Predictions 4-5-18

I had a visual of the number 315 written big and bold, they showed the number three different times and gave the feeling of urgency.

Unrelated to the first message I had a visual of a large bright light strike the ocean.

This number could be a countdown from now, or they could be referencing an old prediction on 3-15. Presenting the post as an event that is about to happen. I need to look at the old predictions. The message of the bright light might be a personal message. The ocean has in the past represented their power, their connection with me. Perhaps a message of an explosive surge in communication. If it is a world prediction it is most likely a Tsunami.

36 thoughts on “Predictions 4-5-18

  1. We have had a whale stranding in new Zealand South Island hope it’s not a sign for something here 😢

    1. So sad….that’s what we need to pay attention to those signs as something set the whales off to by sensing or hearing before the big quakes arrived. It’s happened alot within few days to 2-4 weeks. Give or take.

      1. Another sign….just tonight, my dog is not wanting to come inside the house for whatsoever reason. This is so unlikely of him. Something is up….sooner or later I would know why he acted oddly.

  2. Did you predict a volcano eruption? It happened in Japan.

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  3. Back in January there was a prediction….”chicken soup…boiling hot” Most here would agree its possibly related to flu season. Here is another idea…..Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul Entertainment is a “hot” stock right now. Are the spirits pointing towards another prediction in that feed…as to say this prediction will happen when you see this (chicken soup prediction)? Just an idea. Volcano? EQ? Tsunami? Meteorite? Lol…that kinda covers all bases uh?

  4. probably a meteor striking ocean @ 3:15 am
    a large bright light visible @ night with impact force to create tsunami


  5. 3:15 “that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life”. I’m not a religious person but I have read the Bible from front to back and thought this was interesting.

  6. Bright light hitting the ocean : China’s Satelite burnt up on re-entry, came down in the Pacific this week ??

    1. The Spirits are really big on puns and symbolic messages. Its important to start with the question ‘is this a pun’ when reading any of their messages. My first thought in reading the message was “We are bringing light to the ocean” as if I needed to focus my attention on the ocean.

  7. 😢A car drove into the pedestrians in Germany’s western town of #Münster, leaving several people dead and injured

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