Trump Tried to Fire Mueller

This prediction has happened.

Take note to when the prediction was created, June. According to the New York Times Trump tried to fire Robert Mueller in June. The first prediction talked about Bob? I wasn’t entirely sure who they were referring too so they would clarify their message three days later by using his last name, Mueller.

Predictions 6-17-17    Bob at threat of being fired.. your fired. – Robert Mueller perhaps, can Trump fire him really? I can’t think of another Bob.

Predictions 6-20-17  Trump is going to fire Mueller.. while others say no.


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  1. Mc Avatar

    Eric what will be President Trump’s outcome at the end of the day? In my Opinion, he will not get impeached just not re-elected. I picked the Donkey not the Lion. I hope spirit is taking the cognitive Dummy Trump Test before sending predictions out to the world!!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I don’t understand understand the last part of your message can you please explain?

      1. LLG26 Avatar

        I think Mc is jokingly referring to the cognitive test that was given Trump by his White House physician to prove he is not suffering from dementia…
        Spirit has a sense of humor thank goodness…

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I see😃

  2. Anita Avatar

    Wow, very accurate. Yet another added to the list of most accurate predictions. I’m sure this was predicted way before NYT ever knew about it or had sources on it.

    Even though Trump was talked out of firing Mueller, I’m guessing he’ll eventually fire him, which would mean that these predictions are still relevant in the future — unless there will be a new prediction concerning Mueller’s firing?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks, I think now trump is on a campaign to try and discredit him, so when he does show his findings he can claim mueller had an agenda

      1. cat Avatar

        THANK You a trillion times over Eric and SWC!
        You and Spirit are True Amazing Blessings for me and I so appreciate you and cherish this blog and all of your predictions- !
        You are our guiding light at the end of this dark tunnel.
        Thank you Thank you Thank you and I pray you are recovering more each and every day 🙂

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Thank you😊

  3. Joy Parks Avatar
    Joy Parks

    What a bloody mess. I crossed into the US last weekend for a few hours and you could just feel the darkness. I don’t believe the country or for that matter, the rest of the the world, can take another three years of this.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      No worries July is when things begin to unfold

    2. Karben Avatar

      Joy Parks, it is a bloody mess and most Americans are feeling the darkness too.

  4. Aurélien Avatar

    Hello Eric,
    Some time ago you made predictions about attacks in France. Is this prediction still relevant? Have you been able to get from the minds of other precisions?
    A period?
    Thank you very much for what you do.
    (Google Translate)

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      We are expecting an attack in France in about 3 months. I originally thought it was now but I was horribly mistaken.

  5. Sara Avatar

    Eerily accurate prediction! The part reading “Trump is going to fire Mueller while others say no” especially sums up what happened–that Trump would have fired him in June, but other stepped in.

    And this prediction was made in June, while this was going on, but long before it was reported.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  6. LLG26 Avatar

    Long term I think the US will be fine…but I agree it has been difficult to see Trump and others try to tear down the democratic principals the nation is built on. Trump thinks he is emperor of the US and that the FBI, CIA, Legislative and Judical Branches are all supposed to do his bidding and also protect him from all who try to stop his agenda.

  7. LLG26 Avatar

    Trump is already calling this story fake news. How does he explain away his favorite news organization (Fox news) also is reporting the same news?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I can’t get over how easy it is for him to just lie without a care in the world.

  8. dwg565 Avatar

    Trump is a winner and the country will win too….take that libs!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Doesn’t change the accuracy of the prediction, if you go back to the original post that predicts this Mueller circumstance they also mention Trumps downfall expected in July.

      1. texasbelle4732 Avatar

        Eric, I have the utmost respect for what you do, but to be honest the Spirits also predicted Hillary would win and Brexit would fail.

        Mueller has massive conflicts of interest and should never been appointed, and wouldn’t have if Sessions hadn’t recused himself. I believe Trump wanted Mueller fired because of those conflicts. If you look at the federal statues, the only person who can actually fire the Special Counsel is the AG, so all this “leaked” information that was originally delivered to the NYT, is pretty lame considering Trump COULDN’T fire Mueller in the first place.

