Ethiopia Bombing

This prediction has happened. Please pray for the safety of those in Ethiopia.

Predictions 6-21-18  I had a visual of an explosion or bombing unfolding. They are acknowledging one of their old predictions are about to happen.

Predictions 6-3-18  I had a visual I was in a town and in the distant background was a huge smoke stack, it looked like an explosion took place

9 thoughts on “Ethiopia Bombing

  1. Eric

    A heads up a bombing occured in Zimbabwe Saturday as well. You have predicted in the past a stadium attack. This one was in Bulawayo and targeted the Zimbabwean president.

  2. I had to retype this as my device is conspiring against me but today was the anniversary of the N CA eq of 1992.. The bridge predictions tbat may be San Francisco and talks of around an anniversary. Also tomorrow is Wednesday which is mentioned in the N California eq prediction. Just reminding everyone because the full moon in Cancer like the ocean (crab)is in less than 2 days has been affecting me like I am dizzy, disoriented and nauseous like being sea sick. I know more than just us are watching CA. Hope nothing comes of it.

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