UFO in Arizona

Is this prediction what Spirit was talking about? I am on the fence.  Not an audience, but a handful of pilots, however the audience could be a symbolic message.

Predictions 2-14-18 Japan Earthquake/Tsunami  UFO? I had a visual of several people looking up at the night sky. There were stars out of place, some of them seemed blocked by some large object. Then lights and stars moved at an accelerated speed and then disappeared all at once. Everyone watching was in awe and perplexed


25 thoughts on “UFO in Arizona

  1. Arizona has a ton of UFO sightings. Experienced a lot of weird stuff on the Sedona UFO Tour. I’ve heard psychics talk about portals to other dimensions in that area and/or a lot of these UFOs are from other dimensions.

    1. It’s crazy….New Guinea has repeating 7 plus magnitudes for sometimes since I can’t remember when….not very long ago. I noticed it created pressure along the dot towards to alaska and WEST coast of USA everytime it does that.

      1. By the way, Eric, I’ve meant to ask how is your mother Bea doing? Hoping she is getting better. ♡

      2. Yes Lossie, we’ve had a very large number of major quakes on our side of the Pacific this past 12 months, and they’re getting larger and more frequent as well.

      3. Lossie, I noticed the frequent quakes in that area lately. You’ve got a point about the pressure building on the east sides of the plates.

      4. Eric, because New Guinea is so isolated, it could be days before we hear. That means it’s off the front page of any news service. I know that the last quake, a couple of weeks ago, killed more than 100 people and they are still waiting for aid. If I hear anything I’ll post a link. Pete

      5. Just on that point Lossie, it seems that if there’s 6/7mag on our side, by the time the pressure reaches Alaska it drops to around a 4/5. The unknown for the West Coast US is what this it doing to the slow slip. Also the pressure from the New Guinea quakes are more likely to send build quakes in South America/Mexico than the US. Just my observations.

      6. Petemedium, point taken as I too noticed it as it created pressure towards not just Alaska and US but also towards Mexico and south America. Somehow New Guinea is connected along to north and south America from to the very root. It affected Japan as well. Fascinating how it operates that way but curious as how it works together. I think this planet of earth was very small and it expanded over time which take million of years by inch to inch like a wet sponge that expanded. So like New Guinea may be grew apart from north and south America over time. Just a wild theory. Again it’s fascinating by observe the patterns of frequent quakes. ♡

  2. It could be a reference to the pilots, but it seems more likely to me that the people seeing this would be on the ground looking up,seeing this – “There were stars out of place, some of them seemed blocked by some large object. Then lights and stars moved at an accelerated speed and then disappeared all at once. Everyone watching was in awe and perplexed”.
    This sort of thing happens more then people realize that doesn’t make the news. It seems to me that this is something yet to happen that will make the news and that there will be more then just one instance.

    1. That perspective of witnessing had crossed my mind, too. There are several reports in the short time frame, but all different perspectives. Not enough info, except it’s interesting timing and supposedly Feb 24 that this happened. We’re getting more and more of these kinds of reports the past few years. I think the public is being prepared for a revealing of mind-boggling facts, eventually. How they’ll be presented will also be a concern. Just my take.

  3. I wonder if we are getting closer to that prediction you made a couple of years ago in that not too long after we fly by Pluto new life will finally be discovered elsewhere?

      1. Scientists have a theory as to why we haven’t seen any (or much, if you believe UFO stories) alien life…..where where are in the Milky Way is kind of out-of-the-way, set apart from most of the galaxy. I think we’re located on the edge of one of the ‘arms’ of the Milky Way.

        I don’t know what to think about UFO sightings, but I do think there has to be intelligent life out there—as Jody Foster said in the film “Contact”, “If it’s just us, it’s an awful big waste of space.”

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