        The Spirits indicate the “house of cards” will fall this summer, but they don’t actually say it’s Trump. It could just as easily be the Clintons, along with their minions and their foundation.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          We will see in July

        2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          To clarify though they did say it was Trump, in a different prediction.

    2. Ethan Avatar

      Those who are against Trump are not necessarily Libs. They are people with conscience who recognize what’s morally right or wrong (and demonstrate common sense and great human decency). To blindly support someone who is so flawed in his characters (lying, calling out racist remarks, sleeping with porn stars, sexually assaulting women and the list goes on and on) just because you want one/two issue(s) done is simply not what many define as a “decent human being”. Now mull over that before you start throwing insults and calling me a LIB.

      1. texasbelle4732 Avatar

        Ethan, you realize you’re describing the Clintons don’t you? All those things you’ve listed are confirmed with them, but only hearsay with Trump. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

      2. Sara Avatar

        Please everyone, calm down. Neither candidate was even close to perfect, and people of conscience are on both sides, just for different reasons.

        I think some people felt the status quo was unacceptable, and others felt any change would help….that’s what it came down to during the election. We should be working together despite our differences.

      3. Ethan Avatar

        Hello texasbelle4732, I guess you are one of those typical trump supporters who always point everything back to the Clinton who by the way isn’t our president. My point is, the way Trump conducts himself is not something any decent human being should condone and normalize. There are many things he has done or said publicly that we have all seen or heard that do not require “innocent until proven guilty”. Your argument is just flawed.

        Sorry to burst your delusional bubble.. but this is Eric’s prediction on 1/11/18 regarding “the house of cards will fall”… I guess you conveniently left out the first part….

        “I had a visual of a large picture of Trump, with the words July on the frame. Then the picture was slashed in half. “Its done.. over.”

        Later they implied the house of cards fall in July”

      4. Karben Avatar

        Texasbelle4732 – Hearsay on Trump? For God sakes we’ve watched him, heard him and even listened to him on tape. I actually liked “the Donald” on the Apprentice, even though he’s known in NYC for stiffing banks, employees, contractors, etc., but had no idea what a vulgar human being he was until he was “selected” to be put into the oval office. I refuse to call the man president, not now, not ever. Hillary won by 3 MILLION popular votes and Trump we’re not sure yet, until the Mueller investigation is complete.

  9. dwg565 Avatar

    I’m sure my post will get nasty remarks, I’m tired of the left always spewing their hatred of the prez”….. just had to speak up! Thank you

  10. dwg565 Avatar

    Well if the swamp gets their way, it will happen. But I like to think there is a higher power in charge….after all most predicted hc would win by landslide!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Very true including myself

    2. Eliza Avatar

      Hillary Clinton actually won. She received the majority of Americans’ votes by over 3 million moe votes than Trump. Trump certainly did not win by a landslide. Also, Putin’s Russia hacking into our election process, gerrymandering, the antiquated and corrupted electoral college and voter suppression in key States, especially of African-American voters are the things that put a pathological liar and sociopath into the presidency of this country. “The swamp” consists of those who are “running” (Ruining) this country and its democracy now. I hope that anyone who sadly thinks that Trump and the GOP have your best interests at heart is well-off financially, for If you are not well-off, you will be worse off than you presently are under your current greedy and corrupt administration. dwg565, You don’t seem to realize nor care about the hatred, discord and violence that Donald J.Trump and his enablers have been sowing in this country in order to divide and conquer it. Have you ever thought about what it is like to live under a dictatorship, a regime? I advise that you look into it, for it is exactly what is headed your way under Trump, the current GOP, the oligarchs (foreign and domestic) and the giant corporations. When you realize that he was lying to you, it will be too late. We’ll all be poorer for it and we’ll have no health insurance, no medicare nor medicaid, no social security. At least the majority of this country — the “libtards” — have a heart and a soul. There’s very good and very serious reasons that “the Left” — and many republicans — do Not approve of this illegally elected, corrupt president, cabinet, republican-majority Congress — since 2016. Hillary Clinton wasn’t perfect, but she is not a bad nor evil person, despite what Putin’s propaganda machine has been wanting you to believe. (Not interested in a further exchange on the matter, either. What we have to deal with now is saving the soul of this republic: its fragile and precious Foundation; its Democracy and its Constitution. We also have to rescue our Environmental Protections which have also been dismantled and thrown out in the trash by this current administration. Sure does seem like Mother Earth is pretty angry about that, too.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Guys let’s take the rhetoric down a notch and remember we are all here to create a united front to alter the tragedies of these predictions, both of us left and right.

