Truth 10

Ancient Pyramids exist in Egypt and South America, but they weren’t the first. There was another location where it all began. In Antarctica there is an entire ancient civilization that many other locations were inspired to be like. The hub of the world. This is the same society that was advanced before humanity would digress.

To share with you the overwhelming differences of how they lived let me tell a story. According to the Spirits this was a warrior society. Warriors were seen with idol status. The society revolved around them. During a certain time of the year, every year, warriors in their prime would be sacrificed on a large alter up high in the sky. It was believed that once the warrior had achieved its greatest glory that warrior should die to ensure its glory. making them legends. The warriors were more than willing to participate in this tradition.  Spirit compared this tradition to the way we cut roses (killing the rose) in todays society, we cut them down at the peak of their beauty to marvel at them and display it accordingly.

It should be understood that at this time in the world life was rough, hunting required killing the fierce beasts, and the weather infringed on agriculture. The resources were scarce, and children were the first to receive all the resources and food, the elder generation just did not happen. Again Spirit wanted to explain that at this time in history the planet had a different axis, this part of the world would have been rotating on the side, it would not be the frozen tundra it is now sitting at one of the poles.

This is apart of a theme in their version of our history. They feel the historians are wrong. That we did not entirely all evolve from caveman. The first major society, had two different type of humans that were always at war with each other, the society was advanced and on their way to becoming our equals, but then it all fell apart, and humanity digressed, and we returned to our caves. 

It should also be noted the similarity of their history and a certain story. Though Spirit hasn’t said it out loud. Two different humanities at war with each other, the peaceful one loses. A society set to be beyond advanced falls apart all at once due to its own hubris and power.. Adam and Eve, Cane and Abel. 

However crazy this society might sound, they believed in nobility, self sacrifice, and taking care of the young at any cost. Right now our own children are protesting in the streets, asking our leaders to help them, protect them, save them from dying, while leadership ignores and deflects. I ask you which society will be judged more insane. 

This prediction is a sequel to Truth’s 1


Thank you everyone for your well wishes, we are still hoping for the best for Bea! Your support has been so welcome, and I have shared every message with Bea.


23 thoughts on “Truth 10

  1. Please tell Bea she is in my thoughts and prayers! That warrior society where they take care of thier young at any cost sure sounds like me lol! I’ve been told that I’m quite the warrior when it comes to my young adults! LOL

  2. Eric,

    I had a vision recently that a concert had a shooting and I saw the number 200.
    Is the one where you said it was going to be horrible?

  3. Eric thanks so much for the Truth 10. Really really amazing. I know I have my own opinion of who is the more insane of these two societies.😐 And I surely hope and pray for a mass awakening really soon!🙏🏻
    Praying for your mother Bea still also. For another miracle healing.🌟🙏🏻 She has always been an Angel amongst so many of us here on Earth. 😇 ❤️
    Also I thought this was interesting. A 280 million year old ancient fossil forest found in Antarctica. Scientists have been studying it. Blessings and Prayers for you too.🌷🙏🏻🌟

  4. in the last paragraph i can defiantly assure you that the current generation of world leaders are the insane ones. Putting their own egos and self-interests before the people they are meant to serve.

  5. Wow, great information and I love hearing these. My prayers go out to your family! 😘

  6. Continue praying for your loving mother Bea. Stay strong and allow the healing energies take place in working order. Keep saying “thank you Jesus for healing me”. I’m rooted out for you both. Standing on the rock against the great storms then the sun shines brightly. Hold unto great faith. Love and light sending unto you and Bea.

  7. I am grateful for the Truths because they stir the imagination…
    This Truth makes me a little worried that the human race loves to have someone or something to fight in order to make life more meaningful. I hope we get past that need. I hope we learn to walk away from a fight if it is for the highest good, or find another way to survive where we are not trying to be the top predator all the time.
    I understand that in the era these people were living in that this was probably a necessary thing to have warriors to protect their people. I just hope we find a better way in the future.

    1. It seems like this timeframe was very hostile leading it to be very violent. I don’t know if I can say the same for us now. Most of what threatens us are other Humans.

  8. Hi Eric,
    I’m wondering something about the two types of humans. I’ve always assumed that physical differences developed into races because of the climate the people were exposed to. Caucasians mainly come from Northern locations with little exposure to light and lots of cold, so smaller nostrils, eyes and lips make sense as it lessens the cold coming into the body, while the further toward the equator you move, you’re exposed to more sun, the air is sticky so wider nostrils make sense, etc.
    Now I’m wondering if there is any tie to the two prior types of humans and the development into races. If not too controversial, would you mind commenting on this or asking Spirit. I’d always heard that genetically the races are still the same with really tiny differences in biology and I wanted to know what Spirit has said about it, if anything.

    1. They actually showed it, one group was a more larger human, big hands, large forehead. The other was a short human, in the visual they had blue eyes and a tan skin, this human was more thin, but it was obvious there were two different groups. The short one seemed more intelligent.

          1. Thanks so much for the info, all so very interesting! Let’s hope we got the best of both kinds instead of the worst.
            I really appreciate these kinds of posts, especially anything that gives insight into our history.
            Btw, I hope your mom is doing better and they are finding long-term solutions for her health.

            1. Unfortunately we got worst news, she has to do dialysis, the good news is we live in a century where its not an immediate death sentence. Thank you all for your support.

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