Catholic Church Sex Abuse Scandal in Pennsylvania

This evil prediction has happened. I just can’t imagine such an egregious act in what is suppose to be a holy place. For over 23 years our family has dedicated our lives to fostering children so this prediction hits me hard emotionally. How anyone could willingly hurt children like that is beyond my understanding.  Now I know why Spirit blocked the literal details with symbolic ones.

I am Back.. Again! 4-26-18   I had a visual of a bowl of fruit, then it quickly turned black and rotten. Then the visual shifted to show the fruit inside was hallowed out, there were only peels left and all of them turned black.   Then the visual shifted to show stairs, step by step. Each step was rotten, had black sludge oozing off the sides, mold was growing in the corners.

I know the fruit rotting or turning black is a sexual scandal. This one seems huge, very dark and down right evil. Sludge has been used to describe evil acts.  I am not sure what it means to be hallowed out. “Peeled away”   “Layered”    The stairs?? 

They have used these symbols before, from the sex abuse at Penn State, to the scandals with the President all showing fruit that soured. However never since the Catholic sex scandal has it been presented so utterly dark.  I will try and get some details about who or where? However with Spirit being so symbolic it’s clear they are shielding me from seeing something I would rather not see, the details might have to be consistently vague.