  11. Luna tic Avatar
    Luna tic

    In the Predictions 6-20-17, I noticed the following and wondered if this news about Trump wanting to fire Mueller is supposed to guide us to the time of something else happening. Tomorrow is the 27th

    “I had a visual of multiple cartoon characters, mickey mouse, snoopy, Donald duck. Then everything turned black. I had a visual of what looked like a theme park like Disneyland, a bomb went off in the background, a mother shield her child as shrapnel hit her. on the side. “Around the 27th, 28th” Then the visual opened up again to show Mickey mouse. Trump is going to fire Mueller.. while others say no.”

    In the Predictions 6-17-17, the implication of Florida (for a storm) was placed right above the “Bob at threat of being fired” prediction.

    Predictions 1-21-18 “Then I had a visual of the number 207 big and bold.”

    Could something be coming tomorrow? I guess I picked up on the above as it is full blown tourist season in Florida and I remember in the most recent prediction above, Eric wrote of bees and how they could describe terrorists.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I will ask if the 27th has weight. Hopefully I can get an answer before I run out of time

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The 27th was marked however it’s also possible they are talking about next month, all the same I will try to ask

  12. dwg565 Avatar

    I will pray for no more terror attacks, it is very frightening! That is another reason I feel we need to support the president and pray for him to succeed for our country’s sake. He’s far from perfect, but I truly believe he was the better option, jmho.

  13. dwg565 Avatar

    Ethan, appreciate your comments, I was a bit harsh because I get frustrated with so much hatred against trump. He most definitely has many negatives, but what about a career politician that was certainly not above board to say the least! I just feel the msm will never ever give him a break, and that is not fair either. Even if she was president, I would support her as the leader and pray that she would be guided by a higher moral standard, as I do Trump.

    1. Sara Avatar

      I get what you’re saying, though I dislike Trump and most of his policies–except his stance on better national security.
      But I totally see what you mean about Clinton as well….there are so many things about her personality and policies that made me realize she sees herself as above the law, superior to everyone else.

      Sadly, I’ve gotten that feeling about Obama, Trump, and many members of Congress too.
      IMHO, Clinton, Trump, Obama, and many others have one major flaw despite their different policies–each one of them seemed to think their way was best, and more than that, violently put down anyone who disagreed.

      Trump complains about “fake news”, Clinton called a ton of citizens “deplorables” because of their vote, Obama wrote off people’s concerns about terrorism and unsafe security by saying they were “scared of widows and orphans.”

      Sadly, politics over the last 20 years seems less about compromise and civil discussion than it is about the politicians needing to prove themselves right and ‘win’ against the other team. Americans–no matter their political leanings–deserve better than this.

      To be honest, dwg565, I’ve been praying Trump resigns and someone different takes his place, but I respect your opinion. It is good to pray for a president’s guidance no matter who it is.

      Sorry to go on and on! Just wanted you to know that even if I don’t agree with you about Trump, I do understand where you’re coming from.

    2. Karben Avatar

      dwg565 – You reap what you sow. I think many were hopeful Trump would move us away from the status quo only to realize we are dealing with a liar who calls people names, degrades others for their looks, reacts in spiteful ways when it comes to our country, the list goes on and it’s not good. Is it any wonder there is so much hatred? I, for one, hope what Eric is saying about July is true. We should not have to deal with this man and his administration any longer than we already have.

  14. Sara Avatar

    Out of curiosity, are you sensing anything big happening soon, like terror attacks or tsunamis or whatever?

