Japan Volcano

This prediction has happened but it was not a Pompeii sized event.

Predictions 2-28-18  I had a visual of one massive Volcano eruption. The ground shook violently. The sky began to turn black. I have never seen an eruption so massive. It looked more like the historical Pompeii eruption. I need to find the location.

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  1. Both the predictions, 11/21/17 for the Paris art theft and 2/28/17 for the volcano mention southern California for an earthquake and mention both the number 28 and 429 also 62 64 and 65…could this be for April 28th or 29th at a 6.2-6.5 on the scale? It seems that the depth is a big factor in how damaging a quake can be. Also the shooting in New Port Beach grand opening is shown in the 2/28/18 prediction and the 12/12/16 prediction linked through the 11/21/17 prediction mentions a shooting at a shopping mall. Lots of coincidences.

  2. My Great Pryenee is very uncomfortable and won’t eat his favorite wet dog food. My stomach is little unsettled, fatigue and little headache for these last.2 days. Yesterday in high school, 3 special needs female each had own episodes within 45 minutes around noon. Something in alignment affected them big time and had to calm them down. Something is definitely up with this earth’s energies.

    1. Lossie, are you getting anything anything on a quake & tsunami coming very soon? I am and it seems urgent, probably in the Pacific. Not sure if I can narrow it down, but it might be Japan, Hawaii or Guam.

      1. Swampy, it’s hard to narrow down where it will happen. It’s still ongoing wirh “vibes” on the ground when I laid down on floor and be still in quiet room with no noise and distraction. My chest is little tense and uncomfortable. My friend has vertigo. My dog won’t eat his favorite wet food these last couple of days. The dark energies are going strong in the air from the grounds. There are more volcanoes erupted almost everywhere. Stranding and dead whales upon the beaches in Australia and New Zealand twice in a month. I’m guessing it’s most likely in the Pacific oceans along the rings of fire. It can be the Mt. HELENS next eruption. Oddly, the geologists are very cautious and concerned about the Yellowstone supervolcano thst thr mega crust has gradually rise. Not seeing or hearing any sign of dead birds or fish around the Yellowstone which is good. If there are any report of dead birds and fish in Arkansas, Mississippi along in central America need to be aware of the mega quakes as it occurred in 1816. There is strong quake frequent actives all over from West coast toward to Central America. I tried my best to keep daily track on any report of dead birds and fish around the world as well as daily live earthquakemap and any unusual sign related to earth environment thst affected to animals, plants, trees, water, and people. Even the weather changed. So my best guess is somewhere in Pacific Ocean around Australia/NZ to Jspan, to Alaska, West coast of US to west coast of South America. There is heavy strain along the dots on ancient fault lines thst tends to tugging back and forth. Also, Hawaii is like the bridge fault line connected btw California to Japan if you look closer the lines in ocean.

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