Prediction: The Fall of a Church

“We refuse to call it a church! We aren’t calling it a church.. so we will call it a ‘place with the cross at the top’.

The person without a home will wander and loiter.. the large black snake with his wicked grip will demand he leaves ‘that place with the cross at the top’.. the lack of compassion will lead to death.

The authorities investigate.. the snake with his blustering arrogance and powerful name ragefully makes demands that the authorities refuse to abide by.

They have a picture. (This might be a reference to  ones self image or it could be literal)

Such a massive scandal.. the walls of this place begin to fall.. its over.. even as a public figure takes over.. nothing will save it from exposer.. from the truth.. from its end.

The public figures will find them self consumed by the scandal as the truth grows and grows.. how could they be so complicit?”

The black snake was very similar to an old prediction:

“Hostage.. kept under control.. a despicable act.”
The vision below symbolically describes it better. They also added an odd message of “Miss Cave or (calf)” but I could have misunderstood what they said.

I had a vision of a person complaining to the leader of what seemed like an odd religion.  The leader acted concerned, even hugging the person, but then turned into a large black snake the coiled itself around the person, squeezing them tightly. The snake held the victim in a place of squalor. Bugs and filth surrounded the person. The snake continued to slither around what was now more than one person, growing larger, its eyes turning black. Then like that the secret was out.

Are they saying homeless or was this person living in the church at one time? Snakes are symbolic to liars, people with next to no integrity. The message behind it all is a continue theme that we are in an of era exposing the truth “our father will turn over the rocks and expose what is underneath”. It goes to the heart of who they are, willing to share the truth with you, exposing the lies, but then the divine steps back and lets us take it from there, because in the end we are responsible for the happenings of this home of ours, and we have a responsibility to it. 


57 thoughts on “Prediction: The Fall of a Church

  1. There is a niche group of old order fundamentalist Pentecostal churches that practice snake handling, usually with deadly varieties. If they are bitten and don’t die, it’s supposedly evidence that God has protected them.

  2. Could this perhaps be about the Church of Scientology? There have been numerous rumors that they have kept people hostage in their facilities.
    Also I hope Bea is doing well!

  3. Hello everyone, just to clarify I believe this entire prediction is a refence to the Church of Scientology. However they never said it, so its important that I do not as well. But the name Miscalf (similar to the leaders name), the public figures, the tone of the church, all of it points to them. Its possible I could be wrong but unlikely.

  4. I think this is talking about the “Church” of Scientology. The leader is a guy called David Miscavige (Miss Cave or Calf)? I think that is what they were trying to say. Also best to you and Bea as she recovers!

    • There’s a book titled “Beyond Belief”, by a woman who fled the Scientology group. Actually, she (Jenna Miscavige Hill) is the leader’s niece, but she went through a lot.

      Her book told of separation from her parents, children doing hard labor, no one listening to dissent. Both her parents had, at one time, been kept in a facility when they broke rules.
      And when she grew up and wanted to leave with the man she loved, they went through hell and back to make it out, being separated and treated like criminals. There were all sorts of strict rules–and some really bizarre ones–that they had to live by.

      I’d recommend people read it. Eric, you might want to read it as well, and see if the stuff Jenna described matches with any of your visuals.

      • Sara, Ive read several books on Scientology, and imo Jenna’s was the best. It’s a horrible cult & I pray it and all cults fall On A & E channel there is a series on cults. I had no idea there were so many! NXIVM, the one where they were branding women is another appalling cult that needs to go. Thank God leader is in prison waiting for trial now.

  5. SO glad to hear Bea is doing well! We’ve kept you all in our healing thoughts and prayers.

    Miss Cave/Calf — Miscavige. The leader of the Church of Scientology is David Miscavige. Often pronounced “Mis-cavie” but correct pronunciation is “Mis-cav-ige” which fits with both words that you heard Eric.

    I’m posting because I had a vision a few months ago that this church falls and falls hard. To include Tom Cruise (perhaps the public figure you name in your prediction). I don’t know why but reading your thoughts gave me chills and such validation. It feels bad and I only hope the pain parts can be avoided if at all possible (the homeless person’s death).

    Big hugs to Bea and your entire family!

  6. there is lack of compassion I watched the special on this..they divide families, separate and turn against you if you leave the church and your family cannot have anything to do with you. Very twisted and evil, They turn people away and abuse them and even stalk them if they leave the church, speak out against it. On a better topic, Best to Bea! Hope she is feeling better.

