Catholic Church Sex Abuse Scandal in Pennsylvania

This evil prediction has happened. I just can’t imagine such an egregious act in what is suppose to be a holy place. For over 23 years our family has dedicated our lives to fostering children so this prediction hits me hard emotionally. How anyone could willingly hurt children like that is beyond my understanding.  Now I know why Spirit blocked the literal details with symbolic ones.

I am Back.. Again! 4-26-18   I had a visual of a bowl of fruit, then it quickly turned black and rotten. Then the visual shifted to show the fruit inside was hallowed out, there were only peels left and all of them turned black.   Then the visual shifted to show stairs, step by step. Each step was rotten, had black sludge oozing off the sides, mold was growing in the corners.

I know the fruit rotting or turning black is a sexual scandal. This one seems huge, very dark and down right evil. Sludge has been used to describe evil acts.  I am not sure what it means to be hallowed out. “Peeled away”   “Layered”    The stairs?? 

They have used these symbols before, from the sex abuse at Penn State, to the scandals with the President all showing fruit that soured. However never since the Catholic sex scandal has it been presented so utterly dark.  I will try and get some details about who or where? However with Spirit being so symbolic it’s clear they are shielding me from seeing something I would rather not see, the details might have to be consistently vague. 

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  1. The 5 body gold cross has made it perfectly clear the catholic church is finished and the father h chosen coptic were priests are married. The church of rome is well aware. The gods of India in hindu tradition would of castrated these men.

  2. One of the kids raped by a priest was a little girl recovering from a surgery in one of the Catholic hospitals. So sick and evil. However people will still just turn a blind eye and defend and go to these institutions. What’s even more sick is that this stuff hasn’t been going on for just the past several decades, it’s been going on for almost as long as this institution has existed — and yet it’s still withstood the test of time because its followers prefer to disassociate themselves from these atrocities from their religious leaders by saying “Well that’s them, not me — they’ll just have to answer to god”.

  3. Swc We are going through similar revelations in Australia this last 2 three years with various cases being tried .
    Most recent and archbishop covering up for offenders ..
    Though the revelation and scale is so huge in Pensilvania ..
    Words fail me while my heart aches in prayer
    Love and light to these victims
    I say I’m sorry this happened to you .
    Blessings for your life ..brave hearts .

  4. Those shitboxes used G-d to justify their crimes. That’s going too far.

    1. Is that what the priest said? You would think they would be apologizing extensively, but I haven’t heard a peep.
      Though I share your rage, please remember that cursing is not looked at kindly by WP, and I do not want to lose my good standing with WP.

  5. Very, very sad and sick. Poor children were rob by their innocence into the wolves hands. It’s embarrassing when too many cannot be trusted. We are entering the dark period before Jesus Christ second come. He is coming very soon and will come to strike down fake churches. He will come to clean up the messes on this planet.

  6. The most horrific and sad thing in all of this Eric is that our children, past and present have been used in this terrible way by so many different religions and by people in authority who should know and act better. Is it any wonder we have young people who have gone completely off the rails and turned to drugs? probably to block out what they have been through.

  7. Could it be that the stairs, sludge and hollowness be: showing people the way to raise their consciousness (stairs) grew spiritually hollow (the hollowness) and evil (sludge)?

  8. It’s sad but true. I saw it growing up. I lived with it from my mother’s choice in men!
    The priest were(father Matthew) was seeing my 10 year old brother and his friend as they were alter boys. It was a crazy childhood but I woke up early and grew up early

    1. I’m sorry for what you went through. I know there aren’t any words that can really comfort someone about that, but it’s safe to say everyone who reads these comments is on your side. We all wish the best for you, and healing.

  9. In my opinion, the sexual abuse of children is the greatest sin/crime there is. Even worse than murder. Murder may kill the body, but sexual abuse kills the soul. My partner was sexually abused by an adult male while he was an adolescent. He still suffers decades later, despite counseling. If there is truly a hell, then these priests deserve to rot in it. There is no excuse for it. To me, it is unforgivable. Maybe God and the Angels can forgive this abhorrent behavior, but I can’t. If that makes me a bad person, then so be it.

