Newport Vehicle Attack

Has this prediction happened?  Please pray for the recovery and safety of all those involved.

This means the second half of the prediction is related to another event. The second part talks about a shooting. Four people were attacked in Newport. Not the beach but a part of the UK, however they have used symbolic references in the past.

Predictions 2-28-18 “It’s not good news.. New Port Beach.. a bloody scene.. so much death.. so many lives lost.”


6 thoughts on “Newport Vehicle Attack

  1. Eric, let hope nothing bad things happen on a very special day for Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding such as shooting, terrorism, cruel nonsense violent. The big day is May 19th. Pray for a peaceful and beautiful day to celebrate for Prince Harry as he so deserved it since he went through tough time losing his dear mother at age 12.

  2. Eric, is there a prediction of the military plane crash? Sad news yesterday as there was 9 crew crashed onto busy road in Georgia. Praying for the families of their lost ones.

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