    It’s probably my imagination, but I can’t help feeling like something big’s about to happen. Then again, maybe I read the news too much.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      We are expecting a quake in Greece or Italy soon, I am still trying to have them narrow down which, The 4th is expected to bring a tsunami or one major quake, location is muffled but I believe it’s Japan area, there is also a big question mark for the 27th tomorrow,, I am trying to look into it today but the 27th was marked

      1. Holaca Avatar

        I had a dream last night I was walking on a massive wide concrete road with a friend all of a sudden he said run and took off! I looked back to see why he was running, the road behind me was curling up like a huge wave but something was pushing it. It was massive.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Thanks for the dream, do you believe it’s a premonition

          1. Holaca Avatar

            Yes I do Eric but I haven’t done enough work on timings I am trying to improve on that )

            1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

              Your not alone, I have issues with nailing down the timing as well.

      2. petemedium Avatar

        Yes Sara and Eric, I also feel we are definitely on the brink of something big in the way of volcanoes/earthquakes/tsunamis. I have done very little outside work this week, preferring to keep an eye on the seismic centres of the world on my computer. It is the 27th here in Aussie and already there have been some sizeable 6’s up around Indonesia and New Guinea. I also have this dread concerning Idaho/Soda Springs/Yellowstone region. I wouldn’t be surprised if a number of quakes/volcanoes happened at once or within days of each other.

  15. Jennifer S Avatar
    Jennifer S

    This is great! Very accurate. If people would look at your predictions, and how the spirits were talking about Trump specifically, and Manafort, and Bannon, and Flynn for that matter, then why the hate for the ones who do not like Trump or his admin? Do not stop your predictions, nor filter it for our taste buds. Also, I heard that HRC did win, and it was stolen by the Russians, and that Brexit was devised by the Russians as well. There are stories that voting machines were hacked, and we will never know because these states (all red) got rid of paper ballot. Can you ask the spirits if there are any Republicans that are involved with working with Russia?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you😃I will share your thoughts with them

  16. dwg565 Avatar

    Thank you Sara, I certainly was not thrilled with Trumps past, but just as many, I think we chose to vote against the corrupted career politician and that is why he won. I also think Russia would have preferred her, as she could be easily manipulated….they had known her well. I could be wrong, jmho. Yes, I believe in praying for all our leaders because I happen to believe in prayer, I realize not everyone does though. Have a wonderful day, I have read many of your posts and I can see you are a loving, kind soul.

  17. IrishEyes Avatar

    It is very sad to see politics in this thread, instead of focusing on Eric’s predictions. There is a clear divide in the US, driven by Russian meddling and misinformation spread by one corrupt cable propaganda machine, a cable channel banned in Australia due to its false presentation as “news” when it is a fiction factory.

    The US presidency is above the tinkering of Putin and his oligarchs. We will survive this shameful time, and we will return to a legitimately elected president. It will take a few years to undo all the damage that Putin has done, but we the people will undo it.

    Stick to facts, people. Stop spreading lies and stop pontificating on your misguided lies. Save it for Facebook, where nobody cares how much propaganda you spread, or how much you admire Putin.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Ha! I totally 100% agree I am in awe over how this accurate prediction has been twisted into a fighting match between the two sides. How this prediction is being denounced as rhetoric even with its accuracy. All of our passions are blinding us all.

  18. dwg565 Avatar

    Irish Eyes- that is your opinion–maybe trump is corrupt, but with all the shenanigans with hc and her campaign, how could any decision of his guilt be trusted? Some people are just too blind to see anything past there own agenda- and that can be on both sides of the aisle! btw, you are also pontificating on perhaps your misguided lies.

    1. IrishEyes Avatar

      Sadly, you make my point. The lies about Hillary Clinton planted by Putin and spread by a media hungry for clicks and ratings destroyed our 2016 election – and the Russian playbook of blaming both sides shows me that you are using that false ploy too. So we stand up to you and your lies and your hatred of America – no, there is no equivalence between a bankrupt, failed game show host and an experienced statesperson that Putin was and IS afraid of. I clearly frighten you, Dwg with the numbers as used by Russian trolls. Good. Truth should frighten you, it is coming for all the Putin, Russian trolls and bots. The tide against Putin is rising inside Russia, with people flooding the streets willing to die rather than be quiet. Once the Putin/KGB lies are gone, the world will return to democracy and peace. We will see this huge shift soon. PS – Trump never pays his contractors, and I understand that Putin never pays his either. Guess your paycheck is late, huh?