    1. I don’t blame you for your anger. I’m not usually unforgiving, but when it comes to raping children, I can’t forgive someone for that.

      Anyone, religious figure or not, who rapes children, deserves to be locked away in prison forever. After all, they’re way too dangerous to have out on the streets, and few–if any–have any intention of reforming.

      I’m sorry to hear about your partner’s abuse. It’s awful that the people who get raped feel such shame, when it’s really the rapist’s crime, it’s the rapist who should be ashamed.

  10. So the Catholic church withstands yet another one of these scandals but the Church of Scientology — in another prediction, I think — will go down for just one scandal possibly involving abuse? Not a fan of Scientology but I do find it ironic how this can keep happening and yet the Catholic church keeps existing. Maybe that’s because Catholicism is the largest Christian denomination and thus is able to withstand these scandals because it has a large enough following to combat these scandals.

  11. Of course the events are/were horrific.
    But I don’t understand how the prediction could specifically be re: a Catholic Church scandal in Pennsylvania.

  12. Very sad to hear about the children being abused by the church. I read somewhere that there aren’t any relgions in the Afterlife. It made question why we need religions on the physical plane.
    A quote from The guru Osho “the priests and the politicians are the mafia of the soul”.

    1. I think people look at religion for answers to life’s many tough questions: where do we go when we die, is there life after death, why do bad things happen to good people. I struggle with those questions myself.

      In a way, people who seek answers in Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, etc. are similar to us looking for answers among psychics, like Eric.

      Religion by itself is fine, but when you have extremists or people who hurt innocents–like those priests–then it becomes a problem.

      But personally, I think religion, believing in psychics, or being a person of science….it’s all related to our desire to answer our questions and find meaning in our lives.

  13. Eric you said the 16th was marked.

    “Terrorism.. Illinois.. 16”

    I was standing up in the sky looking down to see a skyscraper in flames. Smoke bellowed up towards the sky. Visual of the letters ‘il’ I had a visual I was walking down a street when I saw a building explode.

      1. I’m pretty confused about the explosion visuals. You mentioned an accident at a nuclear plant, but suggested there could be another, more malicious explosion. Do you have more information about that yet?

        1. There are specific predictions that talk about IL that I assume means Illinois. Then there is another message implying Timothy Mcveigh like individual arrives, both point to an explosion or bombing. There is also the very old predictions about a hijacking of a plane / bombing and the bridge attack.

    1. My father was molested by a priest, back in the 1930’s. I was molested by the corner grocer back in 1958. These people still walk the earth, still molest children. At least today they are prosecuted. Back in my day and my father’s they did nothing. It is an unbelievable experience with the least being confusing and damaging beyond understanding. The churches have hidden these men. We are the precipice of great change so we must lift our positive voices in unison. I do wonder what a person with that kind of obsession toward children could do to arrest that heinous obsession. I suppose the same way an alcoholic does through abstinence and spirituality. Thanks Eric for all that you do. Good to hear your mom is doing better. Peace💜

  14. 50 invasive seeds, dropped from a box, can infect a whole nation: does anyone here also consider those abused kids, when they reincarnate, the scars might follow them! how many of our “shooters”, for instance, trace some of their problems back to such abuse, in the life, yes, but also in previous lives.
    then what about the reincarnating priests?! then too, since this has been going on for so many centuries, their might actually be a “cabal” of an organization, in the low planes of spirit, that reinforces this.

    an arrested molester once said that he did this to kids because they are the only Pure Beings, here on earth! well….?! after he sexes a child, is that child pure anymore?! he never considers this, does he!

    I am beginning to wonder if in ancient history *all* children were considered to be available for this act! and that it was supposed that all men before marriage was even “supposed to” have sex with children!

    and every single higher level church official who knew of this and did nothing, has now become just as tainted as the priests who did this: those who see evil and do nothing are guilty of the same evil!

    —and you wonder why so many of our youth give their middle finger to religion?!


