always stayed by me while I was sick never left my side. He was my boy for sure, kids used to say that he was my other son, lol

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      You should ask! it is rare for them to come through

      1. lossie2020 Avatar

        Awe…animals are precious! 🙂

      2. donna b Avatar
        donna b

        thanks, Eric I will; about due for a check up! As I like to call it! LOL

  21. Flicker Avatar

    Through a dream I was there. I was in Hell. I was standing in a small lighted area next to a conveyor belt.

    I knew there were people on the other end of the conveyor belt, but I knew I could never talk, see, or hear them. The other people were my loved ones. They didn’t know where I was, but in my mind I was screaming out to them. An eternal scream. An Eternal Separation.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That sounds horrible. I am glad it was just a dream.

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