  19. dwg565 Avatar

    Dear Karben, Yes Trump has said and done things I would not even think of- but we knew much of that and still he was elected. The alternative was just too corrupt, at least in many peoples minds, including me. I hope he succeeds with moving the country forward in a positive way- if it were her , I would wish the same thing. I know it is futile to argue politics as everyone has definite opinions, so I will stop and pray everyone, ( regardless of beliefs!) stays safe in this unstable world!

    1. Karben Avatar

      dwg565 – I honestly don’t believe he won. He’s in the White House, but how did he get there? He is totally incompetent and an embarrassment. I hope the Republican party will start to realize what they have done to their party supporting and making excuses for him. I do agree with you that Hillary wasn’t the best choice either. I just pray we can be over this nightmare soon. Trying to tell people what to do isn’t going to get you anywhere. We were all raised to know right from wrong, supporting a vile human being like Trump is wrong.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      We need that prayer thanks

  20. MTN Girl Avatar
    MTN Girl

    I was taught to research everything and everyone on a voting ballot, it’s like taking a test, I study hard before an election. I think a lot of people just vote for a party, it’s like answering C to every question on a test. It’s unfortunate that political parties seem to be represented more in DC than the American people.

  21. petemedium Avatar

    Hello Eric. Please forgive me, but the devil finally got my keyboard. 🙂
    I was going to say out of the ‘him versus her’ debate above, but considering what is happening outside the US while people there are being fed total misinformation, I thought it time to add some facts.
    General Motors, the last of the big American car manufacturers in Australia, closed town their business in Australia just this past few weeks. They follow Ford and Chrysler who had closed had closed their factories previously. An Indian/UK consortium is negotiating the buying of the GM site with a view to manufacturing electric cars. They are involved in the Chinese One Belt One Road program, as are many European nations, and most of South Asia, also a part of this, are members of the TPP, which Trump pulled the US out of.
    Australia and NZ is now an active member of the TPP and China is our major trading partner.
    China has replaced aid to the South Pacific Islands after the US pulled it’s aid last year.
    Our Government is slowly changing its purchase of American made military equipment in favour of European made goods, and our alternative political party, the ALP, if chosen next election, plans to increase purchases from China in this field.
    Trump was booed and ignored at the DAVOS forum, currently in session, an indication that Europe is going it alone, without the US. China is no longer seen as a threat to them, however Trump’s America is.
    If America can’t sell it’s goods and services outside of it’s own country, then all the ‘Make America Great Again’ rhetoric is as valuable to the US as hot air.
    And if you wish, you can Google any of the topics I’ve mentioned to get you started on what will be a frightening experience of just how deceitful your media and Government has been to you.

    1. swampy11 Avatar

      Thanks, Pete, for sharing that information.

      1. petemedium Avatar


    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yep, that explains why they are predicting a US economic downturn

  22. Dwg565 Avatar

    Dear Karben, I, as well as many others, believe he won fairly, if only because HC was so distasteful. Russia had nothing to do with his win! Believe whatever, I don’t care….best wishes!

  23. Dwg565 Avatar

    Ps ….Dear Karben, at least I don’t believe Russia had anything to do with Trump win……seems to me they’d prefer her, she was more malleable $$$$$

  24. Fredda Avatar

    Eric, Things in Washington are happening way too fast. McCabe just resigned! Rosenstein will be his next target! Nunes is doing everything he can to discredit the FBI!! This is getting very scary!! Nunes should go to jail. He is a traitor to this country! Do the spirits tell you that we will survive this onslaught?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes it seems like history is repeating itself, with a touch of McCarthyism and Nunez is like a Roy Cohn. Right now spirit is focused on Asia, we should circle back around to the states soon.

      1. Fredda Avatar

        Thank you Eric, I will keep watching and praying for my country but for everyone worldwide to stay safe.
        Bless you for your predictions so that we may somehow be able to stop some of these awful things from happening and to forewarn people so that they can get their loved ones to safety. You provide an unbelievably wonderful service to humanity that I’m sure is very taxing on you personally. So please, never forget to take care of you!!!