  15. there is another elephant sitting in the Room: the removal of sins by Confession leading to sin abuse, in the catholic church.

    in my farm hometown of like 1000 people, there was a catholic man who owned a granary. for years and years he cheated the farmers when they brought their wheat in to sell to him. after he died, they found he mis-weighed the grain such that the farmers were not paid for 10% of their crop! no doubt he washed his sins in the weekly Confession! then he went back to doing this again on Monday.
    he also “convinced” all of his sons to enter a school to become priests! apparently if one does this, you get a very very high good place in heaven! I wonder what the sons thought of this?! someone told me that after a year or so, they jumped ship and left to start another life of their own choosings! by this time the late 60s had arrived, but if this had happened back like in the 30s, probably the kids would be now priests or church officials.
    —-and this type of “sin release” has been going on since like 100 AD.

    1. Very good point..the confession thing. However I seriously doubt any of those molestor clergy confess those sins. Of course it’s possible they do confess which makes this agregious heinous cover up beyond comprehension. Thanks for your insight Freestone.

      1. oh they *will* Confess, as they are steeped in the proper way to be a catholic. and that indeed is part of the problem. the hypocrisy is vast, the Profanation is near beyond belief!
        some visionaries have foreseen images of the Vatican in flames and ruin; they think of war or asteroid. no, probably not, I think they see the People finally enraged enough that they riot and turn onto the Church to destroy it!
        was not long ago that one could *buy* one’s way into heaven!

        in colleges and in some corporations, of late, if the coach, for instance, is seen guilty of sex abuse of many students, not only he resign, but the managers resign too, as well as even the college president! maybe many of the head leaders of the catholic church should resign then do public pertinence if not prion time. this might also include the Pope too!

  16. SWC this is just sohorendous I’m so many levels and I hope and pray for each and every victim out there that they may heal and go on to have a healthy and happy life.
    I hope that everyone who has children gives them the tools to use at an early age so they may better understand and be able to help you to protect them. Please educate yourself and your children, talk to and empower them to speak up for themselves and stand up to those who would try and exploit and abuse them in any manner.
    For very young children, parents please educate yourselves on the warning signs and what to look for. There are tools you can give and teach them so they may be more prepared if or when something does occur. Kids need to know about boundaries and good touch bad touch, Private body parts about how they should never keep secrets from you if someone asks or threatens them and they need to know that they can come to you and talk about anything.
    I feel like if we can empower our children with the tools they need (parents and others also) in this day and age we will start to combat better some of the evil doings of those pedaphiles who prey on them. Education is key. Here is a good link but there are so many more out there. You just need to google it.

    1. That religion implied a snake (huge liar or deceiver ) at the top of the religion. They also pointed to a cross and questioned why they had one. I personally don’t think so, it is debatable, however I don’t really see the pope as a great deceiver


    ‘Weaponization of faith’: Examples from clergy abuse report

    Some of the examples cited in the report, released Tuesday, of how over 300 “predator priests,” dating back to the 1940s, used the children’s own religious faith and trust in them as religious leaders to victimize and silence them:



    One priest tied up a victim with rope in the confessional in a “praying position.” When the victim refused to perform sex, the angered priest used a 7-inch crucifix to sexually assault him.

    Another victim said a priest used a metal cross to beat him.

    At a parish rectory, four priests made a boy strip and pose as Jesus on the cross while they took photos.

    “He stated that all of them giggled and stated that the pictures would be used as a reference for new religious statues for the parishes,” the grand jury wrote. Two of those priests later did jail time for sexually assaulting two altar boys.



    One priest told a boy he was fondling that it was OK because the priest was “an instrument of God.”

    Another was quoted as telling altar boys they should serve naked beneath their cassocks “because God did not want any man-made clothes to be worn next to their skin during Mass,” the jury wrote.

    When a bishop asked the Vatican to remove a priest who used physical force and threats to abuse children, the bishop noted the priest “invoked the name of God to justify his actions against his victims while using their faith and the priesthood to manipulate them and secure their silence.” Parishioners were never told why he was removed in 2006.



    Threats of eternal damnation were not uncommon, the grand jury found.

    Priests told children they would “go to hell” if they told anyone what happened and “nobody would believe a lying child over a man of God’s word.”

    In one church, a priest told a boy who confided he had been gang-raped as a 7-year-old that he had to provide sex to get to heaven. He would then be molested for three years before the priest was transferred.

    freestone says…..this is getting far worse then expected. now these kids have grown up and I wonder if they are now vaccinated against all religion in any form! for life! and for maybe many succeeding incarnations too!

    soul murder!

    been going on for how long? 100 years? 400 years?