  7. My very first thought before I read this post was that it’s about Scientology. It seems lots of others had the same thought. I personally knew a couple and the wife joined, but not the husband. He was a doctor and they had 4 kids. They said she needed to give them lots of money for “clearing.” She ended up bankrupting them, they had to sell their beautiful home they had custom built & then they got divorced. A very horrible ‘church’ if you ask me.

    • Dang, I kind of like him. I live in close proximity to the headquarters of the CoS. Let me tell you from first hand experience…my husband was a musician and helped raise money with a show for the Lisa McPherson fund and we also crewed for a semi-fictional movie called “The Prophit” based on LR Hubbard. We had people watching our house, lots of church literature was sent to us and it got real creepy there for a while. They are not well loved in Clearwater FL.

    • aleafinthewind77 — Joel’s too busy flying in his personal jets/helicopters, cruising in his luxory/sports cars, and buying new real estate for his next multi-million dollar mansion.

  8. Reblogged this on melbrake and commented:
    Eric, this is a most remarkable message from Spirit, although very troubling. I had a similar message from my guides in 2014 about a cross at the top of a church and a older man who called out the person who was very dark. My understanding is that this person is the Anti-Christ who tries to take over the church or he is Christ like. Thank you so much for sharing.

  9. ‘place with the cross at the top’ — made me think of Scientology due to the big golden cross their buildings have at the top.

  10. Eric, off topic but Ozzie and Sharon’s are from England and their son Jack has MS. It’s probably a stretch especially since you indicated it’s probably a politician. 🌷

  11. Eric, great to hear your mum is ok and that the operation was a success, and great to hear you are on the onward and upward path health wise.

    In my yearly predictions Spirit gave me in early January this year, one was:
    “From mid 2018 through to 2020 Hollywood will be rocked by claims of shaky financial deals leading back to the mid ’50s and in particular cover ups of deaths of actors and other personnel during the making of movies never disclosed before. At least one claim implicates the US defence forces involved in the making of war movies.”
    Hubbard’s Scientology has had a very strong influence in Hollywood since its inception in 1952.
    Wonder if the two predictions are connected?

  12. I Don’t think like all of you… I haven’t experienxce with what Spirits wants to talk but The firts think I thought when I read We don’t want to say Church… I thought about Anticrist aparition… for me its what’s going to happend

  13. BEFORE I read the whole thing I had a strong sense that this was about Scientology. Then I read the part lower down about the hostages and Miss Cavage which is Shelly Miscavage, the wife of the control freak head of the “Church” of Scientology. It sounds like someone will get into the Gold area in Hemet and discover the hostages there, then will be killed. Perhaps all will finally be revealed. PLEASE send love and Light to all the persons controlled by this fake church.

  14. Hi Eric, I’m glad Bea is doing better. This prediction sounds like Scientology. The leader of that “church” has imprisoned around 40 former executives at their facility near Hemet. His wife Shelly has been imprisoned at their facility near Lake Arrowhead for 12 years now. For more information, Tony Ortega has been reporting on Scientology on his blog for many years. Search for “Shelly Miscavige” and you will find articles about her and some photos. Shelly really needs our help.
    This dangerous cult spends around $60k per month on lawyers and Private Investigators to follow, spy on, intimidate, and harass former members. They spent $12 million following just one former member named Pat Broeker.
    When this “church” is finally gone, it will be like The Eye of Sauron going out in Lord of the Rings. Thousands of people that have living under a cloud will finally be free, and be able to live normal lives.

  15. I wonder if this scandal will have a chain effect & end up exposing multiple faith based brainwashing operations.
    Hollywood is taking some massive blows this year, I don’t think it’ll ever fully regain the power it once held.

  16. I am not quite sure how I stumbled upon this site but let me share my very similar dream in which the church, the big one ( I believed it to be the Catholic Church ), fell due to a huge volcano eruption. I normally have great frequent dreams, but lately there have been none and then this one, it really shook me. I think God was warning me about a big shake up in the church but I shouldn’t be afraid.

  17. Eric,SWC

    Vatican cardinal….article
    Under condition –anonymous

    He preaches mercy,l,but in reality he is Ice-cold,cunning Machiavellian, and, what is worse– he lies.

    According to Der Spiegel, Francis, who started as a “brilliant reformer,” now threatens to squander his legacy because “he often speaks at inopportune moments, yet in important moments remains silent.”

    The German weekly also suggests that there is a good deal more resistance to the Francis pontificate within Vatican walls than is commonly believed.

    One Vatican cardinal, who spoke with Der Spiegel under the condition of anonymity, said of the pontiff: “He preaches mercy, but in reality he is an ice-cold, cunning Machiavellian, and, what is worse – he lies.”


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