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  25. Panda Avatar

    I’ve been wondering what’s up with Nunes too. It’s impossible to understand why he’s hell bent on protecting tRump, along with other republican members of congress. I feel optimistic that their bad intentions will backfire now that spirits said DT will be on his way out in July. You have no idea how soothing that is. I’ve tried to tell as many others as I can about that prediction after I read about an older woman in her 80s who suffered anxiety with difficulty sleeping as well after he was elected. I would’ve assumed only those in jeprody would be affected to that degree but the damage he’s created is enormous. Thank you Eric! God bless you for helping ease our minds.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks, What is still unclear is if July represents the beginning of his downfall or is it the finally

  26. Eliza Avatar

    Nunes and the others will always enable Donald Trump. It’s about their strictly self-serving Greed and Power agenda. Panda, it’s absolutely alarming how many people believe the lies about Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama. It demonstrates how fatal to this country Putin’s interference in our 2016 election has been — and it’s still happening. Before the Internet and the WWW, we didn’t have to worry about cyber-attacks and Fascist propaganda warfare on democracies. The 2016 election makes Watergate look small in comparison to the disturbing numbers of propaganda – poisoned, poorly informed portion of American citizens. I suspect the majority of the latter are on the younger side, not knowledgeable about how to check the veracity of their mainly online news sources. Very worried for the younger ones’ future, especially!

    1. Fredda Avatar

      Eliza, I am very very worried for my grandchildrens future in this country. I’m sure you heard that Trump refuses to sign the sanctions agains Russia! He said it isn’t necessary. He still says there was no Russian interference in our 2016 elections! If he admitted it then he would be admitting that he is not a truly elected president. The sanctions were overwhelmingly voted for by congress and the Senate. But he still won’t sign them!!!
      The rule of law is now gone!!
      Putin, the Mercers and the Koch brothers and all the other billionair traitors must be thrilled! Such a win for them, while all of America loses!!

  27. Anita Avatar

    I’ve seen news interviews with other psychics – in terms of their 2018 predictions – and they said there will be an attempt to impeach but it will fail, causing Trump’s approval rating to rise.

    In terms of July, maybe that’s just the first impeachment that fails; while the second impeachment that’s successful would happen after the November 6 midterm elections – which is, I believe you were told, to be a “blue wave.”

    However, I do find it difficult to believe — based on how the GOP is acting and the fact that both chambers of Congress are under their control — that the first impeachment attempt would occurred in July.

    And if there is a “blue wave” in November, then maybe the number “12” prediction you received last year — which was thought to possibly mean December 2017 or July of 2018 — is actually meant for December 2018 for when Trump resigns.

    I also remember the prediction about the war with NK possibly starting in March, which — if what I said above about Trump resigning in 12/18 after a possible Nov “blue wave” midterm — would put Pence in office by 2019.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      To clarify March was marked with a visual of damaged and destroyed battleships, it’s possibly unrelated to NK

  28. LLG26 Avatar

    Latest news is that “President Donald Trump has been talking to his friends about possibly asking Attorney General Jeff Sessions to prosecute special counsel Robert Mueller, NBC News reported.”

    Trump and friends decided it is the best way to handle Mueller, with the least amount of damage to Trump himself. How will Attorney General Jeff Sessions react? It is a strange time in our country….

  29. LLG26 Avatar

    There is also news about Trump administration not carrying out Russia sanctions despite Congress had voted to impose sanctions October of last year.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  30. LLG26 Avatar

    Eric you had a prediction 3-20-17 about sanctions against Russia being lifted;

  31. Cee Avatar

    Eric thank you for the predictions and as others have said, make sure you take care of yourself too. I know it is a scary time for the US with our President behaving like an authoritarian and half the Republican party enabling him. One of Eric’s past predictions was that… the government now knows, …direct evidence of collusion… And that the moving of money in all sorts of convoluted ways (I’m paraphrasing a past prediction…) i.e. money laundering, would be his real undoing. This matches what serious independent reporters with ties to the intelligence community say. Have faith that the FBI and our Intelligence Community has the evidence it needs to bring out the truth. When you see people like Nunes flipping out, trying to discredit the investigation, it is most likely because they are also trying to save themselves, not just protect the president. Intelligence community insiders say this will go far and wide – many people took Russian money or agreed to spread Russian propaganda – and they know they’ve been caught. This also matches what other Intuitives have said. That most people involved in this mess did it for money, not even politics. Have faith that the truth will prevail.

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