  18. Could the stairs mean that many levels were involved? In this case many of the higher ups- cardinals, bishops and arch bishops were all involved. And could the hollowing our refer to the deepest layers of secret and darkness being exposed and rooted out?

  19. Because we now know this prediction was about a religious scandal, “The stairs” reminded me of Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven — not trying to relate the song’s meaning, just that “the stairs” and “Stairway” are both associated with two different topics with both still relating to the afterlife in some way.

  20. It’s been pretty quiet on here the past couple days….I’m starting to feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone!

    1. Post will go out tonight, the 20th is coming up, and if we follow the predictions a major quake is coming this month or next, the one I thought would happen last month. But there are multiple earthquake predictions that point to the 20th.

      1. Eric dutchsinse doesn’t see visions his work is only based on scientific study and mainly a one week window out. But it matches up with your work a lot of times which I find interesting. I think it is somebody else if it’s psychic visions you are asking about.

      1. Eric I’m not sure unless it’s Rhona who has mentioned that area. Dutchsinse uses a scientific method to predict where the quakes will happen.
        I think mostly it’s just You yourself that has predicted these big earthquakes coming. 😉
        I am a bit worried there is still a large tsunami coming though. Praying not. 🙏🏻

  21. Hey Jules, you did well. Jumped me every time. But I think I got you on these:
    6,3 Lombok, a 6.8 Fiji, 5.2 Pariaman Indonesia and 4.7 Japan with a massive amount of activity/aftershocks being recorded in the West Pacific at the moment.

    1. Ha that you did! There’s so many I can’t keep up. With the depths and magnitudes it’s a bit of a worry for you all over that way. Hope that’s it Petemedium.

      1. Hi Jules. No news reports on the ABC yet. The out of control bush fires have the headlines. Then again there hasn’t been reports of damage from Fiji …. yet. But as Dutch says the next few days are going to be extremely troubling for NZ. And I don’t think Lombok/Bali area are clear yet. Or Japan.
        You’re right about trying to catch up. The CSEM European, and our Seismic centre are more accurate than the US.

    1. “(Reuters) – A massive quake of magnitude 8.2 struck in the Pacific Ocean close to Fiji and Tonga on Sunday but it was so deep that it did not cause any damage, authorities in Fiji said. ”

      JAKARTA (Reuters) – A fresh tremor of 6.3 magnitude struck the Indonesian holiday island of Lombok, the U.S. Geological Survey said on Sunday, after an earthquake killed more than 430 people there earlier this month. USGS estimated the depth of the latest tremor at 7.9 km (4.9 miles).

    2. Wow, Jules – glad you posted! Eric had a prediction over a yr ago about a shaking of the world, it seemed. Does anyone recall? I had another earthquake dream the other night…thought it was personal metaphor, but now am wondering if it was prophetic. I had no idea where the earthquake was in the dream. Everyone must watch this video!

      1. Hi Lia I remember it. The one where he saw 9s pop up all over the place. I’ll look for it. I think your dream is prophetic.

  22. Eric,SWC,
    Priest attacked..for all the young children..
    (CNN)A Catholic priest was beaten while praying at his church in Merrillville, Indiana, and authorities are investigating the attack as a hate crime.

    The Rev. Basil John Hutsko told police he was attacked Monday morning inside the St. Michaels Byzantine Catholic Church as he was praying in the sacristy.
    The attacker “grabbed him by the neck, threw him down on the floor and immediately started slamming his head against the floor. Both sides, front and back,” Merrillville Police Chief Joseph Petruch told CNN affiliate WBBM.

  23. Eric,
    More corruption in Pennsylvania..

    Priest arrested..stole almost 100,000..

    Prosecutors say he spent the money on a beach house in Ocean City, travel and men he was having sexual relationships with.

    McLoone was removed from the church in early 2018 after the archdiocese learned about a secret account where McLoone allegedly diverted some of the church money. The stolen money allegedly came from church donations, fees paid to the parish for weddings and funerals by those married at the church or holding funeral services for a loved one, and other gifts made out to St. Joseph’s Parish.

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