Hawaii Volcano Eruption

Another eruption unfolded today. Please if you in Hawaii be safe.

Prediction: Earthquake Coming  I heard Spirits voice say “Earthquake.. Earthquake.. Earthquake.”

I had a visual of a massive volcano eruption, then Spirit say “Now comes the epic eruption we predicted.”

Then we raced across the ocean.

Predictions 2-28-18   I had a visual of one massive Volcano eruption. The ground shook violently. The sky began to turn black. I have never seen an eruption so massive. It looked more like the historical Pompeii eruption. I need to find the location.


5 thoughts on “Hawaii Volcano Eruption

  1. Uranus moved into Taurus on Tuesday. It’s interesting that with that shift, so many sudden, crazy natural upheavals are occurring Here in CT where I live, on Tuesday we had sudden, huge storms, causing macrobursts and tornadoes that just ripped through the northwest part of the state and caused major damage.


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