Palestinians Killed in Israel Protest

This prediction is happening on what is called ‘land day’ protest. Three could be seen as March.

Predictions 5-20-17  Israel..  they kick them while their down.. land grab.. the dead unpleased.. 3.. the US media silent.  With little in hand the Muslim’s try to stand their ground.

15 thoughts on “Palestinians Killed in Israel Protest

  1. Israel has given snipers permission to kill unarmed Palestinians protesting today in Gaza, killing a dozen and injuring hundreds. Corporate MSM describes this one-sided aggression as “clashes.”

  2. One only has to read the Old Testament to realise their self victimisation claims. Even though many of those who opposed them back then were wiped out. It is the Jewish God that is the problem. It seems that the only One, True God, is Jewish and He has given them permission to take whatever they want or need.
    After Hitler’s Nazis exterminated millions of Jews, mostly of the poorer and less classed Jews, land was stolen from the Palestinians, with no compensation paid, and Israel was born.
    The original land given has now grown to almost twice the size. Numerous governments of the world have protested and still the Jewish settlements expand at the expense of the Palestinians.
    The Israeli’s can do no wrong in the eyes of the world.
    And just to put things into perspective, the Christian sect started by Jesus, is also perceived throughout the Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist etc word as being Jewish.

    1. It is very easy to get caught up in generalizations whenever discussing Israel’s current leadership and I’d just like to ask for you to understand that there are a very large amount of Jews who do not support the current government in Israel. The current government is the Jewish equivalent of extremely-conservative Christianity and I don’t think people, especially those in the states, really understand how conservative the current government in Israel truly is compared to most American Jews. For example, there is a reason why civil same sex marriages aren’t performed in Israel despite a large majority of Jews supporting it. And even then there are some very liberal Jews who against the idea of modern Zionism itself.

      1. I totally agree, it should be understood that these acts are the acts of the government. The radicals on the Palestinian side don’t help the situation either. Radicals in all forms seem to be the vessel of so many of our problems this decade.

      2. I agree with you both, but I think you missed my intention:
        ” It is the Jewish God that is the problem. It seems that the only One, True God, is Jewish and He has given them permission to take whatever they want or need.”
        There are many Jews, Israelis and Christians who are totally opposed to the extremes of that conservative side…..but still that Jewish God gets wheeled out whenever we talk about matters of the world. How do Muslims etc read that? That is my point.

      3. I agree, Gab. It’s easy to mistake a government’s policies for what their people truly think.

        On one hand, I empathize with the Palestinians losing their land and being oppressed, but I also empathize with Israelis for daily living in fear of suicide bombers and losing their children to jihad attacks.

        It’s sad that ordinary people on both sides live in fear thanks to extremists. I think ordinary people could work things out, though it would take a lot to help them get past the grief and anger and hatred they’ve all grown up with.

    2. I think that a lot of people say nothing about Israel’s expanding lands is because of the holocaust. People feel guilty and sorrow for the Jewish people. What most people don’t get or know, is that the Palestinians and the Jewish people have hated each other since Abraham. I don’t think that will ever change. It would be wonderful if it could. But I really have my doubts. Their hatred for each other runs long and deep.

    3. Yeah Sara, it is VERY much a messy situation and its been a mess for decades. I sadly don’t think peace is near in the area anytime soon. The Isreali government as is stands just wont allow it. It’s even more of a mess because Israel is currently caught up in a corruption scandal which makes the matters a lot worse.

      And yeah Pete, I understand what you’re saying, I just wanted to say what I said since I don’t know how many people know the governments situation there since the MSM doesn’t really cover the scandals in Israel for some reason. And I don’t really know, but I can say that I very much empathize with the Palestinians, the way the Israeli government treats them is vile. I can only hope it doesn’t go farther because the situation as it stands just seems to be only getting worse.

  3. Palestinians? In history we were taught that Jewish people were told to return to Palestine as they were the true Palestinians. Arab Palestinians were given Jordan.
    Fact: Arab Palestinians leadership were thrown out of Jordan for causing an attempted coup.. they went to Lebanon and decimated the Christian population and were eventually thrown out to Syria and Syria threw them out for guess what?? An attempted coup. They landed in France and the UN decided to lump them back into the Middle East where they have turned Arab against Arab and decimated the Christian population in the West Bank while trying to convince the world it was the Israeli Government. Nope, my family can attest to the fact it was the Palestinians who constantly attacked, belittle, humiliated and stole property and land. The only victim here are the Jewish people and Christians who have constantly been forced by the Palestinian Authority to do their bidding.
    If your spirits are denying the Jewish people and Christians their land then your spirits are misinformed and I would follow those more enlightened psychics who appear more open minded to the truth and neutral rather than close minded and biased. This isn’t the first time you have shown where your um! Spirits have been wrong and biased. Perhaps you need to step back and stop your own irrational biased entering your predictions… chanting kill the Jew while throwing stones and planting IED’s firing weapons is not a peaceful event but an wholesale invasion into another country….ask yourself why they don’t try this on Egypt’s border…. last time they did the Egyptians sent in tanks. Stop with your own biased and promoting it as psychic spirit mumbojumbo.

  4. A very sobering Weekly Astrological Report from Ed Tamplin:
    “As China is now the world’s leading crude oil consumer the ‘petro-yuan’ was a natural progression. China waited until Trump launched his tariff trade war to make their move. The expansion of the ‘petro-yuan’ could conceivably challenge the hegemony of the US dollar as the global reserve currency. It could bypass US led economic sanctions.”

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