Predictions 3-6-18

I had a visual of a large building engulfed in flames. It looked like a factory or storage facility. The first major fire is about to arrive, now. In previous predictions they talked about ‘bush country’ whether its connected or not the first of two fires is about to arrive.

I had a visual of a very old mans hands. “His name is Scott.. the President of the future.”

Its unclear if they are talking about the US or another country. 



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  1. I wonder if the fire’s natural or man-made?

    And I guess the “very old man hands” reference could mean way into the future? Maybe Scott is just a kid right now.

    1. “His name is Scott.. the President of the future.”

      When I think “future” for this prediction, I think further than 2020. In terms of the next president being the “military one,” I’m still leaning towards Gen. Mattis because weren’t you told that the next president would be the “military one” from Trump’s administration? And I know you were told Gen. Kelly’s leaving, while there’s also reports of McMaster being on the way out, which leaves Gen. Mattis.

  2. Not to get off subject. Will there be a truth this month, or did I miss it. I really enjoy them.

    1. Thanks, we actually had one but it was overwhelming cynical and I would like the Truths to be a positive step away from all the bad news I predict, so I am waiting for another or we will finish the sequel to the last Truth, I will have it out before the week ends. I am still chewing on whether to put out the cynical message, but make it separate from our Truths.

  3. Here are a few names with Scott if it’s for the USA. I only included those who had service in the military based on the older prediction that said something about the president being a military man or such.
    *Bobby (Robert) Scott (D)
    DOB 4/30/47
    US House of Rep, VA 3rd District
    Served in the US Army
    *Scott Perry (D)
    DOB 5/27/62
    US Rep Penn, 4th Congressional District.
    Served in US Army
    *Scott William Taylor (R) (PrecededScott Rigel)
    DOB 6/27/79
    US Rep, VA 2nd Congr. District
    Served in US Navy, Seal
    *Scott Brown (R)
    DOB 9/12/59
    US Ambassador to NZ and Somoa
    Former US Senator of Mass
    Served in US Army

    1. Vanga already predicted Trump will be the last USA president ever. USA is a fake country built on indian graves. All fake empires are once ending. China will rule the world soon. Btw, I am not a fan of any country. Just saying, all fake is once lost.

      1. The people in the US today should not have to suffer for the sins of the past….Native Americans suffered horribly in the past and that is a wrong that, unfortunately, can never be undone, except that we have to try and make life better for Native Americans now–and everyone else in the U.S.

        The U.S–and other countries–are more than the mistakes of their leaders and horrible events of the past. Countries, in a way, are the ordinary, good people who populate them.

        1. Hi Sara, Not sure if I agree that we properly made life better for the Natives, even now we are building the oil pipes across their water supply, we fail to show them the proper respect that is due. I hope that changes for the better one day.

      2. As Marine Maj. Gen. Smedley D. Butler said:

        “War is a racket. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives. If only more of today’s military personnel would realize that they are being used by the owning elite’s as a publicly subsidized capitalist goon squad.”

        It’s amazing how many Americans have never heard of Gen. Butler, but it’s also obvious why our gov’t, schools and military leaders never mention his name or his words. If only the “military one” would speak the truth like Gen. Butler when he becomes president, yet he won’t and will instead push the same American propaganda that we’ve been fed for so many decades. America is no shining city on a hill.

  4. Rick Scott.. Governor of Florida.. US Navy.. is currently 65 but for 2020 election he will be close to 70.

  5. As for building fires,there was a very large factory blaze in Sydney NSW Australia (the bush country)took 30 appliances to quell the fire,this occurred on Monday,does this,fit your prediction,but then i hope there is not another one,there was also a smaller blaze in a recycling factory in Canberra,last week the second in 6 months,but we don’t want any more major bush fires,too heart breaking for those involved and those fighting them,you may not know it but most bush fires here a fought by very brave volunteers,only the bosses are professional,we have a lot to thank them for.

      1. Pdxmama,
        I am so upset for you…the air quality …I hope you are taking every precaution…suggested by the authorities…
        ( I have 2 brothers retired from fire service)
        My thoughts are with you and yours…

  6. Eric,
    Fires 🔥
    Northern Europe on fire
    Norway 🇳🇴
    Sweden 🇸🇪
    Germany 🇩🇪
    This month alone, wildfires have broken out in Sweden, Germany and the UK.

    Fires in Europe “are way above the average” for this time of year, an official at the EU’s European Forest Fire Information System (Effis)said.

    “The season is drastically worse than those of the last decade.“

    The official added that a “very dry winter in most of Europe” and persistent drought had contributed to the rise in forest fires, and that the “long term forecast is not promising for an improvement.“

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