Orange County Explosion

This prediction has happened. Hopefully we find the facts behind this horror. Please pray for the victims of this horrifying act.

Original timing is incorrect. Orange County is just south of Los Angeles. The last prediction is questionable as it has not been confirmed as a terror attack.

Predictions 4/18/18   The Spirits have not let go of the explosion or bombing:  Yesterday. I had a visual in a waking moment of a bomb or explosion going off.

Predictions 12-23-16  “LA bombing.. in a few minutes (days)..” (Los Angeles?)
I had a visual of a building or structure that was completely desolate, burned, nothing but ash and rubble.

Predictions 3-28-18  “Spring terror.. its back.”    “After the break.. terror.”

8 responses to “Orange County Explosion”

  1. jules104 Avatar

    Eric…praying for the three injured and one who has passed from this explosion and praying for the friends and family members involved.🙏🏻
    Also, I was actually about to ask you about attacks in the US prior to your posting this. I had not seen it on the news yet. You talk about Spirit confirming the tsunami for Australia is in May and on 1-3-18 prediction Spirit talks about you having it backwards that the attacks are first and tsunami after. Can you say whether these attacks are in the US or just in general?
    It feels like the world is about to get hit with both natural and man made disasters real soon. Praying not.🙏🏻🌟

  2. Sara Avatar

    Yeah, I’m worried about attacks, too. Like you, I’m suspicious we’re about to see man-made disasters. I’m not psychic, but it seems like there’s too much tension in the world right now for it not to explode at some point.

    Whether it involves North Korea, Iran, terrorism, politics, or some other event, the tense feelings have been getting stronger lately. Then again, that could just be me paying too much attention to news.

    A lot of experts do think everyone’s being inundated with constant world-news coverage isn’t good, and that humanity hasn’t had enough time to eveolve to the point where we can take it. After all, just a few hundred years ago, there was no TV or phones or E-Mail. People still had wars and conflicts, but they got news in much smaller doses. Technology has leaped since then.

    Problem is, I have no idea how to tell how much worry is warranted, and how much is just related to that too-much-news phenomenon scientists worry about.

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Hi Sara. I totally get it. I actually stopped watching so much news a while back. I do try to keep up on the more important things but really I feel like I’d rather search out the news myself and get multiple takes on it if it is news worthy.
      Really just going through the old predictions and I sort of picked up on these attacks should be coming up soon. But then these natural disasters seem to be showing up now also so…yikes!
      Praying for peace on and within this planet.🙏🏻🌟

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Let’s not worry to much. From what I gather it’s a multitude of different attacks unfolding back to back

  3. star48 Avatar


    Authorities have press conference to announce no accident.
    Suspicious device..

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I hope they get some leads

  4. Sara Avatar

    Me, too, and hopefully before anyone else gets hurt. I hope it’s not a repeat of the Texas serial bomber just a few months ago. They caught that guy, but it seems like people are acting crazier lately.

  5. star48 Avatar

    Update…Arrest made…

    A California man was arrested Sunday in connection with an explosion that killed his ex-girlfriend at her day spa in May 2018, officials said.

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